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family expectations / sirius black

requested. i have finally posted something and it’s probably crap. i apologize if it is x 

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Your elbows were propped on the table, fingers pressed against your temple as your right leg bounced up and down, brows furrowed in concentration. You kept mumbling to yourself ingredients to a potion, your concentration drifting away every time laughter erupted from a group of what seemed to be second years sitting in a corner.

You were at the library trying to revise for your upcoming N.E.W.T. exam in Potions and it was going well till those disruptive kids appeared.

“Powdered root of Asphodel, Wormwood, Valerian Spri-”

“Thats bloody hilarious!”

Your hands clenched into tight fists, knuckles turning white as you slammed them down on the table and abruptly stood up to make your way over to the group. If Madam Pince wasn’t going to resolve this issue then you were.

All you wanted was peace and quiet but it appeared that no matter where you went to revise, distractions always followed you.

“Whoa! Who are you going to kill?” 

Speaking of distractions.

“I’m not going to kill anyone.” You huffed.

“Really? Because your eyes scream murder.” He commented.

You stared at the luxuriant ebony-haired boy, another huff escaping your lips as you ignored his comment. “What are you doing here?” You questioned.

“What? Am I not the type to be found at a library, finding a solid good book to read?”

“You and reading don’t really go hand in hand.” The tone of your voice hinted irritation.  

“Ouch.” He feigned, placing a hand over his chest. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m fine.” You lied, your eyes flickering over to the group that erupted into another fit of laughter, your hands clenching against your sides.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at you, silence consuming him for a moment as he didn’t want to press any buttons that would cause you to become more irritated than what you already are, so he studied the look on your face in hopes to find evidence about what’s bugging you. The dark bags under your eyes gave away how restless you’ve been, the pale color that covered your usually rosy lips hinted insufficient fluid consumption, and the sight of your unkempt hair showed that you’ve been far too distracted with something that you were neglecting your appearance. And he knew the reason why had to be that you’ve been relentlessly revising for the exams that were quickly approaching.

“Y/N, baby. I think you should take a break.” He said softly, reaching for one of your hands.

You shook your head, biting at your bottom lip. “No. I can’t rest until I take the exam, Sirius.”

“C'mon you’ve been revising all week. A little break won’t hurt, love. We can sneak out and go out to eat or do whatever you want. It’ll be fun.” He tried to persuade but you shook your head again. “Listen Sirius, I’m fine and just need to study, alright? Please just leave me alone. That’s what I want. Peace and quiet with no distractions.” You explained.


“No buts, Sirius. You don’t understand. I need to study and you’re not helping. You’ll only be distracting me so please go.” You requested as the edges of your lips twitched into a frown, your eyes closing when he leaned forward to place a lingering kiss on your forehead.

“If that’s what you really want.” He mumbled against your skin. “I’m here for you, you know that right?” His hands squeezed yours, his soften eyes fixed on you.

You nodded but stayed silent, a sigh escaping your lips once you watched him eventually walk away from you. You were angry at yourself for responding to him that way, but you knew that revising was far more important at the moment, especially since having received that Howler not too long ago.

“Y/F/N, your father and I have heard a rumor that you blew up your cauldron in class recently. That indicates that you have made a mistake and such things are not tolerated in this household. You should be ashamed! You’re the Head Girl and a top student! You come from a lineage of Ravenclaws and to make such an empty-headed mistake brings dishonor to this family. It will be in your best interest to maintain top marks in your N.E.W.T.s. or else.”

Your mothers words constantly replayed itself in your head and you knew that if anyone would’ve overheard the Howler, they would have laughed at how your mother was plainly overreacting and you would’ve agreed with them. She was overreacting but she never played around when it came to your academics. That’s why you’ve been pushing yourself past your limit these days, you had to achieve top marks. You feared that wouldn’t be the case with your Potions class though. You had always struggled a bit with the class, not being a natural potion maker like one of your friends from Gryffindor. You tend to mix up the ingredients and never actually had the patience to brew the thing.

You had came to a decision the next day that you were going to skip your classes the entire day, spending your time and attention on revising and memorizing the potions you needed to know instead. It was your absence that caused Sirius to worry even more. That following morning after having found you in the library, he didn’t see you in the Great Hall where you usually sat with your friends and throughout the day you never showed up at your usual meet up spots nor in the classes the two of you shared together. He was worried for you and began to ask around if anyone knew your whereabouts but no one could give him an accurate answer because they were just as clueless.

“B-Bowtruckle.” You managed to spit out, the Fat Lady eyeing you for a moment before opening up the entrance to the Gryffindor’s Common Room. You managed to walk through the entrance without falling, the grasp you had on the bottle of Firewhisky tightening. “Sirius?” You slurred, eyebrows knitting together as you tried to get a good look of the boy who was slumped in one of the couches.

Sirius head swiftly turned to look at you, his eyes widening as he practically flew off the couch and was by your side in seconds. “Have you been drinking?” He questioned, his voice trailing off when he caught site of the bottle held tightly in one of your hands.

“No.” You lied.

“I can see the bottle, Y/N/N.”

“What bottle?” You grinned cheekily at him, moving your hand behind your back.

“Give it to me.”


“Give it.”


He tried to reach behind your back but you quickly moved, stumbling a bit in the process. “Don’t be stubborn and give me the bottle. I can practically smell the alcohol on you.” He pointed out, grabbing a tight hold of you as his free hand reached for the bottle once more, managing to be successful this time.

“Boo! You’re no fun.” You stuck your tongue at him, crossing your arms against your chest in defiance as you refused to let him drag you to the couch.

“Why are you drinking, love? Especially at this time of night?” He asked.

“Well, why are you up so late?” You questioned.

“Because I was hoping you’d show up with an explanation to why you’ve disappeared all day without telling me or anyone in fact.” He answered.

The only thing your mind was able to grasp though was the Howler your mother had sent, your lips beginning to tremble as your eyes started watering.“I’m so dumb!” You cried, falling to the floor. Sirius couldn’t help but let out a quiet laugh, the small smile etched on his lips soon disappearing when he noticed the tears that started to stream down your cheeks. “Ssh baby, don’t cry. You’re not dumb.” He assured, dropping the bottle before sitting down beside you and trying to wipe the tears but you gently swatted his hand away.

Your body was sprawled across the floor, eyes lazily staring up at the common room ceiling, “Yes I am!” You declared. “I’m terrible at potions! I blew up t-that cauldron last week, remember?” Your words were slurred but still understandable.

“Yes, but that doesn’t make you dumb.” He tried to reason.

“Yes it does!” You hiccuped, your arms flailing around as you tried to use proper hand gestures. “It’s a mistake! I made a mistake and in my family that i-isn’t acceptable! I’m in Ravenclaw we’re s-supposed to be the smart ones and I’m terrible at Potions so I’m going to fail my exam and my family will d-disown me and i’ll be homeless and eat sewer rats for the rest of my life because I won’t find a job! That’s why i’ve been studying for that final all day. And oh merlin! I was so rude to you yesterday at the library. I’m such a terrible person! All you wanted to do was help and I’m so sorry! I needed to be alone and to study in peace. I don’t want to be a disappointment.”

Sirius stared at you with wide eyes, not being able to stop himself from smiling at the way you overdramatized part of your reasons. It was clear to him now on why you didn’t show up to class today. You were overly stressed about the exams that were quickly approaching.

“Stop it! You’re laughing at me.” You accused, covering your face with your hands. “I came here to find and talk to you and apologize for being such a mean girlfriend, but you’re laughing at me.”

“I’m not laughing at you, love. I swear. And you’re not some terrible girlfriend. You’re just stressed and I think you’re overreacting a tad bit.”

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are and do you know why?” He questioned.

“Why?” You whispered, peeping through your fingers so you could look at him.

“Because you’re the smartest girl I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And don’t say you’re not because you are.” He went on. “So what if you blew up some cauldrons? Peter has blown up twice as many I bet. And if your family is going to disown you because of that then screw them. And that’s coming from the original family disappointment here.” He laughed. “You’re not perfect, Y/N, no one is. So it’s okay if you struggle with a class, trust me. That doesn’t make you any less intelligent. I also don’t think that just because you’re not able to brew up a potion properly it will land you on the streets and cause you to eat sewer rats. Besides, I wouldn’t let that happen.”

You sat up swiftly, elbows propping up on the floor as you felt the blood rushing to your head, causing your vision to blur a bit. “Do you mean that?” You whispered, tears stinging the corners of your eyes.

“Every word.” He smiled. “You’re going to do just fine. And besides, if you do end up living in the streets and eating rats then I know the perfect spell that’ll make it taste better.”

You let out out a laugh, your lips curving up into a smile. “Oh Sirius Black! I love you so much!” You exclaimed, throwing yourself on top of him, your arms wrapping around him as the two of you fell back.

“I love you too, princess. Just remember to take it easy and find some time to give yourself a break.” He murmured, his voice softly spoken as he massaged deep circles onto your back. “And don’t try to live up to some ridiculously high expectations. Like i’ve mentioned, It’s not worth it and it doesn’t make you any less intelligent.”

“What would I do without you?” You mused into his chest, the both of you nonverbally deciding to stay on the common room floor for the rest of the night.

“Dunno, love. Maybe eat sewer rats?”

jeep pt. 1 • monty de la cruz

warnings: hints at sex i guess?? idk

a/n: this is the first i’m writing an imagine, but this idea has been stuck in my head for days so here goes nothing lol. monty is a snack btw.

It had been nearly 4 days since you last saw your boyfriend. He left for a baseball tournament, and you couldn’t be more excited that he was finally coming home, mostly because you needed his touch desperately. You sent him teasing texts and pictures, awaiting his arrival so that you could give him a congratulations, but he blew you off to celebrate the win with his friends.

You look around the cafeteria and spot Monty from across the room. He shoots you one of his infamous smirks, to which you roll your eyes and walk in the opposite direction.

“Hey girls!!” you say to Hannah, Jessica, and Sheri while you sit down, laughing. They greet you back and you guys eat while sharing stories and obnoxious laughs over your weekend activities.

“Don’t look now, but there’s an impatient Monty heading towards you at 3 o'clock.” Jess says while giggling.

“What do you want Montgomery?” you ask him.
“You.” he replies simply and smiles. You roll your eyes at him and he wraps his arm around you while sitting down. He places his hand on your thigh and starts to inch higher. He grazes you slightly, right where you’ve craving him the most, and you let out a slight gasp. There’s no way in hell you we’re gonna let him off that easily. You stand up and walk away from the table, making sure to lightly palm Monty’s crotch while you leave. “I’ll catch you girls later okay? Bye.” you say and smirk as you head towards your next class. You can feel Monty’s eyes on you while you walk away, swaying your hips enough to make him want to chase you. “I don’t know what you did De La Cruz,” Hannah begins, “but fix it.” she answers while shaking her head and laughing.

The last bell of the day rings and you rush home to avoid seeing your boyfriend. You had intended to make him suffer until he gave what you wanted from him, so when he didn’t see you standing in your usual meet up spot he decided to call you.

“What’s your problem?” Monty says as soon as you answer the phone.
“Well hello to you too, sunshine.” you shot back.
“I’m serious Y/N, what’s the deal?” he asks you.
“You’re my problem, you asshole.” you say into the phone as you flop backwards onto your bed.
“Look, you’ve been nothing but cold to me ever since I got back from the tournament. I don’t even know what I did to upset you. You only act like this when you’re hungry, or when you want me to dic-” he stops mid sentence. You smirk while he finally realizes what you’ve been so frustrated about.

“I’ll be there in 5. Be ready.” Monty growled into the phone. You begin to shiver with anticipation, knowing that Monty is now angry, while hot and bothered. 

The all too familiar horn of Monty’s jeep honks from outside your window and you run down the stairs. “I’m going out with Monty, Mom, love you, and see ya in a bit!” you yelled out. 

“Alright, have fun, but not too much. I don’t need a mini Monty running around here.” your mother winked and laughed. You couldn’t help but to crack up at her statement. “You’re crazy, mom, BYE!!!” you said skipping out the door. Little does she know that “fun” with Monty was exactly what was in store for you.

a/n: hey guys, i decided to make this into 2 parts bc i felt like it was gonna get too long. as you can see, the second part is where the JUICY BITS will start happening so stay tuned and stay gold my fellow sinners ;))

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CP 14 Days of Love #13: Bromance

Day 13  of @softkent‘s Valentine’s Day Fic-A-Thon

If Nursey’s honest with himself, he couldn’t really have asked for a better Winter Screw his senior year. 

Dex, who’d growled demanded volunteered to handle Nursey’s date, had met him at the designated meet-up spot with Chowder under his arm. The smirk he’d leveled at Derek had been darkly promising. 

“Didn’t think it’d be right for us to abandon Chowder to an evening alone,” Dex had quipped. Nurse had relished, briefly, in the thrill of knowing Will had arranged this, had intentionally made sure that Nursey was here with no one but him - ahem - the team. Then his attention was pulled to the not so quietly moaning Chowder.

“I can’t believe Cait abandoned me! Our last Winter Screw, and she’s home.”

“Visiting her aunt, from Paris, who’s she’s not seen in like….a decade.”

“Away from me!” 

The rest of the night had continued in the same vein: the three of them wandering around, seeking to cheer up Chowder. 

They’d bumped into Whiskey and Foxtrot, Dex all but interrogating their dates, Nursey playing at stealing them. 

At some point there’d been alcohol and Nursey dragging Chowder out onto the dance floor to so that they could send Farmer snaps of them having a blast. 

Nursey had  checked in on the frog he’d set up to find the couple blushing adorably in a quiet corner of the hall. 

Success in interpersonal relationships (the genuine kind - the kind that lasted more that a year and beyond a shared class) was a relatively new feeling, but it was one he was beginning to get used to. 

Just like he was beginning to get used to the tentatively proprietary way Dex’s hand sought out the belt loops at Nursey’s hips, when he leaned in to let Derek know he was heading back to the Haus to finish his last final project. 

What he wasn’t  used to but perhaps should be after four years of friendship was a drunk and sobbing Christopher Chow.


Chowder swiveled wildly on his feet, swinging from Derek’s side to plaster himself across his chest, burying his face into Derek’s sweater.

“Devek!” Chowder sobbed, raising big watery, brown eyes to stare forlornly into Derek’s.


An anguished cry was the only response he received before his arms were once again full of adorably drunk goalie.

“Come on, buddy. Hey now, I thought we’d had a good night,” he chuckled, passing a soothing hand over Chowder’s hair.

“The bes’night,” came the muffled reply.

“Right. So, what’s with the tears now, bruh? Need me to call Cait?”

“Nooo. I’m a strong dependent man.” Sob. “I don’t need – I don’t need.” Sob. “I’ll call her later.” Sniff.

“Ok. So, no Farmer.” 

“This isn’t about Farmer! This is,” here Chris grabbed two fistfuls of Nursey’s sweater and hauled himself upright enough to level his stricken eyes at Derek once more. “About us! It’s about us.” 

His head fell once again, this time landing firmly against Derek’s sternum. 

“Whoa! Hey. Chowder? Chris? What do you mean ‘about us’?”

Perhaps, it seemed, Nursey had been celebrating his own success with relationships too soon.

“What do you mean us, buddy?”

“I mean –” Hiccup. “You’re going off to Columbia –” Gasp. “And gonna make fancy liberal arts friends.” Hiccup. “And – and — you and Dex.” Sob. “You’re going to – to – smolder at each other.” Sniffle. “And – and –” Sob. “You’re gonna forget all about me! You’re non-chill ex-goalie!”

The wail that followed that admission caused more than one of their fellow students to pause.

“Hey, Chowder, chill. Bro. I need you to chill for me. Deep breaths.” He demonstrated. Chris seemed to make some nominal efforts at matching him.

“Chris, bro - listen to me, ok. You’re not, like, expendable to me, bro. You – you’re my sunshine.”

Sniff. “Sunshine?”

“Yeah. You know, me and Dex may smolder, but you bring all the light, Chow. Always with the smiles and the enthusiasm. Reliable, warm, never blue for long. Sunshine.”


“Yeah buddy, I’d wilt without you.”

“So, we’re friend-friends. Like, keep in touch after college friends?”

“Yeah, Chowder, keep in touch, meet-up on vacations, Snap from across the country, text everyday. I keep telling you to send in your application to Columbia for grad school.”


“Mmhmm. Come to New York with us.”

“I like New York.”

Nursey chuckled. 

“I’m sure New York likes you, too.”

Tinder Match - Auston Matthews Imagine


Thanks @ the marlies in the gc for making me want to write this. Not really requested unless you count me suggesting writing this and a few agreeing a request???

Well guys…. I’m back ??? With smut ??? I’m a new woman what can I say. Anyway, hope you like it, more requests will be posted this week and I may be able to open requests sometime this week/a week from now. Love you guys and, enjoy (you sickos) -Accius

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(NEWS) Super Junior’s Shindong Confirms Their Latest Meet-Up Was Partly To Discuss Imminent Comeback

Super Junior’s Shindong appeared on the February 6 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” where he talked about their 2017 comeback.

He revealed how some of the members, not only those who’ve already been discharged but also those still serving in the army, recently met up for dinner, depending on their schedules. “Eunhyuk [and Siwon] was on a regular scheduled vacation, while Donghae got permission to take a short break,” Shindong explained.

Eunhyuk previously shared a photo with Donghae and Siwon from the outing, and they were spotted meeting up with members Leeteuk, Sungmin, Shindong, and Yesung.

Shindong shared, “Not surprisingly, we talked about our [upcoming] album. We had a meeting between ourselves and our managers about ‘this is the direction we’d like to go in from here,’ and things like that.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior has confirmed that they are preparing to make a comeback in the latter half of 2017, after Eunhyuk and Donghae are discharged in July, and Siwon in August.

What kind of music would you like to see from the group?[soompi]

Apart from the obvious OHGODHELPMEPLEASECATEISKILLINGME of this, how flawless is Sandy Powell’s every choice for this film?

{Footnote: The initial overhead shot of Carol in this outfit striding down the sidewalk to her lawyer’s office always gives me a little Santa Claus sensation.

The nervous smoking sequence that follows that meeting, up until she spots and decides upon the camera gift—I can’t even for the gorgeous fluster of it all.}

The Bet

Prompt: Hey! I just finished reading outlaws of love (and, as a bi person myself, may I say I loved every second I spent reading it). If it’s not too much to ask, could you maybe do a negan X daughter!reader where they just spend some cute, quality time together and he’s super protective over her, and she comes out to him as bi and he it really accepting of it. Thanks love x – Requested by @supernatural-everyday

Pairing: Dad!Negan x Daughter!Reader, Negan x You

Word Count: 3,857

Type: One shot

Warnings: None that I know of

Rating: PG

Notes: Yo’ so I kinda got real carried away with this, sorry! I hope it’s what you were looking for xx Also yay my first request is done :D

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

 “Be safe. Stay inside the fuckin’ gates. I’ll be back by midday tomorrow.” The grumpy voice of your father says, as he stands in your doorway.

“Back before my Birthday?” You mumble. “And I know the rules, Dad.” You add, not looking up from the book in your lap as you sit cross legged on your bed.

“Yes Princess, before your birthday. And I know you know the rules, which is why I’m fuckin’ confused as to the reason you disobey them all the goddamn damn time.”

You roll your eyes and lift your head up, looking at your father in all his heroic glory. Leather jacket on and baseball bat in hand, you still wonder why he named the inanimate object after your mother.

“Because they’re stupid as shit.” You sarcastically smile back at him.

“Don’t swear.”

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Some of the best things in life are unsaid. I went out for St. Paddy’s weekend with some good friends. We ended up going to a bar and grabbed a couple pints. We all got into this drunken conversation about relationships and what we all liked in the relationships with our loved ones. A lot of the interactions were from things you couldn’t really describe fully, it was just meant to be felt. Like when you see someone again after a while and you spot each other at your meet up spot. You dont say anything but your eyes light up when you finally see them again and you run up to them. You give them a hug and not just any hug, it’s the hug where her cheek is pressed against yours, and her arms are wrapped around your neck and yours arms are around her waist, and you’re hugging so tight that you can feel each other’s heart beat. Nothing has to be said on how much you missed each other. Or maybe you go out dancing with one of your favorite people and one of your favorite songs comes on. You’re on the floor dancing and you spin her and catch her hand when she faces you again, then you dip her and bring her back up, and your eyes meet and she smiles from ear to ear which makes you smile back even harder. Nothing has to be said on how much you two enjoy being around each other. I’m not the greatest at describing these magical moments in life but I hope someone out there knows what I’m talking about. I really hope all of you get to experience this type of unsaid connection with someone who means a lot to you at least once in your amazing lives.

Some of the best thing in life are unsaid and just felt with the heart.

—  The Khool Haus 
I’m Slurring on Purpose

Trimberly Songfic based on Bittersweet by P!@TD

Excerpt: “By the time the tests were finally taken and passed, all of them were ready to sleep through the entire break. That would come, but first, a celebration.”

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Things I noticed in my 2nd viewing of Sing

Edit! I added a few more things

The details on Johnny’s leather jacket, and also Buster’s fur

Lance and Ash hold hands while waiting for the train

Rosita standing next to Mike as he talks to the camera, obviously very uncomfortable

When Mike auditions he says “Okay, here we go” more to himself than Moon, probably to reassure himself

When Ash and Lance are in their apartment, Ash is cleaning up laid around chips and empty soda cans on instinct, I assume she cleans up after Lance a lot

Just Mike’s flirting animation is perfect

When the guard ape literally puts his foot down to stop Mike from entering the club, Mike sticks out his hand to try and reach out for Diana. His little “waits!” are too adorable

All of Eddie’s expressions are animated perfectly

When Meena first enters the theater you can see Rosita actually trying out Gunter’s warm up, already showing her growing flexibility around others

Johnny causes the car crash that made him late to the meet up spot

Why the gang didn’t just go back in the sewer I will never know

The little moments when it’s clear that Buster misses his dad just, so much. They’re really heartbreaking

When Mike shows up in his new car and jumps down to Diana, she’s actually really giggly at first and it’s adorable

When the bear picks up Mike, Diana looks really scared

When Johnny first leaves the theater to see his dad, Gunter and Rosita are chatting while she hold Casper, and Ms. Crawly offers Ash a muffin

Buster did not give Mike a song suggestion sheet

When Jonny goes to steal the ‘money’ and he looks at the papers, Mike’s has something along the lines of “best____” I wonder what it was

Moon and Meena preparing for the glass tank is adorable

Mike’s little nicknames for his girl, mostly “sweetheart” and “honey”

When the bears burst in with Mike, and Buster refuses to open the chest, he stands his ground until the bear holds the choking Mike up to him, only then does he back up

Mike’s little “no, no, no, no, no!” as he gets sucked down into the sewer

Johnny shielding Ash/Ash holding onto Johnny’s arm as the theater crumbles

Someone in the theater went “oh no” softy as Buster started crying

Everyone was so excited to still do the show, they didn’t care about the prize money anymore, they just wanted to sing

When they rebuild the theater, Rosita is the one leading the construction, which makes me think what she wanted to do before she settled down with Norman. She’s obviously good with machines

Rosita’s warm smile towards Norman as he tries to settle down the kids, she knows he’s trying so hard and that’s lovely

During Rosita and Gunter’s performance, Norman was already smiling before the remix part

The grown guy two seats from me going “oh” as Rosita changed behind the fridge, and then “OH!” when she came out in her outfit

When the other animals are laughing at Mike, you can tell he’s super insecure about that (maybe he’s had people doubt and laugh at him before???)

Buster being swarmed by piglets

When Norman and Rosita kiss, they’re still kissing as the curtain closes and their just kinda have their arms wrapped around each other and it’s adorable

Johnny standing up in his performance

When Ash was getting ready my mom leaned over to me and whispered “she kinda like you.” and honestly that made me smile

Ash knowing she doesn’t need her guitar plugged in to sing

In Mike’s performance, when he sings “To say the things he truly feels” the camera goes to Diana and honestly that’s a nice little touch

When Mike gets in his car with Diana he buckles himself in (safety first kids)

During Meena’s performance, Ash plays on an air guitar

Mike. Wasn’t. At. The. Grand. Reopening!

All in all I still loved the movie

But they’re one thing I do realize, no matter how many times I will watch the movie


Never Met A Woman Like Me Before- A Dean Winchester Imagine

Description: hunting at a convention 
Word count: 570

“Let’s get going, baby!” You heard your boyfriend Dean call as you finish adding a little bit more lipstick, making your costume complete.

“Alright, babe, I’m coming!” You shout back at him as you run down the hall.

“Wow.” Dean simply states as you come into view in your Wonder Woman costume.
“I could say the same thing about you, Batman.” You say as you walk closer to him, giving him a slow and sweet kiss.

“Uh hem!” You both here from behind. Turning around you notice it’s Sam in a Superman outfit.

“Well well well, Sammy, you don’t scrub up too bad either.” You tell him as you all make your way out of the bunker.

“So what’s the plan?” You ask as you start to drive away.
“Got some shifters at the nerd convention; we’re gonna find them while we’re there and gank them when they’re looking for their victims after the convention.” Dean confirms.
“Alright, sounds like a plan.” You say back.

“Is this really what a conventions like, Y/N?” Dean asked a little weirded out by the people in costume as characters he doesn’t know and the amount of people in one room.
“Yep! Isn’t it perfect?” You look around like you’re in heaven.
“Yeah, something like that, alright lets look around and see if we can spot the supernatural from the super-weird.” Your boyfriend says as you all split up.

Sam, Dean and you meet up at the spot the killings had been happening at the end of the convention. You all found 2 shifters each, so just like you all thought it was a pack. As more people started to pile out of the room you see your 6 shifters and slowly move in on them.
“Alright lets get going ‘Justice League’.” You say to the boys as you follow the shifters.

Dean and Sam go in and attack first as you come in after, getting the ones who are attacking the boys and trying to protect their friends. The fight was almost over with all of them dead but one; it was a really smart and strong one, ‘probably the alpha’ you thought. It was holding you by the throat against the wall, while the brothers were knocked out.

All of a sudden as you feel like you’re about to pass out you hear a brutish voice sound from behind you and the shifter.

“Hey! Leave the lady alone.” As you both turn around you see its a guy still in costume trying to be the hero but having no idea what he’s getting himself into.

The shifter walks up to the man and transforms into him, right in front of his eyes.
“Hey! Leave the lady alone.” The shifter imitates, mocking the man.
The man looks terrified and slowly backs away, but you know the shifter will go after him, so while it’s distracted by this dope you get out your blade and slice it’s head off.

“This lady can handle herself. Now get out of here kid.” You tell the man as he skitters away.

Before you can turn around to check the boys you hear clapping coming from behind you.

“Now that was awesome!” Dean tells you as he lifts you up and spins you around.

“Well, you really have never met a woman like me before.” You tell him with a cheeky smile as you walk off.

Inspired by an anon who wanted to know more about Ubbe and his wife’s relationship stemming from a previous imagine. This list is a bit different from what they asked for but I think it can definitely still apply.

How you met-

  • You were young when you first met him but when you properly meet you’d be around 11 or 12
  • Being a year or two younger than him and looking after Ivar probably
  • You would’ve been in the great hall all the time just talking to Ivar and Ubbe would eavesdrop
  • Eventually he’d join in just to have an excuse to talk to you
  • After Ivar would leave and you would be alone with Ubbe you would be able to talk for hours
  • Just good flowing conversations

First kiss -

  • Late at night in the great hall when it’s super quiet and talking about his father
  • Comforting him when he began to close up and stopped speaking
  • Rubbing his back and your face ending up near his
  • Locking eyes nervously
  • Slowly leaning in and only placing the lightest of pressure on his lips
  • After a moment, leaning in again and this time you actually kiss properly
  • Ubbe smiling like an idiot afterwards
  • He would be on top of the moon for days 
  • 100% bragging to his brothers

Relationship with Ubbe-

  • Hands on you all the time
  • Neck kisses from behind with his hands on your waist
  • Getting caught more than once by the slaves when you sneak off in the middle of the feasts to go and make out
  • Secret meet up hook up spot in the forest
  • Being worshipped by him
  • Being spoiled by him because he is a prince and you should be treated as if you are his princess
  • Gifts such as jewellery, dresses, necklaces were a regular occurrence 
  • Him proposing late at night in the great hall just the two of you 
  • Candles and cuddles™ under the furs
  • Wandering hands and then he just pops the question
  • Skinny dipping
  • Kissing up against a wall
  • Being sandwiched by his body
  • Wall sex
  • Barn sex
  • Bathtub sex

Having a family with Ubbe -

  • Ubbe talking to your belly
  • Stroking your hair when you’re in having contractions
  • Letting you squeeze his hand as hard as you want
  • Ubbe and baby cuddle time
  • Baby loving to tug on his hair so do you ;)
  • Ubbe, baby and mummy cuddles on the bed with baby in the middle
  • Coming back from errands to hear baby’s laughter echoing through the house
  • Eventually having multiple kids
  • You guys just can’t stop
  • And I mean, why stop when your kids are so cute?
  • Kids spending time with their uncles so mummy and daddy can have alone time
  • Kids running around in the great hall, as you and Ubbe chase them playfully
  • Kids growing up really happy and loved and your family being amazing

Gif credit @imdancingintherain07

au where the guy eskild shows to isak on grindr is actually even, who isak has a huge secret crush on, and when eskild tells isak that he should come home later bc he’s inviting him over, isak nods but he’s coming home earlier anyway, making loud noises, turning on the tv and eskild comes out of his room like “isak ,what the fuck, i told you im having a guest” and isak looks at him all innocent like, “oh, was that today” and eskild rolls his eyes and a few minutes later him and even are leaving the room, obviously annoyed and isak doesnt dare to look at even but he hears him tell eskild “maybe another time. when we’re alone” and he says the last word louder to make sure isak hears and isak is a little proud of himself…and eskild complains about not getting further with him than talking and isak acts like it doesnt make him a little glad. and the next time he comes over isak decides to bake and he’s never really done that but he lies about vilde asking him to make some buns for the kosegroup. and when he starts fumbling with the bowls and stuff, maybe even on purpose, he hears a door open and he’s ready to act apologetic but its not eskild who walks in, its even, and he doesnt mention isak interrupting their time again, he just goes for a glass then the tap and fills it with water so SLOWLY and isak is trying to open the package of some stuff and it shouldnt be this hard but he swears he feels even’s eyes on him. and then even just leans against the counter while drinking his water and is like, “i know what youre doing” and isaks like “yea ,havent really made buns before so i have no ide-” “im not talking about that” and isak turns around to face him and even has this real annoying smirk on his face and isak wants to wipe it off with a punch or a kiss who knows, and then even downs the last of his water and walks up to isak, TOO CLOSE, and whispers “i know youre trying to interrupt me and eskild on purpose. if i..” he looks into his eyes “if i knew you liked eskild, i wouldnt have made a move” and isak almost chokes bc what the fuck but he doesnt say anything and a few days later eskild tells isak that even wants to stay only friends ,and hecomes over a lot but he’s actually trying to help set isak and eskild up, and isak doesnt say anything bc he gets to spend a lot of time with even, although he talks mostly about what eskild would like and isak is so smooth when he asks even “how you think i should kiss him” and while he gags at the idea of kissin eskild bc it would be like kissing his brother, he doesnt show it and even just stares at him. and something might have clicked in his head, bc the teasing smile disappears from his face and he’s looking down at isaks lips and shit, isaks heart is gonna give out if he doesnt stop staring, but even moves closer and hesitantly cups isaks cheek and starts to lean in and tHEN eskild walks in and he’s all “???oh mY GOD! is that why you wanted to be only friends” and even stands up fast like “no no, its not what you think” and isak is PANICKING ,looking from even to eskild and then evens like “look, isak likes you ,i just tried to–” and eskild laughs bc its the most hilarious thing he’s ever heard and even is confused and then he looks at isak and he. realizes. and he leaves bc he feels used:( and isak is trying to contact him, over phone and in person, but even never replies and isak feels like shit and he misses him, then he creates a fake profile and messages even to meet up and when even spots him at the open restaurant he’s about to turn around but isak stops him and tries to explain and then even doesnt say anything ,just sits down at the table like “…what would you like to order” and isak sighs in relief and sits down in front of him with a hopeful smile and gets one back in return

momentum - 7

chapter 7

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“You two aren’t dating?” Itachi stopped stirring the chicken and onions. He had just asked about their relationship when Sasuke broke the news that they weren’t together.

Sasuke kept chopping carrots and replied nonchalantly. “No.”

The sizzle of stagnant food filled the kitchen and he had to remind his older brother not to burn their dinner. They were having curry tonight.

Resuming his task, Itachi narrowly avoided ruining the chicken.

“You certainly appeared to be in a relationship,” he commented while adding spices, then broth.

Sasuke moved on to cutting peeled potatoes and didn’t respond immediately.

“We’re not.” There was a marked stiffness to his tone.

He had touched a nerve and decided to push. “Did you tell her?”

“Tell her what?”

Itachi scoffed lightly. “That you like her.”

“Of course I like her,” he said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “She doesn’t need me to tell her that.”

“Romantically,” Itachi emphasized his point with a wave of his spoon - it was like pulling teeth to get Sasuke to talk about his feelings. He noted that he had an easier time interrogating hardened criminals than his closed off brother.

Unable to deny the accusation, he became tight-lipped instead; head down and bangs obscuring his features as he paid a suspicious amount of attention to the potatoes. Though, if he didn’t stop his assault with the knife, the diced chunks would become minced very soon.

If it was this difficult for Sasuke to talk about his feelings with his own brother, then Itachi concluded that he hadn’t told her yet. It was likely he hadn’t even hinted at it.

“Oh, little brother,” Itachi lamented. “Nothing but heartache will come out of pining.”

Sasuke gave him the cut-up vegetables as well as a look of mild annoyance. “As if you know anything about it.”

He was being testy but Itachi took the jab well, chuckling. “Yes, but you underestimate what I’ve learned from observation.”

Even if Itachi was married to his career, with its odd and long hours, he still possessed knowledge of romance from indirect life experiences. Meaning he soaked up bits and pieces from his friends, literature, and people-watching. While he did not consider himself an expert by any means, he knew enough to give decent advice.

The younger Uchiha tried to move past his stubbornness, knowing his brother was right. And if he was going to talk about this with anyone, it would be with Itachi. So, he sighed and conceded. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

Itachi stirred in the potatoes and carrots, then placed a lid on the pot to let the stew simmer. Setting down his spoon and facing the young man, he sighed as well. Onyx eyes met a similar pair and he stated, “You risk failure with every action you take. Although,” the corners of his mouth turned up wistfully, “father would have argued that Uchihas never fail.”

A slight smirk appeared at the mention of his father’s familial pride, which bordered on arrogance.

Then it fell when he remembered the subject at hand, crossing his arms at the vulnerability that came with the mere thought of confessing. He didn’t want to think about opening up and getting hurt as a result.

Sensing his hesitation, Itachi spoke again. “What’s the worst thing that could happen? She’s disgusted and rejects you completely, cutting off your friendship and refusing to speak with you.”

He scowled. “Hinata wouldn’t, she’s nicer than that.”

“I’m sure she is,” Itachi assured him. From his impression of her, she seemed sweet; the type that picked up stray animals from the street. “Now what’s the best outcome? She’s madly in love with you too and you sweep her off her feet and ride into the sunset, happily ever after.”

Something in Sasuke’s chest fluttered at the idea of her acceptance, but he was stopped short by the worry that she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. He was confident that if he hadn’t pursued their friendship, she wouldn’t have given him a second glance. Sure, he might have been considered a heart-throb (to his contempt), but she wasn’t swayed by shallow qualities like looks or money.

The irony; to be adored by many, but to fall for the one person that wouldn’t have paid him any mind.

“But what’s likely to happen? If she doesn’t like you in that way, then she turns you down gently because she cares about you. And because she values your friendship, she won’t break it off.”

It would sting, yet it was better than being flat out rejected and subsequently ignored.

“If she does like you, then all is well and you two will officially make a cute couple.”

Itachi’s words held sound logic that he couldn’t refute. “Sometimes I forget you have a degree in psychology.”

“And criminology,” his brother quipped. “I dual majored.”

“Right. Watch the curry,” Sasuke gestured to the pot that was steaming profusely.

“Ah,” the chef quickly grabbed the wooden spoon and set to mixing.

Gathering the knife and cutting board, he placed them in the sink and rolled up his sleeves. He contemplated while he washed the utensils. As he thought about the potential outcomes of confessing, a strange combination of anxiety and hope churned in his stomach.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…

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well fuck

•Quite old, like centuries or whatever

•Quite protective like he’ll be at the vampire meet up spot ten miles away from your house but he’ll hear something fall and he’ll rush to your apartment in a panic and ready to kill only to find that you had just thrown your shirt to the floor while changing and he heard the soft ass thump it made against the wood

•Fast af, can be four towns over on business but if you just whisper his name into the dark night while stood on your balcony he’ll suddenly be behind you with cold arms circling around your waist before you could even reach the last letter in his name like “you called, my love?”

•Freaks out sometimes when your heart skips a random beat like “are you okay are you hurt what just happened” when in reality he literally just smiled at you and made you fall in love all over again

•Likes to watch you sleep since he can’t slip into the state of unconsciousness himself

•Sometimes reads your mind and watches your dreams play like they’re movies

•If they’re dirty dreams about him and you his eyes will glow bright red with predatory want

•It pisses you off, the mind reading thing

•“Mark, get the fuck out of my head.”

•“Love, I can’t even read minds, I swear.”

•Calls you ‘my human’ just to irritate the shit out of you

•He’s always cold as fucking shit because he has no warm blood pumping through him but he loves to cuddle so?

•You have to cuddle while wearing clothes warm enough to climb Mt. Everest during snow storm season

•Tries to be cute and take you out on dates like a normal boyfriend but sometimes the sun is just too much and will make him really sick

•Sick vampire mark omg

•He’ll milk you, literally whine that he wants this and this and this even though he doesn’t need anything because he’ll be fine the moment he steps into some shade

•"Mark, you’re a fucking vampire, you don’t eat soup.” Or “Mark, no matter how many fucking blankets I put on you, you’ll still be that cold. It’s not a fever, it’s just you.”

•Constantly tries to impress you with his inhuman strength and speed

•“Love, watch this.”

•"Mark you’ve lifted that car and thrown it three times already, stop.” Or “Okay I get it, you’re fast. You can stop bringing me actual Chinese food from China now.
The restaurant around the corner is just fine.”

•Likes to play with your fingers in bed

•He tries to be adorable and do human things for you and you forget he’s a blood thirsty vampire at times but then he walks into your room one morning with a plate stacked high of burnt ass toast and you’ll be reminded again that your boyfriend is so far gone from human

•Sometimes loses himself in tracing over the veins on your arms

•There are times where he loses control at the heavenly smell of your blood and will press you against the wall in less than half a blink of your eye and his lips will be on your neck and his fangs will be pointed and scraping ever so lightly over your soft skin

•It doesn’t help that you’re not used to being moved that fast so your heart beats really loudly, is literally shouting into his ear and practically begging him to drink you dry

•But then he’ll look into your eyes and his will change from red back to brown and his teeth will go back to normal and he’d push an apologetic kiss to your lips

•His reflexes are no fucking joke

•He can sense that you’re about to trip, like the clumsy bitch you are, and grab a hold of your elbow a fraction of a second before you face plant

•He can smell you from miles away
He knows when you’re taking a shower because he can smell and hear the bottle of shampoo you use as you squeeze some into your hand, can smell your laundry soap as soon as a single drop is poured into your washer.

•He heals in front of you

•its freaky af

•Like he’ll come to your place after a vamp fight and have twenty broken bones but then be completely okay four seconds later

•Like Mark stop, I don’t want to see the bones of your fingers snap themselves back into place.

•He drinks human blood and stuff

•not around you but sometimes he’ll show up at your place with a few drops at the corner of his lips and the way he licks it off when you point it out and moans about the taste gets you riled up



•Sort of like twilight? Like that’s the only way I can picture it

•Mark being so fucking lost in the way your tight, warm walls feel around his hard dick that he doesn’t realize he just bent the bar of your headboard and split the solid metal in half like it was nothing

•He goes extra hard sometimes and you’ll end up with bruises covering your entire fucking body

•Headboard slamming into the wall

•Deep groans, like twelve octaves deeper than usual

•Harsh breathing




•Late night talks about having vampire babies, but never acts on it because he doesn’t know for sure yet if having a vampire child will hurt you his delicate little human love

•Very brief mentions and sometimes sightings of the other boys of vampire!got7

•He doesn’t trust them around you


•I don’t know what else

•He’s just hot tbh

Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan x Reader AU

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”

Warning: Swearing, OOC(out of character)

Summary: Peter, being part of the typical high school bad boy squad, has made it his dear desire to get to you, the good girl. The Virgin Mary his group called you. The only girl in school who was pure and innocent. But Peter, also known around as “Pan”, made it his own mission to change that.

Note~ Might make this into a series??? Giving it a part 2 to finish the rest of the request, most definitely. 

“Good morning, lads. What’s on the menu for today?”

Newt laid his satchel on the lunch table, sitting with his three friends, as they stared off into the crowd of students. It was the start of their morning routine, meet up in their usual spot, scout out for new challenges, and start the hunt. 

“I’ve got my eye on Wendy Darling-”

“Had her. Terrible. Kisses like a snake, all tongue, it’s awful.” Newt cut off Thomas, shaking his head in disgust.  “What about Teresa-”

“Weak-ass hickies, and a moaner. And not the kind of moans you’d hope for.” Thomas shrugged.

“How do you mean?” Newt looked in Teresa’s direction, making eye contact, but she was quick to take her attention to the floor.

“I don’t know, it was loud. Obnoxious, all in your face, makes you wanna rip your shucking ears off.” He chuckles, getting them to laugh as well.

“What about you, Pan? Who catches your eye?” Felix shoved his shoulder, a boyish smirk on his face. 

Peter grins at his nickname he’s earned from his friends. Pan means…well…urban dictionary can help explain it better. The reason for the nickname is how his charm has earned him enough tail to put other players of the school to shame.

His eyes scanned the crowd of people, his mind playing out names and memories of those he’s already been with. The school wasn’t too big, so the population of the girls they haven’t shagged decreased since the beginning of the year, so there wasn’t much to chose from.

“Hold the phone,” Pan held up a finger, the points it to the left of them. “Who’s that sitting with Henry?” 

His friends looked in the direction he was pointing to, and when their eyes had you in their line of vision, sly grins plastered their faces.

“Oh.” Newt smirked.

“Her.” Thomas winked, nudging Felix as he chuckled. 

“You guys know her?” Pan asked, still watching your movement as you were playing a game with the freshmen you were sitting with. 

“Know her? We’ve got a name for her. We call her the Virgin Mary, I have tried scoring with her, Thomas has tried and so has Newt. She rejected all three of us, even a few other guys in this school. This girl has some serious trust issues, or something.” Felix enlightened the brunette. 

“What’s her real name?”

“Hell if I know, she wouldn’t even make eye contact.” 

Pan looked you over once more, biting his lip as he saw how…innocent you looked. The way the corner of your eyes crinkled when you laughed at whatever Henry was saying, how your clothes fully covered your body, not giving any hints on what goods you had hidden from him…like a Christmas present. Just waiting to be unwrapped by the right person.  

“I’m going to go talk to her.” Pan stood up confidently, fixing his shirt, and picking up his backpack. 

“OH you think you’ll do better than us?” Newt crossed his arms.

“I know I can,” He raised an eyebrow, smirking. “Now how does my hair look?”

“What does it matter? She’s going to reject you before you can even sit down.” Thomas bets, making Pan roll his eyes.

“Maybe with you, but I know I stand a chance. Watch and learn, boys.” Pan started walking in your direction.

“Crash and burn, Pan!” Newt calls back, making the table burst into a fit of laughter, getting flipped off by Pan. 

Pan made his way over to you and Henry, a cocky smirk he’s mastered all too well, ready for the hunt of his new prey. You. His sudden appearance made Henry stiffen up, stopping you from talking and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Henry? What’s the matter?” You hear someone clear their throat, making you turn to see who it was. When you did, you had to refrain from rolling your eyes. You’ve done that way too many times this week. And for the same reason. 

“[Sigh] You guys don’t ever quit, do you?” You groan, looking up at Pan.

“What ever do you mean, love?” His eyes scan Henry, then glare. “Beat it, kid.” He growled, making the boy gather his things quickly, giving you a quick goodbye hug as he scurried to another table in the lunchroom.

You had your mouth open in shock at how rude he was toward your friend. You were next to gather up your stuff, getting ready to leave, until he started talking to you.

“Maybe you should have a seat, talk for a while.”

“I WAS talking with my friend, until you had to interrupt. Look, like I told your little buddies, I’m not interested in being a one night stand, like I’ve heard you’ve done to all the other girls here.” You fumed, rubbing your temples on how many times you’ve repeated that sentence. 

Pan smirks even wider, trying so hard not to laugh at your frustration. You really didn’t know everything if you think he’s gonna give up that easily.   

“So…wanna make out?” He twirled a piece of your hair in between his fingertips, only for you to smack his hand away. That’s when he noticed you had a ring on your finger. And not just any ring. A purity ring.

“What are you staring at?” You sassed, crossing your arms.

“You’re a virgin? For real?” He nodded to your ring, watching as you played with it a little. 

“Yes. Unlike you, I want to save myself for the right person.”

“Well you’re looking right at him, love,” Pan smirks, his arms extended for emphasis.

“AFTER marriage. For all I know, you could have some kind of disease from all those girls you’ve been with.”

“I don’t have a-”

“Or gotten at least a few of them pregnant, and not being there for them when they need you the most.” You continued to shoot venom at him with your words, not giving him a chance to respond. 

“Listen, Virgin Mary-”

“That is not my name!”

“Then what is your name?”

“Why should I tell you? You won’t care after you’ve had your way with me,” You picked up your backpack, glaring daggers at the boy in front of you. “But I will tell you this: You and your stupid friends better leave me the hell alone. You may have shagged every other girl, but I’ll be damned if you even-!”

“Whoa, whoa. Okay, look, I’m sorry alright? Can we just start over? I just wanted to get to know you, that’s all.”

“That’s a lie. I want you to leave me ALONE. Understand?” You shoved passed him, more irritated than before the conversation started, stomping somewhere else so you could calm down. 

“Yes, ma’am.” Pan slightly chuckles, but on the inside feels defeated. He made his way back over to his friends, knowing that they watched the whole thing.

“Well?” Thomas smirks, his eyebrows raised high.

“She turned me down. She’s a feisty little ball of fire, isn’t she? I like fire.” Pan licked his lips, watching as you left the lunch room, his eyes focused on your ass.

“Told ya so, she’s a tough nut to crack. Don’t worry, Pan, it happens to the best of us.” Newt patted his shoulder, but Pan only raised his eyebrow.

“Oh you think I’m done with her? I’m just getting started.” 

“What? She basically cursed you to stay away from her, what do you mean you’re just getting started?” Felix cocked his head to the side in total confusion.

“Yeah, he’s right. Just let it go, man, we’ve never had to try this hard to get into some girl’s pants before; she’s a prude anyway.” Thomas tried to reason, but Pan’s mind was already made up, and nothing was going to stop him.

“She’s too special to let go of, mates. And I think I’ve just found the challenge I’ve been looking for.”

Bad Boy!Jimin as a Father

So someone requested bad boy!Jimin as a father reacting to his daughter’s new that she’s engaged and also the actual wedding day and I thought that sounded adorable so here is half of the Busan line, the ever so lovely, Park Jimin aka chim

  • This is actually a scenario series but the request asked for an AU
  • You can read this part without reading the scenarios but if you want a lil more back story on how he reacts to the pregnancy and him as a father, you can click here for part one (bad boy!Jimin is here and all of the father related posts are here)
  • So just a quick summary for everyone that hasn’t read the scenarios
  • She is dating Taehyung’s son (his maknae, his smol child)
  • It does take Jimin a while to accept it bc bad boy or not, she’s still his entire world
  • And the thought of his tiny princess dating is just no
  • This is the lil kid that used to cry whenever she was put down bc she just wanted to be in daddy’s arms
  • His lil bby that would giggle whenever he laughed even though 90 percent of the time she had no clue what was so funny she just liked hearing his laugh same
  • His angel that used to love being wrapped up in his jacket and taking a lil nap on his shoulder while you were all walking home from a long day at the park
  • She’s still his tiny warrior that would watch teenage mutant ninja turtles with him
  • They literally meet up at his house every Saturday to have a marathon
  • Most of his bad boy tendencies have gone away since she’s been born
  • Like the day he found out he was gonna have a kid, he stopped all of the partying and the running around town all through the night
  • Once she’s moved into an apartment with her love, you two decide to have a night out for memory’s sake
  • You revisit the spot you two used to sneak off to all the time
  • You two are still v v much in love but it’s also cute to just revisit the old memories of when you were just two teenagers sneaking out of your house at midnight to meet up at the spot
  • It’s a cute lil night and you kinda tease him a bit bc he’d gone from a total bad boy who got into the occasional fight when someone tried to hurt his friends and partied all night to this cute lil softie who melts when he hears his daughter’s voice
  • Of course it’s all loving bc you’re proud of him for everything that he’s done for you and your lil bub and he does laugh eventually but he throws you a few mock glares
  • “I’m still tough you know I could fight someone”
  • “The giant teddy bear bby gave you on Christmas doesn’t count Jimin”
  • “Hey you have to admit I take that thing down real quick”
  • Okay so it would take bby Kim a few years to propose
  • By the time he’s even calling bby Park his girlfriend, Jimin’s already come around to the idea of them dating
  • Bc even though he’s still a bit :\ about her dating, he’s at least happy that she’s dating someone he knows he can trust, someone he practically helped raise
  • So he at least knows that she’s safe with bby Kim and even though he’s reluctant to admit it, they are fucking adorable together
  • Bby Kim actually gets Jimin’s blessing before he proposes
  • Bby Kim and chim are s u p e r close I mean Tae and Jimin are literally best friends and would have to live in the same neighborhood
  • Like if they can live next door to each other, they’re totally gonna do that but they’ll take living across the street from each other
  • So bby Kim just wants to let Jimin know in advance that he’s gonna propose and that he would love if Jimin could give them his blessing bc he knows how much it means to both chim and bby Park
  • Tbh chim is really touched ??
  • Like he could’ve easily just proposed and no one would’ve been upset that he didn’t talk to chim about it first
  • But he stopped and took the talk to be like hey I love your daughter and I wanna be her forever and I want to be able to call her my wife and I hope that’s chill with you
  • He of course slips back into that bad boy meets protective father mode and is giving him a list of what’ll happen if he ever EVER breaks his daughter’s heart
  • A part of bby Kim can’t take him seriously though bc this is the same dude that would sneak him an extra slice of pizza and cuddle him to sleep whenever he slept over
  • On the actual wedding day, it’s a different story though
  • Jimin’s trying to be all tough and not cry but the second he sees his lil bby girl in a wedding dress he’s gone
  • He hugs her super super tight and tells her that she looks beautiful
  • He actually ends up comforting bby Kim
  • He goes into the room bby Kim is getting ready in to check on him and see how long bby Park has left to get ready like is this a she has an hour and can chill or is this a I’m putting my tie on as we speak let’s do this
  • But he goes in to see Tae hugging bby Kim and giving him a pep talk
  • He’s super ?? and his dad instincts come out so he’s like what’s wrong
  • Bby Kim reveals that he’s nervous, not about the whole getting married part but about the actual ceremony
  • What if he messes it up, what if he forgets the vows, what if she runs away mid ceremony
  • Jimin pulls him aside and is just like relax everything’s gonna be fine, you’ve gone over the vows a million times, you could say them in your sleep and I promise she isn’t gonna run away  
  • So Jimin walks bby Park down the aisle and when he has to let go of her hand, he kinda pauses a bit
  • He looks down at her hand wrapped up in his tattooed hand and just whispers a lil “I’m proud of you”
  • They dance together right and the entire time, he’s whispering the lyrics to her and she’s all smiley and he can’t help but smile back bc her smile always always always makes him smile no matter what
  • “I love you lil turtle”
  • “I love you too dad”

Make contingency plans in anticipation of police escalation. You can be at a rally and everything is okay, then police approach and get in riot lines. Have plans in case of a)riot lines b) snatch and grab teams c) dispersal orders d) kettle e) tear gas is deployed f)flash bang grenades are deployed g) rubber bullets are shot h) sound cannon.

The police do not ever need to be provoked. But we can try to be prepared. Make “contingency plans” with your affinity group/ crew. Have a meet up spot, what to do in case of arrest, who are your priority unarrestables (everyone) how are you going to get out? What to do if a driver is arrested? You can even intentionalize roles, create a communication system, have a buddy system and make sure someone is watching the police at all times.

This is so when police escalate we can stay organized, especially if you do not want to disperse. Preparedness can decrease panic, running and keep yall a little more safe. Fuck the police.“