meet the meadows

Once upon a time there was a Space Outlaw who fell in love with the Space King’s daughter.
They both agreed they were meant to be together.
The princess decided to run away with him, and they planned to meet at their favorite meadow before they escaped.
But it was a trap.

Does anybody remember when I asked for stupid snake name suggestions for a cheeky little classic corn girl that I decided to keep instead of selling?

I received so many great messages and very excellent suggestions, and then work got a little hectic and I never got a chance to thank everyone for participating and choose her new name.

Tumblr folks, thank you for your suggestions. All of them were really fantastically stupid in the most wonderful way.

Without further adieu, please meet Meadow Fresh.

Come with me - Michael Gray

Summary: Ever since Tommy came and told Michael who his biological family was, things haven’t been the same between you both. Every week he comes to meet you, in the meadow near his old town, where you both spend some time together. But over time the meetings become less frequent and you find yourself missing him more and more. 

A/N: Sorry, I got a little carried away with this. I just thought of the idea today and I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with it, but I hope you enjoy! 

Gif by me 

You decided to sit just outside the line of trees, hidden among the tall grass. It was your usual spot to meet, the linen sheet still laid out from the last time you were here. It was a warm Sunday afternoon and you were wearing a lightweight cotton dress- just above your knee- with a matching ribbon in your pristinely pinned hair.

Your meetings were becoming less frequent ever since Henry’s (or should you say Michael’s) biological family came looking for him. He promised he would always come back to you, but with his new life came new responsibilities and more reasons not to see you. Although, you tried your best to be happy for him, knowing he was never satisfied with the small town life he had here.

You waited almost an hour before you realised that he wouldn’t be showing; the sun had already begun to take its effect on the basket of food you brought with you. You were readying to leave when a low rumbling noise made you pause. With your hand you shaded your eyes from the sun, peering down at the road to see a car heading towards you.

Smiling giddily, you ran down the small hill towards him as he parked the car just off the side of the road. Almost knocking him to the ground, you wrapped your legs around his hips, bringing your arms up to his neck and kissing him. Chuckling against your mouth, he loosened your legs letting you slide down.

Placing your chin against his chest, you stared up at him, as he swiped some loose curls from your face.

“Hey,” he smiled.


After nibbling on ham sandwiches and forcing down a few gulps of the now warm milk, you sat with your head against Michael’s shoulder as he stroked your hair. Despite not seeing him in so long the silence was comforting, you didn’t have to say anything to prove how much you missed each other.

You lifted your head as Michael shifted to face you, a small smile playing on his lips. Burying his hand into his front pocket he pulled out a small silver tin, flipping the embroidered lid open with his thumb.

“Woah, wait… is that?”

“Drugs.” He answered, retrieving two small pills and throwing the tin to the side. Popping one into his mouth he swallowed dryly before gesturing for me to open mine.

“I don’t know…” I hesitated. “What if it doesn’t taste good?”

Throwing his head back, he let out a burst of laughter. “I’m offering you drugs and the one thing you’re worried about is how it tastes?”

Turning your head down, your cheeks warmed as you giggled.

“Here,” plucking on of the raspberries from its container, he placed the pill inside, licking the red liquid that now stained his fingers. “Open.”

Hesitating, you placed your tongue out slightly. The refreshing sweetness of the fruit hit your taste buds as you close your lips over his fingers, licking off the remaining taste as he slowly pulled them out.

“Better?” He muttered, tracing the line of your lips with his thumb.

Nodding, you leaned back against the blanket, looking up towards the clear sky. It had only been a few minutes but you could already feel the warm fuzzy effect it was having on you.

Michael remained staring down at you, his eyes hooded. He always thought you were very beautiful, especially now as you lay sprawled in the sun like a cat. He never regretted leaving the village- he fucking hated it- but he always found himself missing you. You both grew up together, your mother was friends with his and they always chatted about how they knew the both of you would marry one day. 

Leaning over he pinched the inside of your thigh where your dress had hiked up, revealing the top of your legs. Squeaking, you swatted it away, giving him a warning glare.

“You’ve always been ticklish.”

Without giving you a chance, he pinned you to the sheet with his legs, using his hands to squeeze and prod at your hips. Tossing your head back you let out a fit of giggling shrieks as you tried to shift from underneath him.

“Stop- Michael!” You were both panting when he finally stopped.

You were both extremely close to one another now, your faces inches apart. Shifting your head slightly you poked your nose against his, causing him to finally close the gap and place his lips against yours.

Your back arched, stomach grazing his as you pulled him closer to you, deepening the kiss.

Pulling away, Michael brushed your cheek, pecking your swollen lips one last time before sitting up and placing his forearms across his knees as he sat facing away from you.

Lifting yourself up, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, kissing his clothed shoulder.

“What is it?” you whispered, leaning your cheek against his back.

He was silent for so long you almost forgot you even asked him a question, focusing on the relaxing movements of his back slowly rising up and down.

“Come with me,” he muttered.


“Come back with me.”

You were stunned for a moment, pushing away from him as your brows furrowed.

“Michael, I can’t-”

Suddenly, he turned to face you, his eyes pleading as he placed both hands on your face. “Come on, you know you’ve always hated it here! This small town was never good enough for us.”

Swallowing, you tried to grasp onto what exactly he was proposing.

“You wanted to go to London, right? I can take you. I have this life now… with opportunities and freedom to do whatever the fuck I want.” He smiled.

“But where would I stay, I couldn’t just intrude on your family like that.” You said doubtfully, shaking your head from his grasp. “Besides, I can’t just leave my mum on her own. It would kill her.”

“My biological mum- Polly, she will love you.” He encouraged.

Sighing, you swiped some hair back from your face. Of course, you wanted to go with him, but it wasn’t fair to just up and leave; your mother adored you, you were all she has.

Noticing the uncertainty on your face, he reached over and grasped your hand. “How about for the weekend? I can introduce you to my new family… then we can figure out some sort of arrangement.”

A smile tugged at your lips. This was what you wanted, deep down you knew that. You still wanted to be apart of his life.

“Okay.” You whispered.

“What was that? I couldn’t quite hear you-” he joked.

“Okay!” You shouted, laughing.

You both stared at each other, smiling contently as he slowly took your head in his hand and kissed you sweetly on the lips.  

Imagine You're A Shapeshifter With An Unbirthing Fetish

You’re a shapeshifter who lives in the woods but walks among humans occasionally in the modern world disguise as a pregnant human. You do this because you want to lure unsuspecting humans into your woods so you can drain them of their old life energy and regress them back into newborns inside your belly. You have the ability to control the mind of the humans you wished to lure so this was no problem for you.

When they do enter your woods, you meet them in a grassy meadow disguise as one of your most attractive human forms, bared from any restrainable clothings you have. Your massive pregnant belly seems to fascinate your prey and when you begin touching it non-stop because of your offsprings’ constant squirming, you can already sense them being aroused already, bringing them even closer to you until you both are within touching distance. It doesn’t take long before you and your human prey starts to make out with an uncontrollable desire to touch you and feel your belly.

You smile devilishly as you kiss them on the lips. This was going well as planned. They had easily fell for your trap.

Your prey is too entranced by their uncontrollable desire that they don’t realize that you are slowly pulling them into your womb where your other preys have regressed as your unborn offsprings. Your belly starts to grow larger and larger as they completely enter your womb but it doesn’t stop there. By the time they’re release from their desire, you can guess that they just realized what’s happening as you can feel them starting to frantically kick and squirm in your belly along with the other trapped newborn-sized human preys. You sit down on the grass and groaned and moaned and shudder from pleasure from their strong kicks and squirms, trying to get out of you but it’s useless.

Ah, this feels so good. They’re just so active! You love it when you trap a new human prey as your unborn offspring into your belly.

Your prey eventually stops moving, probably given up or turning back into a newborn by now. You toss you head back, laughing at their useless effort and rubbing the new massive size of your growing belly. You get up from your sitting position on the grass to walk back into your woods. You smirk as you rubbed your massive belly.

Now onto your next one…

Dazed and Distracted, Can’t You Tell? (GastonxFemale!Reader fanfic)

Hey-Howdy-Ho! New obsession, new fics, and new blogs! Enjoy! If you’d like to be on the tag list, just message me! 

Dazed and Distracted, Can’t You Tell? Chapter 1

word count: 854

“Must you go join the war?“ You asked for the uptenth time, grasping hold of the 15 year old boys off white peasant shirt. Though he was barely three years older than you, he had already sprouted up over a head taller, so when he looked down at you, you had to crane your neck to look at him in his blue eyes. 

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Hello Spirit Workers!

A little background before my question: There are two types of meditations I do. The first is the official, lay-on-the-floor, meet your guides in the meadow kind of deal.

The second kind I just started doing a week or so ago. It’s where I kneel before my altar, meet my guides, then say a quick good morning or good night. The first kind is much longer than the second kind.

While I am doing the second kind of meditation, I’ve notice these shadowy, human-like figures (in the place where I meet my guides) making a semi-circle around me but a little bit away from me. To keep their distance I suppose, plus I also haven’t officially met them yet.

In reading sopherielspeaks’ blog, he mentions that when you encounter an entity you can say something like “…only let those who come in light near me” to help you feel protected. I thought that was good advice so I incorporated it when I say hello to these figures because I don’t know who they are and have no idea what their intentions might be.

There are between 4-9 (with an average of 6) shadow figures when I start. I will greet these figures, since I get the feeling that they are here for me. But when I greet them, I will say something along the lines of, “Hello spirits who are around me who come in the light.”

Now, I’ve noticed that between 2-3 will walk away or disappear when I say my salutations to them. After the first couple of times I tried to reach out to them, to just feel them, not to talk to them (I know I’m not ready to talk to them). And they’re all pretty neutral or positive feeling. But even the few who turn away are still strongly neutral feeling. (Note: I don’t interact with spirits. I’m more of an energy person.)

And when they turn away their attitude is not like, “Damn, I can’t fuck up her shit today.” It’s more like me putting up a metaphorical “No Boys Allowed” sign. They turn away with shoulders slumped, like, “Aw, I can’t be by her today,” or even “I guess I’ll go somewhere else.” Like they’re saddened or disappointed.

I guess what I’m trying to say or ask is, even if I feel that all of the shadowy figures are neutral or positive in feeling/attitude, why is it that some of them walk away after I greet them and say my little bit? I don’t think any of them mean to harm me.

Can spirits be neutral towards a person yet not be able to be near them because of the person’s warding? Also, can a spirit be positive toward a person but not be able to be near them because of that person’s warding? Also, if this spirit is supposed to be near me, like be a guardian or a guide, why do they walk away?

Or is it not them but the wording in my greeting?

Well, this kind of turned into more than a simple inquiry, but if you have any ideas, I’d be very interesting to hear.

Tagging – vtrox, alkonostoracle, sopherielspeaks, angelofallthings, missjessicaluna, greenspell, 1sticks-and-stones0, nightingale-apothecary, constantine-spiritworker, spiritualwitchery, twogoldenbirds (I went through who I follow and I thought all of you might be able to help. If not, don’t worry.)

(This was hard to put into writing because I’m trying to translate non-word, emotion-heavy ideas, so if you have any questions or need clarifications, let me know.)


addicted15 day 4: favorite parent-child relationship // ryke & sulli

Then I take Sullivan in my arm, her orange onesie printed with tigers and giraffes. She runs her tiny hands along my unshaven jaw. Her smile grows like Daisy’s. 

“Don’t quit the fucking things you love, sweetie,” I tell my daughter. It’ll kill you inside. 

When I become older—when I’m fucking gray, she’ll be able to recall all those times her father climbed. She’ll have watched me, seen me, doing what I love. I never want her to give up on the pieces of existence that make her her . 

I want Sullivan Minnie Meadows to race one-hundred-and-fifty miles per hour. No brakes in sight. Don’t be afraid of the unknown in tomorrow. Don’t be afraid of death. There is no worse life than a hollow one. So be alive every second of every fucking day. That’s what I hope she’ll do.

For as long as I fucking live, I’m never letting anyone put out your light. They’ll have to crawl over my dead fucking body. (insp.)

in my dreams we meet in an evergreen meadow where the wildflowers bloom and the sun’s rays radiate off your iridescent skin,
but my dear sweet lover boy
our reality is so much worse.
it’s all dark alleyways and hushed voices,
frantic kisses and concealed touches.
I want to shout our love from the rooftops,
not meet you there when it’s late
and the entire world sleeps.
for this story of woe,

feels a lot like fate.
—  Romeo and Juliet // h.w. //


The time has finally arrived! You have a basket and it’s filled with sandwiches and fruit. You grab a nice big blanket and throw it over your shoulder.You kind of feel bad for it taking so long for this to happen, but mostly you’re just excited to see Cainir again. 

You head out the door and pull out your phone. You want to get a head start so you can hopefully get set up before he arrives, but your excitement to see him takes over and you send him a message

[text] Hey Meet me in The Meadow!!

I don’t know, I think I’ve seen a picture of angel!Arthur giving demon!Alfred flowers before and I really liked it. Or maybe it was the other way around? Can’t really remember, but I’ve always want to draw something like this :)

I was thinking of possible AUs for this, and came up with a situation where the angels and demons are not really angels and demons, but more like two different species of winged humans that lives in different areas. They’re neither foes nor allies, they just don’t interact much with each other.

Let’s just say these two meet at a meadow in between their respective territories and become unlikely friends. For some reasons like climates or something, flowers can’t really grow at the demons’ place, so Al has never seen one before. One day, Arthur surprised him with a rain of flowers :)

Would love to read ff/drabbles about this if anybody interested in writing this =¬=//


“I needed…no, I wanted to tell you but…you forgot like always…so, forget about me…”


Explanation/Backstory: Lilith has been extremely stressed out and have been anxiety attacks. She wanted to tell Goth so she could get help. She always told Goth to meet her in the meadows, that it’s extremely important to talk. Goth was worried so, he agreed to meet her but, he never shows up.
Every single day, she tells him to meet her. He never shows up. She waits every single day for Goth to show up. She even sleeps there just to wait for him. She got fed up and decided to find him and when she did she saw Goth hanging with Palette. She thought, ‘Oh, maybe it’s just today.’ So, the next day she follows. Then the next and the next…
Goth hung out with Palette and always forgot to meet Lilith.
Lilith has extreme abandonment issues so, seeing this is like Goth saying, “Lol forget Lilith I don’t care about her.”
It hurts her so, she took it as a, “Do not ever bother me.”
Yeah, Lilith now never goes to Goth’s AU and she is just locked up in her room, slowly going into insanity.
She hoped that Goth can maybe notice and check on her but she lost hoped once a few days passed.

Ahh, I needed angst. Plus, something happened to me today which I had to draw out so, here have a sad Lilith.
Goth @nekophy
Palette @angexci
Lilith is minE


Part 1

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Ladynoir, Adrinette

Words: 3,134

Description: (What can I say without spoilers?) After Ladybug is by a stray arrow in battle she is affected by the akuma’s power. It throws both Chat Noir, the normally suave hero, and his civilian self into a painful situation of scorn and longing. Watch was this hero comes over his fear of disappointing his lady (and not living up to his sexuality standard). Okay so spoilers.

Notes: Forgive me fandom for I HAVE SINNED.

Chat watched in horror as the arrow flew through the air, straight for his Lady. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as he launched himself forward, his feet moving below him long before his voice had even thought of leaving his throat.

He felt every muscle in his legs propelling him, the earth seeming to work for him as he virtually shot over to her. But, for once, he wasn’t fast enough.

He saw the point at which it struck her sternum. He saw the way it dissolved into the dark energy as the akuma’s power took hold of her. He saw the way her eyes rolled back into her head as her body was covered in a black cloak.

He felt the shock wave that knocked him back as she was transformed.

He closed his eyes against the burst, his heart racing and his breath coming short. Don’t cry, he chided himself. Just, see what the damage is, then react.

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anonymous asked:

How about an SSS for Funny How It Goes?

This will probably change after editing, but here’s a little something for the meantime…

The trade that weekend goes well, if somewhat stilled. They make arrangements. She wants for it to be outside, as in the other side of the fence, in the forest. And yes, she’s still firm on her decision.

The next weekend, they meet in the Meadow; they kind of have an unofficial spot now. The sun is slowly crawling across the sky of their stolen Sunday evening as Peeta guides her through under the fence. They walk in silence, both deep in their thoughts. Peeta leads her to a small grassed area surrounded by trees, where the light is dimmer, only a few rays of sun finding their way through the thick of leaves. He lays a blanket down on the grass and she sits down, wrapping her arms around her knees, and watches as he lowers himself beside her, spreading his legs before him in a nonchalant manner. She can’t understand how he can be so casual, when she’s so high-strung. But then again, maybe he’s used to this.

Stand by Me

Alaric was late.

He was supposed to meet her at the meadow at 3 and it way past that. It was completely unlike him. Al was never late, especially when it came to her. But as it had to be lately, his pack was coming before her. Sage hoped that he could sense her agitation and her annoyance through the mating bond. She wanted him to know how she felt. But through all of that, there was guilt too. The rational part of her mind knew that Alaric was busy with his pack, that he was trying so hard to establish himself as their alpha and be the best one that he could be, that the time he spent away from her was important, and that even though he was late he loved her more than anything. But Sage’s record didn’t show a trend of her being all that rational. Usually she needed him for that.

It was selfish of her to want Alaric to be with her 24/7, but that was how it had always been between them for over fourteen years now and she didn’t want that to change. And he was her best friend, her fiancee, her imprint…her mate. It was only natural for her to want him by her side. And the ache that Sage felt for him whenever he wasn’t around was a real physical pain inside of her body. 

Where are you? she sent through the bond with a slight growl in her voice as she paced back and forth, unsure if he was even close enough for him to hear her yet. Come on Al, hurry the fuck up.

Where We Belong (6/6)

au. It’s like they can’t help it, they are drawn to each other like moths to the flame and she knows that she’ll only get burned if she doesn’t stay away but she can’t find it in herself to care. captain wench.

part one. part two. part three. part four. part five. part six.

rated m

(Hi, hello, do you remember me?

So basically a little over a year ago I uploaded Part Five of this story and there was a lot going on in my life and I kind of lost interest in Once and it just didn’t sit right with me to keep on writing something that my heart wasn’t in. So I left it unfinished. That is until now…

I found the document on my desktop and read all of it and I kept wondering why I didn’t finish because I had the last chapter outlined and then I just started writing and here we are.

This is the end, thank you for sticking with me until now, I hope you enjoy.)

part six.

She can practically feel him enter the tavern. It’s like one moment everything is as it has been for the last two and a half weeks and then, suddenly, he is there; a presence that fills the room and sort of lights it up and her back straightens, her hand stops mid-air, the mug in it stopping on its way down to the wooden platter and she barely stops herself from spinning around in time.

Slowly she looks up and meets the eyes of the girl behind the bar, who, of course, noticed her straightening up. There is little that Ruby doesn’t notice. A smile slowly forms on her pretty lips and her gaze wanders around the room, searching for the reason behind Emma’s sudden standstill.

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Summary: There were some things that were better left unknown, rules that should be followed before you won’t be able to turn back.
Members: EXO X Reader ft Jimin
Type: Thriller
Length: 1549 words

This was particularly inspired by EXO’s Monster and I’m so excited because this is the first ever thriller fic that I’ve written. Regardless, I hope you enjoy and tell me what you guys think! :))

- Admin Fits

Originally posted by baeminn

For when you were young, there was always a general consensus to never go beyond the meadow that shied away from those who rise along with the morning sun. For when it gets dark, the mothers would grab their children by their arms and into their homes; fathers would close the windows and lock the doors. For if they don’t, they might just find a body just minutes away from rotting lying on top of their roof tiles. Their widened eyes would tell a story that was veiled with questions, silently accusing the on goers that they were, in fact, the killers. For such a theory, we do not know. With blood trailing down their walls, infested with disease and fear, as if they’re saying I got you.

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