Hey followers, if you wanna listen to a really good new/young band you should listen to Meet Me At The Skyline because they’re fucking awesome and make great music. I’m calling it now, give them two or so years and they’ll be huge and touring with All Time Low and We Are The In Crowd and shit. Fucking awesome band, just saying

HERE and HERE are links to listen to their songs! I promise you won’t regret it! :D

the first time xander ever saw an angel he was twelve, and it had been a week after the marks on his back had appeared. he was on his room at night, and it suddenly just went bright as he heard a voice saying “fear not” just for michael to be revealed later on his angel form. and this made xander scream obviously, because it isn’t a nice look, and up till now he’d seen nothing but demons and ghosts, and he honestly believed this was just some high class demon that was gonna kill him. the screaming continue for a few minutes, michael gave up trying to make him calm down after the third time he said “i said fear not!”. 

once he finally calmed down, michael proceeded to explain why he had those marks on his back, what it all meant, and what his duty as a prophet would be (forgetting or just not caring to explain HOW it all worked). the next time xander saw michael he was finally on a vessel and he just stared at him for a few minutes before yelling “COULDN’T YOU HAVE DONE THAT THE FIRST TIME? spare me a heart attack dude!” needless to say, him and michael don’t get along too well.