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An idea came about to put together The Dinner Table discord server!  Here you’ll be able to chat among other bloggers, meet new people and interact with others in a much more consistent and enjoyable way in a community that will shape itself up considerably as it grows.

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Joining is very simple! Just follow this link and you will be added to the network as long as you have an account on discord!

Anyone is free to join as long as common sense and courtesy does not become an issue!


So, think of this post as the post equivalant to that person who showed you around your new school on your first day. There’s the gym, there’s the library, there’s everything we’ve ever written about lube…

THIS IS THE FAQ it covers our most commonly asked questions, we have BJ tips, rules for sex for humans, and a few handy guides there, by all means please check that out before asking a question, because we may have covered it already!

THIS IS THE TAGS PAGE it has our most commonly used tags all listed out by type with hyperlinks. Wanna know everything we’ve ever written about anal, or break ups, or The Great Wall of Vagina? This is the page for you.

THIS IS THE ABOUT US PAGE if you want to know who we are, and see some excellent pictures of us that cover our 15 year friendship, go here.

WE OCCASIONALLY DO VLOGS TOO! You can watch us talk if you’re into that! My personal endorsement goes to watching us talk about awkward dates in the three part series called Embarrassing Stories, but we also have vlogs about body confidence and lube selection.

It’s so nice to have you guys here, we love that you’re along for the ride, and we look forward to answering your questions!

xoxo, Dani & Shannon

Meet the Bloggers: Calli!

Hello, lovely Starlings! 

I’m Calli. <3

I have a Sun in Aries, Moon in Pisces, and Leo Ascendant.

I've been studying astrology since about 6 years ago. I enjoy personality theories, and analyzing natal charts. I love being able to look at a simple chart, and then be able to formulate a theory as to how a person might behave/feel based on it. I’d love to become a professional Astrologer, and plan on doing so as soon as I am able.

I use Astrology as a tool to better understand your personal strengths/weaknesses, as well as to understand other people so as to improve relationships and communication with them.

Therefore, I enjoy giving people advice on personal understanding/growth as well as relationship advice (romantic, platonic, familial, or otherwise).

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anonymous asked:

Hey, Just a random question. But reading the advices that you've given people, which has helped me also, how do you know so much about the things people ask?

We are Tumblr old. 32 and 33 respectively (I’m the extra old one), we have lifetimes of sexual experience behind us. Dani and I each bring a special skill set to the table that compliments the other person, and together we have at least a cursory knowledge of 95% of the questions we get asked.

Also, we’ve been running this little blog for about 3 years now and have had a lot of time to research things. There are still days that we both go “I have no idea how to answer this” and we consult Google, web forums, friends and family (our “Ask A Dude” columns are a great example of that), and places like Planned Parenthood.

What we are, is experienced and pretty comfortable with sharing our experiences with all of you (that’s about 4k strangers on the internet listening to me talk about sex toys, no pressure, right?). What we aren’t, however, is medical professionals of any kind. So there are questions we can’t answer because it wouldn’t be right to do so.

Believe me, this knowledge has come from two lifetimes of trial and error, and Dani and I have both had some amazingly bad sex, some amazingly horrible boyfriends/sex partners, and some amazingly unsafe situations in our pasts. This is learned advice you’re getting, from a bunch of nights where we each woke up and went “let’s endeavor to NEVER do that again!”

One day a few years ago, we went “Why didn’t anyone tell us about this stuff?!?” and we realized there was a void in both of our lives that would often be filled by someone like an older more experienced sibling. Our original tagline (still visible on our Facebook Page) is “We’re your slutty older sister, and you can ask us anything”, that still holds true in many ways. We want to be a sound board for things that you want to know but don’t know who to ask.

How do I have anal sex? How do I know if I came? Is it safe to have sex without a condom? Is it a good idea to sleep with someone for the first time when I’m drunk? Is there more than one kind of vibrator? Where the sweet mother of god is my g-spot?

We’ve answered all of them, in depth, and more than once, and we’re really happy that we can give answers to so many people. It’s a labor of love, but you all are super worth it and we appreciate every single one of you.

xoxo, Shannon

Well, PittCon was absolutely amazing and I managed to fill an entire 64gb drive with pics and video so I’ll have so much to share! I got some fantastic photo ops (poor Chris must groan when he sees me coming cause I do crazy stuff every time - wait till you see my Jensen/Misha holy shit). I got to meet some bloggers I love and make new friends. I recruited new women for our women of letters. And I got to see first hand acts of kindness that brought me to tears #SPNLoveCon.

And it isn’t over. As one of our random acts, the Pgh WOL are donating care packages to Pittsburgh’s downtown homeless. So I can’t post much today but I promise, there are so many great pics and vids coming.

We are the faces behind the blog.


Self proclaimed Queen of the Blue-Orange cords.

Hello all!

I am Tijolinho (Tijolo for short). I’m a Blue-Orange cord in Omulu Capoeira. I have been training over 4 years. I’m currently working on…well…teaching others capoeira…I’m somewhat of a substitute teacher…although I do have my own class through a club at a local university.


Hi friends! My name is Cuscuz and I’ve been training for about 2.5 years. This picture is from right before I was promoted to my orange-yellow cord :) Right now I am helping teach our littlest kids in the group how to play capoeira, and trying to improve my movement and floreio in the roda. In my non-capoeira life I am a mental health therapist in a day treatment classroom for kids!


Hi everyone!

I’m Zolhão.’m a yellow-white belt in Omulu Capoeira. I’ve been training for about 9 months now, although I’d wanted to learn capoeira for much longer. Right now I’m working on having each movement flow together better while playing, solidifying my form on more basic kicks as always, and getting my strength and ability to do floreio back up to how it was when I still did gymnastics a couple years ago. Tijolo and Cuscuz teach me a lot of the time!

Meet the Bloggers: 


We’re cousins who started a band. We sing and play a few instruments, and we love to help other people. We just started this blog, but we’ll leave links to our mains :)

I’m Tiana and I’m on the left. My nickname is Tee. I’m pretty good at art, and I’m training to be a veterinarian. I am a lover and a fighter, I have been through a lot. I don’t sugar coat things and I’m realistic. I will tell u like it is but will never hurt you in any way possible. I am an all around person who does a little bit of everything so I can relate to you in many ways. Ask me any question, I love to talk to people! 

My name is Jinnat, I’m on the right. I play some instruments and I write songs. My dream is to sing on a stage and have my audience sing back my lyrics. I loooove foodddddd. And I love to learn. I’m trying to learn some languages. 4 to be exact. And I love bands. I say slayyy more than I wanna admit to you guys. I love to make people laugh and feel good about themselves, so i’ll give you a lot of complements. (we should be friends) I’m always here if you need me :)

We’ll post whatever we find interesting basically. So everything yep

Jinnat’s main

Tiana’s main