Booked a flight to Atlanta in October

Booked a hotel

And bought tickets to see Aminé & Towkio live while I’m there.

And they’re VIP meet + greet tickets, so I’ll get a picture with my boo.

This the kinda spontaneity I need in my life.

God, I love being an adult and having money.


so its this guy that i wanted to fuk & eat my pussy on a regular basis. i liked him cuz he turned me on in a way that men in my regular life away from hoeing wud normally turn me on, except the only thing is everytime his piece of shit azz wud pull up he’d b on sum cheap shit which rubbed me the wrong way when it came to my monetary wantz & needz.. he has a great job (i could tell by what he had on our first meet&greet ) [no fancy clothes], so aint no muthafukkin need to b tryna short change me or be cheap especially with how generous i am in my sessionz & how i made him feel sexually. so it made me less attracted to him. he could eat pussy & fuk me good, but he’d never last long for me to climax which was irritating, but okay, whateva. i wud’ve loved for us to creep togetha on sum every otha day type shit or 3dayz out the week to fulfill my sexual gratification & to use him as my mental escape & vice versa. nothin like gettin all clingy & shit cuz i kno me & i’ve never been a relationship hoe.. i just have my needz & he woulda been the perfect fit. he coulda gave me money generously like an allowance & i woulda pumped him out & treated him like royalty & he coulda pulled up & got it when he wanted it cuz i wanted it, but i wasnt & aint bouta let no man get ova on me leaving me with a wet pussy & wet mouth & financially unhappy.. so.

he wont kno that this is about him💯.