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I just want to say thank you for using this blog to help so many people.  You draw so much comfort / motivational art for complete strangers even though you really don’t have to, and I really respect and admire that.  You’re an amazing person.

(And please don’t feel pressured to respond to this!  I know you’ve got a lot on your plate right now … I just wanted to say thanks.)

{Not just because I ended up talking about Jyushimatsu’s dick so much again. I’ll elaborate under the cut.}

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50 Asks
  1. What was your favorite 90s show?
  2. What is the last song you played?
  3. What is one character you feel particularly tied to?
  4. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
  5. How do you keep yourself organized, if you do?
  6. You’re in a bad mood. How do you choose to deal with it?
  7. You can marry one fictional character. Who?
  8. If you weren’t born in this era, which do you think you should have been born in?
  9. Coffee, tea, or water?
  10. Name one weird gift you’d like to be given.
  11. One thing that always creeps you out?
  12. What is your Starbucks order?
  13. Are you more like your mom or your dad?
  14. Does the toilet paper roll belong with paper coming from the top or the bottom?
  15. You get to meet one author of your choosing (dead or alive) and ask them all your unanswered questions about their book. Who do you talk to?
  16. Do all disasters have an up side? Or is that foolish thinking?
  17. What is your favorite rainy day album?
  18. Do you tan easily?
  19. Do/did you ever pass notes to your friends in school?
  20. You are going to be isolated with one person for a week straight. Who is with you?
  21. What is your feel good movie?
  22. If you had to dye your hair, what color would you choose?
  23. What is something you are proud of?
  24. Tell me a story about you.
  25. Name a lesson you have learned from a fictional character.
  26. Any recurring dreams?
  27. If you could take a long roadtrip anywhere, where would you go?
  28. What was the first concert/show you attended?
  29. Best sing-along-dance-alone-in-your-room songs?
  30. Weirdest phase you went through as a kid
  31. Pro- or anti-sleeping with socks?
  32. Are you still in touch with your first best friend?
  33. The moment when you realized you loved _____ (music, sports, etc)
  34. Jelly or jam?
  35. Have you ever learned to knit or crochet?
  36. Tell the story of your first love
  37. A book you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  38. A movie you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  39. Are you good at keeping plants alive?
  40. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
  41. Something you’ll admit to the internet but not people irl
  42. You’re in a tattoo parlor about to get inked. What are you getting done?
  43. What are you like when you are really really tired?
  44. Do you prefer taking notes on paper or online
  45. Are you a leg jiggler?
  46. What makes a song /good/ in your opinion?
  47. How many drafts do you have on your blog(s)?
  48. Are you an old soul or young soul?
  49. Frosted cupcakes or unfrosted cupcakes?
  50. What do you think your mid-life crisis will be about?
#Intimate Fic Ask Meme

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1. what’s your all-time favorite fic? why? could we get a line or two from it? 

2. what’s your go-to lazy sunday morning fic–the story you like to read under fluffy covers with 11 AM sunshine slanting through the windows?

3. which trope makes your heart go absolutely weak at the knees? 

4. what trope are you most embarrassed to like? 

5. what’s your favorite gross guilty-pleasure pairing? 

6. is there a setting or time in your life that you strongly associate with reading a certain fic? (ex: reading star wars slash on a specific vacation)

7. what image or place do you remember from a fic most vividly? what has left a lasting impression on you?

8. have you ever had a shameful experience involving fic? what happened?

9. if you could meet your favorite author irl, would you? what would you say to them? 

10. name a fic that you’ve read more than once. or maybe five times. or ten. 

11. what fic do you wish you had written? 

12. tell me a short story about how fanfiction has intersected with your life.

anonymous asked:

Everyone's reactions to MC being a smol bookworm?

Sure Anon, I love books a lot so I found this request cute.


  • So cute
  • He wants to scoop you up in his     arms and protect you forever    
  • You looked so peaceful sitting     and reading, completely lost in the book.
  • You and Yoosung had a system     where you’d sit on his lap and read while he played LOLOL
  • When he got frustrated at his     game he’d hug you to calm himself    
  • And when you got upset at the     book you’d hug him for comfort    
  • He always wants to be near you     so when you’re reading he’ll drag you into his lap and cuddle you.
  • Is Sometimes jealous and thinks     you might love the book character more than him
  • Always happy to go into     bookstores with you
  • Takes you to the library when     he’s studying


  • She thought you were very     precious
  • Every time she saw you curled     up with a book she had to calm herself down from snuggling with you. 
  • You drag her in for cuddles     anyway
  • You suggested putting some of     your old books around the cafe for people to read while they drank coffee 
  • Often Jaehee would be doing     something in another room when you’d run in and jump into her arms
  • “It’s     not fair Jaehee!! She can’t just die!! This isn’t fine!!“ 
  • “I know, I know, it isn’t     fair”
  • She had no idea what you were     talking about but she assumed it was a book
  • Running a Cafe was hard work,     but in your down time the two of you enjoyed sitting together on the couch     and reading
  • Do Zen’s scripts count as     reading?


  • the fact that you were so small     compared to him made his protective instincts go     up
  • Zen’s mind was telling him that     the world was out to hurt you    
  • Very happy when he finds out     how much you love books    
  • “Some of the plays I’m in     are based off books! Now you can read them to me!”
  • It’s sort of an excuse just to     hear your voice but you do it anyway    
  • He also asks for help with     certain characters.     
  • “You’ve read heaps of     books! Surely you know characters like this one!”
  • Your hobby and his job work     well together     
  • Loves cuddling with you while     you read
  • Comforts you if something bad     happens to your favourite character    


  • Jumin reads to help him fall     asleep, but the more you read the more you’re wide awake
  • “There are plenty of     places to go with in the building MC, is there somewhere you want to     go?"     
  • "No thanks, I’m just gonna     read here”
  • You read to him after a     stressful day, and it always calms him down. 
  • He’s also caught you ranting to     Elizabeth about something that happened in a book
  • He literally buys you an entire     bookstore for your birthday 
  • “Jumin, I love you, but     what the fuck”
  • He also sets up a dinner with     the two of you and your favourite Author like it’s nothing????
  • He offers talking to a     production company to make your favourite books into movies
  • “Jumin     no the book is always better than the movie" 


  • "Haha you’re a nerd”
  • “Saeyoung you read heaps     of books to become a hacker”    
  • “Haha I’m a nerd" 
  • Loves calling you his little     nerd
  • Also loves it when you read to     him, so it happens pretty frequently. 
  • Because of how small and     innocent you look he was afraid you’d be more susceptible to getting hurt
  • He always avoids work, much     to Vanderwoods dismay, to stay up and binge     read all of your favourite books    
  • Has a bad habit of spoiling the     end for you, he’s a very fast reader 
  • "And     then, you find out the person he loved was the mother of the three     orphans!
  • “Saeyoung I will d     e s t r o y you”


  • what’s a book
  • He’s only read books to learn     hacking, he’s completely lost when it comes to fantasy or fiction books
  • He won’t admit it but he likes     watching your expressions when you’re reading
  • He finds it very cute and funny
  • He never asks, but he wants you     to read to him
  • On one of his really bad days     you offer to read to him, he agreed by hugging your side
  • An hour or so later he     reluctantly fell asleep to the sound of your voice and you put the book down, playing with his hair
  • Now whenever he was having a     bad day, he’d come and sit in your lap while you read, and you     automatically read out loud.    
  • Often on his walks he passed a     book store and couldn’t help but go in and pick out a random book for you 
  • Leaves it by your bed and     denies buying it if you ask    


  • V has a habit of petting your     head or ruffling your hair    
  • He requests you read for him     almost every day, but is fine with just sitting in your presence if you     don’t want to read out loud     
  • Also enjoys cuddling with you     while you read, comforting you when something bad happens in the book 
  • When he could see he loved     reading, so he suggests a few books to you
  • Listens to your rants with a     smile as you go on about a terrible ending
  • Tries not to laugh when your     rants get a little out of control    
  • “I’m going to burn the     book and then I’m going to burn the author”
  • “MC please-" 
  • If he isn’t blind he offers to     read to you if you find you can’t focus on the words
  • You also get to meet your     favourite author because of his popularity 
Holy Shit You’re Real (Newt and Reader)

Words: 900 even
Request: from Blurb Starters #1: Holy shit you’re real (tried to link to the original author’s post, but tumblr will only open blogs for me on the sidebar and it’s pretty freaking annoying)
Warnings: none
A/N: romance/flirting if you squint or want to interpret it that way

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And now it is time for my love, the second half of the Daegu princes, Kim Taehyung aka V

  • He’d be such an amazing prince my god
  • Okay but he’s literally s o pretty he already looks like a prince just imagine with a lil crown and the prince getup
  • Literally everybody loves him, there isn’t a single person in town that doesn’t go heart eyes over him
  • He takes such good care of the town
  • He makes sure everyone is okay 24/7
  • Like no one is hungry, no one is unemployed if they want to work, they all have supplies for days
  • Once a month, he sends out the castle’s chefs to cook for the entire town and it’s one of his favorite days tbh
  • Everyone’s so :D and everyone’s laughing and chatting and they make new friends and reunite with old friends
  • He feels so happy and just walks around the “party” as the people call it
  • He makes sure everyone’s gotten enough food to eat and that everyone’s having fun
  • The kids get to do arts and crafts while their parents talk and you can always count on Tae being right by their side
  • That’s how he meets you
  • You were the newest teacher at the local school and you had signed up to help run the arts and crafts table
  • You’re like in shock as the prince just casually walks over to the table and all of the kids are just like “taetae!!”
  • All of them are grabbing his hands and pulling him here and there bc everybody wants to show him what they’ve made so far
  • You’re just kinda :) bc he’s really good with kids and it’s so endearing like he’s just as animated as they are and he plays along with everything they say
  • He notices you and he doesn’t recognize you so he comes over bc he likes knowing everyone
  • You turn lowkey !!! bc the prince is talking to you the other teachers told you he might make an appearance but that he normally focused on the kids
  • You’re covered in paint and your hair’s fallen out of the ponytail it had been in less than an hour ago and this isn’t exactly how you would’ve liked to meet the prince but honestly to him, it’s just another reason to like you
  • He’d seen you interacting with the kids and they all told him you were their favorite teacher bc you made classes fun and you always told them stories and you’d make funny voices for the characters so they all just adored you and you of course adored them
  • He starts talking to you and it’s all just questions about you like how long have you been teaching do you like it what’re your hobbies
  • You’d heard that he was just a lovely human being but you were still surprised at just how nice he is
  • The only thing that stops the conversation is when one of the lil girls is like come help me and he can never say no to the kids so he says goodbye and follows her back to her table
  • You can see him look over at you several times throughout the day, always smiling when you catch him instead of looking away
  • You two slowly but surely begin to spend more time together at the parties
  • He starts bringing you a flower from the castle’s garden every time he sees you
  • It’s always a different flower and it’s always just one (he does give you this cheesy line of “bc there’s only one you” when you ask him why)
  • You both end up at the same table so you decide to sit next to him and he just smiles at you but the kids notice
  • “Y/N and Taetae are dating!!!”
  • They all start to giggle amongst each other and Tae isn’t helping since he’s giggling with them and you’re just lowkey flustered bc what we just smiled at each other that doesn’t mean we’re dating
  • You do have to admit that he is pretty flirty but you’d assumed it was just the way he is until one of the other teachers told you she’d never seen him act like that around anyone else
  • His hand keeps brushing against yours whenever he grabs something and you realize it's no longer accidental
  • You’d assumed it was the first few times but by the fifth time you were beginning to suspect he was doing it on purpose (spoiler he was)
  • He stays behind after all of the kids leave to help clean up
  • He basically just sticks by your side and talks to you the entire time bc he’s been waiting an entire month for this he has a lot to tell you
  • “So we got this new puppy at the castle, you should come see him”
  • Yes that’s his way of lowkey asking you out
  • You don’t know until you get to the castle that he actually set up a lil dinner for just you two
  • It’s actually really nice bc you do get to play with the puppy but you also get to actually sit down and get to know the human puppy
  • You two drink hot cocoa and play with the lil pup and it’s honestly the best date you’ve ever been on bc it’s so innocent and cute and it’s just filled with laughter and asking each other random questions
  • “Would you rather live with a worm or an owl”
  • “Ice cream or cookies?”
  • “You can meet the author of your favorite book but you can’t say anything, would you still want to meet them?”
  • Before you leave, you get brave and decide to kiss his cheek and he just smiles s o wide
  • It takes him like a solid hour to calm down bc oh my god you just kissed his cheek you like him back this is great news everYONE MUST KNOW
  • And yes he does tell every single person he knows
First line meme

“Come back to bed,” Cat whispers, slipping her arms around Kara’s neck from behind and kissing her gently on the temple.first line meme

rules: list the first lines of your last 20 stories. see if there are any patterns. then tag your favorite authors.

  1. In two years of working for Cat Grant, Kara has experienced every conceivable emotion from despair to temporarily blinding rage. (Dive, part 1)
  2. It’s Cat Grant’s last day at CatCo. (ficlet)
  3. “Mom!” Henry is the one to notice first, her bright and wonderful boy. (my chapter of Bring Her Home - the SQRR)
  4. The audience murmurs build to a crescendo as the last bell rings. (The Music and the Mirror)
  5. “You’re early, for someone who isn’t my assistant,” Cat announces from the doorway, pulling her signature sunglasses from her face. (ficlet)
  6. Bring it immediately, Kara. (It’s Gettin’ Hot in Herre)
  7. “Come back to bed,” Cat whispers, slipping her arms around Kara’s neck from behind and kissing her gently on the temple. (ficlet)
  8. “This is ridiculous,” Cat continues, hands on her hips as she holds court from behind her desk. (ficlet)
  9. “You know,” Alex ventures, prying the empty ice cream tub from Kara’s limp fingers. (ficlet)
  10. It was just a kiss, Cat tells herself. (ficlet)
  11. “What are you asking me?” Kara pleads, folding her arms over her chest. (ficlet)
  12. “Miss Grant?” Kara calls out, because she can hear Cat breathing, and her heart beating. (ficlet)
  13. “Cat?” Kara calls out softly, because the lamps are on and the sheets are disturbed, but there’s no sign of Cat in the bedroom. (ficlet)
  14. Kara jumps at the hand on her shoulder. (ficlet)
  15. “Kara, stop!” Cat runs after her, surprisingly fast on her impossible heels. (ficlet)
  16. “No movie night?” Kara sighed down the phone at her sister. (Sweet Sensation)
  17. “Sister,” Astra offers the formal acknowledgment after tumbling through the window like an acrobat whose timing is a little off. (ficlet)
  18. Winn, the unbelievable wuss, does exactly what he always does when something is wrong in a Cat-related area: he calls Kara. (ficlet)
  19. Kara’s so distracted that she doesn’t hear the beeps from the keypad or the lock release on the front door. (ficlet)
  20. “Something about you makes me want to commit extreme violence,” Cat warns whichever hapless editor is still in her office, and Kara knows an intervention at this stage is futile. (ficlet)

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Derek Meeting Your Parents

Author: Me!

Paring: Derek Morgan X Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: A very nervous Derek meets you parents over dinner

Requested: Yes, ‘Hey! Would ypu write something about the 1st time your parents meet Spencer? Thank uuuuu 💗’ ‘Im sorry I just send u a request about your parents meeting your bf, could it possibly be about Derek instead? Thanks & sorry ❤😜’

Word Count: 783

First time you parents meet Derek…

It had taken months for you to convince Derek to meet your parents, but even before that it had taken months before your parents convinced you to invite Derek to meet them. You see you weren’t ashamed of Derek, if anything you where ashamed of your Mom, as you knew she would end up showing Derek some sort of photo/video or anything she could use to embarrass you, thats just the way she was. Your Dad on the other hand has always been quite protective of you, as you have always been ‘Daddy’s little girl’ therefore you where quite sceptical about the success this meeting would bring, as the last boyfriend you brought home proceeded to break up with you 2 days later because of how your Dad, ‘just scares him’. In the end you decided it would be easier to just accept your fate, and allow the meeting to proceed. Your parents were thrilled and planned a whole meal at your family home almost immediately, it was easy enough for you to convince Derek to go and that brought you to right now, where you were currently getting ready. “Do I look okay babe?” You hear Derek’s smooth voice ask from down the corridor pulling you from your thoughts, you poke your head out from the living room where you where putting your shoes on “Yes, perfect.” You reply, a small smile gracing your lips.

*At the house*

Derek’s breath quickened noticeably as you approached the front door, you grabbed his hand reassuringly and smiled at him before gently pressing the doorbell. Before you had even the time to take your finger off the button, your Mom had swung the door open, looking happy as ever. “You must be Derek!” She exclaims, “Please. Do come in.” As Derek walks through the door your mom shoots you a sly wink. “Dining room is just down the hall sweetie.” You Mom tells a lost looking Derek as you chuckle, she stops you before you have the time to follow after him, you turn to look at her, “He seems like a nice looking gentleman.” She whispers “MOM!”, "Okay, that’s all I had to say, off you go.” You smile at her once more as you make your way to the dining room, you see Derek talking to your Dad about something you assumed was gym related. You sit down next to Derek and join the conversation at parts. “Food.” is all your Mom says as she comes in with mountains of different dishes “Wow, this looks amazing Mrs (Y/L/N)” Derek compliments with a smile “Thank you! I cooked this myself, I used-“, you beat her to it, "Mom, I don’t think Derek wants to know about your cooking techniques.” “Actually I would, continue Miss (Y/L/N).” Derek says seeming generally interested as your Mom starts ranting about her food through half the whole dinner, not that your complaining as Derek is completely lovely, smiling and saying all the right things. Just as everyone is nearly finished your Dad decides to speak up, “So Derek, what do you do for a living?” He asks, voice slightly rough. Oh no, the dreaded questioning begins. After Derek explains what being a profiler is your Dad decides to pipe up again, “Surely, that is a dangerous job, i’m sure by living with (Y/N) it puts her in a lot of danger as well?” He questions, but to me it sounded more like a statement, and apparently Derek did to as I saw him tense beside me, panicked but he answers anyway “I protect (Y/N) as much as I can, I make sure she is always safe because I would never let anything happen to her. You do have a truly amazing daughter.” Derek says meaning every word, and winning over both your parents hearts instantaneously. Luckily that put an end to the questioning. As soon as everyone is done, and Derek takes out all the plates, your mom decides to whip out the photo albums. “Oh God.” You groan. This proceeds for the next hour before you and Derek decide it’s time to leave. (By you and Derek, that meant you and you were thoroughly unimpressed with the many. Many. Photo albums) "Thank you for this wonderful dinner Miss and Mr (Y/L/N).” Derek says as you walk through the door, “Please call me (Y/M/N)” Your Mom preens, “And me (Y/D/N)” finishes you Dad. And as he approaches the car, you were standing by, you see him do a little happy dance making you laugh. Oh how you loved that man.

Hark, the Angels Sing

Request:  Hey, can u pls make a one shot where the reader is slowly falling in love with chucks writing and then meets him and he falls in love with the reader ^^ I hope this makes sense thank u ^^

Requested by: @xxgrungefreakxx

A/N: I hope you enjoy, darling! Sorry it took so dang long!

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Here it is, the legendary autograph. I was such a nervous wreck as the line inched closer to that red door, the pit in my stomach worsening. When I stepped into that room and saw him-this man’s work being responsible for a huge part of who I am today and how incredibly humble he is-I started to cry. I sniffed as I told his assistant to tell him that I’ve been following his work since I was nine years old and that he continues to be an inspiration for me. I also pointed out my little brother who came all the way to see him! Having Masashi Kishimoto personally sign and give this to me is the greatest honor. I don’t know what I did to deserve such good karma, but I wish you all luck, those who are trying to get his autograph, anyway. It’s such an overwhelming and fulfilling experience, meeting your favorite author and the man responsible for your childhood hero. You don’t realize how big a deal it is until it’s over. Bless Kishi. ❤️❤️❤️

anonymous asked:

Pilates can be done by yourself. Or simply stretching, breathing exercise, replies can wait!! Just do what you think is deserve to be a priority that hold important part of your life! Like basic stuff : food, rest, working. Ode to joy is one of happy majestic song invented for Karamatsu, i wish karamatsu sing that hnghhh.


What it’s like when you accidentally meet your fav author.

4/4 You Meet His Parents/He Meets Your Parents

Requested: Ye

Author: Brit


  • I’m sorry I combined both of these bc I’m a lazy fuck
  • Ashton’s is super sappy, I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself
  • Luke’s is really long, I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself


“So what are we doing today?” You asked Ashton with eagerness and wide eyes, “What’s the surprise?”

Your boyfriend kept his eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and smirked. “You’ll see when we get there,” He taunted. You groaned and threw your head back on the car seat. He forced you to throw on a casual dress and helped you bake cookies. “I think you’ll like it.”

You settled back into the seat with a smile on your face form Ashton’s reassurance. Your eyes were glued to the window as the trees sped by you. He pulled off the highway and was now cruising down some town roads. The little shops began to get sparse and soon only trees and dirt roads were around you. He drove into the driveway of a small house with balloons hanging on the mailbox. “Ash?” You said suspiciously.

“Ok, before you get mad,” He started, automatically making you nervous, “Just know that I love you lots and that’s why I’m doing this.” You raised an eyebrow and he sighed, “It’s my mom’s birthday barbeque and when she invited me, she told me to bring you.”

“What?” You shrieked, “I can’t meet your family! I’m so inadequate.”

“No, you’re not,” Ashton brought you close and kissed your lips gently. You looked up at him for certainty. He Brushed your hair out of your face and said, “They’re gonna love you, I promise.”

You nodded and took a deep breath, “Shall we go in, then?”

Your boyfriend’s face lit up, “Yes, we shall!” He jumped out of the car and opened the door for you. He took your hand and led you to the door. Inside, there were a bunch of family members and friends, socializing and having a great time. You spotted a blonde woman with a party hat and noticed the resemblance to Ashton. “Mom!” He called towards the woman and got her attention. Her face lit up as she saw the two of us. “Mom,” Ash said as he hugged her, “This is Y/N.”

“Happy Birthday, Mrs. Irwin,” You smiled and blushed, trying to make a good impression.

She pulled you into a hug and planted a kiss on the top of your head, “Thank you for coming. It means a lot to me. Ashton’s never brought a girl home to us before?”

You looked at him, “Really?” He nodded as his cheeks tinted pink.

Mrs. Irwin pulled you into the kitchen where Ash couldn’t hear you. “Y/N,” She cooed as she ran her palm along your cheek, “You are the love of his life. Every time he calls me al he wants to do is talk about you. He’s wanted to bring you here for a little while now. It just makes me so happy that you broke down his walls. Thank you.”

“Wow,” You let out a deep breath, “I don’t even know what to say.”

Before you could finish your thought, Ashton’s siblings ran in. “Is this her, Mum?” Harry squealed and stood directly in front of you, “She’s too pretty for Ashy.”

“Y/N, can we go shopping together?” Lauren asked eagerly.

As you bonded with the Irwin family, Ashton watched from afar. He crossed his arms and smiled at the floor, thinking about how lucky he was to have you.


You and your boyfriend were sitting on the couch, wrapped up in blankets, drinking hot chocolate, and staring at the fire in front of you. Your legs were thrown over his lap with his hands running up and down your thighs. “Hey, Y/N,” Calum whispered, afraid to ask the question that had been bothering him for a while. You looked at him and nodded. “Why don’t you ever talk about your parents?”

“I don’t want to go over this again,” You mumbled and lifted your legs off him, swinging them to hang over the couch. You stood up and went to your bedroom, shutting the door behind you. Calum was left wide-eyed and regretful.

The next day, you decided it was best if you put your small fit behind you. Calum was in the kitchen, cooking dinner for you. He was actually a really good chef. He learned it from his mother. You were relaxed on the couch, reading a book as Cal sang Usher songs to himself. The scents traveled from the oven over to your nose. You got up and snaked your arms around Calum’s waist, resting your chin on his shoulder. You looked and saw the amount of food he was making. “Why are you cooking so much?” You chuckled, “This is almost enough to feed Luke!”

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. You let go of your boyfriend. “Who’s that?” You asked, but he stayed silent, “Cal, what did you do?” Still no answer. You went to the door and opened it. Standing in front of you were two people you weren’t exactly excited to see. “Mom? Dad?” You whispered in shock.

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N,” Cal rushed to the door and shook each of their hands, “It’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for joining us for dinner.”

“Thank you for inviting us, Calum,” Your mom smiled, though weary of your reaction. Your boyfriend led them into the house and sat them at the dining room table.

Your dad spoke with eloquence, “This is lovely, thank you.”

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. You couldn’t believe Calum went behind your back to do this. Your mom was about to say something to you, but you didn’t stick around to hear it. You stormed out of your apartment altogether and sat outside in the hallway, face in your hands.

“I’ll go check on her, I’ll be right back,” You heard Cal’s voice from inside. Sure enough, he ended up right beside you. “Y/N,” His voice was comforting, “Talk to me.”

“You had no right to do this,” You spat. Calum looked down, feeling guilty. “You wanna know why I didn’t want to see them?” You asked, ready to spill, “When I was younger, they kicked my older brother out of the house, just cut him off. He was my best friend. I was so mad; I didn’t even know why they did it, Cal. I went off to live with my aunt and uncle. I haven’t talked to my parents in years. I didn’t want to tell you because you come from such a perfect family.”

Your boyfriend stayed silent for a couple of seconds. “I know,” he finally said, causing you to look up in shock. “Your parents told me everything when we talked on the phone the other day. They’re so sorry, Y/N. Like you said, it’s been years. Don’t you think it’s time to hear them out?” You sighed and nodded. Then let’s go in,” He said, taking you hand. It was time to face your parents.


“What about this one?” Michael held up a piece of paper with a light shade of red covering it. You stuck out your tongue and scrunched up your nose. “Alright,” He laughed, “This one?” This time he showed you one with a deep green.

You shook your head, “Michael, no, this is our bedroom. Don’t you want our wall to be soothing? I don’t wanna feel like I’m being screamed at every morning!” You and your boyfriend were moving in together and were shopping for colors to paint the rooms.

“Mike?” A man’s voice from behind you called. You turned around to see a man and woman with uncanny resemblance to your boyfriend.

His face lit up as he ran to the couple. He threw his arms around both of them at once. “Mum! Dad!” He cheered and gave them each a smooch on the cheek. You laughed at his giddiness, which caused all three of them to turn and look at you.

“Hi,” You squeaked in beyond quiet voice.

“Mikey, who’s this?” His mom asked with a smile on her face.

Michael took your hand and forced you over. “Dad, Mum,” He gleamed, “This is my girlfriend, Y/N.”

“Oh! Y/N!” Mrs. Clifford grabbed both of your hands, “Michael has told us so much about you!”

“The four of us have got to go to lunch together,” His dad exclaimed, “There’s a great little café right down the street.”

Your boyfriend turned to you and ran his fingers through your hair. “Are you up for that, love?” He asked, “I know you didn’t ask to meet my parents today, so it’s ok if you don’t wanna.”

You took the hand running through your hair and kissed his knuckles. “Let’s do it,” You grinned, excited to get to know the Clifford’s, also just knowing it would make Michael happy.

The four of you walked to the café and sat down for a nice lunch. “So what were you kids doing out and about today?” Mr. Clifford asked.

“Well,” Mikey said slowly, “Y/N and bought a flat together. We were picking out colors to paint our bedroom since neither of us liked the yellow that was already there.”

“But Michael’s being stupid about the colors,” You groaned.

Mrs. Clifford chuckled and said, “Let me see the choices. Mother knows best.” You laid out three colors. Michael’s red and green, and a light blue-gray one that you chose on your own. “Oh, this is a no-brainer!” She threw her hands up, “These two are absolutely hideous!” She declared, tossing away Michael’s.

“Yes!” You cheered.

“Mum!” He whined.

She shrugged her shoulders, “What? Your girlfriend has good taste. You need to keep her around.”

You laughed, “Agreed!”

Michael nudged you and smirked, “I think I’ll keep you around a little longer.”


The alarm clock screamed at you to wake up. Your eyes shot open and you sat up straight. Your boyfriend was asleep next to you. His face was shoved into the pillow, not bothering to get up. You turned your clock off. “Luke,” You tried to wake him up, “Luke, let’s go. We have to get ready.” You only received moaning in response. “Luke!” You hit him over the head with a pillow.

He rolled over, turning his back towards you. He sniffed and seemed to melt out of bed. He sluggishly made his way to the bathroom and started blasting music. You hopped out of bed too and picked out your outfit. You slid a dress on over your head and brushed your hair. You banged on the bathroom door, “Luke, hurry up, I have to put on my face!” The music cut off and the door swung open. A very pale Luke stepped forward. “Babe!” You exclaimed, “You look awful!”

“I’m fine,” He muttered and cleared his throat.

“Come here,” You ordered and grabbed his chin. You put a hand on his forehead and flinched. “You’re burning up, get back in bed.” He hesitantly crawled back under the blankets. You sighed, as you knew you had to cancel your plans. You went into the bathroom and washed your face. Your eyes moved along the sink and noticed that the hair dryer was plugged in and warm. You growled. You knew Luke was nervous to meet your parents, but you didn’t expect him to fake sick in order to get out of it. Luckily, you had a few tricks up your sleeve.

You went back into you bedroom where Luke was moaning and groaning galore. “I’m sorry you had to cancel, babe,” He coughed, “I was really looking forward to meeting the people who brought an angel into the world.”

“Yeah, it sucks,” You sighed again, trying not to smile. About half an hour later, the doorbell rang and you jumped to get it. You let your parents in, all three of you trying not to laugh. “Lukey!” You called as you entered the room with your parents trailing close behind, “Look who’s here?”

He sat up with wide eyes. “Oh!” He reached into a drawer and pulled a shirt over his head. “You must be Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N,” He cleared his throat and started to get out of bed, “Uh, I’m uh, Michael, Y/N’s girlfriend,” He stuttered nervously.

“No, no, honey,” You pushed him back in bed, “You’re Luke and you’re my boyfriend.” You turned to your parents and winked, “The fever must be getting to his head.”

You mom chirped, “Well, that won’t do! Luckily, Mr. Y/L/N and I made our special soup,” She pulled out a giant tub of it.

“The secret ingredient is snail,” Your dad whispered, “It’s a French thing.”

Luke gulped and smiled, “Thank you.”

“They also brought a movie to make you feel better!” You stroked his cheek, “It always made me feel better when I was sick.”

“It’s the taping of Y/N’s birth!” Your mom giggled.

“Oh!” Luke panicked, a bead of sweat dripping down his forehead.

Your dad shook his head, “Oh dear, it looks like your fever is getting higher. Y/N, get the thermometer. We gotta stick it up his caboose to get the temp at highest accuracy.”

Luke jumped out of the bed and pressed his back against the wall. “Whoa! Whoa! Wait!” He shouted, “I’m not sick! I lied because I was afraid of meeting you guys. I’m a big mess of shyness and anxiety. I was afraid you wouldn’t like me.”

“I knew it!” You cheered and kissed his cheek, “Babe, I’m so sorry to put you through this, but you have to understand that you can’t run away from this.”

“Besides,” Your mom cooed, “We’re very loving people. We’ll accept you even if you are a big mess of shyness and anxiety.”

“Really?” Luke asked.

“Really,” Your dad put a hand on his shoulder, “Now how about the four of us go out to brunch, like we originally planned?”

“I’d love that.“

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anonymous asked:

Thanks a lot. I wanted to be an admin and I've put an application in six freaking times. Now I'm done. I was hoping I would have something to live for and this was my shot to keep me alive. No more. Bye

Being an admin should not be the reason you stay alive. There are so many reasons to stay alive. I am sorry, we can’t pick everyone as admins. We just can’t. However, if you’d like, you could join my blog wedonthealinisolation as an admin. Being an admin here isn’t the only way to help people, and it won’t solve any problems you have. 

read these, here are some reasons to live:


  1. Smiles
  2. People who love other people
  3. Animals. (Unless you’re not an animal person, in which case, never mind.)
  4. Baby animals. (See above.) 
  5. The days you feel like you could take on the world and win.
  6. Tea (Or coffee.)
  7. Friends
  8. Wonderful others of significance to you
  9. Colors
  10. Rain
  11. Music
  12. Yarn (Or crafting material of your choice) 
  13. 1B. Good books. (And occasionally bad ones) 
  14. Fandoms
  15. Tumblr (Well, ya know.)
  16. Board games (unless you don’t like them, in which case please refer to number 3.)
  17. People who care.
  18. People you care about.
  19. Doing things for the very first time.
  20. Going new places
  21. The smell of spring after it rains
  22. Drinking hot cocoa and watching snow fall
  23. Laughing so hard your sides hurt
  24. Staying in your warm bed just because
  25. Reading a new book for the first time
  26. Reading a book at a park in the grass 
  27. Staying up late talking to your best friend
  28. Your future kids
  29. Eating breakfast foods for dinner
  30. Having movie marathons with lots of popcorn 
  31. Cutting out paper snowflakes when it’s snowy out
  32. Being at your best friends wedding
  33. Meeting new people
  34. Watching the stars 
  35. Road trips 
  36. Having kids
  37. Getting Married
  38. Getting your dream job
  39. Summer
  40. Dating
  41. Proving everyone wrong
  42. Graduating high school
  43. Graduating college
  44. Getting a pet
  45. Meeting a tumblr friend
  46. The sunrise at 5 am
  47. The first snowfall of the winter
  48. Snowmen
  49. Christmas
  50. Getting a boyfriend/girlfriend
  51. Making blanket forts
  52. Pie
  53. Favorite TV shows
  54. New Movies (ahem Finding Dory)
  55. Watching your ship finally happen
  56. Burning your first turkey for thanksgiving
  57. Future Boyfriends/girlfriends
  58. Finding that perfect pair of jeans
  59. Eating your favorite food 
  60. The smell of rain (just in general)
  61. The heat of the sun on your back
  62. Decorating a christmas tree
  63. Sleeping in late
  64. Coffee
  65. Going on an adventure in an unknown place
  66. Shopping with someone that boosts your self-esteem
  67. All the people you could help
  68. All the smiles and laughs you could create
  69. Your favorite band/artist coming out with a new song 
  70. The Fair
  71. Spring Break
  72. Playing with a pet
  73. Making gingerbread houses
  74. Going to a bonfire
  75. Making art
  76. Cuddling
  77. Swimming
  78. Going on swings
  79. Cookies
  80. Photoshoots
  81. Finding clothes that make you feel sexy
  82. Candy corn
  83. Dressing up at halloween
  84. Kissing in the rain
  85. Making it to your 21st birthday
  86. Presents
  87. Wearing your significant other’s clothes
  88. Pizza
  89. Talking with someone who gets you
  90. Watching the leaves change colors
  91. Big bear hugs
  92. Flying in an airplane
  93. Going in a boat somewhere 
  94. Cruises
  95. When your dog knows you are sad and goes and cuddles with you
  96. Funny pictures 
  97. Going to plays
  98. Going to concerts
  99. Assorted chocolates
  100.  Buying yourself something you have wanted for a long time
  101. Tire swings
  102.  Baking 
  103.  Suntanning
  104.  Smelling flowers
  105. Visiting different places
  106. Trying new things
  107.  Nutella
  108.  Buttons!
  109.  Puffins
  110.  Because you’re never as alone as you think or feel
  111.  If you stop now, you’ll never see how far you came
  112.  Sunsets
  113.  The first flower after the winter
  114.  Snowball fights
  115. Swimming on a hot summer day
  116.  Water fights
  117.  Roller Coasters
  118.  Having amazing sleepovers with your friends
  119.  Having a great time with your friends
  120.  Having a great time with your family
  121.  Seeing old people still enjoying their lives
  122.  Seeing little kids laughing
  123.  Cute kids
  124.  Cute cats
  125.  And cute dogs 
  126.  Cute animals in general 
  127.  The beauty of this nature 
  128.  Listening to a good song 
  129.  Waiting for the next season of your favorite tv show 
  130.  Birthdays 
  131.  Growing up 
  132.  Having a family in the future 
  133.  Trying to follow your dreams 
  134.  Dancing around your room 
  135.  Watching movies 
  136.  Tea 
  137.  Meeting new cultures 
  138.  Traveling around 
  139.  Singing 
  140.  Having laugh attacks 
  141.  Making new experiences 
  142.  Learning new languages 
  143.  Pizza
  144.  Stuffed animals
  145.  Twitter
  146.  Remembering an awesome dream
  147.  Fireworks
  148.  Coconuts, they are cool
  149.  Getting nice messages
  150.  Helping other people
  151.  Your pets
  152.  Whatever obsession you may have for a tv show/movie/book/video game/etc.
  153.  Sir Patrick Stewart
  154.  Fuzzy slippers
  155.  Dressing up
  156.  Moving
  157.  New houses
  158.  Decorating
  159.  Going to the zoo/aquarium
  160.  Snowcones
  161.  Musicals
  162.  Disney movies
  163.  Horseback riding
  164.  Bowling
  165.  Getting 100% on a test/paper
  166.  Getting the right answer in class
  167.  Movie days in class
  168.  Parties
  169.  4th of July
  170.  Ice cream trucks
  171.  Having your favorite meal
  172.  Manicures/Pedicures
  173.  Dying your hair
  174.  Camping
  175.  Candles
  176.  Baths
  177.  Jewelry
  178.  Last Day Of School
  179.  Taking pictures
  180.  Mastering something you have worked hard on
  181.  Decorating Easter eggs
  182.  Finding the perfect gift for someone
  183.  Being held
  184.  Kissing
  185.  Making out
  186.  Funny videos
  187.  Standing up for yourself
  188.  Going to movie theaters
  189.  Cotton candy
  190.  Getting a tattoo
  191.  Getting proposed to
  192.  Volunteering
  193.  Making someone’s day
  194.  Making someone smile
  195.  Giving someone something they want (In a good way.)
  196.  Meeting your favorite author/actor
  197.  Water balloon fights
  198.  Holding hands
  199.  Seeing someone you haven’t seen in a long time
  200. Showing someone else something you like (tv shows, music, stuffed animals)
  201.  Hiking
  202.  Drawing with chalk
  203.  Babysitting
  204.  Helping someone
  205.  Getting a new phone
  206.  Waterslides
  207.  Reminiscing about good memories
  208.  Picnics
  209.  Eating cookie dough
  210.  Breakfast in bed
  211.  Late nights
  212.  Carving pumpkins
  213.  Bookstores
  214.  Field Trips
  215.  Candy stores
  216.  Late night drives
  217.  Piggy Back Rides
  218.  Pinky Promises
  219.  Finding wifi in unexpected places
  220.  Treehouses
  221.  Trampolines
  222.  Untouched snow
  223.  Floating down a river
  224.  Hammocks
  225.  Reading
  226.  Getting a book you have wanted
  227.  Balloons
  228.  Going on a train
  229.  Fountains
  230.  Fresh fruit
  231.  Berry picking
  232.  Bubbles
  233.  Old photographs
  234.  Compliments
  235.  Waking up to sweet messages
  236.  Disneyland
  237.  Waking up on Christmas morning
  238.  Daydreaming
  239.  Cloud watching
  240.  Writing stories
  241.  Reading fan fiction
  242.  Warm towels
  243.  Forehead kisses
  244.  Amusement parks
  245.  Sound of the ocean
  246.  Valentines day
  247.  Sports games
  248.  Finding pictures of things you like
  249.  Being heard/listened to
  250.  Wrapping presents
  251.  Shopping online
  252.  Finding a good deal
  253.  When your parents/friends/etc say yes
  254.  Being validated
  255.  Bows
  256. Having makeup turn out great
  257.  Family gatherings
  258.  People who accept you for you
  259.  Singing along to the radio
  260.  Bonding over a common interest
  261.  Finding people to sit with at the lunch table
  262.  Fridays
  263.  Raves
  264.  Blogging
  265.  Having the house to yourself
  266.  Dancing in your underwear
  267.  Finding cute underwear
  268.  Being loved for you
  269.  Someone knowing you so well they know when you aren’t okay
  270.  Performing
  271.  The feeling of air blowing through your hair
  272.  The feeling of water on your hands
  273.  Breathing
  274.  The feeling of love
  275.  Jesus
  276.  Doing dorky things with friends
  277.  When the leaves change color and fall off the trees in autumn
  278.  When new young leaves cover the trees in spring
  279.  When the fully grown leaves offer shade in the summer.
  280.  Sunrises and sunsets reminding us that life goes on.
  281.  The first warm day after a cold winter.
  282.  The first cool day after a blazing summer.
  283.  The extra hours of light in the summer to spend with friends
  284.  The extra hours of darkness in winter to spend with a book or movie.
  285.  New albums
  286.  Crunch of fall leaves
  287.  Watching your future kids grow
  288.  All nighters
  289.  Cute boys
  290.  Cute girls
  291.  Cute people in general
  292.  Silly jokes
  293.  Sunshine through the blinds
  294.  Bubble baths
  295.  Best friends
  296.  Puddles
  297.  Trips to Disney
  298.  Hugging Mickey Mouse
  299.  Watching the sunrise from the balcony of a hotel on the beach
  300.  Sitting on the dock of a different hotel and watching dolphins swim by
  301.  Exploring and learning the history of one of the oldest cities in the western world
  302.  Running in your first mud obstacle and finishing (never-mind winning, just finishing)
  303.  Goofing off
  304.  You only live once
  305.  Falling in Love
  306.  You won’t always be sad.
  307.  You deserve to live.
  308.  Recovery
  309.  Stepping on crunchy leaves
  310.  Meeting new friends
  311.  Honey
  312.  Chocolate in general
  313.  Small rain showers
  314.  Thunder
  315.  Lightning
  316.  The sound of the waves at the beach
  317.  Soft fur
  318.  Scented candles
  319.  Pride.
  320. because you never know what the future holds. All of your dreams could come true and you’ll never know if you end it now.
  321. to become strong. If I survive all my pain and hardship I will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and have more strength and wisdom than those who had it easier than me. If I survive this, anything else life throws at me will feel like a mosquito bite compared to the turmoil I’ve experienced. I’ll endure this so I can live to see the day where my future is nothing but smooth sailing.
  322.  leaving your clothes on the radiator and getting into them all snuggly and warm
  323.  snuggles
  324.  Cloudy skies at night that seem like one huge nightlight.
  325.  Just watching the nightlight skies with a blanket and the fragile world around you.
  326.  That moment when you stare at the results paper and realize that you’ve passed that important exam!
  327.  Seeing an amazing movie for the first time and feeling surprised
  328.  Clothing that makes you feel attractive
  329.  Thigh highs (See above)
  330.  Your future pets imprinting on you and growing to love you more than anything in the world
  331. Taking a wrong turn/getting lost while driving but finding someplace really cool because of it
  332.  Drawing a little doodle and thinking “Wow, this actually looks nice!”
  333.  Finally getting into bed when you’re really tired


Treesofreverie's April Read-A-Thon: Questionnaire
  • 01. What do you plan on reading for the Read-A-Thon? Why did you choose these books?
  • 02. Where will you be sharing your bookish updates for Treesofreverie's April Read-A-Thon?
  • 03. Are you currently taking part in any other reading challenges for 2014?
  • 04. Do you have any reading goals? What are you hoping to achieve?
  • 05. Are you from a family of readers?
  • 06. Do many of your friends read?
  • 07. What or who inspired your reading as a child?
  • 08. Are there any books you wish you got to read when you were younger?
  • 09. What are your favourite genres?
  • 10. What are your favourite books?
  • 11. Do you like to re-read your favourite books?
  • 12. Who are your favourite authors?
  • 13. What would you do if you got to meet your favourite author?
  • 14. What defines a great book for you?
  • 15. What draws you to pick up a book you've never seen or heard of before?
  • 16. Do you judge a book by its cover?
  • 17. Once you've finished reading a book do you like to keep it or give it away?
  • 18. Do you prefer paperbacks or hardcover?
  • 19. How many books do you own? How many of these books have you read?
  • 20. Do you like to borrow or lend out books to others?
  • 21. Do you like to recommend books? Which books do you recommend most often?
  • 22. Where do you buy your books?
  • 23. What would your ultimate dream bookstore be like?
  • 24. Which genres would you like to read more of?
  • 25. Do you read books by indie or self-published authors?
  • 26. Do you read books by authors residing in your own country?
  • 27. Do you have a TBR Jar?
  • 28. Do you like to keep a record of your reading - in a reading journal, collecting quotes, writing down thoughts, etc.?
  • 29. If you dislike a book, do you finish reading it?
  • 30. Do you own an eReader?
  • 31. What are your thoughts on eBooks?
  • 32. Do you listen to audio books?
  • 33. What are your thoughts on audio books?
  • 34. Do you have a book blog?
  • 35. Who are your favourite book bloggers?
  • 36. Do you write book reviews?
  • 37. Do you use any book-orientated social media sites such as Goodreads?
  • 38. Have you discovered any of your favourite books or authors through social media sites?
  • 39. Have you ever attended a book signing or an author event?
  • 40. Have you ever won a book giveaway?