meet the robinsons characters

How you first meet |Nick Robinson

characters: Nick Robinson x reader 

writer: Nicole 

prompt: you meet on the set of Jurassic world 

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This is your life long dream, to become an actress. You finally landed a job in a movie that could possibly become a big hit. But of course considering this is the first ever gig you landed, you’re only an extra. A amusement park GOer that gets mauled by some dinosaurs.

You bounce excitedly through the set, which looks surreal by the way. You spot one of the main characters, Chris Pratt.

‘Stay calm kid. Be professional.’ You think to yourself.

Then you see him walk over to you, out of all the odds.

“ Hey do you know where’s the nearest restroom?” He asks you causally holding his script.

“ buuuh uhhhhh “ you randomly say, hands shaking a little.


“It’s over there chris” Nick Robinson says, standing next to you, pointing in a direction.


You awkwardly clear your throat and tried to walk in the opposite direction, Until he stops you.

“ Hi, my name is Nick” he smiles, sticking his hand out for you to shake.

‘Be chill ok y/n? chiiiiilllLLLLLLLLLLL’

“ I know who you are “ you quickly frown after saying that, realizing that it sorta sounded rude and stalkerish.

“I’m sorry that came out wrong, I mean like I know you because you’re sorta famous, OH! Gosh no you are famous I hope that didn’t come out wrong too… you have a great career” you said pursing your lips together, nervousness numbs your legs.

“ yep. Totally chill. You basically insulted his career. Niiiice.’ Mentally slapping yourself.

He cutely laughs, making you less tense.

“ that’s okay, what’s your name?” he asks you, giving you a grin.

“y/n” smiling back at him.

“ well y/n, I have yet to explore this vast set. Would you like to join me?” he gestures you to follow, taking a slight step forward.

Considering that they don’t start filming anytime soon, you obliged. Also because he’s hot.

“ So tell me about yourself” he looks down at you, you didn’t notice the height difference until now.

‘mmmmmmmmmm so tall. So beautiful’

“ uhmmm well, it’s been my life long dream to become an actress. Yes I know it’s cheesy, but I’m getting there right?” you chuckle to yourself, it’s been a long journey.

You don’t notice this considering you’re consumed in your thoughts. As you think about your life, he looks down at you smiling. He notices how cute and excited you are to be here, which is the reason why he went over to you and Chris in the first place. He notices how you bit your lip when you get nervous, also when you get worried you scrunch up your nose a little.

she’s perfect’ He thinks to himself, still staring at you.

MTR Fun Fact

During the making of “Meet the Robinsons”, voice actors were asked to portray their characters while being asked interview questions. Here’s some information from the Laszlo and Tallulah interview:

  • Tallulah is 2 years younger than Laszlo. Laszlo claims to be “20 years smarter”
  • Tallulah hopes that a talent scout will discover her after the interview. For auditions, modeling, etc. She claims to have a beautiful singing voice. Laszlo states that her voice makes his feet itch and states he’s never been around anyone who believes her voice is good. Tallulah responds by saying Laszlo doesn’t hang out with the right people to which Laszlo says the only people who like her singing are deaf people.
  • Tallulah is an actress, model, and humanitarian.
  • Laszlo claims to have studied multiple martial arts.
  • When asked why she wears such a large and interesting hat, Tallulah answered “Because Mr. Johnson needed more affordable housing.”
  • Laszlo refers to Pac Man and Michael Jordan as “great artists”
  • Laszlo carries around a fake ear as a reminder that there’s “more to life than money”
  • Laszlo’s favorite painting style is “all the styles”
Thanks, Disney

When I was a kid, I

- thought that you couldn’t marry your friend because it would be weird, like Simba and Nala said.

- believed that a butterfly would fly up to you and land on your finger, like Winnie the Pooh.

- was convinced that toys came to life when I left my room and tried to catch them in the act, like Woody and Buzz.

- when wearing a dress, would carry the skirt and twirl around, like Cinderella or Aurora.

- wanted to learn what words meows and barks equaled so I could talk to my animals, like Tarzan.

- thought that Ali Baba and Aladdin were the same person instead of actually two completely different characters.

- and would wave hello and goodbye like Pocahontas.

To this day, I still

- dream of more than the provincial life, like Belle.

- refuse to give up the fight to be who I truly am, like Mulan.

- believe that adventure is out there, like Carl and Ellie.

- am certain that true family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten, like Lilo.

- know that just a spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down, like Mary Poppins.

- and understand that I must always keep moving forward, like Wilbur and Lewis Robinson.

Meet the Robinsons will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m the type of person who takes failing hard, but seeing how supportive the Robinsons was of failing made me open my eyes. If you don’t fail and learn from your mistakes, then you can’t really grow as a person. The most important thing to do is to pick yourself up and “keep moving forward.” I don’t care if this movie isn’t popular, it helped me when I was 11 years old and it’s helping me now even at the age of 20. 


Yay, more artwork! Here are some drawings I did for some of the characters I supervised on “Meet the Robinsons”.  We had to lose the gorilla and airplane on Tallulah’s hat for copywrite reasons. I like that the notes from the model designer are included on some of the drawings. In CG the supervisor doesn’t get final say in the designs (that goes to the character designer), so you’ll notice some differences to the characters as they appeared in the film. The exception is Petunia (the puppet) who is pretty close to the final version, with the exception of the hands. They lost the gloves and gave her wooden hands. An improvement, I think. I also supervised Franny, but I came onto that character later and the model was already done by then, so I didn’t do any drawings for her.

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You know that jittery, overexcited way everyone gets when they haven't slept in a while? Because Papyrus never sleeps, I think he's constantly in that stage and would be completely different if he got a good night's sleep

He totally is. He’s like that character in Meet the Robinsons who wears the caffeine patches. Just yelling all the time and being jittery and then passing out a minute later.