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Sayaka’s message for Meetan:

Things that only now can I say:

We’ve been together since audition…
Since she has a really loli face, at first I was like:
“Oh, so you’re Ohori-san~ how old?”
I thought she was younger than me
But then when she told me she was 21, I just chikened out
“Ah, excuse me! I’m sorry~”

When we first started out, everybody really had to try their best to remember all the choreographies
Ono Erena and Oku Manami were the youngest back then
They kept saying “I can’t do it, I can’t do it~” but kept playing around drawing rabbit and stuff…
I was 17 at that time
I was really mad and scolded them like
“If you can’t do it, don’t just sit there and draw rabbit!”
Then suddenly Meetan got mad at me like “Don’t you have any better way to talk to them… they’re just children!”
I was so surprised I cried
And since then we can talk to each other everything

Now I’m 23
I finally understand what Meetan said back then
“3 performance a day is really painful, I can’t help but feel really tired”
I’ve come to that age…

To Meetan who’s going to graduate:

To be honest…

Not just Meetan but everybody in SDN48 also…
I feel really frustrated when I heard about their graduation
But maybe this also be a chance for a new start
No matter what happens, you have no other way but keep on going forward

But I do feel really lonely…

I think I couldn’t say this in front of Meetan…
From now on too, please let me act all pampered to you…
And let’s try our best walking together


When Meetan and Sayaka cried, all my creys just… ;A;