Highlights from today;

-Some old dude turning to me when I yelled a question to Senator Ernst and saying “Shut your mouth!” Followed by the most absolutely confused look when I said “No” and several people high fived me. He looked so confused. So lost. Like, that was not what he expected at all. Only made better when my mother added afterwards “I taught her not to so good luck with that.” 

-The girl standing next to me wearing a flannel shirt and doc martins, who when  when my sister wondered aloud if we could actually challenge Senator Ernst to meet us in the pit in view of the iowa laws supporting single combat (just to each other as sort of a joke not being serous) “If you do count my lesbian ass in.” You rock random Iowa lesbian. 

-Everyone in the room booing whenever she tried to sidestep a question (all of them, for the record)

-The sheer number of pissed off grandmothers wearing She Persisted shirts. 

-The look of fear in Senator Ernst’s eyes. 

anonymous asked:

I think there's no point in questioning everything S&C had done. It will only cause more confusion and disappointment. I think you should decide if you think they're with other people or not and start from there. For sure they won't ever answer those questions unless someone of us meet them in real life and has the gut to ask them lol

They should invite all shippers to the pub and clear everything up for us. 


So, after the drama of today, the superintendent is “secretly” meeting us at the bus stop tomorrow to see what unfolds. I’m now hoping the bus doesn’t come so I am justified in my rage.

I haven’t thrown this card on the table, but I’m on the fucking advisory board for Dept of Ed. Transportation will be on the next agenda.

Pray the right way! 5 easy steps.

adriaman asked: Unka Glen, I’m having problems when it comes to praying. I usually just pray in my mind, but do I need to pray out loud? I mean, I’m not good at praying, because I tend to stutter or say the wrong things. A friend of mine said that going to prayer meetings will help us improve. Most of the time, I try to keep myself shut, so that people won’t misinterpret things.

Unka Glen answered: Yeah… I’m a little suspicious of people who are “good” at praying. And when I say “good”, I mean fancy, and when I say fancy, I mean, a little too good to be true. Kinda like they aren’t having a conversation with someone they know, and more like a performance.

But you want to pray the right way, so here are 5 easy steps to being the best pray-er there is:

1. Do it wrong. Begin by throwing out any idea of format or style. Out loud, in your head, written in a journal, prayer is prayer. Dismiss any ritual that gets in the way of relationship. Forget about what anyone else thinks. This is about you and God.

2. Be honest. If someone is being totally dishonest with you, but saying all the right things to your face, do you feel good about that? God knows your heart, so why focus on “right” words that would just end up being dishonest words? Honesty builds intimacy, and given the situation, anything else is just absurd.

3. Be a jerk. We all have doubts, we all have funky entitled attitudes, and we all have anger towards God. You can’t get past it until you say it. If you had a child who was angry with you, wouldn’t you rather have that child express that anger, and let you answer to it, rather than hold it inside, and avoid you?

4. Be unique. Stop praying like everybody else. You’re different from me, so your relationship with God should be different than mine. Forget about impressing others with your Christianity. Here’s a newsflash: nobody will ever tell you, “hey, you’re a great Christian!” If you follow Christ closer each day, and help others, they might say, “hey, you really helped ME to be a better Christian.” And this is a much better compliment anyway.

5. Be private. Take the time to read all of Matthew 6, and when you do, you’ll read lines like these: “When you pray, don’t be like those who only pretend to be holy. They love to stand and pray at public worship, and on the street corners. They want to be seen by other people…When you pray, go into your room. Close the door and pray to your Father… When you pray, don’t keep talking on and on. That’s what ungodly people do. They think they’ll be heard because they talk a lot.”
'Once Upon a Time': The Hooded Figure Is Revealed!
Two familiar faces returned in the Once Upon a Time winter finale, but their appearances did more harm than good. When Emma (Jennifer Morrison)...

Presumably all of the characters that we’ve come to know and love are in the wish realm, so what might that meeting of Emma and whatever version of Hook this is look like?
What I can tell you is that is 100 percent my favorite moment of the spring premiere and that’s all I’ll say. And it’s one of my top ten favorite moments of the series.

As you mentioned in the preview story, the threat of the prophecy coming true is still looming. How is that going to affect Emma and Hook (from Storybrooke) in the back half of the season?
: Well, the actual Hook back in Storybrooke, I would say, is extremely activated and motivated to help Emma and do everything humanly possible from where he is. It’s fun to see him and Charming working together, and we would love putting David and Hook together and think the two of them have great chemistry together when they’re teamed up. There is no greater thing to team them up than David, whose daughter is in danger, and Hook, whose love is in danger.

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i remember that night i just might


that night for the rest of my days


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