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“I’ve wanted to meet [Ellen] so badly. My mother had come up with schemes to try and meet you. I used to paint. I was an oil painter. And she would always say: ‘you know, if you would just paint a portrait of Ellen and send it to her, I’m sure that she would have you as a guest on the show. I don’t know why you won’t just paint a portrait.’ And I never did and I don’t know why. I guess it was because I was meant to appear in a different capacity.”

happy the walking dead eve

a toast to us, for having the patience of dealing with the flaws and beauty of Season 6. Yes, the flaws however minor let me talk about the beauty 

I am speaking of all scenes shared between Rick and Michonne, Michonne and Carl, Rosita having zero time for Spencer puppy dog needines, Denise telling Daryl and Rosita what good they have, Jgirl getting axe and ‘hearing the social media cries of her fans as they slowly die inside of what was never going to be, Richonne going CANON, mints and apple gifs, meeting Jesus, Father G using scriptures as he takes out some Saviors, Saviors whistle and Negan leather jacket. 

So let us have an amazing season 7, I plan to get drunk because it’s a reason to celebrate with friends the return of our favorite show so while we tv grieve the loss of someone in TF  may we get plenty of Richonne moments that includes some steamy PDA, some great moments and scenes at the Hilltop and Kingdom and to get even some way with Saviors.

Happy walking dead eve everyone!! .

TF Chicago Bar Party!

Okay friends it’s that time again!

TFCon bar party! Come meet us down at the Hotel bar at 7:00pm onward! We’re going to play a card game called Phase 10 and have drinks food and fun!

Bring Plushies! We will have a plush photo Group shot! Plushes like to party too! ;)

We will be seating near the giant statue side of the bar! Look for KO plush!

Tyler and Finn sat in silence for what seemed like hours - neither of them knowing what to say. Tyler handed him a newspaper with a front page news story about the accident. 

Finn shook his head, rubbing his temples with his fingers. “Jesus.”

“I know,” Tyler agreed quietly. 

“So what’s the real story,” Finn asked his brother, their identical eyes locked. “Not the headlines, not what’s on the news.”

“Wasted, of course,” Tyler told him. “Was going down Hill Street way too fast, hit black ice…I don’t know. He’s a dumb son of a bitch.”

Finn huffed loudly, “yeah.” He inhaled loudly and tossed the paper to the side. “Garrett wants to meet with us tomorrow at eleven.”

“I’m not going to that house Finn,” Tyler said somberly. “Not that I think that motherfucker left it to either of us - but I can’t go in. I just…” his voice trailed off. “I’ve done everything I can to let it go, to forget how fucked up it was…”

Finn nodded, “I know. I don’t want anything from that place either. Let’s just get through tomorrow and we’ll come up with a plan.”

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed. “So what else is new? I don’t wanna talk about this any more than we need to.”

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Do you have moments any between Robert and Emilie to share with us? :)

They walked to rehearsals and when they walked back to trailers they saw us and said hi and waved and both of them said they were going to come back to meet us.

Hey friends! Just got my #teamfox race gear today! @anny_caps @thedoctorfoundacookie and I are running with the Team Fox team in May to help find a cure for Parkinson’s. We have a collective goal to raise $5,000 dollars as Team Jolly Roger. We would really appreciate it if you could help us meet that goal! Every little bit helps, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to research programs! As I said, everything helps, even just sharing this link! Once again, thank you, we really appreciate your support! ❤️, Cee Link is in bio, or copy and paste:

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I met Sabrina today at fye! And I'm seeing her tomorrow too! We talked about Hamilton and she was literally the sweetest. So genuine, and you could tell she was really excited to meet us! Ahhh I'm so happy for you and your friend, it's always fun to celebrate with other ppl :)

AHHHHH I’m so excited!!!

fri, 23. Sep

HD - Girl Meets World S03 E14 : Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me

HD - Dr. Ken S02 E01

HD - Hawaii Five-O S07 E01 : The Young Assassins 

HD - Hell’s Kitchen S016 E01 : 1

HD - Liv and Maddie S04 E01 : Sorta-Sisters-a-Rooney

HD - MacGyver S01 E01 : The Rising

HD - Quarry S01 E03 : A Mouthful of Splinters

HD - Real Time with Bill Maher S14 E32 : Episode 404

HD - Shameless S07 E01 : Hiraeth

HD - The Eric Andre Show S04 E07 : Raymond Cruz; Amber Rose

HD - The Exorcist S01 E01 : Chapter One: And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee

so the full story on what happened when i accidentally sassed dan at tatinof:

okay so after the hugs and the hellos dan gestured to my book and said “do you want us to sign that?” and i was accidentally a sARCASTIC ASS and said “no i actually just brought it for you to look at” and for half a second they were silent and then phil did like this deep chuckle and said “nice” and dan laughed and said “oh yeah nice object” and i said “yeah it’s alright” AND PHIL LIKE SCRUNCHED UP HIS FACE INTO THAT “i can’t believe you just said that smile” and they both laughed idk if it was at me or with me but yeah that’s how i was accidentally a sarcastic ass but i also made them laugh so worth