meet the lady

so my mom always tells me funny stories about her work (she works at a nursing home) because everybody there is hilarious most of the time & last night she was telling me another little story and she said “i was going into one of the ladies’ rooms and at first i knocked but by the time she answered and told me to wait, my head was already in the door. she was changing so i apologized and then left. a little bit later she comes up to me and chuckles a little bit and says ’………..i was naked’”
and that honestly has to be one of my favorite stories that she’s told me i need to meet that lady

me: I can’t wait until twow comes out!

me: *remembers arya will likely meet lady stoneheart, stannis will have shireen burned, patchface, tommen and/or myrcella will likely die, arianne will find out about quentyn’s death, lady stoneheart may kill jeyne westerling or roslin, barristan selmy may die, arya may hear that jon was killed, more creepy damphair chapters, some other horrible moment we won’t see coming*

me: ……. twow can wait 

Hey remember when the writers tweeted right before GLONY: “The best way to care about somebody? Find out their story”

And remember how a big focal point in that episode was Farkle’s discovering the story of his ancestors?

And remember how in ACM, Riley says to Farkle, “Ever since the day after our culture week, when you found out that you might have a new ancestry, I started reading about it. Because I love you”.

Yeah me too :)


i like to call this gifset: “an idiot in a hat” featuring an idiot in a hat

Lena’s story resembles other characters played by Katie and I hope it doesn’t end the same

1. Sad, lonely, cinnamon rolls who are or would be rejected by people  for some reason

Morgana has magic in a kingdom where everyone who does is killed

Lucy is a lesbian in Victorian Society who’s in love with her best friend

And Lena is a Luthor so everyone thinks she’s like her family 

2. Someone takes advantage of this sadness and rejection for their own agenda 


Lady Jayne

3. And sadly, everything goes wrong and they turn bad

So, if it happens, I wonder what or who is going to make her change who she is