Okay, I wanted to wait at least till the end of the Piffle arc, but who am I kidding, I am not a patient person.
Nick, you are incredibly nice and intelligent and fun person. Thank you for weekly supply of painfully beautiful CLAMP experience! I just wanted to give you something nice in return and this strange picture was born. Fai and Kurogane are being Fai and Kurogane here, Sakura is slightly confused by your avatar picture, Syaoran is full of his own brand of fiery determination. And Mokona is just full of loooove for everything!
Anyway, thanks for inspiration to draw first TRC pic in last four or five years. And since winter is coming it’s CLAMP, I wanted to give you this innocent and silly stuff when it still matches the mood.
Oh, and please ignore messy text and awkward attempts to hide mistakes! here I’m saying something lame about English not being my native language 

Have fun with future chapters!



I’m actually beyond words, I’m so blown away. I’m going to treasure this. 

Thank you so much. 

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Could you do the RFA reacting to MC being someone they had gone to school with?


• “i thought i knew your cute face from somewhere, it must be fate for us to meet again” shhhhhh zen u cheese doodle

• very surprised though to see a former classmate again and is kinda embarrassed because during school time he was the bad boi in a gang 

• but he isn’t too bothered by it or anything but when MC starts teasing him about his ol’ days and how he used to wear this super edgy skull necklace he just wants to bury himself because oHMYGOD LET IT DIE- REGRETS


• you know that moment when you see someone and you just KNOW you’ve seen them somewhere but you can’t place them to where and it’s just so frustrating because?? WHO. DAT, I SEEN U BUT WHERE? that’s him

• MC is the one who will be like “oh hey we were in the same class in high school right” and then everything clicks like OH! YOU’RE RIGHT!

• is a bit worried that they might judge him because the college Yoosung and high school Yoosung is so different from each other but “??? So? everyone changes it’s ok don’t worry love you anyways” and he is so happy 


• MC whispered to her “I almost didn’t recognize you since you had so long hair before but you look good with hair short too” *wink*

• and it takes her a good 4 min to process it all because it’s been years since she had long hair and she does have a vague memory of someone with MC’s name from somewhere 

• when she does hear from MC that they attended the same school before she is very surprised that they remembered her because she for the most time just studied really. Talks to them about school times and such later


• honestly id on’t think he remembers them at all until MC’s all like “well i remember YOU fund kid” and he just ??? what u mean. He can’t hide that lil smile on his lips when they said they went to the same school

• because the only one who truly knew him from before was V and now MC turns out to be someone who he had crossed passed with before AND understands him for realsies? Fate. 

• He starts asking them questions about their high school times, what did they do? what did they enjoy with school? where they in any clubs? etc


“aren’t you the one who hacked into the school system and made cat pictures pop up everywhere on the screen?” “haha lol yeah”

• when he did do the background check he was taken back by the fact that they had gone to the same school. He never thought he’d cross paths with ANYONE from his past because of reasons 

• he will starts talking with them about them good ol’ days in high school, all the pranks, boring lectures, weird teachers and so on.

I’m white so let me know if I’m wrong for talking about this but twd universe treatment of Asian characters is another problem the series has.

Game wise:

Omid: He survived through season one sure, but died ten minutes in season two.

Vince: Was one of the main character’s in 400 days, was reduced to having one line in the second season. Doubtful we will see him again.

Matthew: dies after shortly meeting him, also another gay character to get shot which is a huge issue with twd as well. Never get to see him interact with his boyfriend Walter either.

Reggie: Gets killed off after shortly meeting him

Sarita: Is used as a plot device for her boyfriend Kenny. Everything about her revolved around him, and in the end died for his development. 

Zachary: Either dies shortly after meeting him or in another episode. Also another gay character who gets shot.

Show wise:

Glenn: was a main character from the beginning and yet we barely got any back story about him and also died for the sake of a white guy

Alex: I don’t watch fear of the walking dead but from what I know she showed up briefly and has been mia since.

If I missed any or got anything wrong let me know

The Dean of Student Affairs came to our weekly fraternity meeting to tell us that, after years of complaints about our parties, our attitude and our defiance, that our fraternity was being indefinitely suspended.

He stood in front of us and asked for our response. We rose as a body, surrounded him, overpowered him, and gave him our response.

He did NOT like it…

But surprisingly, after the 11th load, he really started to get into it.
Permanent Press

Author: Mizufae

Rating: Mature

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 3k

Summary: How the primary branch office of Pendergast Conglomerated International came to be located in Earldin Village (pop. 600).

Comment: This is an amusing story with a rarely used meet cute for Merlin and Arthur after Arthur is reincarnated. The conversations they have are amusing and the setting is painted vividly, plus the characters are great; I loved it when a moody, soaked Arthur met an upbeat Merlin.

i think i would like to get together a reunion of the homestuck cosplayers i used to meet up with at cons back in like 2011-2013, see how we are all doing as adults you know. see what we all did with our lives

Bet On It (Kim Youngbin)

Originally posted by hwiyoungs

Request: Hiii~ can i get a Youngbin request. I’m gonna leave the main plot in your hands but could it maybe do something with the fact that you’re better than him in basketball and he doesn’t know it until you bet on a game and win. ♡♡

Thank you for being the first request! I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge on basketball. Enjoy! ~W

“Are you busy today?”

“Actually, no. Inseong, Jaeyoon and I were just going to go to the park to play some ball. You wanna meet us there?”

“Of course!”

It had been a while since you had seen any of the boys after their debut. Every offer to hang out had rejected or put off to another time. When you called Youngbin just moments earlier, you hadn’t even expected him to say yes and you all too eager to get to the park to see him.

It was nice day out. The sun was shining magnificently on the lush park as you made your way to the basketball courts. From a distance, you could see the two eldest boys playing a one-on-one game while the third sat on a bench on the sidelines. As you drew nearer and nearer to Jaeyoon, you began to notice how the game was going between the two and it seemed that Inseong was struggling to keep a close game.

“You’re not playing?” You asked, sitting beside Jaeyoon.

His eyes widened slightly as he quickly shook his head. “Against Youngbin? No way. That’s a death wish.”

“And you still let Inseong play?”

“I tried to stop him I swear.”

You laughed, wondering how serious Youngbin could be about basketball if it meant that playing him needed a warning. Watching the game, you decided it was entirely Inseong’s fault for struggling to score. His reaction time was lacking and his shooting lacked both direction and power; it was frustrating to endure. At one point during the game, you jumped up and shouted at the athletes.

“You could have totally made that!” You shouted as Inseong completely messed up a layup that Youngbin had let him set up.

Inseong stopped, elbows resting to his knees and panting as he looked at you in disbelief. His skin glistened with sweat. He didn’t speak until Youngbin was almost back from fetching the ball.

“You think you could do better?”

“Definitely,” you gloated.

“Is that a challenge Y/N?” Youngbin questioned. His face was smug, as if he were intentionally trying to mock you. It just made you want to prove it to him. “Wanna bet?”

“I sure do,” you said, taking the ball from him. Inseong and Jaeyoon gaped at the two of you in awe. “First to twenty points takes the win. If I win, you have to buy the four of us lunch afterwards.”

“And if I win, you owe me kiss.”

Your stomach immediately filled with butterflies, but you couldn’t back down now. “On the cheek.”

Youngbin swiped the ball back from you, grinning. “No. When I win, I want you to kiss me on the lips. You scared of losing?”

“I’m scared,” Inseong muttered, only to be elbowed by Jaeyoon. “What? I don’t want to see them kiss. I’m hungry.”

You ignored them. “Definitely not.”

Only a minute into the game did Youngbin realize how not afraid you were. At first, he would go easy on you just as he had for Inseong. He’d leave layups open or weak and pretended to miss his second shot for your sake. You wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. You made every shot you attempted. Even after Youngbin decided to tighten his game, he had no chance of catching up with the defense you brought with you. By the end of it, the score was twenty to eleven in your favor.

“That’s twenty!” Jaeyoon cheered! “Hyung has to buy us lunch!”

Youngbin sipped his water, looking dejected and worn out. “Yeah, yeah. We’ll get something from the stand by the street. You guys go ahead.”

The younger two ran off in the search for food. Youngbin just stood, watching you in awe as you drank your water. You quirked your eyebrow at him.

“Where did you learn to play so well?”

“I always played in school,” you shrugged. “Maybe next time you should know that about your opponent before you try to go easy of them.”

He laughed at his own stupidity. “Fair enough. Then next time I’ll finally get that kiss.”

“Keep dreaming,” you teased.

At that, Youngbin pouted. You rolled your eyes before stepping up close to him and kissing him on the cheek. His hand reached for where your lips had been instinctively.

“What was-”

“Your punishment for losing,” you said simply. “But if you tell anyone else, you have to buy me extra chicken.”

You began to walk away, hoping that that was the end of it.

“Will you do it again if I don’t tell them?” He questioned, catching up to you to sling his arm around your shoulders.

Your face became warm and your legs became just a little weaker. Deep down, you knew it wasn’t just from playing basketball.

Aside from the time where a creepy Lyft driver asked me on a date, I like all of the interesting people you meet when you use ridesharing apps. My driver tonight is in pilot school and almost has their commercial pilot’s license. A few months ago I got a ride from a professional opera singer who has performed all over the world, including in Italy. I like making these personal connections with people and learning about what they are passionate about during the ten minutes when we are in the car together, it’s an interesting little glimpse into their lives.

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Scarlet, Yellow, Blue, Lilac, Green and sorta Black!

Scarlet - I like you.

Yellow - You’re amazing.

Blue - I want to meet you.

Lilac - You’re cool.

Green - I like your tumblr.

sorta Black - You’re beautiful.

Sorta beautiful? :’D how can one be sorta beautiful?

But heyy, I can tell you that us meeting is probably simpler than with anyone else. Britain is not that far away after all :v

fri, 23. Sep

HD - Girl Meets World S03 E14 : Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me

HD - Dr. Ken S02 E01

HD - Hawaii Five-O S07 E01 : The Young Assassins 

HD - Hell’s Kitchen S016 E01 : 1

HD - Liv and Maddie S04 E01 : Sorta-Sisters-a-Rooney

HD - MacGyver S01 E01 : The Rising

HD - Quarry S01 E03 : A Mouthful of Splinters

HD - Real Time with Bill Maher S14 E32 : Episode 404

HD - Shameless S07 E01 : Hiraeth

HD - The Eric Andre Show S04 E07 : Raymond Cruz; Amber Rose

HD - The Exorcist S01 E01 : Chapter One: And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee

so the full story on what happened when i accidentally sassed dan at tatinof:

okay so after the hugs and the hellos dan gestured to my book and said “do you want us to sign that?” and i was accidentally a sARCASTIC ASS and said “no i actually just brought it for you to look at” and for half a second they were silent and then phil did like this deep chuckle and said “nice” and dan laughed and said “oh yeah nice object” and i said “yeah it’s alright” AND PHIL LIKE SCRUNCHED UP HIS FACE INTO THAT “i can’t believe you just said that smile” and they both laughed idk if it was at me or with me but yeah that’s how i was accidentally a sarcastic ass but i also made them laugh so worth