meet your new bff

5 Things to do when you're (finally) single.

1) Party as much as you want.

Remember when you had to hang out just with your boyfriend or with his friends? GUESS WHAT! IT’S OVER. Go out, have fun, drink, party like it’s 2007. You deserve it.

2) Travel 

I know, you could do it also with your boyfriend, I mean ex boyfriend. But there’s nothing more exiting than going on your own or with your bff and meet new people. What are you waiting for? Go! I know this is expensive, but you can always travel in your country.

3) Make Art.

There are two ways you can take this advice: The first you explore the art’s word and try to forget about everything else, try to make funny things, use colors, fantasy etc. 

The second one, as Kurt Cobain once said “Thank you for the tragedy, I need it for my art” this sentence explains everything. You go deeper into your past, make art, create something that comes from your hart and soul and one day you’ll let go everything. It’s hard, but if you take your feelings and try to do something for yourself, like art, everything is going to be better.

4) Start new tv series.

There’s nothing more comfortable than watching tv series or do a marathon movie. Now you’ve got plenty of time for this.

ps: you will probably end up like this 

 5) Find a new hobby.

That’s my favorite one. But there are a lot of things to do, just google it and you’ll find out. 

Read, write, blog, vlog. Whatever makes you happy.

You and new Oppa

Finding mv and watch it


Judging MV and …

That moment when you find hot guy 

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you are just

Right this moment you need to find every informacion, pictures, gif about him and…

The coolest one: watching films with group

In one talk show you just started liked a next member

*Your friend be like.. *

*select one favorite*

You just WFT?! Friend what is wrong with you?

Benefits members

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When you choose

Comparing K POP make my CRAZY


You and new band

New MV

Meeting face to face

Fangirling with your bff