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hey! sorry to bother you, but I dont know about the whole gremlin dva thing? what is it?

Oh wow but I wish you’d asked this off-anon, racist overwatch fans are really sensitive about this subject and like to throw little tantrums whenever anyone says anything against it! I’m gonna start from the very beginning in case anyone doesn’t know the basics of the situation

Okay, so this is D.Va:

D.Va, AKA Hana Song is a nineteen-year-old professional Starcraft player from Korea. There isn’t a perfect analogy, but in Korea, Pro Gamers aren’t viewed the way western gamers are, they’re held in a closer regard to professional athletes, or even rock stars. D.Va’s name is indicative of her personality: She’s a celebrity diva. She’s confident to a fault, she’s courageous and a bit cocky, she’s charming and she knows how to work an audience. Her fame as a pro Starcraft player has led to a career as an actress, which brought her fame worldwide. 

At age 16, through a “last starfighter/pacific rim” type situation, the Korean Government decided to address the problem of “giant robot keeps attacking Korea and traditional military tactics and regular soldiers are useless against it” by recruiting pro gamers (with their fast reflexes and unconventional tactical know-how) to pilot mechs to keep the giant robot at bay. D.Va was the best Starcraft player in the world (except her dad, the one person in the world she still can’t beat), and amazingly, she was also the best at fighting this giant robot. Because her gaming ability is what makes her so good at fighting this particular giant robot, she approaches her job the same way she approaches video games: by perpetually chasing the horizon of perfection and trying to improve her skills.

In-universe, she streams her missions worldwide on Twitch, and her fan following as a Superhero is as big as her following as a Pro Gamer or a Movie Star. Because she streams her missions, she’s often heard using gamer-speak in-combat because she’s addressing her audience directly. Outside of combat, many other heroes (like Lucio and Reinhardt) are huge fans of hers and look up to her, she’s a fan of reading scientific journals and is a bit starstruck to meet her favorite scientist (Mei) and she’s deeply hurt by the destruction she saw in her home country. She’s also sensitive about being called a child, because she’s now 19 (an adult) and a decorated soldier and deserves a certain level of respect. 

This is Gremlin D.Va:

Gremlin D.Va is a fandom-created meme based on approximately nothing from the actual game or lore except the word “gamer” in her description. Gremlin D.Va is a caricature of western white male gamers (interesting given that D.Va is a Korean woman who acts approximately nothing like western white male gamers). 

Gremlin D.Va is approximately four years old (or less!! A lot of the fanart includes her wearing diapers, sitting in strollers, sucking on a pacifier, the line is between “gremlin D.Va” and “baby D.Va” is blurry enough to be practically nonexistent). Gremlin D.Va is obsessed with doritos and mountain dew (she has her own brand of chips and sponsors a cola brand in-game, but we’ve established that the people making this meme don’t really care about what is or isn’t part of the game). She is supposed to be dirty and disgusting, she speaks in broken english even though Canon D.Va is fluent (they chalk this up to be “she’s like a baby!” but infantilization isn’t much better), she is mischievous and sneaky, she is presented as a childlike, and, well, pretty much aligns with every harmful stereotype of East Asians except the hypersexualization (which they claim makes it progressive). Also, as noted in the above picture, part of the meme is that she’s been adopted by two of the white characters, Soldier: 76 and Mercy, neither of whom she’s confirmed to have ever even met. She’s usually presented in the comics as a burden to that white man, which, yikes. 

Essentially, Gremlin D.Va is a list of harmful and baseless stereotypes and tropes about Asians and Asian-Americans like “sneaky” and “childlike” and “perverse,” and defenders of the meme like to pretend it’s okay to project lots of anti-Asian racist stereotypes onto an Asian character as long as they’re not doing so because she’s Asian, but, the fact is, it honestly doesn’t matter whether or not they mean to be racist, but it’s somewhat hard to believe it has nothing to do with the character being East Asian: It would be very different if she were a white character being treated the same way, since there’s really no cultural baggage that presents white people as subhuman (you’re literally calling her a “gremlin”) and childlike (don’t try to dispute this, half those comics put her in a damn diaper), but for SOME REASON the white characters in the game are never presented that way!

The one exception to that is in the Halloween sprays where D.Va is very much presented as a child, and defenders like to claim this makes Gremlin D.Va “canon,” although this doesn’t really hold any water, since the sprays seem to show children dressed as the heroes trick-or-treating, and almost all the heroes are given a trick-or-treater spray. Here’s just a handful, for instance:

Now, I’ve gotten yelled at a lot for calling the meme racist, and 99 times out of 100 it is, but the fact remains, even if it was totally not racist: it’s just plain not funny! It’s boring and unimaginative and doesn’t make sense! People always try to act like “it’s just a video game, it’s fictional, let us have our jokes,” and I wholeheartedly agree, except that I expect jokes to be even mildly funny. 

People also come back with “but it’s Chibi! Haven’t you ever heard of Chibi!” which, of course I have!! In fact, like all the Overwatch heroes, there’s a Chibi version of her available in the game! It doesn’t look like a screaming dorito-encrusted toddler in the care of a cheap knockoff Clint Eastwood, though, it looks like a chibi version of the character:

There she is standing next to her mech! She’s got a look and pose indicative of her trademark cocksure attitude, she’s clearly an adult and not a child, she’s not sexualized in this image without being desexualized through infantilization, and it looks like her, but in that style!! 

Now, the thing is, I know it’s futile to ask racists to stop being racist, especially when they don’t agree they are being racist. They think they’re being funny, and they try to dismiss any criticisms with “it’s not that serious,” but the thing is, if it wasn’t that serious to them, why do they throw a little tantrum whenever anyone voices discomfort with it? And I mean every single time, they whine and complain and act smugly superior because they haven’t been “offended,” but the fact is that most normal fans of the game are content to roll their eyes and scroll past their unfunny meme, and they’re the ones who get all worked up whenever they find out people don’t think it’s funny. 

Which is the most important facet of Gremlin D.Va: it’s not funny! It’s boring! It feels like the kind of thing Seth Green would write in a mediocre Robot Chicken sketch that he didn’t put all that much effort into. Even if it wasn’t racist, it just doesn’t make sense that people keep pushing this unfunny joke despite the fact that the response is more groans than laughs! In fact, most people I know mock and ridicule the people who are boring enough to find it funny! 

So, that’s basically it in a nutshell. 

A cute idea

You know how in the Underground, wherever you go, Sans seems to turn up, half-assing one job or another?

So, imagine: on the surface, the torch is passed from brother to brother.

You go to the grocery store, there’s Papyrus, bagging your groceries. He tells you he’s trying to pay his way through school. You ask him what he’s going to school for. He smiles. He doesn’t answer your question. You wish him well and leave.

You decide to stop by at the local farmer’s market for a few additional odds and ends. You meet Papyrus, who does not acknowledge that you and he just met. He’s selling landscape photographs at a stand. He calls them paintings but they clearly are photos. He smiles. You feel a little unsettled.

You buy a painting.

You nearly get mugged. You don’t see your assailant, but you see your savior. It’s Papyrus. He runs off.

You call the police. Detectives Undyne and Papyrus arrive on scene. Papyrus does not acknowledge ever having met you before. They head off to track down your attacker.

You decide to get a check up after the attack. You’re seen by physician’s assistant Papyrus.

You stop by a restaurant on your way back to grab a bite to eat. Your waiter is a very cheerful skeleton by the name Papyrus. You tell him to give your compliments to the chef. He says “THANK YOU!”

You get home. Your basement is flooded. You call for a plumber. It’s Papyrus.

Your power goes out later on due to water damage to your electrical. You call a mechanic. It’s Papyrus.

You need a contractor. It’s Papyrus.

You decide to move. Your realtor is Papyrus.

You fly to a new area for a fresh start. Your pilot is Papyrus.

You go to class. Your professor is Papyrus.

You press charges on your mugger. The prosecutor is Papyrus.

You decide to go to a museum. The curator is Papyrus.

You go to a library. Librarian Papyrus.

You go to the observatory. You meet the scientist on duty. It’s Sans. He asks you if you’ve met his brother, Papyrus. He works here but he’s not in today.

You run. You run and run and run. You pass 5 other joggers. All Papyrus.

You hear about a monster astronaut. It’s Papyrus.

You think you’re finally safe. He’s in space now. You’re safe. You’re safe.

You’re safe.

You don’t feel safe.

You check into therapy.

Your therapist is Papyrus.

Halloween Clothes Map 2017- Completed

New Outfits Names:

  • Evil Baroness
  • Soul Sentinel
  • Naga
  • Feather Pelerine??- Not sure if this is the name because all of the items have different names and it´s inconsistent :v
  • Petrifying Empress
  • Mad Scientist- Only available at Exploration
  • Voodoo Priestess
  • Starry Witch- Only available at the store. PO only

Abandoned Cemetery: - Completed

  • Vampire eyes
  • Frankenstein Leather Shackles
  • Familiar Osstoplasm
  • Queen Spider Sword
  • Sweet Mourne Bags Under Eyes
  • Angel Smile
  • Evil Baroness Dress
  • Soul Sentinel Boots
  • Spider Queen Body
  • Spider Queen Socks
  • Food: Terrifying Sweet
  • Background: Do not be Afraid of the Dark
  • Illustration Piece

Demonic Altar: - Completed

  • Lost Bride Splatters
  • Googly Eyes
  • Stealth Crow Mask
  • Stealth Crow Shoulderpad
  • Lost Bride Shoes
  • Unwanted Gues
  • Sweet Mourne Underwear
  • Bloody Countess Belt
  • Fake Blood-Cloaked Soldier Necklace
  • Fake Blood-Cloaked Soldier Boots
  • Frankenstein Wrist Cuffs 
  • Mysterious Enchantress Veil
  • Bait: Red Gem
  • Illustration Piece


Doll Island: - Completed

  • Bathory Wig
  • Flames
  • Black Widow Stockings
  • Familiar Globulosaurus 
  • Naga Skin
  • Mad Scientist Coat
  • Sweet Mourne Boots
  • Blood Cloaked Soldier Socks
  • Magician Coat/ Sweater
  • Spirited Away Mask
  • Petrifying Empress Shoes 
  • Skull Necklace
  • Petrifying Empress Dress
  • Sweet Mourne Nail Polish
  • Illustration Piece  

Ghost Ship: - Completed

  • Assassin eyes
  • Harpy Headdress
  • Blood-Cloaked Soldier Coat
  • Familiar: Hydracarys
  • Stealth Crown Pants
  • Lost Soul Underwear
  • Luminous Spectral Skin
  • Lost Soul Camisole
  • Soul Sentinel Staff
  • Voodoo Priestess Mask
  • Evil Baroness Thigh-Highs
  • Magician Top
  • Naia Wig
  • Illustration Piece

Hangman’s Tree: - Completed

  • Bloody Countess Shoes/Boots
  • Wolf Druid Gloves
  • Mask de la Muerte
  • Frankenstein Skin  
  • Bloody Countess Bolero  
  • Skeleton Witch Crown 
  • Spirited Away Kimono
  • Skeleton Witch Stockings
  • Skeleton Witch Earrings
  • Vial of Poisonous Soul
  • Skeleton Witch Shoes
  • Sweet Mourne Pants (Stockings)
  • Pointy Nails- Pereline Outfit     
  • Morgane Wig       
  • Fran Wig   
  • Food: Possessed Apple
  • Illustration Piece

Haunted Forest: - Completed

  • Soul Sentinel Monocle
  • Living Hat
  • Lost Soul Gloves
  • Skeleton Witch Top
  • Mad Scientist Lighting
  • Voodoo Priestess Tattoos
  • Illustration Piece

Laboratory Manner: - Completed

  • Basilisk Tattoo
  • Lost Soul Eyepatch
  • Black Widow Necklace
  • Sceptre Mysterious Enchantress
  • Druid Wolf Belt
  • Pumpkin Meeting- Pereline Outfit
  • Mad Scientist Googles
  • De la Muerte Skin
  • Illustration Piece

Lava Cracks: - Completed

  • Evil Succubus Wings
  • Thirsty Mouth
  • Demon´s Eyes
  • Frankenstein Necklace
  • Bloody Countess Dress
  • Invasive Thorns
  • Lost Bride Garter
  • Soul Sentinel Fur
  • Lost Bride Veil
  • Magician Hat
  • Evil Succubus Necklace
  • Viper Tongue/Mouth
  • Possessed eyes
  • Skeleton Witch Wings
  • Food: Candy Corn
  • Illustration Piece

Lost Souls Labyrinth/Maze: - Completed

  • Bloody Countess Cape
  • Wolf Druid Dress
  • Queen Spider Helmet
  • Mysterious Enchantress Tights
  • Bloody Countess Corset
  • Wicked  Mouth
  • Magician Shoes
  • Black Widow Dress
  • Wolf Druid Arms
  • Wolf Druid Claws 
  • Alchemist Belt 
  • Wolf Druid Legs 
  • Bait: Blood Gem
  • Sweet Mourne Gloves
  • Censored Mouth
  • Bat Thigh-Highs- Perleine Outfit
  • Evil Baroness Scepter
  • Spider Web Corset
  • Soul Sentinel Crown
  • Illustration Piece

Odessa Opera: - Completed

  • Evil Succubus Stockings
  • Voodoo Priestess Earrings
  • Lost Soul Pants   
  • Evil Baroness Horns 
  • Skeleton Witch Teddy
  • Mysterious Enchantress Dress        
  • Frankenstein Dress
  • Mysterious Enchantress Shoes
  • Illustration Piece

Phoenix Castle: - Completed               

  • Wolf Druid Mask
  • Munak Hat
  • Bloody Countess Gloves
  • Possessed Eyes 
  • Lost Soul Pants (Stockings)
  • Mary Wig 
  • Petritying Empress Jewelry
  • Mad Scientist Boots
  • Voodoo Priestess Hat
  • Mad Scientist Top
  • Worn Leather Shorts- Pereline Outfit
  • Illustration Piece


Pumpkin Alley: - Completed

  • Pumpkin Shorts
  • Cassandre Wig
  • Sweet Mourne Necklace
  • Mysterious Enchantress Mask
  • Censored Mouth  
  • Stealth Crow Top
  • Feather Pereline/ Youth Seeker Choker - Part of the Pereline Outfit maybe??
  • Evil Baroness Necklace
  • Illustration Piece

Pyramid of Doom: - Completed

  • Black Widow Shoes   
  • Magician Skirt
  • Lena Wig
  • Empty Eyes in Tears
  • Spirited Away Belt
  • Insane Mouth
  • Soul Sentinel Dress
  • Open Wounds Sweet Mourne
  • Illustration Piece


Thorny Forest: - Completed           

  • Crown de la Muerte
  • Petrifying Empress Cape
  • Petrifying Empress Shoulder Pads
  • Talisman
  • Blood Stained Cape
  • Mad Scientist Gloves
  • Stealth Crow Boots
  • Spirit Away Ghost
  • Mad Scientist Socks
  • Floating Candles- Pereline Outfit
  • Lost Bride Skirt
  • Fake Blood-Cloaked Soldier Teddy
  • Fake Blood- Cloaked Soldier Gloves
  • Empty Eyes
  • Illustration Piece

Village of the Damned: -Completed            

  • Voodoo Priestess Skirt
  • Top Voodoo Priestess
  • Skeleton Witch Belt
  • Tail of the evil Baroness
  • Mowa Wig
  • Mad Scientist Pants
  • Bustier Lost Bride
  • Evil Baroness Clogs
  • Graveyard Background
  • Bait: Plaid Patchwork
  • Illustration Piece

Well of Souls/Spirits: - Completed

  • Body Evil Succubus
  • Mysterious Enchantress Top
  • Reckless Adventurer Coat
  • Skeleton Witch Arm
  • Empty Eyes with Tears
  • Soul Sentinel Tights
  • Food: Possessed Apple
  • Bait: Hunted Rune
  • Illustration Piece

Witch Cauldron: - Completed

  • Mummy Bandages
  • Pointy Ears 
  • Empty Eyes
  • Dress Sweet Mourne
  • Bloody Countess Glass
  • Mysterious Enchantress Top
  • Inari Wig
  • Spectral Skin
  • Stealth Crow Cape
  • Stealth Crow Sword
  • Stealth Crow Hood
  • Mysterious Enchantress Necklace
  • Spirited Away Eye
  • Evil Baroness Corset
  • Decorative underwear - Pereline Outfit
  • Bubbly Cauldron
  • Illustration Piece

Finally was able to finish it! Hope it helps someone ^^

Hopping on the ‘humans are weird’ train again, I just realized that there’s probably one universally recognized group of sentients that would love humans, and they are the scientists. I remember reading another article commenting on how movie representations of scientists generally being grumpy about known science being contradicted is actually inaccurate, since the core tenant of pretty much every science out there is to ask questions, run tests, and make discoveries. Scientists, when you get right down to it, are basically a bunch of people who really want to know stuff and understand it and examine every aspect of it, and get excited when all this results in even more exciting new questions!

And humans? By golly, do we want to do stuff! Explore your death planet that you’ve been curious about for years, but were physically incapable of setting foot on? Hell yes, this is either going to be an adventure or a really cool vacation, we will totally let you fund us to go explore something no one else has ever seen before!

You wanna figure out how the hell we work? What a coincidence, so do we, let’s just get a few ground rules down and then we’ll introduce you to the medical professionals, the psychologists, and the anthropologists, we can have a big old chat on just what makes humans tick!

We broke, like, six billion safety regulations and overturned a few fundamental beliefs on how the universe works, and yet somehow we’re still alive and thriving? There are a handful of underpaid space doctorate holders tossing off their space fast food aprons, because their time has come and they are about to be so relevant to the scientific community, and it’s beautiful!!!

And then, of course, our scientists meet their scientists, and shit gets real.

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Yes hi hello I will give you all the brownies and fluffy blankets I have for a story about Peter please

well, the bitty bug isn’t around much–i understand he has school stuff and also spends most of his time fighting a hilarious menagerie of animal-themed villains–but i was around the first time he met most of the avengers. tony had everyone show up in the common room so he could introduce us. 

parker’s great, but let me tell you, that kid has absolutely no chill. i mean, he can fake it for about thirty seconds, and then he goes full fanboy mode. the introduction to steve was roughly 50/50 ‘sorry about the shield thing’ and ‘can you sign everything i own please.’ he shook hands with thor and the whole time his face was clearly going ‘i did not know they made people this big,’ and that was promptly followed by absolute terror when meeting natasha. smart kid. 

he pretty obviously had no idea who clint was, and sam started snarking him right off the bat. but i guess scott had told him about how they’d first met, so peter had some snappy comebacks about who exactly wins in a fight between a bird and a bug, which i thoroughly enjoyed. 

and then tony introduced him to dr banner, and parker got so flustered about meeting “one of the greatest scientists of our era” that he accidentally turned on his sticky hands and could not turn them off. which is a thing he has i guess?? all i know is that an awkwardly enthusiastic handshake got pretty hilarious when peter realized how long he’d had hold of bruce’s hand and tried to yank his hand back. because peter has superstrength and sticky hands.

and dr banner does not. 

(at least not as himself, anyway.)

so peterbird yanked his hand back, and poor dr banner was yanked forward, and the two of them toppled over. and then they tried to get up, but their hands were still stuck together–and peter had tried to brace dr banner when they fell, so his left hand was stuck to bruce’s chest. so mostly they were just flopping around on the carpet like landed fish. peter was apologizing so much im shocked that he didnt asphyxiate, and dr banner was trying not to laugh at him. 

the rest of us were cackling like lunatics, and tony was being quite offended that peter hadn’t geeked out about meeting him.

it was a pretty good first impression.  

Humans are Weird: Genetic Diversity

What if aliens have very little genetic diversity and they all look the same and then they meet humans. Where we can look extremely different, have extremely different personalities. 

Alien Scientist, S’chern, was quite young for her age; she was barely 21 sols on her marine home planet. But the job was a new position and it came with proper accommodations. S’chern she was among the first Sapienologists in the universe and was tasked with discovering how humans worked. 

Humans, as they called themselves, were eyed warily by most of the galaxy. They had all heard the stories about their ferocity and endurance. Unless you were amongst the few exploring the uncolonized space, aliens didn’t interact with humans much. 

There were treaties and laws and visas, as the humans called them, allowing interplanetary travel, but very few took up on the offer. Younglings just barely out of their last metamorphosis, sporting shiny black shells,  would dare each other to go to Earth. Most would chicken out just as they were about to board the shuttle, refund their ticket, and walk back ashamed. Some, however, were daring enough to go through with it. 

Most of the travelers on the shuttle-pod to earth were explorers looking to hire humans for their crew. They were clad in bulky, gleaming red carapaces, indicating their command status. They were usually accompanied by soldiers who never left their side. 

The final group on the shuttle were scientists. Eager to study the planet and the humans and all forms of life. Unlike the recruiters, who stared stoically straight ahead, or the dared who whispered with another excitedly, S’chern reviewed her notes on humans. 

Reports varied with contradictions that seemed impossible. Captain Kirnik explorer of the frontier reported his humans as determined, capable, and surprisingly ruthless. 

Others said their humans were lazy, and bonded with all life forms, refusing to leave crew-mates behind. 

S’chern resolved to talk about the inconsistencies between reports to determine who was correct. 

After instructions were announced, passengers were placed into cryogenic sleep and were instructed they would be awoken on entry to the human’s solar system. 

Upon entering the solar system, S’chern retrieved her recording cube from its storage and examined it to make sure it was in working order. The others were still stirring from sleep. 

They arrived on Earth two hours after entry and the passengers were ushered off the shuttle. Despite the promises of a quiet entrance, a veritable sea of humans flooded the exit. They carried devices flashing lights that agitated their eyes and she hissed. Instead of discouraging them, it only seemed to make them want to take more pictures. And Hurried whispers ensued containing fragments of English she couldn’t understand. 

The humans wore colors of many types on their hair: Brown, Black, and even Red. S’chern had been told it was a human custom to change their hair color unnaturally. It seemed to be a common thing now. There were the reported pinks and blues, but mostly the aforementioned colors. 

They scattered by quickly into a quieter room that was mostly human free. There was a young human there with shiny black hair and her teeth were bared unnaturally the whole time. 

“It’s called a smile,” One of the more experienced recruiters whispered to her,  seeing S’chern’s horrified look, “It means they’re friendly.” 
She nodded wondering what creature bared their teeth to show friendliness. 

As she was a Sapienologist, S'chern was taken into a chamber where she would meet with a human scientist. There were a few preliminary questions, that she answered in halting English. 

“Greetings,” A human spoke in a mutilation of her original language, “I am Bill." 

"Hello human-Bill,” S'chern bowed her head in an indication of respect, “ I am S'chern." 
human Bill’s features were much different than the human with the terrifying ‘smile’ who had welcomed them. 

"Have you altered your features,” S'chern asked. 

“What?” Human-Bill seemed confused, “No,”
“But you look different from the other human,” S'chern said. 

“Goodness wait until they see dogs,” he remarked to no one in particular. 

“Dogs?” S'chern questioned, “Are these the canine companions you call pets?" 

"Yes. And to answer your earlier question, humans can look quite different. Different hair and eye color, as well as many other features, can vary.” He paused, “I take it your…species has little genetic variation." 

"No,” S'chern clicked her pincers, “ We shed our shells when we reach maturity and change them once more when we are around fifty Sols." 

"Interesting,” The human jotted something down on a device. 

“Now, for curiosities sake, let me show you some dogs." 
After typing something on the device he flipped it around to show an average canine. 

"That is a husky, a breed of dog.” He said. He then typed in something and showed another furred mammal significantly smaller. 

“That is also a dog,’ He said. 

"But they are so different; this has short fur and is much smaller. The other one was huge and had long fur.” S'chern was baffled. How could they both be the same species? 

Perhaps the differing opinions were right, the humans could be both. But How could you expect different ones to react in the same situation?  

After a few more dog identification games, S'chern just gave up. How could they hope to classify humans if they varied this much?  Humans were most definitely weird.
Free to Be...You and Me
Running Press is proud to offer this beloved 1974 children's classic. It's the original, innovative book that celebrates diversity, chall...

This was one of my favorite books as a kid. I checked it out of the library about a billion times. 

If you’ve never read it, then you probably don’t know about The Story of Baby X!

1974. Thirty-three years ago. This anthology included a story. About a kid being raised without an assigned gender. As a positive thing. 

I didn’t know I was genderqueer at the time, or that that was a thing, or… anything. But it had a huge influence on me. It made it very easy to imagine raising a kid by using gender-neutral pronouns, and waiting to hear a gender, and/or pronouns, from the kid themself. 

And here it is. 

Once upon a time a baby named X was born. It was named X so that no one could tell whether it was a boy or a girl.

Before it was born, scientists created an Official Instruction Manual that would help the families raise baby X.

Many families were interviewed to find the perfect parents for baby X. Families with grandparents named Milton or Agatha, families with aunts who wanted to knit blue shirts and pink dresses, families with other children who wanted a little brother or sister. All of these families didn’t want a baby X, they wanted a baby girl or boy. 

Finally, scientists found the Jones family The Jones family wanted to raise a healthy, happy baby, no matter what kind. They wanted, most of all, to raise a baby X.

The Jones promised to take turns holding X, feeding X, and singing X to sleep.

They promised to never hire any babysitters, because babysitters might try to peek at baby X’s secret.

The day the Joneses brought home their baby, everyone asked, ”Is it a boy or a girl?” To which Mr. Jones replied proudly, ”It’s an X!”

No one knew what to say. They couldn’t say, “look at her cute dimples” or “look at his husky biceps!” And just saying “kitchy-coo” didn’t seem right either.

The neighbors were unsure, and the relatives were embarrassed. “People will think there is something wrong with it!”

And the Joneses didn’t understand this. “What could be wrong with a perfectly healthy and happy baby?” they sat and wondered.

Suddenly everything changed for the Joneses: The cousins who sent a tiny helmet did not come and visit anymore. The neighbors who sent pink, flowered dresses pulled their shades when the Joneses passed their house.

The Official Instruction Manual had warned the new parents this would happen, so they didn’t worry too much. Besides, they were having too much fun raising baby X.

Mr. & Mrs. Jones had to be very careful. Because if they kept bouncing baby X up in the air and saying how strong and active X is, they’d be treating baby X more like a boy. But, if they cuddle and kiss baby X and tell it how sweet and dainty X is, they’d be treating baby X more like a girl rather than an X.

So they consulted the Official Instruction Manual, and the scientists prescribed, “Plenty of bouncing and plenty of cuddling. X ought to be strong, sweet, and active. Forget about dainty altogether.” [Continued below the cut]

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Types as Disney Heroines

ISTP - Independent. Stubborn. Savvy. Cool. Witty. 

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“I’m a damsel. I’m in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day.”

ESTP - Adventurous. Quick. Daring. Open. Competitive. 

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“There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better.”

INTP - Inquisitive. Skeptical. Absent-minded. Bright. Rational.

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“It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change.”

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“Oh, Tarzan, you have no idea what’s in store for you. You’re going to see the world, and all kinds of people will want to meet you. Leaders, scientists, writers.”

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Science of Love AU

Character A had relied on science for the answers to pretty much everything. When Character A finally enter the world of romance, of course they turn to science to help them engineer a statistically perfect date, but science suddenly seems less helpful when their data turns up that the perfect date consists of:

  1. Teaching your partner to waltz
  2. Buying blue jeans
  3. And belching

Obviously, if Character A is going to get the data they need, they’re going to need to do some research in the field.



(✿◠‿◠) :Fluff         
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : Smut            
ಥ_ಥ : Angst


Chalkboards and Kisses (✿◠‿◠)

► In which everyone thinks Hyunwoo is a bad boy but really, he’s too soft for this world.

Chalkboards and Kisses 2 (✿◠‿◠)

►  In which you break a few bones and Hyunwoo is there to take care of you.


Rose Glow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

►In which Hoseok is your home and Minhyuk tries to move in.

Scream It Louder ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

►In which Shin Hoseok is your best friend and really there’s too much sexual tension.

heartbeats ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

► In which you’re an underground boxer but Wonho doesn’t understand why you do it.


Honeysuckle  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

► In which Kihyun teases you by wearing pretty red lace panties.

Love Story (Say Yes) (✿◠ ͜ʖ ͡°)

►In which Kihyun is your Romeo and you’re his Juliet, but this time he doesn’t want to die.


Pretty Baby  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

► In which Chae Hyungwon gets rough sometimes


Good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

► In which Lee Minhyuk, your cheerleader boyfriend, wants to reward you for winning the football game.

All Yours ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

► In which Lee Minhyuk hates that stupid Yoo Kihyun makes him jealous.

A Taste of Heaven

►In which Lee Minhyuk causes you way more stress than you ever signed up for.

Wink Wink Heart Heart (✿◠ ͜ʖ ͡°) [SERIES]

► In which Lee Minhyuk is a fuckboi and he is so not your type.


Of Sunsets and Tattoos ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

► In which you go to get a piercing and find that it isn’t so scary when you’re piercer is a cute boy with lots of tattoos (✿◠‿◠)

► In which your best friend sets you up for an online dating site and maybe it’s not so bad when you meet a  scientist by the name of Lim Changkyun.

Lawyered ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

►In which lawyer Im Changkyun makes you want to spontaneously combust.

Efi meets the Overwatch scientists

-Efi concentrating as Winston oversees her latest build

-Efi panicking over a chemistry experiment while Mei tries to reassure her

-Efi laughing because Mercy is scribbling a cute cartoon about how the immune system works

-Efi studiously taking notes while Symmetra writes ridiculously complex equations in a blackboard

-Efi moping while Torbjorn lectures her about the dangers of AI


ok! soo this is Cynthia, she’s in the same universe as my other ocs (dex and sini) and she is a ghost-alien type hybrid species and can only possess inanimate objects.
so one day she meets Sini (who is a scientist) and they become friends and he creates a fake doll body for her based on her customization choices and prefer’s to live in this body rather than her little ghost form.

she can also float and turn transparent! she’s usually shy and quiet. cynthia protection squad activate

Just found out that Caroline Herschel was a real person - and a lady scientist par excellence. In addition to helping her brother in his astronomy work, she also helped discover several comets and compiled a astronomical catalogue for use by future researchers. No fictional Lady Barbara Wellingtons for our Major Hewlett, no sir! Probably ran into each other at the Royal Society or something. 

Here, go read about her on wikipedia. 18th century ladies in STEM fields. I love it so much.

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Character(s): Reader X Changkyun, bestfriend!jooheon

Genre: fluff, borderline!crack

Warning(s): scientist!changkyun (is that a warning), online dating, bad humor

Length: 3.2k

Summary: In which your best friend sets you up for an online dating site and maybe it’s not so bad when you meet a  scientist by the name of Lim Changkyun.

There’s a reason you don’t let Jooheon touch your laptop. Aside from the porn sites (and the numerous viruses acquired from them) he’s not to be trusted alone. You’ve known this since the third grade when he came over for a playdate and ended up drinking a bottle of Elmer’s glue while you went to the bathroom because he was too shy to ask for water.

He can’t be trusted.

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Meet Fidget! Hes an extreme scientist (the ones who like to explode things and light things on fire for SCIENCE) and he loves to have a good and casual time, even in competitive situations. 

His Arms are made of slime he generates through a slime-maker on his chest!

He isnt very strong since slime doesnt pack a major punch but his utility, like how he can make his opponents slowed and unable to jump, is what makes him a great fighter!

hope you like him!