Sometimes I think about how much Sara Lance would loathe Mon El and how she would do everything in her power to make Kara realize that she is strong,kind,smart, beautiful woman who deserves so much better and it makes me smile


Nuri-Jones here wanted to bet his hair that we’d hear from some potential board members in like three weeks or more. I laughed at him, said he was dumb and made the bet anyway. We have our business plan sorted out alongside a Lawyer and a few more meetings to help get us up as soon as possible. I’m just happy to see that something’s actually happening ya know?

Anywho; We now have a meeting/presentation to organise… And Nathaniel now has until Monday to get rid of the mop 🙃

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Hey! It's my birthday today and I wanted to request a fic with the reader celebrating her birthday with the marauders. Thanks!

Happy birthday! I hope you don’t mind, I did it as a “Would Include”/headcanon thing! ♡

  • The celebration would start as soon as you woke up
  • Or, rather, before you woke up
  • They would barge into your room
  • Screaming the birthday song as they did so
  • Your roommates would be annoyed
  • But you would think it’s so damn sweet
  • And then you’d think that’s the end, bc that’s totally enough
  • But it’s not the end
  • They’d leave little presents on your desk in every class
  • At dinner, you’d find a note
  • “Y/N, don’t worry about dinner. Meet us in the Forbidden Forrest immediately. Happy birthday! -Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs”
  • You’d go to the Forrest and find them waiting
  • There’d be a small area set up with food and fireehiskey and butterbeer
  • And a small banner reading “Happy Birthday!” Enchanted to hang above the picnic
  • You’d tackle them all in a hug
  • They’d give you more little gifts
  • Bc they gotta spoil their best girl
  • After the cute lil dinner picnic, you’d head back toward the castle
  • But then you’d hear Dumbledore’s voice boom throughout the school
  • “If each student could please make their way outside…. students, please gather in outside the castle”
  • It’s not really Dumbledore
  • It’s James
  • You don’t know how he did it
  • But there he is, speaking into his wand and Dumbledores voice coming out
  • Everyone gathers outside
  • Suddenly fireworks begin to go off
  • At the end of the show, the fireworks spell out “Happy Birthday, Y/N!”
  • And the crowd cheers
  • And the boys are just hollering about how great you are
  • So you go back to the common room
  • And there’s a huge party
  • “Did you guys do this too????”
  • “Maaaaaaaybe”
  • It’s a great party
  • Dancing
  • And alcohol
  • And everyone is having a grand time
  • After the party, the boys escort you to your room
  • Before you go to bed, they give you a single cupcake with one candle
  • “Happy birthday, Y/N. make a wish.”
  • “As sweet as this is, I have everything I could ever wish for right here”
  • Lots of “awwws” and “WE love you’s”
  • You blow out the candle
  • And split the cupcake with them
  • They all kiss your forehead and tell you goodnight
  • They’re just the best friends ever, dude

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the gang meeting some kid who used to move around a lot and their fam has finally settled down in one place but she's super unsure how to make friends because it's been super long since she was able to make a friend. but she is also super rude all the time and its a big reason as to why no one talks to her. love ur blog btw ❤️

Thank you 💛

-She doesn’t really talk.

-When Ponyboy was paired up with her in English she stayed silent while they worked and show looked like she was scowling the whole time.

-She thought he was a nice kid she just couldn’t figure out how to say hi.

-They were working on a big project and everyday Ponyboy would do all of the talking and she would just sit there glaring.

-He’d finally ask her if he did something to offend her.

-But the bell would ring and she’s storm off.

-That afternoon she saw Ponyboy standing with a bunch of guys and they were all staring at her.

-She gave them a look and snapped at them.

-“What the hell do you want?”

-The all awkwardly averted their eyes and muttered nothing.

-The next day Ponyboy invited her to go get a coke with him after school.

-She’d become really confused by that.

-“I’m not gonna have sex with you if that’s what you’re looking for.”

-Ponyboy would get really flustered at her response.

-“I meant as friends.”

-“I’m not your friend.”

-She went with him anyways because he kept asking and she wanted him to stop.

-Ponyboy would finally get her talking and learn about how often she moved around.

-He would invite her over to meet the others.

-They liked how sassy she was.

-And she liked how welcoming they were.

-She started hanging around them a lot more.

-And eventually let’s her guard down and finally calls them her friends.

when i was driving home i was thinking about how meg nd i are gonna rob a bank and then steal a ferrari and drive all the way to brazil in it w our bags of money flying out the back. never to be seen or heard from again. joe is gonna meet us in sao paolo.
'Once Upon a Time': The Hooded Figure Is Revealed!
Two familiar faces returned in the Once Upon a Time winter finale, but their appearances did more harm than good. When Emma (Jennifer Morrison)...

Presumably all of the characters that we’ve come to know and love are in the wish realm, so what might that meeting of Emma and whatever version of Hook this is look like?
What I can tell you is that is 100 percent my favorite moment of the spring premiere and that’s all I’ll say. And it’s one of my top ten favorite moments of the series.

As you mentioned in the preview story, the threat of the prophecy coming true is still looming. How is that going to affect Emma and Hook (from Storybrooke) in the back half of the season?
: Well, the actual Hook back in Storybrooke, I would say, is extremely activated and motivated to help Emma and do everything humanly possible from where he is. It’s fun to see him and Charming working together, and we would love putting David and Hook together and think the two of them have great chemistry together when they’re teamed up. There is no greater thing to team them up than David, whose daughter is in danger, and Hook, whose love is in danger.

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