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How it was like to meet the Phelps Twins !

Maybe some of you have seen my post with the pictures that my friend shot of the twins. I would like to tell you how it was like to meet them, it’s was an amazing experience and I hope I’ll meet them again once in my life. 

I’ve met the twins on October, 22 2017 in Gent, Belgium. There was a convention named F.A.C.T.S. I immediately bought my ticket when I knew the twins came to that convention. Because that would be my only chance to meet them. I can tell you I paid a lot for going on a picture with them and I didn’t ask for their signature because they also asked a lot for their signature. I’m also more a picture girl so I like to collect pictures with famous people instead of asking their signature. 


My friend wanted a signature, so when we arrived at F.A.C.T.S. we immediately ran to the signing session. At 10 o’clock I saw the twins coming behind a red curtain and saw how they took place in their chair. We had to wait in line (obviously). I was a bit nervous because I thought that I wasn’t allowed to wait in line with my friend (because I wouldn’t ask a signature). I asked a co-worker if it was okay that I stood in the line with my friend, even if I didn’t want to have a signature. The co-worker smiled and asked: “Do you want to say hi?” - And I was like: “Yes of course!” The co - worker smiled and said it was okay and that I could wait in line to say hi. 

Finally it was my friend his turn to ask a signature, but first we had to choose a picture. You could also let them sign funko’s or books or something else … We chose a picture and I walked next to my friend. James and Oliver of course said ‘hi’ to my friend, because he was there for a signature. So I stood there a bit awkwardly .. James shook my friend his hand and signed his picture, in the meantime Oliver started a conversation with my friend.

Oliver: Hi, how are you?

Friend: Good thank you.

Oliver: Do you live far from here?

Friend: … (looks to me with a ‘help - face’, because he’s bad in English)

Fien (= me): what I thought: Stay cool Fien, it’s just Oliver. Keep on breathing.

Fien (= me): what I said: “We drove maybe 30 minutes.”

Oliver: (looked at me and smiled). “Oh, that’s not that far! And did you have to wait long in line to get a signature?”

Friend: … (looks to me again with a ‘help - face’) 

Fien (= me): No, also 30 minutes. So it’s okay. *smile*

James: Well thank you for waiting so long! 

Fien (=me): It’s worth waiting for ! 

Twins: * both smile *

Friend: Can I have a picture with you?

–> The twins wanted to say ‘yes’. But there was a blond woman and she immediately said: NO. The twins looked a bit ‘sad’ and thanked my friend for asking it. After that we said goodbye and left. 

At 12:30 the twins had a Q&A panel. After the Q&A you could wait in line for a photoshoot session. 


My friend and I stood in line and I said to my friend: Can I ask you one thing? I want to stand next to James if you don’t mind (I know it sounds rude, but James is my precious and I love him so much). My friend was like okay but I don’t know who James is .. I said: It’s the one with the red shirt ! 

Finally it was our turn to go on the picture. It went very very fast and there was no time for a little chat. I was so nervous and I can’t even remember that I said hi to Oliver.. I just walked straight to James and said HI ! James immediately smiled and said: ‘Hi there!’ . Suddenly he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close. I was a bit in shock, because the co-workers told us that we weren’t allow to touch them or hug them. So James pulled me close and I was like: ‘keep breathing, smile girl’. After the picture James and I looked to each other and said simultaneously to each other: “Thank you very much!” and we both smiled. And before I knew it they were already taking another picture with someone else. 

When I received my picture, I just started to cry. I was so happy but also a bit sad. There were just so many things that I wanted to say, but there was no time for that. And I also felt a bit guilty that I didn’t say ‘hi’ to Oliver and that I didn’t thank him too for the picture.. (I still feel guilty about it) :( 

I must say that it was one of the best things that happened to me and I’m so grateful for it. Every time when I’m sad, I just look to my picture and think about what happened and I immediately become happy again. James and Oliver are so kind and have a lot of patience. They were smiling the whole day and they’re so thankful. I really hope that every single one of you that is a big fan of James and Oliver also will get the chance to meet them. 

Just remember: dreams can come true ! 

Keter - Chapter 07

Seeking Seedseer 

Smoke wafted through the building as the orange glow of flames lit the hall. Leo crouched low to the ground, holding a cloth over his mouth to filter out the ash in the air. Sweat dripped down his face as he stood to his feet, setting down the body of a young boy in his hands. The smoke stung his eyes, his fingers creaking against the leather wrap on the hilt of his sword.

“I swore an oath to my family, and to these people, to protect them,” Leo grunted out, tears streaming from his eyes, stepping forward as he held the blade in both hands. “I’m sorry to you, but I will not fail them further…” Leo charged forward, seething with rage as a shadow figure rose from the floor, towering almost twice Leo’s height as red eyes burned deep within its head.


Leo slowly opened his eyes, his caravan coming to a stop outside of the Blue Badger Gate of Gridania. He took a soft, deep breath as he came to his senses.

“Rise and shine buddy, we’re here,” spoke Aki as he stood from his bench and gave Leo a tap on his knee. Aki glanced over, spying Mystis leaning against the back wall of the caravan. Mystis drooled slightly, their mouth hanging open and softly snoring. Aki laughed as he tapped Mystis on the shoulder. “You too, time to go.” Mystis snapped awake, startled by the touch on their shoulder.

“Wh-what? We made it?” Mystis asked, wiping the drool from their lip. They fixed their hat, sweeping back some of their hair and setting it straight. “Who are we meeting with?”

“The Padjals, at least,” replied Leo as he straightened out his coat. Given the proximity, might see Raubahn as well, who knows.” Mystis stepped over, and followed close behind the trio walked down the long covered path into the city.


“Welcome Marshal Spencer, Captain Shisen, rise,” spoke Kan-E-Senna with a smile, as Leo led Aki and Mystis in kneeling before the Padjal. “I do not believe we have been acquainted. Of whom might you be?” Mystis looked up, meeting eyes with the Seedseer, and standing to their feet.

“I am Cadet Mystis Nykoto of Sharlayan, under charge of Commander Spencer,” Mystis spoke with a bow.

“Cadet Nykoto was instrumental in our success at Rhalgr’s Reach,” Leo spoke in. “Without their actions, the loss of life would have been far greater.” Leo stood at ease, his fingers resting over his belt buckle.

“Very well, then you are to be commended,” Kan-E-Senna spoke, raising a hand slightly above her shoulder, as to motion to the red-haired padjali behind her. “Raya, please see to it that Cadet Nykoto is awarded full military honors for their actions.

“Yes sister,” Raya replied with a bow.

“Now as to the cause for your summoning,” started Kan-E-Senna. “Your reports to the Alliance state that you came into contact with a sort of shadow creature.”

“Yes Elder, once again, it was our Cadet here that was attacked by the beast, but not enough to cause any ill effects upon them,” Leo explained, as Kan-E-Senna stepped forward.

“I see, and from the reports, do you believe it to be the same beast as you encountered before, or at the least, of the same species?” asked Kan-E-Senna as she gave a quick look over and examination of Mystis.

“The same… whatever they are, yes, but very much not the same beast that I faced,” Leo replied calmly, as Mystis turned their gaze to their commander, looking on in a bit of shock.

“Very well, you know how best to combat them, so we shall leave you to that. From this moment forward, until further notice and your mission completed, you  and your company are all dissolved from our service. You shall be held as a mercenary squadron, and given the freedom of operation such groups tend to employ. Wages and dues will be given as previously, so do not let that trouble you and your men.”

“Very well, thank you Elder Seedseer,” Leo spoke, bowing graciously as Mystis and Aki followed suit.


“Commander, you’ve battled with one of these… beasts, before?” Mystis asked, following next to Leo as they marched to the inn. “I never knew…”

“Very few do,” Leo responded, looking forward, rather than over to acknowledge Msytis’s question. A few awkwardly silent moments passed before he spoke up. “I have, which led to this very group being formed.”

“Th-this group?” Mystis asked, still staring at Leo. “How long ago what that?” Mystis waited in silence as Leo let out a long breath.

“Close to nineteen years have gone by…” Leo spoke, become uncharacteristically quiet in his response. “I was surrounded at the time by many that helped form this group.” Mystis nodded as their looked over to Aki, a slight blush to his cheeks as he seemed to be avoiding looking at Mystis.

“Were you one of those members, Aki?” Mystis asked with a laugh.

“Please, I’m not that old…” Aki laughed out, giving a slight ribbing to Leo. The group laughed together, as Leo seemed to not retaliate the gesture from Aki.

“I’m not old either,” Leo laughed out. “Just extra experienced with life.”

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Let’s plan on a place to meet up. A fear submitted by Hannah to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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“Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite”

Aries x Gemini
Taurus x Cancer
Leo x Aquarius
Virgo x Capricorn
Libra x Saggitarius
Scorpio x Pisces

MBTI types meeting new people

Notice someone they could get along and try an approach as they get the opportunity: ESFP, ESTP, ENFP, ENFJ

Wait other to start a conversation and, after a little shyness, they open up: ESFJ, ENTP, ENTJ, ESTJ, ENFP, ESTP, ENFJ

Start conversation, but wait to open up and stay reserved: ISFJ, INFJ, ISTJ, ENTP, ENFP, ESTJ, ENTJ

Make conversation but let the other talk more to observe their behaviour: ISFJ, INFJ, ISFP, ISTP, INFP, INTP, INTJ, ISTJ, ENTP, ENFP, ESFP

Conversation happens in their head, because too indecise to make the first step: INTJ, INTP, ISFP, INFP, ISTP, INFJ

Tony is an average seventeen boy. He loves music but he’s too shy to play for an audience, he’d love to have a stable friendship but he’s too scared to be put aside by others so he acts the part of the lone wolf.
See? Shy and a loner, the average teen boy.
Tony is not exactly happy of his situation but he’s got used to it and doesn’t plan to change things.
Until he met Gianni. Who’s Gianni?

Tony è un diciassettenne nella media. Ama la musica ma è troppo timido per suonare davanti ad un pubblico, vorrebbe un’amicizia stabile ma ha paura di essere messo da parte così recita la parte del lupo solitario.
Visto? Timido e solitario, un adolescente medio.
Non è contento della propria situazione ma ormai ci ha fatto l’abitudine e non ha in mente di cambiare.
Fino a quando non incontra Gianni. Gianni chi?


Sooo finally I finish the first page!
Allura gets ready for the summer festival and lance want’s to go too!
I promis next page we will see Keith and Shiro!
aaand I’m not sure how much time I will need for the next page ^^”
Its my first comic so I have to work out a rhytmic or something like that. :3

!I’m sorry for spelling or grammar mistakes!

You will find that comic under the #Meeting on my blog