Meet the Waifu!

- Adusa Madalvel

Cold. Ruthless. Sadistic. Adusa is a master assassin and lethal with dagger and Destruction Magic. She always completes her contracts, without question. She takes great pleasure in hearing that one last breath from her victims.

Born in 4E 5, shortly before the eruption of Red Mountain. Adusa and her family escaped Morrowind during the Red Year. Her father died from the fierce cold in the Dunmeth Pass and she and her mother found refuge in Windhelm. Raised in the Grey Quarter slums, Adusa lived a hard and impoverished life and was constantly assaulted, harassed and beaten by some of the local Nords. When she was 14 years old, her mother was killed while protecting her from one such incident. Seeking vengeance, she snuck into the home of the man that killed her mother and brutally murdered him. She managed to escape from Windhelm before she was caught.

combinecommando asked:

Can someone get me off this planet? Because I don't want to live on it anymore. If that's impossible, send the stupid people in space, I'm sure they'll want to go on the sun during the night.

If you leave the planet you’ll never meet your waifu.