Happily Ever After? Part 2 of 2

Summary: After everyone the events at the rehearsal dinner, Liam has to decide how to get the love of his life back.

Word Count: 2.4K

Paring: Liam x Reader

A/N: This took me so long to get out. Once school is out the way I can put out more oneshots! @amylillian22 


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Liam’s POV

My mind was reeling.

Between the kiss and everyone, including my fiancé, discovering my secret, I had no clue where to start. I never wanted to hurt Hayden, yet I never intended to hurt (Y/N) either. I keep looking back and forth in both directions. On one side the girl I was supposed to marry was walking away and being comforted by her bridesmaids. On the other side, the girl that I knew I always loved was walking off to God knows where.

Both were going to walk out my life, yet there was one I wasn’t prepared to live without.The pack stayed behind as everyone else left. A part of me was glad they already knew.

“So. How’s it going buddy?”, Stiles finally said

Lydia glared at her boyfriend, everything about the look in her eyes was telling him to stop talking, but Malia didn’t notice.

“I highly doubt he’s okay”, she responded after sensing my chemosignals, “Who in their right mind would be okay after–”

She finally glanced in Lydia’s direction and immediately stopped speaking.

“It’s alright guys. I knew for a while now how I felt about (Y/N) and I thought if I buried how I felt, eventually my feelings for her would go away. I was so wrong. I’ve never loved anyone the way I loved her”

“Not even Hayden?”, Mason asked, even though he already knows what the answer will be

A part of me didn’t want to say it out loud. If I did, it would only attest to how awful I’ve truly been to her.

“…not even close”, I sighed

Everyone started telling me things would eventually be alright, but I was worried about now. For starters, I had to apologize to Hayden, if she ever planned on speaking to me again.

The next day, I made my way up to our home. Hesitantly, I raised my hand to ring the doorbell when the door flew open.

“What do you think you’re doing”, Valerie sneered, “Did you think you could just show up after what you did to her and things would get better? I thought you were better than this Dunbar”

“I’m not here to make things better because I know I screwed up. Hayden deserves to know the truth”

I could hear her heartbeat in the kitchen. She was standing still, undoubtedly listening in.

“Is it okay if I step in?”, I called out

“It’s your house too”, Hayden answered softly

I stepped into what was supposed to be a happy home, unaware of what to say next. The hall on the way to the kitchen was filled with pictures of the two us on vacation and at graduation. There were also pictures of us out with our friends, but one was missing.

We had a picture right in the middle of the wall that we took with the entire pack after we graduated. Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Kira came back to see us walk across the stage. It was a special day, but to have them all there made it a day we would never forget. Now it was nowhere to be seen.

That picture never left the wall before. Hayden wouldn’t have touched it if she didn’t have a reason to. Something like a friend that she saw kissing her boyfriend the day before being in that certain photo would do the trick.

I finally made my way to the kitchen to see Hayden sitting on the counter, twirling her favorite necklace in her fingers, not even acknowledging my presence. When she decided to look up, she gave a smile that didn’t reach her eyes which were puffy and red. She had a lot on her mind and so did I, but I figured I should let her go first.

“How long?”, was all she had to break the silence

“How long was what?”

“How long have you been in love with (Y/N)?”

“Since high school”

She rolled her eyes and grimaced, “Then why did you start dating me then? I’m sure her no dating rule wouldn’t have bothered you that much unless…you’re the reason she has it in the first place”

I nodded as she correctly assumed what the issue was.

“You both loved each other, but for her to say she doesn’t want to do relationships anymore would me that you did something to make her feel that way. What did you do to her?”

“We both knew how we felt about each other, yet we still decided to stay friends. We never dated anyone else though. Pretty soon you came along and I never denied my feelings for you either. I never told her you were interested in me or that the feeling was mutual, so when she saw us kissing a Sinema I told her we weren’t anything to begin with and whatever we had ended right there”

Hayden sat in silence as she took in what I said. The silence was killing me. Even if she was angry at her, (Y/N) was still her friend and I had a feeling she was going to hate me for what I did to her. I hated me for what I did to her.

“She had a good reason”, she mumbled, “So she stayed my friend even though I was dating you?”

“(Y/N) and I never really spoke after that, but given that you two were becoming good friends and no one else knew, she never said anything and neither did I. She kept it all bottled up until last night”

Hayden had remained calm for the entire conversation, but it wasn’t that difficult to tell she was about to snap.

“Then go to her”, she sneered, “You dated me this entire time knowing you were in love with her. How could you love me and want to marry me when your heart belonged to someone else this entire time!? You hurt my friend, then turned around and hurt me too. This marriage wouldn’t have lasted if you’re still in love with her”

“Hayden, I…”

“It doesn’t matter anymore Liam! Just leave”, she yelled as she began to shake, “Don’t come near me ever again”

She stayed silent as tears rolled down her cheeks. This wasn’t supposed to be easy. Given what I did to the both of them, I didn’t deserve easy. I made my way out of my old home as Valerie’s glare burned a hole in the back of my head.

My next step was finding the girl who’s had my heart since high school.

(Y/N)’s POV

My bags sat at the door as I paced back and forth. It was just a few hours ago I kissed my friend’s future husband, who happened to be the same person I was in love with. Hayden hated me for sure. I never wanted to hurt her which was why I never wanted to tell her in the first place.

As I thought about the night before, it was hard not to be angry with myself. I spent so much time keeping my distance and making sure Liam never found out how I felt about him. The last thing I expected to hear was him confessing his love to me, then kissing me.

I wanted to be stronger than that. Spending years attempting to keep everything bottled up and just him being in close proximity was enough for my resolve to break. I couldn’t let it happen again regardless of how he felt. I refused after the way he hurt me.

My taxi would be here in fifteen minutes to take me to the airport. I wanted to be as far away from here as possible. As far away from Liam Dunbar as possible.

I sat patiently on the bed, when I heard my phone begin to ring with Liam’s name flashing across my screen. I didn’t really want answer, but curiosity got the better of me.

“Can we meet somewhere?”, he asked hesitantly

“I thought last night meant goodbye for good”

“Please don’t let it be. Give me fifteen minutes to explain, if you don’t want to anything to do with me afterwards, then I’ll be out your life for good. I promise”

The sincerity in his voice was what convinced me to hear him out. After everything that happened between us, he still wanted me to stay.


“Really?”, he said excitedly, “Meet me at Skyline in five minutes”

Before I could respond, he hung up the phone. He wanted to meet at where it all started. We met at the Skyline diner after school. Two nervous juniors sat across from each other, barely making eye contact. We managed to tell each other how we felt and the rest was history. Most of dates were there since it was all we could afford at the age of sixteen.

He had fifteen minutes, given that I needed to get to the airport. My flight leaves in four hours and I needed to get there early.

As soon as I pushed the door open, a waitress greeted me with a giant grin.

“You must be (Y/N). Liam is waiting for you. I think you know where he is”, she smiled sending a wink my way

Liam and I affectionately called the booth in the corner of the diner ‘our booth’. It was where we said our first of many I love yous and shared our first kiss. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled out all the stops in the short fifteen minutes he was given.

I made my way to the corner of the diner, where he was already waiting with a smile spreading across his face.

“I honestly didn’t think you would come when I mentioned Skyline”, he said happily

“Is that why you hung up?”

“Of course”

I could feel a smile beginning to spread across my face. Even after everything that happened yesterday, he was still the same.

“Why here?”

“This is where it started and if it doesn’t work out this is where it should end”

“That’s a little too poetic coming from you Liam”

“I try”, he said as a smile made its way to his face again, “I don’t want things to end the way the did. I actually don’t want it to end at all”

“You know why I’m a hesitant on agreeing to that, right?”

I didn’t want to be angry with him. I had a few years to get over how we ended, but rehashing those feelings again was going to take its toll on me at some point.

“I’m fully aware and I still want us to try…”

“To what? Be exclusive?”, I scoffed, “We tried something similar to that last time and it turned out so well”

He sighed and took a moment before he could respond,“I thought about you constantly. Even if what happened last night never happened, I wouldn’t have been able to go through with it because she wasn’t you. There was a moment when I thought Hayden could have been the one that I loved, but I realized I was only doing it to try to forget you and that was impossible”

There it was again. The sincerity in his voice and written all over his face. He meant everything he said and it was hard not to feel that pull towards him once more.

“What makes you think I’m ready for this? Maybe I’m not ready to jump into a relationship since it worked out so great before”

“This won’t be anything like before. Things would be different. I’m different. No more lies”


My phone began to ring. The taxi company’s name flashed across the screen. Before I could react, Liam grabbed my phone off the table and answered.

“Yes? She can’t make it. Sorry for waiting so long to cancel. Have a nice day ma’am”

“Liam!”, I nearly yelled as I reached across the table to take my phone from him

Here I was again, in that close proximity I tried so hard to avoid. He tensed as stared into my eyes. Deep down I knew this was where I wanted to be because it felt so right.  There was always a part of me felt content with being around Liam. I fell in love with him without hesitation.

“(Y/N) I can’t  just let you leave without telling you how I feel”, he said as he moved to sit next to me, “I never stopped loving you. What I did was unacceptable and I didn’t even apologize for it. I’m so sorry for the way I treated you because I never wanted to hurt you. Over the years I knew you wanted nothing to do with relationships because of me drove me crazy. I wanted to be the one to make you happy, but I did the complete opposite for my own selfish reasons. I can’t make you stay, but if you do, I’ll spend every moment trying to make it up to you. The only person I want to be with is you”

Silence soon took over as I let what he said sink in. His nerves were getting the best of him. There was no reason for him to apologize in the first place, since I forgave Liam a long time ago. The only problem was me not being able to move on, which hurt the most. Liam loved me. I loved Liam. It was that simple.

“Liam I already forgave you”, he visibly relaxes, “but I’m not ready to jump into a relationship just yet. It was impossible for me to stop loving you. If this is going to work, I think we should take our time because I really want this to work”

“I’m willing if you are”, he smiled, “I don’t care how long it takes as long as I get to be with you in the end. I just want to make you as happy as you make me”

I smiled back, “I love you so much”

“I love you more”

“Your fifteen minutes are up”

His eyes lit up as he started to laugh, “I guess I should be quick then”

Liam looked at me hesitantly as if asking for permission while he held onto my hand. I smiled and he leaned forward, pressing his lips against mine. In that moment it all made sense. This was definitely where I needed to be.