From the moment he’d entered the bar, Sam had straight up ordered an entire bottle of the strongest bourbon they were offering, his plan to take it straight back to the motel failing as his eyes roamed the dimly lit area, wondering if this time he’d have any luck with his search. The place was almost empty. It was much too early in the afternoon for action, or drinking for that matter. But he was feeling like hell. Months of searching for his brother had gotten him nowhere but to the bottom of every glass in every seedy bar in every damn town. Drinking was the only thing that seemed to soothe his nerves these days. Under any other circumstance, he’d have stopped. He’d have given up hunting, gone back to a normal life, just like he’d promised. But Dean wasn’t dead. Nor was he missing as such. No, Dean was a monster. And Sam refused to blame anyone but himself.

As he poured another round of amber liquid into his glass, the hunter’s stance shifted. Someone new had appeared, catching his attention. He looked the guy over from his position at the bar, the only thing on his mind being wether or not the stranger might have caught sight of his brother at some point, though there was no way in hell he was gonna get his hopes up.

He watched openly as the guy ordered a drink, taking a large swig from his own glass and wincing as the dark liquid stung his throat.

Meeting Family

REQUESTED BY @demonchild01 : Can you do an imagine where Sam and dean are hunting a nest of vampires. They meet a girl along the way who is also a hunter, and she turns out to be their half sister.

Sam and Dean are on this normal case, a vampire nest. They located their layer and now they are armed to go and kill them.
“Okay” Dean whispered to his little brother “I’ll go front, you go back”.
Sam nods and moves to the back of the abandoned looking house.
He picks the lock of the door and walks inside, looking around making sure no vampire is going to jump on him.
With his machete raised up, he walks in the living room and stays shocked at the sight. About a ten bodies are laying on the floor, all headless. In the corner of the room he sees you. A girl, a simple (Y/H/C) hair, but blood all over you. You are drinking from a flask, probably alcohol, to Sam.
“Hello?” Sam called out.
He keeps holding his machete just in case you are a vampire, even though it would not make sense. You are clearly the one who killed them.
You look up at the man, tall man with his machete in hand. You understand that he is a hunter.
“I’m not a vamp” you assured getting up “I just killed them”
“I see” Sam said looking at the bodies.
“Uh… so, I’m gonna go”.
Sam stares at you and can’t help to notice that you look young, almost like a teenager.
“Wait” Sam stopped you “who are you?”
“My name is (Y/N), (Y/N) Winchester”.
Sam’s eyes widened, but before he can say anything, Dean enters.
“Hey, Sam, I think they-”
He stops short, and sees you and the bodies.
“What the hell?”
“Hi” you greet awkwardly “I’m leaving now, so… bye”.
“Wait!” Sam stopped you again “you said you were a Winchester, right?”
“Winchester?” Dean asked looking at you.
“Uh… yeah… I am. What? You know something about my family? All I know is that my father’s name is John Winchester”.
Sam and Dean share the same shocked face.
“I think we should talk after we take care of this mess” Dean said.
“Why? I’m not going anywhere with strangers”.
“We aren’t really strangers” Dean replied “we are Winchester’s too”.

You drove behind them on your motorcycle. You can’t believe you just met your brothers. You never thought that you would have siblings.
You park in front of a motel and follow the boys inside with your bag.
“Okay” Dean said once all of you were inside “you can take a shower and then we’ll take”.
You nod and lock yourself in the bathroom. You still can’t believe it, brothers.
After your shower, you walk out dressed in a pair of black ripped jeans, white t-shirt and your black leather jacket.
“Okay” you sit at the table “now we can talk”.
“So, who is your mother?” Dean asked.
“I have no idea” you answered “I was abandoned, in a dark alley when I was not even a week old. I was taken in the system, and then had a lot of homes before I decided to go away at sixteen”.
“How old are you? And how do you know our father?” Sam asked.
“When they found me, I had a birth certificate with John Winchester’s name, but not my mom” you pause “oh, yeah. I’m nineteen”.
“Wow” Dean breaths out “looks like we have a half-sis”.
“Half?” You repeated “how are you sure we don’t have the same mom?”
“Because ours died when I was six month old” Sam answered.
“And she would never abandon one of her children”.
You nod slowly “and what about John Winchester?”
“He died a few years back” Dean said “but I’m sure that if he knew about you, you’d already be in the family”.
“Yeah” you sigh and get up grabbing your bag “I don’t want to be in your way, so, I’m gonna go”.
“What?” Sam exclaimed “you can stay here, you can’t continue to be a solo hunter, it’s dangerous”.
You turn towards them and feel touched. No one ever cared about you like that.
“Okay” you nodded “I’ll stay”.
“Welcome in the family, Winchester” Sam said with a smile.

fallenrosesglittermore  asked:

AU where Luna doesn't die, she and Chase are still happily married with Trent, Dawn and Scarlet are best friends, Ella and Sammy meet by bumping into each other at a party

If Luna was alive do you honestly think Trent would be their only kid XD

Alright but scarlet is the babysitter for those little munchkins and calls dawn for help because the new baby is just like Chase.

Sammy would still be the same dork he always is tho XD

Ever since summer began the two had both been traveling for their jobs, they were lucky enough to run into each other every so often when they were working in the same vicinity. After scheduling to meet up, Sammy was eager to see Matt after a few weeks since their last meeting. When he was in sight the female ran towards him almost tackling the male into a hug.


negansgrimes  asked:

Fairy lights, plants, tattoos, and 11:11 (aesthetic ask thing)

fairy lights: if a crystal ball could tell you the truth about anything, what would you want to know?
Will I ever be truly happy?

plants: pick a person to stargaze with you and explain why you picked them.
@yer-a-timelord-sammy or @kuitsukuse
1) they’re amazing people 2) they’ve helped me so much over the past year and a half 3) we’d have really deep conversations 4) they’d give me cuddles

tattoos: how do you feel about tattoos and piercings? explain.
I love tattoos and piercings. I want loads myself and I wouldn’t judge someone for having them

11:11: name three wishes and why you wish for them.
1) to meet @yer-a-timelord-sammy and @kuitsukuse because they’ve helped me a lot and I just wanna meet them
2) to meet @richardspeightjr and give him a hug because I love him so much, he’s also really helped me
3) to be truly happy

Thank you for asking sweetie ~much love ❤️❤️

Mint Green

read it on the AO3 at

by AkumaKiete, SmolCoyote

(S-I-N, I S-I-N)
Sammie Moses has one problem as a Hunter, well, besides the constant threat of being hunted (hah) down for her power : her soda stash is being stolen from, and she wants to know BY WHO?! Her friend, Vil Tetsurou, is taking the Hunter Exam this year, with his friend Killua.
Sammie meets the most feared man of that group, Hisoka Morow, and itches at the chance to ask him to train her.

Words: 1776, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at