meetan asked:


Hoot! KageHina… let’s see… I have to think about this. Since I always feel like I ship things oddly compared to others. xD

How they first met: We all know how they meet. It was in middle school, during Hinata’s first match ever! Their hearts went doki doki and the rest was set in stone. (Ohmygod shut me up now xD)
Where their first date was: It was a mess. They were awkward and they couldn’t hold a conversations for more than five minutes without getting into an argument. However, it all ended up well once they realized they should just act like they normally do. 
When they had their first kiss: Kageyama turned red and nearly passed out. Hinata panicked and it almost turned into a disaster xD
Who cooks: They both cook, but Hinata a little more often than Kageyama. Since Hinata had to take care of Natsu at times, he’s not so bad with making a decent tasting meal.
Who proposed: Kageyama. He threw a volleyball at Hinata’s face that read “Will you marry me” And Hinata threw it back (Hit Kageyama on the head), and it read “Yes.”
The dominate one: Both. Sometimes Kageyama takes control, other times its Hinata. They like to mix things up.
Their favorite pass time together: Other than volleyball, I want to say going to the gym and working out. Sometimes they go out with Natsu and play with her at the park near by. Mostly a game of Natsu being a princess and Hinata having to save her from the evil dark lord Kageyama.
Who kissed who first: Hinata. He got fed up for throwing hints that were not working at all, so one day he just grabbed Kageyama by the collar of his shirt and planted one on him. And that went… “well” xD
Who is the flirt: Kageyama is the flirt, but his pick up lines are not the best. They leave Hinata as a confused orange peep who doesn’t understand if Kageyama is in fact flirting or not.
Who is the romantic: Neither. They both suck at being romantic, or by what we would call romantic. However, if it were on the terms of their strange way of showing romance, I would say Kageyama is a tad bit more romantic than Hinata is.
Who wakes up first: I want to say Hinata. Hinata is an early riser, since he lives so far from the high school, he would be use to waking up at the really crazy early hours. Kageyama can wake up early as well, but not 4-5am like Hinata can.
Who comforts who the most: They comfort each other. If one is feeling sad, down or just plain shitty, the other will do everything they can to make them at least smile a real smile again. They make sure to let each other know they are their for one another, even on their worst of days.
The cuddler: Hinata. Hinata really loves to cuddle, Kageyama doesn’t mind it. He actually loves it, but Hinata is the one to more likely voice he wants cuddles and simply latch on to Kageyama like a koala.
The big spoon: Both. They like to hold each other and mostly sleep face to face. However, somethings they switch it up, leaving either Kageyama or Hinata as the big spoon. It all depends on the mood and what feels comfortable for them.