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ideas for a new animal crossing game!!
  • windy days where the trees blow and bells chime and villagers comment about being swept away 
  • sunflowers! water lillies! 
  • more ways to group things like the fruit baskets such as bouquets of flowers
  • keep all your tools on a tool belt that takes up one slot
  • being able to choose where villagers live or bring back something like the signposts 
  • more conversations+replies! Just more things for villagers to say in general i’m tired of the same thing every day 
  • letter system that recognizes key phrases/words and has villagers reply to it (like if you say “how are you” they would respond, if you write something mean they would get upset and not just thank you lol) 
  • duck villagers like the rain as well as frogs (i think ducks like rain?? not entirely sure tho)
  • meet villagers at the café, museum, beach, etc for a date sort of thing, like instead of meeting at your house meet at the café. 
  • bring back constellations, or at least be able to tell Celeste she’s adorable again I miss flirting with her.   
  • become friends with npc like u do with sable/ once you become good enough friends they get their pictures (ik u can get some special character pics but I want blathers and the able sisters and pete etc etc) at a certain level they can pop into your house uninvited  
  • be able to send kk slider fanmail/ send mail to other npcs
  • a way to plant grass. Please. 
  • fruit bushes, berries and things like that 
  • MORE FLESHED OUT VILLAGER PERSONALITIES. I want villagers to be mean to me again and yell at me!! villagers that are cold at first and then build up a friendship with them! I want this more than anything else on the list tbh  
  • christmas lights on houses and buildings!!
  • a main street similar to the one in HHD with more shops! 
  • basically everything from HHD: furniture outside, furniture closer together you can squeeze through, middle slots for items on tables, villagers holding items like ice cream, ceiling decorations and curtains and windows oh my, possibly furniture outside but with a limit 
  • resize things as a form of customization 
  • ability to turn furniture in more directions 
  • a big hide and seek competition like the fishing tourney where you have to find every villager or something? 
  • give isabelle time off! Maybe a new character that takes her place when she’s on break, like phyllis in the post office
  • when isabelle has time off (sundays? Lunch time?) u can see her roaming around town
  • more colors/options for pwp, like the police station has two options. different color scheme choices for the campsite, café, any pwp could have multiple color choices basically
  • brewster stores gyroids again I loved seeing him geek out over them
  • something (like thanksgiving) where you can gather certain food, fish, other things, bring to a piece of kitchen furniture and make them into a food to bring to your villagers or sell (ex: gather a bunch of apples and make a pie) maybe a grocery store to go along with this? And you could buy exotic fruit from that store as well?
  • more stories like able sisters+tom nook, maybe blathers and brewsters gay lovestory or something
  • buy different styles of fish tanks and bug boxes, a big tank for a lot of fish, ability to throw fish food in 
  • a new way to make paths instead of patterns with options for cobblestone, brick, asphalt, and sidewalk materials
  • in your encyclopedia an icon that shows if you’ve donated it to the museum 
  • ability to rotate pwps/houses
  • more animations, for example Jock villagers can jog around town
  • library pwp with a new uptight librarian character that likes you because you’re so quiet
  • pwp on beaches+ ones made specifically for it like beach umbrellas
  • villagers contribute to museum and donate more to Pwp
  • areas away from the village you could travel to and explore, similar to the island, like woods, a winter world, maybe even some sort of planet you could unlock! Each have a few villagers or npcs living there, like the islanders in older games  

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You ever notice

Hak really likes calling himself the Dark Dragon. Like, really likes it. It’s not even because he’s a dragon fanboy, it’s just because he thinks it sounds cool.

But he doesn’t do this much to the other dragons’ faces. I’ll bet that as much as he wants that to be his nickname (sure, Thunder Beast is cool and all, but that got old), he doesn’t want to admit that to the real dragons, especially after all that “smelly old ancient power of a white snake” trash talk. 

Hak is such a dork, but he still wants his new family to think he’s cool. 

He is the Dork Dragon.


🐌 Nature Maniac and Hiking Champion!

🐌 Moved from the Big City to pursue her passion in Biology

🐌 Fashionista! (Even if sometimes she doesn’t look it) 

🐌 Favorite Food is Honey Covered Potato Chips

🐌 Loves to try new things


🌱 Kiki and Lala Pin

🌱 Bandages

🌱 Silver Earrings*

🌱 Denim Jacket

🌱 Chino Pants

🌱 Steel Toed Boots

*Not included in game


I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
And I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you’ll do
You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream

~ Once Upon a Dream - Lana Del Ray [x]

Yep, this is what happens when you listen to that insanely gorgeous song 60+ times on repeat and happen to be having overwhelming Sterek feels at the same time. You end up with what looks like some kind of bizarro fantasy romance novel cover for a story you will never write and only have the vaguest of ideas for. I figure Derek is a prince who lived in that castle, but it gets burned up by crazed spy courtesan Kate Argent in the midst of a war, and Derek wanders in and out of towns, doing odd jobs / hiding that he’s the exiled prince and a werewolf, until he meets one irrepressible villager (Stiles) and things spiral out of control from there. They somehow end up fighting to put Scott on the throne or something? And also eventually find out who Derek is? So Stiles is basically Belle/ Derek is sort of Zuko? :’D



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  • as much as seungkwan is a prince, who is charitable and loving to his people - he’s also a world renowned singer and entertainer
  • ever since he was young, the royal family had invested in tutors from around the world to cultivate his obvious talent 
  • and as much as some people might have thought it was “unfit” for a prince of a country to also be a celebrity,,,,,,,more people in the country supported him
  • because after winning a competition for singing, that landed him on international TV, people started to flock to the country
  • not only to be tourists, but to see seungkwan
  • who admittedly, was first sheepish about fame, but soon grew to be extremely good in front of cameras
  • like not only was he an amazing singer, with singles that climbed the charts, but he was funny and charming 
  • (and handsome beyond belief, even more so in person)
  • so it was no surprise he was gaining fans,,,,,and even if he was royalty,,,,he still signed t-shirts and posed for photos and made constant grateful gestures towards those who said they liked him
  • and ,,,,, singing has always made him the most happy
  • from singing in front of the entire country to singing in his shower in the morning
  • his parents were happy his career was bringing money to the country, but seungkwan was happy too - that he could meet other singers, people he looked up to 
  • and could share his voice with the world
  • every time he’d be traveling, he’d also be writing. ideas for lyrics and small poetry
  • when he was supposed to be taking part in meetings with other royals, they always asked for him to show off a piece of his song and he’d act blushy, but would sing it with ease if they really asked
  • one royal who had met seungkwan at a conference described him as always cheerful, but with a voice that could make you feel so many different things
  • honestly, one of his own bodyguards on the lowkey asked seungkwan for his signature so he could give it to his daughter and seungkwan not only gave it, but also told the bodyguard that his daughter could come see him perform for free if she wished
  • seungkwan had never seen a grown, ripped man jump for joy before that day hehe
  • and you’ve been friends with seungkwan since your mother was one of his singing tutors 
  • she didn’t have anyone to take care of you sometimes, so she was allowed to bring you to lessons as long as you stayed quiet 
  • of course being the same age as seungkwan,,,,he was quick to befriend you and when your mom wasn’t looking you two would make faces at each other or whisper jokes into each others ears
  • do kid stuff, that otherwise seungkwan wasn’t really allowed to do
  • and as you two got older it got more and more apparent that seungkwan,,,,,was lonely inside the palace
  • so even when you were old enough to stay at home by yourself, you insisted on coming along with your mother
  • just so you could be seungkwan’s company, that you could see he really really needed
  • at some point, you became allowed to visit seungkwan without your mother. you would walk around the giant gardens, visit the stables, play in the tennis courts, and sit with seungkwan in his huge bedroom - listening to him practice his vocals
  • you two were the definition of best friends,,,,,, until seungkwan got famous
  • he was always famous as the prince, but after winning that award he became famous as a celebrity
  • he had no time to idle around with you, and he didn’t even need lessons from your mother anymore
  • seungkwan tried, multiple times to invite you over, but last-second you’d receive word from a servant or seungkwan’s staff that he was busy - he couldn’t see you
  • which was why, when you got a note - in seungkwan’s unique handwriting - to meet him at the village bridge that night, you were ecstatic 
  • of course you had village friends, family members, and other people to hang out with but seungkwan had always been your best friend
  • he made you laugh the loudest, smile the widest, and in general he made your heart warm with his antics and welcoming personality
  • you wondered sometimes when you saw him on TV, doing interviews and singing, that sure he made people laugh and people adored him - but did anyone know him like you did
  • the afternoons in his room, listening to him fumble with lyrics, chuckle it off, then try again
  • you two would eat treats from the palace kitchen on the balcony, hidden from seungkwan’s parents and do impressions of royal guards or higher ups
  • seungkwan asking you what it was like to go to actual school, to have actual friends
  • your mother once told you that you shouldn’t fall in love with him,,,,which you had made a face at because ew,,,,we’re just best friends!!! but looking back on it,,,,maybe,,,maybe she was right
  • waiting on the bridge,,,you couldn’t deny the beating of your heart or the way the same mundane stars in the sky made you actually smile
  • and when seungkwan appeared, looking over his shoulder it took a lot out of you not to run over and hug him
  • “how have you been?”
  • he asked,,,,up close you could see his face was slimmer than before. he’d lost weight again.
  • “alright, you? i saw your performance from england on TV last night. is it tiring?”
  • seungkwan gives a small chuckle “nothing is tiring for me, you know i can handle anything.”
  • “you’ve always been the best”
  • seungkwan’s smile falters, and the usual sparkle in his eyes seems to have dulled
  • “i need to tell you something.”
  • you lean against the rail of the bridge,,,it’s fall and so you’re wrapped in a long sleeved sweater,,,,you notice that seungkwan is wearing only a button down shirt 
  • “ok, but aren’t you co-”
  • “im getting married.”
  • your breath hitches in your throat and you stare at him in silence as you try to process the last word of his sentence
  • married? aren’t you too young?
  • his eyes flick away from yours and he does a small shuffle
  • “i mean, im not getting married TOMORROW, but it’s going to happen in a year - maybe two. it’s to another famous singer, it was arranged by our parents.”
  • the explanation doesn’t stop the buzzing in your brain,,,,,married,,,,,,seungkwan,,,,,,married?? 
  • sensing your stare, seungkwan grabs the rails and goes “it’s such a nice night, you can see all the stars! that one, the little one looks like woozi, do you remember him he’s one of the sons of -”
  • “do you like them?”
  • seungkwan stops talking and looks over at you again
  • “woozi?”
  • “no, the person you’re m,,,marrying”
  • seungkwan makes a face, but doesn’t say no. instead he goes “i never thought about marriage till now. if it’s good for my country than-”
  • “i understand.”
  • seungkwan looks at you like he doesn’t know what you mean, but you only smile back
  • “i hope you guys grow to really like one and other. im glad you told me, ill be cheering for you.”
  • with that, you push off the railing and motion to the road you need to take home. seungkwan doesn’t move from his spot, but he seems to want to say something
  • you’re not sure you want to hear it so you say goodbye, that it’s late and he’ll probably get in trouble with the guards. seungkwans nods and you wave before walking away
  • you don’t hear him call out your name, softly under his breath
  • a couple of months pass and you get a package in the mail
  • half expecting it to be wedding invitations, you don’t touch it for a good week. till finally you decide it’s now or never
  • to your surprise, it’s no invited, it’s a stack of photos wrapped in pretty ribbon
  • you carefully take them out, one by one and see the photo of you and seungkwan
  • so young, happy, running through the gardens
  • another one is just you, you have seungkwan’s crown on your head that is way too big and you’re laughing
  • the other is of seungkwan, he’s wearing the same crown, lopsided from it’s size, laughing too
  • at the end of the pile is a letter;
  • thought you might want to see these, are you free to see me some time?
  • the signature is seungkwan’s and you place it back in the box. you’re not sure if you want to answer it or not
  • part of you knows that seungkwan has no choice in the matter of his marriage, when do royals ever do, but part of you is angry that he didn’t even,,,,
  • he didn’t even try to tell you that he might have feelings for you,,,
  • but the again you don’t even know if he does, you shouldn’t blame him if he doesn’t, but it still hurts
  • you sit at your desk,,,,looking at the paper and write ‘i want to see you too. tell me when.’
  • you get a reply, along with a card that tells you there will be a dinner hosted by the royals
  • your mother is even invited, along with other tutors of seungkwan and prior staff
  • on the evening of, you see seungkwan standing beside a gorgeous young girl at the top of the stairs
  • they’re laughing and her auburn curls frame her naturally pretty face
  • you make eye contact and quickly, you cast your gaze down
  • “at least there’s free caviar” you try to uplift yourself, but as soon as you manage to get to the display of delicacies at the other end of the room, someone grabs you
  • turning around you see the girl who was standing beside seungkwan
  • with an accent, she tells you to come with her and you don’t even manage to stutter out a reply till she’s pulled you out of the crowded room and into the desolate hallway
  • is she going to tell me to keep away from seungkwan? is this my last night? am i royally and utterly fuc-
  • “seungkwan loves you.”
  • you pause and go “e-excuse me?”
  • with a smile the girl lets you go and repeats herself, “seungkwan loves you.”
  • “no he do-”
  • a gloved finger comes up to hush you
  • “you have seen him on tv, yes? the smiling, the laughing, he told me he can only be like that because he thinks of the one person who makes him happy. it’s you. without you, he’s just - what is the word -”
  • “im a mess”
  • turning around you see seungkwan in the hallway
  • the girl nods, touching your arm gently again before disappearing to leave you two alone
  • “your fiance just told me you love me, so im not sure what is happening,,,,”
  • seungkwan walks closer and you can see in the dim light, the sparkle in his eyes that wasn’t there the last time you two met
  • looking refined, in a full suit with the country’s coat of arms pinned to his lapel, his crown - the same one in the photos fits perfectly, and the smile 
  • the smile that makes your heart do flips,,,,, is just for you, ,,, 
  • “she wasn’t supposed to confess for me, but i guess she took my spotlight”
  • he jokes, taking your hand
  • the music starts playing from the other room and seungkwan motions if you’d like to dance
  • “i would like to talk actually.”
  • “we can do both.”
  • with his hand on your waist, you and seungkwan turn through the empty hall
  • you look at him,,,swallowing your nervousness
  • “how can you love me if you’re going to marry her?”
  • “because my heart decided it, it was like ‘no seungkwan - you are going to be madly and forever in love with your best friend. not take backs’.”
  • you roll your eyes, but you can’t help the smile on your face
  • “but what about ,,, the marriage?”
  • “well first, tell me - do you love me too?”
  • he twirls you around and you stumble, but his hand catches you in time
  • “i,,,of course i do.”
  • seungkwan leans in, kissing your forehead and you’re sure there must be fireworks going off in your heart
  • “then we’ll make it work. watch.”
  • seungkwan takes your hand firmly in his, you follow clumsily as he walks back into the ballroom
  • without a word, he leads you up the staircase
  • in the crowd, you see the girl giving you a thumbs up, the shock on your mothers face, and the worry on the queen and kings
  • “excuse me, can i have your attention?”
  • seungkwan calls out when you two get to the top
  • the entire packed room turns, silent 
  • “a lot of the people here tonight mean the world to me. but someone means the universe, the world, space, beyond that - and it’s them,,,”
  • seungkwan steps to the side and everyones eyes focus on you
  • “i love them, and i want everyone to know now. in the future, if im going to marry anyone - it’s them.”
  • the crowd is quiet, but then breaks out into cheers. someone shouts out that young love is beautiful
  • your mother smirks to herself knowingly, and you’re pretty sure the queen has fainted
  • but seungkwan’s hand is warm on your cheek as he lean in to press his lips to yours
  • this time, the cheers of the people are the fireworks
  • and you can’t believe it, but your kissing your best fried - the prince
  • when he pulls back seungkwan whispers “that should take care of the arrange marriage, aren’t i genius?”
  • you giggle, telling him to stop being so funny but at the same time he’s right 
  • the next morning the entire country is bustling with news of seungkwan’s love confession 
  • ,,,,,,and his ex-fiance is apparently happy to be back in her own country,,,,with her own real love 
  • you almost die when you see a photo of you and him on the front page of the newspaper and your mother just points to it like
  • “i told you so”

☁ Safe Haven is a magical and peaceful place full of love, trust, safety and happiness. In this little village, there is no harm, force, conflicts, hate, or anything like that. Recover yourself by walking through the beauty of nature and forget your worries for a while. You are safe here. Meet the friendly and understanding villagers and enjoy the harmonic atmosphere. ☁

Current dream address can be found on my blog! Tag me if you post pictures about your visit in Safe Haven or use #acnl safe haven so I can see & reblog them ♥

One Last Chance

Harry Hook x Shan Yu Daughter!Reader

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Request: If it isn’t too much trouble, can I have a fic with the prompts 1,5,6 and 7 from the 50 prompt list. Placed in Auradon, it is between Harry and me who is the daughter of Shan Yu and is quiet, sassy, flirty, and short tempered. They are all centred around my jealousy of Harry and Uma’s relationship because of how he treats her and even though we have been together for a few years, he has yet to tell me he loves me, even though he can express affection for Uma. This leaves me to confront Harry, where these prompts come in and when number one is uttered, Harry leaves. A few months later Harry has done everything to talk to me because he realises he made a huge mistake and I don’t talk to him until he stands up a table and declares his love for me. We go to talk privately and he tells me why he has been distance with me and that I have nothing to fear from Uma, we kiss and get back together. Sorry this so long, I tend to ramble. 😣

requested by @serpensangel

Prompt: ‘50 Prompt List’

#1 ‘If you walk out of that door, there is no walking back.’

#5 ‘Why is it so hard or you to admit you love me?’

#6 ‘Are you forgetting who my parents are?’

#7 ‘You’ve had a second chance! And a third! And a tenth!’

Note: So I’m not putting a summary on this since the request itself is pretty long and detailed. This was actually pretty fun to write even though it took me 3 days to complete…

‘Dating’ was never a thing on the Isle of the Lost. People leave before they were left, avoiding heartbreak before it happens. Things are temporary, just like the loyalty that exists between Isle kids. 

You thought what you had with Harry Hook was different. That the two of you could actually break the loop of relationships on the Isle. You were younger back then, and naive.

You’ve been dating Harry for almost two years now. It started off as light-hearted flirting. You told yourself that was all it was, but as time went on, you often found yourself devoid of sleep, thoughts always drifting back to Harry. He was your best friend, always being there for you whenever you needed someone, no questions asked. 

With someone like Shan Yu for a father, you needed to have someone like that, and you found more than friendship in him. You found love, or so you thought.

You knew for a fact that you loved Harry Hook. Without a doubt. He could always make your mood take a 180 degree turn. He’d light up your day and when you were with him, you felt safe. He was home.

You told him you loved him. It was hard for you to accept the vulnerability you were subjecting yourself to by telling him, but you still did it. He couldn’t say it back and you understood. He wasn’t ready and you accepted that.

Time went on. Your relationship met a dead end. Harry had been spending more and more time with his pirate crew, often leaving you for them. You didn’t mind at first. You knew how much he loved his friends and you also had a duty to the Huns. Eventually, you realised that the relationship had become one-sided and you’d had enough.

One night, you confronted him. He’d forgotten half of your plans within the last week, and he was a half hour late to meet you in your village, leaving you waiting in humiliation. 

When he finally strutted up to you in the alley, your blood was boiling. “Took you long enough.” You growled, glaring sharply at your boyfriend. He snickered at your provoked state. “Chill, love. I was with Uma.” 

You took a deep breath, not wanting to say things you would regret. You did it often and the consequences were never good. “Harry, we need to talk.” 

He shrugged, leaning against the wall nonchalantly, “we’re talking right now.”

You rolled your eyes, ignoring his comment. “You’ve been treating me like dirt, Harry. I’m done being forgotten and ignored.”

Your pirate boyfriend only laughed, shaking his head, “Babe, you’re being too sensitive.” This only managed to rile you up further, causing you to raise your voice.

“Do you know how it feels to love someone and have that person brush it off like nothing? Don’t even get me started on your excuses. You tell Uma you love her every day, Harry! Do you know how that makes me feel?”

With a sigh and a roll of his eyes, “Is that it? You’re jealous of Uma?” Harry couldn’t see what the big deal was. You were supposed to know how he felt about love, and that Uma was only his friend. There was no point in you getting so angry.

“Christ, Harry! That’s not the point!” You yelled, exasperated. “You keep giving me the same excuse over and over again! Why is it so hard for you to admit you love me?

This hit him like a slap across the face. He did love you, and it scared him to death. He’d never felt this way about anyone before, not Uma, not Gil. This feeling was foreign to him, and he was afraid if he said it out loud, he would be weakening himself.

Have you forgotten who my parents are?” He snapped, starting to get irritated. You were supposed to understand.

You laughed bitterly, “Have you forgotten who mine are? If my father found out about you, I’d be ridiculed! But I still told you, despite everything!” You’d moved closer to Harry during your argument, and now you were standing chest-to-chest with him. Both heaved up and down, the two of you planning your next move.

Harry spoke first, eyes avoiding yours as he moved away. “I don’t need this.” He turned the doorknob to leave and the words left your mouth without contemplation. “If you walk out of that door, there is no walking back.”

That was the last you ever saw of him. After your breakup, you threw yourself into your training as the next chieftainess of the Huns. You never went back to the docks or the pirates’ territory, completely changing your daily routes to avoid seeing your ex. 

You resented the way he had let your break-up go down, how he had chosen cowardice and laughed in your face. You grew to hate him, your anger taking control of you completely. This wasn’t a bad thing, in the eyes of your father, who had taught you to make your anger your strongest weapon. 

A few months passed, and you heard about the mess Harry had gotten himself into. You’d heard the news from your new friend Dizzy. Despite your age difference, you both valued each other’s company. She had the child-like innocence that was so rare on the Isle and you protected her against other villain kids. 

When Auradon officials came to the Isle to invite Dizzy to Auradon, you thought you were going to lose another friend, but the younger girl refused. You didn’t get an invitation yourself, and Dizzy wasn’t going to abandon you in that horrible place.

That’s how you found yourself sitting in a cramped limo, Dizzy struggling to calm you down as you sat fuming across your ex-boyfriend. It had been half a year since you’d seen him, and as much you hated to admit it, you still loved him. As much as you told yourself you hated him, you knew deep down it wasn’t true.

That didn’t mean you weren’t angry. This was clearly evident as you fidgeted in your cramped seat, Dizzy’s hand hastily patting your balled fist. The pirate sat across you, joking about with Gil and other villain kids, laughing like nothing had ever happened between the two of you. But you noticed the way his eyes would purposely avoid you and never look towards your direction.

You chose against punching your ex-boyfriend. No, instead you chose to look away, to ignore him. Because he was your past, and Auradon was going to be your future.

You hated Auradon at first. It was filled to the prim with proper princes and princesses. The colours, the songs, even the kindness bothered you. It was just as preppy as you had imagined, but the only thing different was how genuinely kind the people were.

You had expected an abundance of dirty looks and glares, but ever since the first four villain kids had arrived, most people had given you the benefit of the doubt.

You’d been as good as possible, doing your best to stay out of trouble. You kept your head down, not giving anyone any reason to send you back to the Isle. If you had to act like the carbon copy of Audrey, you would, but you were not going back to the Huns.

You often found yourself sitting with the ‘core-four’ villain kids - Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay. You’d avoided them at first, due to what Harry had previously told you about them, but Dizzy was determined for you to make friends.

That’s how you found yourself sitting in Mal and Evie’s shared dorm, watching them banter over nothing in particular when a sharp knock sounded of their door. You shrugged, thinking it would be either Ben or Doug. 

Evie went to open the door and you heard a gasp. You looked up, ready to fight whoever was at the door. When you saw who it was, your heart sank to your stomach. There, standing in the doorway, was Harry Hook. You’d been making progress in getting over him but every time you saw him only set you back.

“Y/N, I-” Harry had started to speak, but you never let him finish. You stood, blood running cold in your veins as your eyes bored into his and slammed the door in his face. The universe seemed to be laughing at you, its attempts at making your life miserable succeeding.

Unfortunately, that was not the last you would see of your ex-boyfriend. Throughout the next few weeks he had been endlessly pestering you, cornering you in corridors, waiting for you outside your classrooms. Each instance had ended with you glaring daggers at him and shoving him away from you.

Harry didn’t know what to do. He’d done everything possible to get a word in with you but each time he’d been forcefully rejected. His life was grim without you. He missed having you next to him everyday and knowing he had been the one to screw it all up crushed him. 

Harry Hook was desperate. That was the only reason he had finally gone to Jay to ask for advice. The son of Jafar hadn’t responded too kindly to Harry’s request, but eventually agreed when he heard how he spoke of you.

The blame was half on Jay for what Harry would do. It started out as any other day, with you meeting Mal, Evie and Dizzy for breakfast out in the gardens. You had gotten your breakfast and sat next to Carlos, across from Jay.

The older boy was clearly skittish and fidgeting in his seat. You had stopped your eating to stare at him. He avoided your eyes and played around with his food.

You cleared your throat, “You know I can murder you in a hundred ways with this butter knife.” Jay looked up, chuckling nervously while his eyes flickered down to the knife in your hand. His eyes widened and his stammering stopped. 

You noticed the five people surrounding you all had mirroring expressions - eyes wide, jaw dropped. You turned in your seat, expecting to see a unicorn with five heads behind you, but no, instead you saw Harry Hook standing high and mighty on the table behind you.

You narrowed your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest. If this was an attempt at further humiliating you, it was working. He held a single rose in his hand, clearing his throat.

“Y/N of the Huns, daughter of Shan Yu, I messed up. I was a stupid, young boy and I should never have let you go. I still love you, lass,” he proclaimed loudly, looking directly at you, “will you forgive me?”

At this point, people all around you were looking and you had turned as red as Tinker Bell herself. You huffed, standing from your seat and pulling Harry off the table. You stormed into the first empty classroom you found, whipping around to face him.

“The hell do you think you’re doing?” You asked. It was proving hard to keep your death-glare on him. You tried to ignore the ache deep in your heart when he flashed you the smile he used to.

“I’m winnin’ you back, love.” He smirked, his hook toying against the side of your face. You growl, smacking his hand away. “You broke up with me, remember? You chose to leave!”

He sighs, moving closer to you. His usual playful demeanour melted away, replaced by a sincere one. “Y/N, I wasn’t thinking. You have every right to be angry at me. I,” he looked away from you for a split second, before returning to your eyes, “I need you. Please, just give me a second chance.” 

You scoffed, backing away. Your sadness was battling the scale with your anger. “You’ve had a second chance! And a third! And a tenth!

Harry shook his head quickly, moving to cup your face in his hands. You didn’t move away, your breath hitching. You’d missed being so close to him, actually touching him, that your anger almost faded. Almost.

“I know I’ve screwed up a thousand times, but please, just let me prove to you that I truly love you. Give me one last chance.” He pleaded, eyes searching yours for forgiveness. You whispered, “You broke me.”

Harry’s heart skipped a beat. It had never truly hit him until now that what he had done could actually have affected you. You seemed just fine after your breakup, seeming just as enraged as usual. It broke his heart to see the daughter of Shan Yu, leader of the Huns so vulnerable, suffering at his hand.

“Darling, I’m so, so sorry for what I’ve done. I didn’t ever mean to hurt you, please-” 

You shook your head and gently placing your lips on his. You sighed against him, missing the feeling of him and you together. Harry reacted immediately, tugging you closer towards him. The kiss only remained for a short few seconds, but it was enough for a small smile to appear on your lips.

“Harry Hook, don’t you ever dare hurt me again.”

Your boyfriend chuckled. He finally had you back, and there was no way in hell he was ever going to let himself mess up again. Harry smirked, pulling you in for another kiss, “Wouldn’t dream of it, my love.”

Can’t Be Tamed: Part ONE

Katsuki Bakugou X Reader
AU: Omega verse
Theme: Combining Medieval AU and Royal AU

Trigger Warning (Just in case, if anyone gets trigger)

!Read With Caution!

The birds chirping happily in the high trees. The high trees shadowing over a small cottage which they purchased together when their relationship got deeper and serious.

Both of them wanted to be isolated from everyone else, where no one would bother them, nor journalists finding out about their relationship.

Despite they are supposed to enemies since their families strongly dislike each other for years.

However, they didn’t let that stop them from becoming friends to lovers over the years.

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Wanna know my favourite kiss in all of TV history?

It’s this kiss

It’s the most adorable kiss. And the context only makes it cuter.


Ep. 24  Boruto and Sarada

For the sake of summit, the “Five Kages”, the ninja villages’ heads from the Five Great Shinobi Countries, will meet in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Under such circumstances, Boruto will try to make his graffiti on Hokage Rock succeed by taking a more strict caution than usual. Meanwhile, Sarade set a new goal of “Becoming Hokage!” and is much more dedicated to her studies.

Ep. 25  A Turbulent School Trip!!

During the Academy’s school trip, Boruto and his classmates go to the Village Hidden in the Mist in the Land of Water. Boruto and his classmates, who visits the village under Karatachi Kagura’s guidance, shined their eyes on the modern village bursting with energy that was once called “Village of the Bloody Mist” to the point that it’s impossible to imagine they made children kill each other there. However, some of the ninja from the Hidden Mist are dissatisfied with the current village.

Ep. 26  The Mizukage’s Successor

Boruto and his classmates will visit Hidden Mist Academy under Kagura and the Sixth Mizukage (Chojuro)’s guidance. In the Village Hidden in the Mist, they emphasize swordsmanship so Boruto gets excited by the intensity during school’s classes. Chojuro proposes to Boruto a match with Kagura.

Ep. 27  Friendly Shinobi Battle

Hachiya Tsurushi, who used to spend time together with Kagura during Academy’s old days, kidnapped Denki to lure Boruto and his classmates. In order to help Denki, Boruto and his classmates, who will face Kagura together with Hachiya, will fight against an opponent who gathers a lot of comrades and attacks all at once. Under such circumstances, the surprising truth that Kagura was hiding will be revealed.

Day 2- Musical Fairytale World

Scarlet Cape and Bigby Wolf are two misunderstood characters to their respective fairytales, Bigby is often described as a big brutish wolf who blows down houses, eats grandmother’s, and is an all around baddy. The village prides itself on having bared the most beautiful daughter in all the land, Scarlet. The village coos about her beauty, mannerisms, and how delicate she is. Like that of a flower. But what the people don’t know is that they are both quite the opposite.

It has been several years since the Day of Story and Song. Taako and Magnus go visit Merle after returning from one of his first Extreme Teen Adventure outings. They meet in a small village after Merle returns the teens to their families and decide to go to the local tavern. The tavern is mostly empty. There’s the bartender of course, a middle-aged looking gnome polishing glasses behind the bar. There are a couple young students from a nearby wizard college practicing their Mage Hand while playing darts. And sitting at the bar is a raggedy looking man who already seems quite drunk who is softly grumbling to himself and sometimes to the bartender.

The boys sit at a table and begin catching up. Merle, settling into the braggy dad role, cannot stop talking about Mavis and Mookie and how well they’ve been doing on their trips with him (”And then, Mookie tackles the last kobold and looks to me and Mavie and shouts, ‘CAN I KEEP HIM?!’ You should have seen the look on that lizard bastard’s face. Hah!”). Taako talks about how he and Lup are trying to teach Barry how to cook (”Honestly, the man is smart as the day is long, but you put him in front of a spice rack and you’d think he shared half his brain with a small weasel.”) Magnus tells everyone about his recent trip to the moon base (”I said to her, ‘Lucretia, I am not leaving Johann in this bubble. He will be the first of many dogs on the moon, and you cannot stop him.’”).

They talk for hours. The two young wizards leave. The older man at the bar continues to drink and gets louder and angrier as he does. When the bartender tries to cut him off he shouts, “You can’t tell me when I’ve had enough! Do you know who I am?! I am Governor Kalen! And I’ll say when I…”

Magnus, who has been sitting with his back to the bar sits bolt upright at the sound of that name. He isn’t the first to move though. Taako has already slid up to the bar.

“Excuse me, but did you just say you were Governor Kalen?”

“I did! And who the fu-”

A thump is heard, followed by a loud crack as Merle’s soulwood arm hits the counter and clocks Kalen in the jaw. Kalen drops to the floor. Taako bends over and picks up his rather hefty coin purse as well as some of his other valuables. He hands them to the bartender.

“This should cover everyone’s tab with a nice tip for you too. And to sweeten this pot, why don’t you head on home, compadre? We’ll close up shop for you.”

The bartender looks at the man on the floor. Then he looks up at the fancy elf, the angry one-armed dwarf, and the bear of a man who seems frozen in his chair. He quickly jots down an address and passes it and a key to the elf. He grabs his coat and says, “You can slide the key in the mail slot once you’re all locked up.” He begins walking toward the door, but just before leaving, he turns back to the elf and says, “And please try not to leave a mess. This place is all I’ve got.”

Taako gives him a warm smile, “Wouldn’t dream of it, homie. Have a nice night.”

The bartender leaves. Taako and Merle tie the unconscious Kalen to a chair. Taako slaps Kalen awake. Magnus finally moves. His friends flank him and stand back. They’ve done enough. The rest is for Magnus.

Kalen, groggy and slowly sobering up after the hits he’s received, looks up and sees a man towering over him. The man almost looks familiar. Someone important. Someone he should remember.


The voices brings it back to him. “Burnsides? Magnus Burnsides, is that you? Well gods, I figured you’d have to be dead by now. Good for you, surviving this long.”

10 years ago, Magnus would have killed him on sight. 5 years ago, he would have beaten him to a pulp and then killed him. But Magnus stands in a quiet calm rage and stares.

“I heard your story,” Kalen says. “Your whole group. Traveling the planer systems. Creating magic artifacts. Saving the world. Who’d have thought I was taken down by an honest to goodness hero.” Kalen looks up and gives a fiendish smile.

“Who’d have thought I’d killed a real hero’s wife?”

Magnus keeps his eyes fixed on Kalen and quietly speaks one word. 


Merle and Taako turn around. “We’ll be outside,” Merle says. As they make their way to the door, Taako, turns back and calls from over his shoulder, “Hey.”

Magnus turns his head slightly.

“For Julia.”

And with that, Magnus and Kalen are left alone in the bar.

“So what now, Burnsides?” Kalen asks. “You gonna kill me? I bet you’ve been waiting a long time to do that. I bet you’ve dreamed of this moment. I bet you wish you’d done it sooner.”

Magnus slowly walks around Kalen.

“So how you gonna do it Burnsides? Strangle me? Slit my throat? Beat my brains in? Huh? How you gonna do it big man?”

Magnus pulls out a dagger.

“Go on, then. Do it! DO IT!”

Magnus slices. The ropes fall from Kalen. He stands up, confused and turns to Magnus.

“What are you d-”

Magnus buries the dagger into Kalen’s stomach.

Kalen screams and backs away, the dagger still sticking out of him.

Magnus speaks calmly, “They found Julia 5 miles from Raven’s Roost. Did you know that? She was covered in scorches and had a piece of wood in her chest. She crawled out of the wreckage of the city and walked 5 miles down the mountain hoping to find other survivors or maybe some help. My wife walked 5 miles. Alone. Bleeding. With a piece of her own home through her chest. She was stronger than I’ll ever be, which is certainly stronger than you, you coward.”

Magnus grabs Kalen by his coat collar.

“So I’m going to give you the same chance she had. And I want to see how far you get.”

He pulls the dagger out of his stomach and shoves it in his chest. Kalen screams in pain again. Magnus lets him go.

Kalen, holding his bleeding belly and the knife in his chest, takes 1 step toward the door.

Two steps.

Three steps.

He stumbles to the ground at four.

Magnus walks over to Kalen’s body.

“My wife walked 5 miles,” Magnus says through his tears. 

“And she was killed by a man who couldn’t make it 5 steps.”

So I had this idea during my relisten of The Adventure Zone to finish the Kalen story-line and once I started writing I just couldn’t stop. Sorry about how violent it got at the end there. I’m coming off a streak of watching Westerns and all the revenge westerns end that way. Anyway, hope ya’ll enjoy.

Also, super interested in if anyone has any other headcanon for TAZ in the post-Story and Song years. Feel free to point me in that direction if you do, because I’m always happy to read it,

Voltron prompt

The planet they were visiting was extremely dense with foliage, and the clearing on the planet was only big enough to fit one lion.

So they all climbed inside the green lion and headed down to the planet, but once they started off for the small village they found a ravine that wasn’t visible from above.

The ravine was huge, stretching on far enough that the end wasn’t even visible in either direction. And yet they had somehow ended up directly in front of an old rope bridge.

Finding and meeting the villagers was easy, running away from the villagers was not.

As soon as they showed up, the villagers grabbed their weapons and began attacking.

When they reached the bridge they started going across one by one. Lance insisted he stay behind last to give the team cover, but just as he was getting up to run across, one of the villagers ran out and cut all the ropes to the bridge.

The villagers seemed at ease one the bridge was gone and they all began filtering out of the area and back to their homes.

Once the area had been clear for a while Shiro came over to the edge of the ravine and Lance joined him on his side.

After discussing it, Lance found a nice plane to sleep for the night, before he started his week long walk around the ravine back to the lion.

‘Well this will be fun’ was his last thought before drifting into a restless sleep.