Some Fun Things I Noticed in Today’s Episode

“Aw geez! How does she get her legs to do that?!”

“Carabiner! Carabinerr!!”

Pearl messes up sometimes, but she’s trying so hard.

“I’m sorry, we didn’t want you meetin’ us here like this!”

Pearl’s always the one who suggests the getaway.


Amethyst to Peridot “Uh, if you’re trying to flush yourself down the toilet, it won’t work! Trust me, I tried.”

Greg’s family member, Andy, looks similar to Marty.

Greg looks sadly at a picture of Vidalia, a young Sour Cream and Yellowtail, a picture without Marty. Greg hangs out at Vidalia’s a lot, which suggests moreso Greg’s family connection with Marty. Or he’s sad because he’s envious of their family, because Rose isn’t around anymore.

”“Oh, He’ll need it.. in the future.”

oikuroo dynamic headcanons

people have already pointed out that with the way things are going in canon oikawa and kuroo are probably never going to meet but consider this

  • both of them have probably heard about each other at some point I mean they’re both captains of powerhouse schools
  • both of them basing their first opinions of each other on what they see on tv or in matches
  • kuroo: what the heck this pretty boy is so sparkly
  • oikawa: hmm… bedhead-chan
  • THEM MEETING SOMEWHERE (coughs college au)
  • they probably didn’t get along all that well at first 
  • I bet they sized each other up hella hard because honestly what do you expect when a provocation expert and master people-reader meet
  • in general just walking on thin ice around each other
  • they could actually understand each other on a level other people can’t since they’re both so good at understanding what makes people tick
  • pranking people together because they’re six feet tall and former volleyball captains what can’t they do
  • practicing volleyball TOGETHER
  • oikawa trying to set the ball in the best way to the spiker so that kuroo can’t block
  • kuroo can
  • both of them recognizing that they excel in different areas and admiring each other’s volleyball skills
  • studying together bc these two got good grades in high school and are probably studious people (kuroo was in a college prep class ya know)
  • kuroo with cats and oikawa with aliens on their boxers
  • their childhood best friends kenma and iwaizumi also getting along on a quiet, steady level
  • oikuroo has so much potential  
Norway and Denmark Quotes from the Hetalia Manga

“Awww yeah! Can’t start a meetin’ without this! ALCOHOL! ALCOHOL!” - Denmark

“Aren'tcha glad y’ve got such a capable older bro?” - Norway

“Are you watchin’ buddy?! This is how your leader meets his noble death!!!” - Denmark

“Wow, so even you worry about making friends.” - Denmark

“Leave it to you but we’re totally defenceless, and he’s ready t’ beat the crap outta ya… He’s gonna waste ya.” - Norway

“Besides, the five of us we’re sort of like brothers originally! I’m fine being the elde- AGAAAAAAAAAAAH!” - Denmark

“Oh come on! The both of you are creepily scary and you have a bunch of weird friends!” - Denmark

“And my capital is this big if you know what I mean. *wink*” - Denmark

“*as Denmark’s being beaten up* Ugh… I got dirt on my nails.” - Norway

“Ice… You weren’t feelin’ lonely were ya?” - Norway

“It’s because I’m practically a magnet for sunny weather!” - Denmark

“*at Iceland* You’re looking unusually stylish today.” - Denmark

“… I want one to match Ice’s…” - Norway

Norway: “… then let’s do it together on the count of three.”
Iceland: “last time you said that you made me do it by myself.”

“I ain’t qualified to be the leader of the Nordics if I can’t tell when yer lonely.” - Denmark

“You don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself. We’re ok.” - Norway

“Your troubles are my troubles, Ice! The leader of the Nordics’ll settle it for ya. Just count on me like you would a huge pirate ship, so dun worry! … First of all we prepare an axe-” - Denmark

“You’re gettin’ excited about ice and snow? What are you, a dog?” - Norway

“You’re such a worry wart, Norge! Who’s gonna attack on a freakin’ freezing day like this?! *sees Sweden approaching in the distance*” - Denmark

Stalkers and Hunters

happy Shay Patrick’s Day everyone!
[boom check me out. no angst in sight.]

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

“We must stop meetin’ like this.”

You roll your shoulders; to anyone else, you look like you’re preparing for a tough fight. You know Shay sees only fatigue and stress, a wistful, longing sigh and a wish for things to return to the way they were.

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