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By Way of Spontaneity (Part 1)

Summary: On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all?

Word Count: 680

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is sheer K-Drama content lol. So it’s gonna be fluffy and full of craziness. I hope you all like it!

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Kicking his shoes off, Bucky plops down on the couch, swinging his feet until his legs are off the floor and he crosses them. Taking a deep breath, he stretches enough to pull his phone out of his pocket and unlocks it, perusing through his various social media apps. He’s scrolling through the wedding pictures of a former high school classmate of his when he hears a sharp whistle.

His grandmother’s stern face is what he sees as his head snaps towards the sound. She’s got her lips pursed in a tight line and her brow furrowed. Bucky smiles. “Hey, nana. You look beautiful today.”

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psa for ppl who plan to stage door after brendons show


i know that sounds really really mean because wow! your idol! your favorite person! trust me, theres so much more than i could of said to him today, but this is soo important.
there was a girl with her mom in front of me (she was 19? her mom was like 56) and they were with us when zack said not to spend too much time - i dont know if this goes for stage doors but we only had a few minutes before their car arrived and they left.
when brendon came out, they spent a good long while talking to him, they made him sign 3 pictures and take a photo AND video. this took roughly a whole minute, and there were about 20 of us there. the unrest of the girls behind me was astounding, and frankly scary - as someone who deals with a lot of anxiety, getting shoved forward was pretty terrifying.
i, along with ONE other girl out of 20 got to properly meet him and take photos. that isnt fair? of course it was stopped for good reason - everybody started crowding and pushing to get to the front. and the only reason the fans did this was because they were scared they wouldnt meet him because somebody had to be selfish and take all of his time in a conversation.

i get how exciting it is to meet him - i cried afterwards. i waited 8 years for it. but you have to be mindful of other fans - we are all there for the same reason. a photo + an autograph + a few kind words shouldnt take more than 20 seconds. please dont ruin this for other people because slowing down when theres no time in the first place gets people really anxious which can lead to someone getting hurt. if one girl taking her sweet time made 20 people shove forward and get restless, imagine 100+ people doing the same thing. its really dangerous and if something happens they wont come out for anyone. please. please make it quick.

RFA; jealous Mc

aaa hii :3 second one !! if you have any suggestions, please message of comment ^^


  • You overhear him talking on the mic, while you were decorating your office space with Polaroid pictures on the wall.
  • “Let me get your number!” You hear Yoosung say, as he quickly grabs his phone and inputs the number
  • Is that a girl he’s talking to?
  • Maybe
  • Probably
  • WhY
  • calm down, mc
  • “When are you available?” Yoosung asks through the mic.
  • You feel a grip on you chest.
  • While you were lost in your thoughts, Yoosung was fixing up his stuff, getting ready to meet up with this person.
  • “I’ll see you later.” Yoosung leaves, giving you a kiss on the cheek.
  • You then rush and put on your black dress, black sneakers and rush off to the mall, where Yoosung mentioned he was going to.
  • You spot Yoosung at this ice cream shop, waiting for someone.
  • Then, out of fucking nowhere, this girl comes and sits in front of him.
  • You rush home, and the rain starts pouring.
  • You get to the front of your house, and you realize
  • fuck
  • really?
  • You left your keys inside.
  • You couldn’t help but join the rain, and start crying.The tears fell off your face, along with the rain. Your hair was everywhere. So were your emotions.
  • After a few minuets, Yoosung comes back, getting out of the taxi, he rushes towards you.
  • “MC? What are you doing out here?” He asks you worried. He then carries you, unlocks the door and puts you down on the kitchen counter. He, like flash, gets you a towel. He helps you dry up, then starts heating water to make you hot chocolate.
  • “Are you going to tell me why you were out there?
  • You avoid looking at him, instead looking at the floor.
  • “I like your dress.” He says, stirring the mug of your hot chocolate. “I saw someone at the mall, wearing the exact thing, the same beautiful hair, the same sparkling eyes. Except, she wasn’t wearing the smile you wear.” He cups your cheek.
  • “Who was the girl you were with awhile ago?” You finally get the courage to ask
  • “Samantha.” He answers. “She plays LOLOL. I managed to save her in a battle and she wanted to treat me as a thank you.“ Your tears started flowing like a waterfall.
  • Yoosung hugs you tight. “Princess, she’s gay. She introduced me to her girlfriend when you left.”
  • You apologize. He kisses you and says sorry for not telling you.


  • You had nothing to do at home, so you decide to go the Jumin’s office and help Jaehee organize some documents.
  • You were telling her all about the lunch you had where you messed up the recipe and almost burned down your apartment.
  • She was smiling.
  • Then some dude calls Jumin and Jaehee to a meeting.
  • “What is this about?” Jaehee asks Jumin.
  • “I have no idea.” Jumin says, walking out.
  • “I’ll see you in awhile pumpkin.” Jaehee says, rushing to Jumin.
  • I miss Jaehee already, you told yourself.
  • I’m going to bring her home
  • And dominate her
  • And cooking her dinner
  • You were always insecure and anxious that Jaehee would leave you, since she was always meeting with different people, while you were finishing school.
  • The meeting finishes and everyone comes rushing out like ants.
  • You want for Jaehee’s arrival.
  • Jumin, you could see in a distance, talking to Mr. Chairman.
  • But you couldn’t find Jaehee anywhere.
  • You continue organizing the documents, and suddenly, Jaehee arrives.
  • finally
  • “Jae-” Before you finish your sentence, this hot ass lady comes inside.
  • She was following Jaehee.
  • This lady
  • In a really short dress
  • Really pretty make up
  • Classy shoes
  • Was getting your girlfriend’s number.
  • you grow quiet and leave the room.
  • Jaehee recited the number as the pretty lady wrote it down a piece of paper.
  • She leaves, giving Jaehee a smile.
  • You make your way to the lounge, where you bought an iced tea and sat on the floor.
  • You give Jaehee the look as she approaches you.
  • “I love you with all my heart, she is getting my number to contact Mr. Han about the new project.” She drops to her knees, infront of you, sitting on the floor.
  • “I’m sorry.” You say, as she gives you a peck on the lips.


  • You never really got used to Zen always being surrounded by girls.
  • But you understood and accepted it.
  • Zen brought you to one of his meet and greets.
  • The crew asked you to help with documentary, and take pictures. You took your camera and took pictures of the event set up while they haven’t open the doors yet.
  • Zen was getting ready and talking to some of the staff members.
  • You point the camera at him as he was just walking alone, reading something on his phone.
  • “Zen!” You call out, and he couldn’t help but smile as he turns to you.
  • You click the button and it shutters, taking a picture of your
  • beast
  • angel
  • The event starts and there’s a super long line all the way outside. They were all wearing his merch and clothes with his face, they had posters for him to sign and gifts to give him.
  • He was famous.
  • You took alot of pictures
  • of zen
  • of the event, the fans, the staff being cute and all.
  • Then you decide to rest, since this was taking forever. You left your bag at the table, where Zen was meeting people.
  • You get your water bottle from your bag and take a drink.
  • Zen peeps a smile at you. And you smile back.
  • Maybe i should line up too.
  • You just watch him happily meet all his fans, which made you smile, seeing him happy.
  • Then this girl comes, and Zen’s eyes grow big.
  • “Hey.” She says.
  • “Han? Is that you?” His confused face brings a smile.
  • Who was she? you asked yourself.
  • A small girl comes from behind the lady’s legs. And Zen carries her. They take a picture together. And he gives the lady a hug, and the kid a kiss.
  • After that, your mood instantly changed.
  • Moody bitch
  • The meet and greet ended, and everyone was taking a break before having to set up for tomorrow’s event.
  • The crew had food delivered, and everyone was chill.
  • You were pretty moody with Zen, since he didn’t tell you about whoever she was.
  • You go outside to get some air, and Zen follows you.You were ignoring him though.
  • “MC? Why are you ignoring me?” You try to keep walking and ignore him in th2e cold air of the night.
  • “MC.” He finally gets to you, grabbing your arm.
  • “Who was she?” You say, with watery eyes.
  • “My ex-girlfriend.” He sighs. “She told me she was coming with her daughter.”
  • You pull your arm to yourself, away from Zen.
  • “We aren’t anything anymore. I love you, and you only.” He says, looking at you with truthful, sparkling eyes.
  • But youre a moody bitch and you run away
  • tears running down your face as you run away, no idea where you’re going


  • “We’re going to a party!” Seven comes out of the room, running towards you.
  • He was pretty excited
  • You were already ready, wearing jeans and a pretty blouse.
  • He was wearing those light brown shorts, along with a nice collared shirt, which he wore a jacket over
  • “MC?” He whispers. You lean towards him to listen to whatever bullshit he has to say.
  • “Look at me.” He says, you turn and he gives you a big kiss.
  • “Seven!” You pull away out of embarrassment.
  • He smiles at you. That bright smile.
  • Your friend pulls you into this game, where you pass the card with your lips, as if your kissing the next player, except, there’s a card in between your lips.
  • You and Seven sit down. He was sitting next to this girl, and you were sitting next to your friend.
  • The card was held by the lips of the girl next to Seven.
  • The girl blows away the card and presses her lips against Seven’s.
  • Seven pulls away instantly, while you leave the room instantly, you go outside to the garden to get air.
  • Shit.
  • Seven follows you, with a cup of water.
  • “Here.” He hands you the cup, which you aggressively accept.
  • “It didn’t mean anything. She went for it.” He said.
  • “I know.” You sigh.
  • “Did ya get jealous?” He asks, laughing.
  • You give him the fuck you look.
  • “You’re the cutest.” He smiles, softly pulling your face into a kiss.
  • Oh boy he felt that kiss
  • It was long
  • Like him
  • Fuck just kidding
  • I am a sinner
  • “Why don’t we just go home?” He breaks the kiss, smiling at you. You nod, and you both leave.


  • Jumin came home to his apartment while you were cooking dinner.
  • “Good evening, kitten.” He says kissing your cheek then grabbing a glass of water.
  • “I’m making pasta.” You smile.
  • “Smells great.” He replies. “I’m going to take a shower.”
  • He drops his bag and phone on the table.
  • You finish cooking and setting the table, and Jumin wasn’t done yet.
  • His phone started ringing.
  • “Jumin! Your phone is ringing!” You shout out.
  • no response
  • Okay…
  • Jumin comes out in a gray shirt and boxers, quickly taking his phone and answering it.
  • mkay.
  • He comes back and sits infront of you, then sighs,
  • “Everything okay?” You asks as you pour yourself a glass of water.
  • “Father has made plans for another blind date as a possible wife.”
  • ah okay
  • you feel a heavy weight on your chest.
  • “Okay, well. What do you feel?” You ask, trying to keep your cool.
  • “Nothing.” he says blankly, then starts eating.
  • You finish dinner without a single word after that.
  • You slept in the living room, not wanting to be in the same room as him at the moment. He didn’t mind.
  • why didn’t he mind
  • does he not love me anymore?
  • your thoughts consumed you as you slept.
  • You woke up in the middle of the night, having a panic attack.
  • You didn’t know what to do.
  • You try to go back to sleep, but end up thinking about it until sunrise.
  • You make pancakes for breakfast, it was Jumin’s day off today.
  • I can spend time with him
  • You thought.
  • Jumin comes out, casually dressed.
  • “Heading out?” You ask.
  • “I’m eating breakfast with the blind date girl.” He says, grabbing his keys, phone and leaving.
  • maybe he doesn’t love me anymore?
  • You hated yourself for thinking that way, so you eat your breakfast alone.
  • You didnt want to be a burden, you fix up your clothes and stuff, arranging them in a suitcase. Jumin was out the whole day, it was already 5 in the afternoon when you finished everything and finally poured your heart into a letter.
  • Maybe you were overthinking a little.
  • You made your way back to your old apartment.
  • While you were settling in, Jumin had everyone searching for you.
  • At around 1 in the morning, you still couldn’t sleep, someone knocks on your door.
  • You peep at the hole and see Jumin, looking worried.
  • You try to wipe the tears off your face and open the door. His eyes grow big and he runs into you, hugging you tightly. You felt his warm embrace again. There he stood, with you in between arms, close to his chest.
  • “I’m sorry.” You say as the tears finally start flowing out your eyes.
  • “No, I’m sorry. Father forced me. I didn’t tell you. I let you sleep outside the room. I let you eat alone. I let you go for fuck’s sake.” He held you closer.
  • “I’m never going to let that happen, ever again.” He looks into you eyes and kisses you.

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Am I Trash? Yeah, Probably

So…yeah… thanks to the lovely @markired and revisiting Teabag Edition | Bro Average I have slammed myself into the trash bin. Have an imagine on the one and only Chase. ~~~

Originally posted by markired

I woke up to a pair of bright blue eyes staring lovingly at me. “G'morning, baby,” Chase whispered.

I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face. “Exactly how long have you been staring at me for?” I asked playfully.

He raised his head up slightly to look at the glowing iHome behind me. “Um, about an hour and fifteen minutes…”

We both burst into giggles. The mid-morning light coming from the window only made him look even more happy. As I calmed, I felt the gentle touch of his hand on my cheek. “God,” he started.

I blushed and wondered if there was drool or something on my face. “What?”

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fuck me up p2

Daddy kink/kitten/angst in a way?/public sex/unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it)/degrading a bit

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

“Y/N!” your manager squeaked as she ran in, her arms wrapped around your body before you could take off the headphones.

“You and Daveed are number two on the charts!” she screeched, your mouth hung open as you looked out the window to Daveed. Your arms wrapped around your manager quickly as your eyes watered.

This is one of the first times you had been on top in a long time, it wasn’t that your music was bad you just always took it off of iTunes and Google Music.

You unwrapped yourself and walked out of the booth, hugging Daveed once you were out. His arms wrapped tightly around your waist and your heart beat quickened.

You had been in a secret fling with Daveed since the night at the restaurant, it had been exactly seven months since that night and you couldn’t be happier. Of course your crew, friends, family and managers knew, they had to know but they had to swear that they wouldn’t tell anyone.

He let go of you and kissed your forehead, the managers and crew ‘aw’ing at the sweet gesture. Your face blushed deeply before letting go of him.

“I’ve got to finish.” You whispered to him and he nodded, and pecked your lips as you walked back into the booth. You smiled at Daveed as you set the headphones on your head, the music starting again.

You rapped the lyrics you and Daveed had written only months prior to this certain day. His heart melted as he watched you do the thing you loved.

Well, the other thing you loved doing.

When Y/N was out of the booth she sat on Daveed’s lap and listened to the track. Your phone vibrated against your butt, making you shuffle uncomfortably and Daveed to moan loudly.

“Stop that, babygirl.” he whispered in your ear, you bite your lip and turned your head to look back at him. “Shh,” you hushed and shuffled again. His hands squeezed your hips as he kissed the spot behind your ear. “I’m serious. If you don’t daddy will punish you.” your breath got caught in your throat, choking softly.

You lifted yourself from his lap and took your phone from your back pocket. You checked the nonsense that was being thrown around Twitter.

Some of the supporters you had followed were tweeting you and Daveed like you two just killed a man.

@KillmeDaveed: ARE YOU AND @Y/T/U DATING? @DaveedDiggs

Your eyebrows knitted together.

Well, of course the two of you were dating but Jesus, nobody was suppose to know.

@Million(Your and Daveeds ship): THEY’RE FINALLY TOGETHER!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

*Picture attachment*

You clicked the picture and looked at it. It was a picture of you and Daveed. It was from a long time ago, it was from the first award show you had gone with each other. His hand was interlocked with yours and you both were looking up at each other. It was a picture you had taken right before you all left. You looked so happy.

“What are you looking at?” Daveed asked as you rested back in his lap, “A picture.” You mumbled and looked behind you.

“How do you think everyone would act if we told the fans that we’re dating?” you asked, his eyes met with yours and he kissed your nose.

“I’m not sure. Of course, we would get hate but so many people love you so I think they’d be happy for us.” He reassured you, a smile spread across your face as he spoke.

“Good because I think they have an idea.” you turned your head to look back at your phone, “What?” he asked with a laugh, you looked for the tweet again and clicked on it. You turned and showed Daveed, his face read over the tweet before he took your phone from your hands and clicked the picture.

He smiled at it before kissing your cheek. “Should we tell them?” he asked, you shrugged and stuck your hand out for your phone. He gave you your phone as you lifted from his lap. “Do you want to tell them?” you asked and he nodded. “Then I guess we’ll tell them,” you smiled and grabbed his hand, trying to lift him from his chair.

His body raised from the chair and his arms wrapped around you. He hands lingered to your butt as he looked down at you, his hands roughly squeezed it roughly. You bite your lip and began to speak.

“I’m hungry, can you take me to get something to eat?” you asked with a pout playing at your lips, he smiled and leaned down, pecking your lips.

You lead him to the car and scooted yourself in it, you looked at him as he went into the other side. He backed out and drove away, his hands met yours as you smiled widely. “What do you want to eat?” he asked, you shrugged.

“Sonic?” you asked as turned your body to his, he smiled and nodded. His hand left yours and met with your thigh, “Daveed,” you warned and looked at him, “Not now.” you mumbled, a smirk playing at his lips as his hand traveled further up your body.

“I’m serious,” you whined as his hand went higher, “Are you sure?” he asked, you nodded. “Is that why you were teasing me infront of everyone?” he asked, your breath caught in your throat as you opened your mouth.

“I don’t know what you mean,” you mumbled and he smiled, “You don’t?” he asked with a chuckle. “I’m sure.” you nodded and looked out the window.

“Hm,” he hummed as he pulled into the drive thru. “What do you want?” he asked, you gave him a ‘you-know-what-i-want’ look as he chuckled and ordered.

“Oh my God! You’re Daveed Diggs and Y/N Y/L/N!” the girl at the window screeched, a smile grew on both of your faces as she handed you the food. “Can I take a picture?” she asked, you both nodded. You unbuckled your seatbelt and scooted closer to Davved. Your hand went around to his chest, resting it on his heart. You smiled and sat your head on his shoulder.

The girl quickly snapped the picture and awed. “You two should date!” she screeched, you looked at Daveed, a huge smile spreading across both of your faces. “Is there-” the girl cut herself off with a squeal.

“You’re dating?” she asked, you both nodded and she squealed again, “Okay, we have people behind you, I- Oh my God! Thank you for the picture!” she jumped around a bit as you drove off.

You took a fry and ate it, your eyes meeting his body as he drove. The way his biceps bulged when he squeezed the wheel and the way he would bite his lip when a  sexual song would come on

You finished the remainder of the food, as he pulled into the apartment you both shared. “I can’t believe how excited she got when she saw us,” you began, Daveed nodded and got out of the car, waiting for you to do the same.

You started walking to the apartment, your hands reaching back for Daveeds. He happily took your hands in his, interlocking your fingers with his.

“Can i see your keys?” you asked and looked behind you, he smiled and nodded handing them to you, you smiled and unlocked the door, going straight to the bathroom.

One week later and the both of you were getting ready for an award show. You had done your makeup and hair before putting on the black and gold fitted dress. You smoothed it out and put on the black heels you had set out.

“You look so hot,” Daveed said, making your smiled widely. “You don’t think this dress is too much?” you asked and looked at your cleavage. “My boobs basically pop out.” you told him, he smiled and walked to you, his hands wrapped around your waist.

“You’re stunning.” he kissed your temple, “And you looking the way you do, just make you lucky tonight, kitten.” you smiled and giggled. “I’m already lucky, daddy.” you teased, he stiffened at the nick name and kissed your neck before he walked away. “We’ve got to go or we’re going to be late.” he mumbled, you nodded and grabbed your phone, walking out of the shared bedroom and out of the apartment, Daveed following you.

You walked down the carpet, your hands interlocked with his. You both stopped quickly as someone started to ask you questions.

“How long have you been together?” the reporter asked, you looked at Daveed as he looked at you “Half a year, i believe.” you responded, “And are you guys thinking of making a family?” they asked, both your and Daveed’s eyebrows knitted.

“Uh, we like to live in the now and not in the future.,” Daveed said pausing, “But if we did end up pregnant then yes, we’d start a family.” you nodded and smiled up at Daveed, his hand leaving yours to wrap his arm around your waist.

“I think we should get going,” Daveed nodded towards the entrance to the award show, you nodded and smiled at the people before walking off.

Daveed’s hand travelled down to your butt as he squeezed it like he’s done so many times before, you looked up at him and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him towards you. You set your lips next to his ear before whispering ‘Not here, daddy.’

His lips turned into a smirk, he moved so he was standing straight again. “I think we should, kitten.” you shook your head and leaned onto him, he smiled and started to guide you to your seat.

You both sat down as the lights dimmed and people started talking, you looked at saw the cast of Hamilton was sitting beside the two of you, you smiled at Lin before setting your head on Daveed’s shoulder as they started giving out awards.

“And best album goes to,” there was a soft pause before an audible gasp was sounded, “Daveed and Y/N!” she shouted, you smiled at Daveed and lifted yourself from the chair before walking out and into the aisle. You kissed Daveed once he was out of the aisle of chairs before the both of you walked up on stage, hand in hand.

“Oh God,” you smiled widely as you looked among the people and stared at Daveed. “If you would of told me that i was going to be standing up here with Daveed I would of laughed and walked my happy ass away,” you chuckled with the rest of the crowd. “But I’m happy to be here with him,” you smiled up at the man, a twinkle was held in his eyes as you finished the speech. “He and the fans are all of my stars and moons, i wouldnt trade anyone of them for a million dollars.” you smiled and hugged onto Daveed, he wrapped his arms around you before he let go and pulled a piece of paper from his back pocket. He unfolded it as you moved away from him.

“In the words of Lin, I am too old to freestyle,” Daveed chuckled as you slapped his arm. “But, i did write a little something.” you smiled softly and looked at him as he began to speak.

You looked at him, your eyes held love and your smile couldn’t leave your face. He looked at you before finishing. “I love this girl with all my heart,” he said before leaning down and kissing your lips.

You both walked backstage and to the award engraver thing. You held onto Daveed as he handed the award to the man and handed hi a card with your address on it, “She’s not feeling well, can you send this to us?” The man nodded as you both walked away.

“What would you say if i told you i wanted to rip that dress off of you?” Daveed asked, you looked at him and bite your lip as you walked out. “I’d tell you to do it.” Daveed smirked and walked quickly to the car, unlocking the doors he opened the passenger side door and let you in before he walked to the other side. You watched him get in, the bulge that was already starting the show, catching your eyes.

He turned the engine on and quickly sped out of the parking lot. You moved up your dress until it was bunched around your hips, going to lay your head down on his lap, Daveed smirked and looked down at you for a quick moment before he spoke.

“Are you going to suck daddies cock like the good little bitch you are?” Daveed growled out, you nodded and unbuttoned his pants. He lifted his hips slightly and allowed you to take off the extremely tight boxers and pants.

You kissed the head of his cock before taking him in your mouth. He let out a soft moan as you sucked on the lip and kitten licked the slit of his cock.

You pushed your mouth down his cock, taking most of him in your mouth. He hit the back of your throat before you choked, you head jerking forward. Daveed’s hand made contact with your head before he pushed your head down to take his whole cock.

“Oh, you usck my cock so good, baby!” he moaned, letting go of your head. You lifted your head all the way up his cock, your tongue meeting the underside of his hardened dick, you ran your tongue over the long thick vain, making him moan loudly. He moved his hand to your thigh, his hand quickly finding your covered pussy. He pushed his hand down the front of your panties before smirking.

“You’re already so wet,” he teased his finger down your slit before he spoke again.

“Did daddy do this to you?” he asked, you nodded and took his cock back in your mouth. “Are you sure? I bet someone else did.” he chuckled, you shook your head again, taking him all the way down your throat.

“I would of sworn Anthony made your pussy drip,” Daveed smirked, his finger pushed halfway into your pussy which made you moan loudly. Your head left his dick, your hand finding his throbbing dick.

He pulled his finger from your warm cunt and took it form your panties. He lifted his finger so it was in front of your face. “I bet you’re willing to do anything for your daddy, right? Anything to prove that your daddy made you this wet?” he teased, your mouth opened and looked up at him.

“Yes, daddy. I’m willing to do anything for you.”

Daveed put his finger on your lips as you spoke, you took his finger, sucking on it. You moaned at the taste of yourself, “Such a good girl.” he whispered and took his finger from your mouth, a audible ‘pop’ being heard.

He took his hand from your body and told you to get up, which you obeyed. “Put daddies cock up, we don’t want anyone to see his dick, right?” you nodded in agreement and pulled his boxers and pants back up.

You left the car once he had parked. You waited for him before walking into your apartment. Your lips met almost instantly when you closed the door to your apartment. His hands rested on your hips as yours rested behind his neck.

“You’re so hot,” he murmured against your lips while he unzipped your dress. You let out a soft hum to thank him, pulling the sleeves of the dress down your shoulders. You pulled away from him and pushed off his jacket and unbuttoned the shirt.

His hands tapped the back of your thighs, signaling you to jump. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist, your hands making contact with his hair. He brought you to the couch, and laid you on it. His groin grinded into your crotch. You let out a loud moan when he removed himself from you. He moved his pants and boxers from your body before he pulled your panties down.

“Your pussy is so pretty, kitten. You look so hot like this,” he smirked, “Helpless, under my control. You’re such a good whore.” you let out a whimper at his words. He sat on the opposite end of the couch, his hands pulling you up.

“Are you going to ride me?” he asked as your knees went to straddle him. You nodded, “Your words.” he whispered as he put his hand on his cock. He stroked himself and lined the head of his cock against your entrance. You let out a soft moan at the pressure before you slid down, a moan erupting from the both of you.

You allowed yourself to adjust, your eyes meeting with his as you started to grind against him. A deep growl left the safety of his lips, before they attacked your own.

You started moving a little faster, his hands finding your hips. He started to move you up and down slowly until he got you in a pace he liked. Your hands tugged on his tight curls, his lips allowing moans to spill into your mouth. You kept the pace until he moved his lips to your neck, he pressed a tough kiss to the base before sinking his teeth into your skin.

A whimper left your lips as he sucked and licked at the skin surrounding your neck. You felt a knot start to tighten in your stomach, a loud moan leaving both of your lips as he moved his fingers to your clit, rubbing fast circles.

“Are you going to cum?” he asked, “Are you going to cum for daddy?” he whimpered out making you nod quickly. He let out a loud grunt as you squeezed around him.

He lifted his hips to met yours as you came around his cock, not long after you he came. You let out a small whimper as you stopped moving. He helped lift you from him, letting out a sigh. You closed your eyes and lifted your arm to cover them.

There was a knock at the door before it opened. You both scrambled to find your close when your neighbor, Sally, walked in.

“I made you some cookies for you guy to- OH MY GOD!” she screeched and sat the cookies down before running out, slamming the door behind her.

“Please do not have any kids!” she shouted, making your eyes widened.

“That’s officially one of the most embarrassing things ever,” you whispered, Daveed chuckled and smiled before getting up. “That’s okay, maybe we should make more babies though.” he winked and picked you up, a smile wide smile playing on your faces.


To the dudes that like fat girls’ pictures on instagram but only post thin girls at your #WCW, we see you.

To the dudes that make porn blogs dedicated to fat girls but won’t show their faces, we see you.

To the dudes that chill and fuck with fat girls behind close doors but won’t take them home to meet mama, we see you.

She’s A Fighter

By Alayna Zevallos.

If you haven’t heard of Rowan Blanchard, then you must be new here to planet Earth.

Rowan is a young feminist leader with a huge activist heart bigger than any 15 year old you can come across. This girl is truly amazing and truly special, and for todays post, I am going to be fan girling about her and why she is such a powerful voice for this generation.

Rowans major breakout was starring as Riley Matthews on the sequel to Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World. She used the platform created from that to her advantage. Unlike most girls her age, her social media doesn’t consist of selfies or retweeted memes. Rather, her Instagram and twitter are platforms that speak out against the issues and injustices occurring in this world.

Scrolling through her Instagram alone you can see the passion and heart she has as a young activist for others. You can see how passionate she is behind the Black Lives Matter Movement by posting pictures of victims of police brutality and links to campaigns for change. She is an activist for gender equality, for LGBTQ, and so many more.

In her bio alone it links to an @circleofhealth, which is a way for those to donate to keep the only running hospital left in Aleppo going, for the sake of the civilians suffering over there.

One major campaign she is currently in right now is with @everlane, who is making t shirts that say “100% human” on them in regards to the strive for LGBTQ equality and their community. All the proceeds for the sale of these shirts go to the human rights campaign, and that is truly outstanding.

She has even spoken at the women’s march and one line in her remarkable speech has truly inspired me and will do the same for you.

“If women, if queer people, if people of color have survived this long in a world that refuses to represent them, that must amount to a force much greater than one man with nothing more to invest in than his ego.”

Those words right there truly captivate a person. The wise mind behind those words is not giving up on human rights anytime soon, probably never. She is a major role model for a young generation whom may be torn and confused and have a lot to deal with on their plates for the future.

Her presence is so highly important. Many of her followers are most likely young teens that stemmed from watching her on Girl Meets World. With her passion on human rights being presented consistently and constantly on her social media, she is positively influencing a young generation into being open minded thinkers and compassionate beings to others struggles. She is using her fame for pure good, and I think that is is beyond amazing.

Rowan is clearly an intelligent being who is wise beyond her years. She has such a soft warmth about her that you can just feel how good and pure of a person she is through the screen of your phone or laptop by scrolling through her feed. She speaks up and isn’t afraid of criticism from others in doing so. She is a fearless leader for the youth generation, and I cannot wait to see what other battles for human rights and injustices she faces in the future, and what she will change.

Do yourself a favor and follow her Twitter and Instagram, (@rowanblanchard), to get influenced by such a powerful young soul.

Photo Credit/Teen Vogue


Okay so the panel just ended and from what I’ve gathered with twitter and my in-the-spot sources (@nana-princess). , here are the news:
-Adrien will learn to make cookies with the Dupain-Chengs
-Thomas’ favorite episode is not in Season1
-Christie Vee’s favorite scene is the Umbrella Scene
-We’ll learn what happened with DJWifi while they were caged in the Animan comic
-Rumor to be confirmed, but Adrien will have conpetition, apparently
-The Bee Holder is a girl
-Three new miraculous holders will appear in S2
-Hawkmoth will get a sidekick
-Adrien/Chat Noir will get a solo comic
-Not clear yet, but he will meet miraculous holders in said comic. Also, to be confirmed, but there might be interactions with other zag universe characters, a.k.a. Pixie Girl characters.
-Comics about previous miraculous holders
-We will find out what happened to Adrien’s mom. (not really news tho)
-Gabriel’s VA said that Adrien is not allowed to play Pokemon Go and the fandom is getting a kick outta that.

This has been a PSA keep tuned for more.


A helpful anon who happened to be at the panel helped me deepen some of the info:

-The “adrien learns to bake cookies” thing was more meant as a joke, in response to the question “Will Adrien ever get those cookies?!” (I still have my fingers crossed though!)
-The cage thing with Nino and Alya will be part of the new comics
-There are two different sets of comics, the ones based off the screenshots and a new set, which apparently contains 4 volumes/series and quite possibly will include different art. These new comics take place in different locations: Paris, China, America, and various parts of the world as they tell the story of LB and CN in Paris, Adrien’s story in America, the China one, well, we can hypothesize that it might be a companion to the Shanghai special, plus they will tell the story of historical miraculous wielders (note: historical as in previous holders, not actual historical figures)
-Rest appeased, Adrien’s “competition” was very vague and more meant along the lines of “maybe some jealousy” and might have more to do with the new comics. So hey, good news for those who ship NathxMarinette, maybe?
-Debunked tweet: 3 new wielders aren’t confirmed, rather they confirmed they will be showing the real fox miraculous. They also showed a picture of the bee. And since we know Mama Agreste will play a significant role in the next seasons, that might be the logic behind the reasoning for “three wielders next season” (fox, bee, and peacock).
-Also debunked: Adrien will NOT meet these wielders in his comic, but Ladybug and Chat Noir will meet other heroes, which is where the Pixie Girl meets Chat Noir theory is stemming from (Since Adrien will be going to America and Pixie Girl apparently takes place in New York). 


SummerSlam addition - Baron Corbin

Originally posted by baellinswithstyles

summary:  Baron Corbin & Reader has just had their first baby and so 4-6 months after her delivery and she’s backstage at Summerslam so everyone can meet the new addition? (Extra points for Baron being Mr.MITB in this one since it’s after MITB)

It was one of the biggest Payper Views of the year; SummerSlam. Baron was going to be cashing in his Money in The Bank contract tonight and I was going to be there for that. Our son, Y|S|N, just turned four months today and everyone was wanting to meet him.
Both brands will be backstage so they will be able to see him. “You ready to go see daddy win the championship tonight?” I cooed at Y|S|N while I buckled him up in his carrier. He just smiled at me. I snapped a picture and sent it to Baron saying: 
Y|S|N can’t wait to see you win the championship tonight. We are on the way!

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If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 6 (M)

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 6 - World Tour

You and the boys go to the Philippines and Thailand.

Word Count: 2069 (of 72622)

Warnings: Sexual harassment and non-consensual touching in this chapter

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The Girl in the Mirror Pt2

AU: Riley Matthews is a small town girl and Lucas Friar is your typical rich boy. One day their worlds collide and a single lie takes them on a life changing journey. Can you love someone if you don’t know who they really are? Or can love help you become who you are meant to be? Riley Matthews was a small town girl until she met Lucas Friar, your anything but typical rich boy.

A/N: Here it is finally, the second part of The Girl in the Mirror. I want to thank you all for the feedback I got for the first part, I really hope you will like the whole story. I am still mapping out some key points, trying to figure our what exactly to do with it but don’t worry - I won’t stop writing for the Rucas fandom anytime soon. I also accept suggestions on who do you want to see in the story - I tried to include everyone in The Riley Diaries but if there’s something you want to see here, feel free to say it. I hope you like this part and that you are still interested in the story.



“I can’t believe you’re at school before the third period,” I laughed walking out of class to meet Maya, who was standing at the hallway, “Is it Christmas or something?”

“It’s September, you silly,” Maya laughed, linking our arms, “I came to make sure you are okay.”

“That’s really sweet,” I put my hand on top of hers, “But I am fine, except one guy collided in me on my way to class.”

“Riley Matthews, boy magnet,” Maya laughed and nudged me, “Who is he, tell me all about him.”

“His name is Lucas,” I was looking around, trying to not sound interested, “Blond hair, green eyes, not able to walk properly.”

“Well, well,” I heard a familiar voice behind us, “I see that my reputation precedes me.”

“I,” I started stuttering, nervous that he heard what we were talking about, “I am right, you can’t walk.”

“That’s a very interesting observation, but how about we see if I can dance,” Lucas smiled at Maya and then looked back at me, “How about you come with me to the school dance tonight?”

“Me,” I was shocked but also starting to get excited, “You just met me, I can be a serial killer.”

“Is she,” Lucas looked at Maya and she shook her head giggling.

“You’re not, it’s settled,” He smiled at me, not even giving me the chance to deny – not that I was trying to.

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Little Sister [4]

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Characters: Sam Winchester, de-aged sister!reader, Jessica Moore, John Winchester (mentioned), Dean Winchester (mentioned).

Words: 1470

A/N: I probably should have said this earlier, but I don’t know or have any real experience with kids in the age of the reader, just so you know haha. So, if there something that doesn’t really add up/fit in the behavior or what not, I’m sorry, and at least you know why.

Originally posted by samwinchestersource

Your name: submit What is this?

Luckily, the fever had gone down by the time you woke up in the morning, and Sam could relax somewhat again when you were almost fully restored.

Right now, Sam was watching you draw. It was calming, to see you make strokes of color to form something out of your imagination, put the crayon down and then carefully, very carefully, choose the next color.

It was the second day of having you by his side, and right now you were sitting between Sam’s legs where he was sitting on the floor in front of the TV. You were concentrated, and a small crease was present on your otherwise smooth forehead. You also had your tongue sticking out in your close attention, but Sam doubted you knew that.

Sam almost felt like he suddenly had become a dad overnight. Or at least a much older brother with a whole lot of responsibility. It wasn’t that bad, mostly because he knew that it wasn’t for real. But having you here sure was cosy.

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Behind the Camera | 3

I was always behind the camera, whether it was for them to film or in the middle of no where to find a perfect place for photos. It wasn’t that I necessarily hated it, I was just much more skilled in working a camera than working it for a camera. Grayson however, he was exquisite at both, simply because he was fantastic at everything. It was one of his favorite things to steal away the camera and snap a picture or two of me, he knew I hated when he did that. But somehow, his quick and teasing photos always put mine to shame, so I let him takeover anytime he wanted to.

It was nearing midnight and I was stuck on their couch, waiting for them to get back from a meeting. Ethan had made me promise that I would stay and film a video for them, and by ten o'clock I had already regretted my decision. It was beginning to be more difficult for me to keep my eyes open underneath the soft blanket and Grayson’s t-shirt. My favorite show on the television, but I relented to shut my eyes, even for just a few minutes.

Just as I was nearing that sweet drop into sleep, I heard the rustling feet come through the door, and surprisingly only one pair. I lifted myself to sit although I felt like I was pulling a ton of bricks to do so, turning to see Grayson staring back at me from the table, hand ghosting over my camera that was patiently waiting there.

My voice was hoarse and ugly when I spoke. “Where’s E?”

Grayson gripped the camera before looking down to power it on, shrugging his shoulders and pulling it up to his eye, clicking just as I scrunched my face. “I don’t know, said he was going to meet some girl for pizza or something.”

I stood from the couch quickly, rushing around the edge to place my hand in front of the lens. “No pictures, Gray.”

He rolled his eyes with a smile, gripping my wrist softly before letting it drop to hang loosely by my hip. “Just a few, come on.” His eyes were alight, and I never missed how ecstatic he always was to take a backseat and be behind the camera every once in a while. I rolled my eyes right back at him and lifted my arms to show him I’d relent. I had begun to round the couch to sit, but his hand on my shoulder stopped me dead in my tracks. “Not here. I have a better idea.” So he grabbed my hand and lead my through the winding hallway to his open bedroom door, ushering me inside before pushing me gently to sit on the bed. “Now you have to do exactly as I say, just like I do when you take pictures of me.”

I raised my eyebrow, narrowing my eyes. “Don’t try any funny shit, Dolan.”

His boisterous laugh echoed perfectly through the quiet room as he snapped another picture of my tired and irritated face. “Take off your pants.”

I’m sure I looked either enraged or embarrassed. Grayson and I’s relationship was strictly platonic friendship, so it seemed that a demand like that was crossing into unknown and forbidden territory. “I said no funny shit.”

He was agitated as the camera dropped to hang loosely from his neck. “And I said you have to do exactly as I say, pants off, now.” I grumbled as I grabbed the waist band of my leggings, pushing them to my ankles as I kicked them off rather ungracefully. “Now get in the middle.” I listened pretty quickly, eager to do as he said to get it over with. My mind was racing with questions as to why this was happening, but I was far too tired to truly think on them. I plopped down to sit on my behind over the plush and soft cover, forcing myself not to fall backward and wrap myself in the delicious bed. “No, on your knees.”

I narrowed my eyes again, but did so anyway, resting my butt on my heels as he took the picture. I pushed a stray piece of hair from my face as he rounded off a few more clicks, his smile shining behind the camera. “Are we done yet?”

He pulled the camera down to take a look at the shots before pulling it back to his sight. “No, Y/N we’re not done yet. Take off my shirt.”

My eyes widened as I coughed the surprise from my throat. “Are you crazy? No!”

He sighed loudly, eyeing me with disinterest. The way he had asked was so nonchalant and straightforward, like asking someone to borrow a pen, and it honestly confused me. When I said Grayson and I were platonic, I meant it. There was no undercover flirting or suspicious glances, no sneaking around or hiding secrets from anyone. We were friends, and friends who had never crossed that boundary into that territory before. If anyone had asked me if this would’ve ever happened, I would’ve laughed loudly in their face. I just wasn’t really Grayson’s type, and I’d never really bothered to wonder if he was mine. So sitting in the middle of his bed and pulling the warm cotton over my head seemed almost like I was still on the couch asleep and in a dream. He smiled from behind the camera and began clicking away again. “Good girl.” My face heated with affection under his praise, and although my underwear set was very practical, and although I wasn’t sexy even if I tried, I decided I was already near naked and that I might as well humor him at the very least.

I wasn’t a model of any kind, but I had taken enough pictures of others to notice the tilt of the head and where to place my hands, I knew how to look at the camera as if to look dead in the eyes of the person seeing it. I felt a little awkward but I went with it, we’d far passed that moment of no return. “Am I doing okay?”

He lowered the camera to take a look at me before smiling and nodding his head. He tilted his head to the side to survey everything of the bed around me before looking back at me, that devilish smile on his face that he always had when he wanted to push someone a little farther than they liked. “Turn around though.” I bit my lip with nerves, but did as he said, turning myself around and sitting back on my heels again. The low hum in the back of his throat was deep and vibrated around the room. “You really have a nice ass, Y/N. It’s a shame you don’t show it more often.” Goosebumps erupted all over my flesh as my hairs stood on end. “Now lean forward on your hands and spread your legs a little.” It was intense silence apart from the camera and our breathing. The dip at the end of the bed made me jump slightly as he was directly behind me. “I’m only going to ask you this once. Can I touch you, Y/N?”

He waited patiently as my mind short circuited with question after question. It would change the whole dynamic of our friendship. Forever. No longer would I stand behind the camera and look at him the same, I would remember this and I was afraid I would never be able to let it go. But something about the warmth of his body so near mine, and how he smelled so delicious like he always did, I caved. I hadn’t been touched by anyone in months, and there was a tiny fragment of me that admitted I wanted him to. “Y-yes.”

His hand reached forward immediately to pull the lace fabric to the side, his fingers dipping in to touch the slick folds which he had caused. His sharp intake of breath was loud, as was mine as he moved one finger over my clit rather slowly. I bent backward to push into his hand farther as he crawled forward to get closer. His other hand gripped my shoulder to pull me up, grasping the clasp of my bra as it popped open and fell from my arms. His chest was holding me up as he reached forward to run circles, thrusting two fingers into me quickly from behind. A harsh and frustrated moan pushed from my mouth as I was already so close to cumming. He leaned down by my ear, his hot breath fanning out over my neck. “Come on, you’re so close baby.” And just like that, with his deep voice in my ear and his fingers working so diligently, I released all over him.

It took a moment for me to catch my breath, my limbs feeling heavy but I felt so relaxed. I was ready to just curl up and sleep, but payback sounded much better.

I adjusted my underwear back in place as it stuck to me from my cum. I gripped the camera which had been forgotten beside us, hopping off the bed and pulling the lens to my eye to catch his smoldering look at me. I looked to the bulge in his pants and smiled largely at him. I felt much better behind the camera, and it was time for him to get to work. “Alright, your turn.”

anonymous asked:

So I'm a bi gal with a preference for girls but literally no experience with anything ever and I'm 24???? (Long teen drama story and since then I haven't met anyone I wanted to kiss/who wanted to kiss me) and basically I was wondering how I can actually go about meeting queer girls and how to approach them? I just want a gf but I have no experience and feel so behind everyone else

I get your fear. Putting yourself out there is scary, especially for the first time. But no matter who are what you are the first step is to just do it! The internet has made it infinitely easier to meet other bi/gay/queer girls. Download Her, Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, upload a cute picture, write a few sentences about what you like and who you are, and go get them! 

As to how to approach them: “Hii, I think you’re cute” is a good start. If a few girls don’t respond, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. I know I’m all grown now but when I was a baby dyke I experienced *so*much*hideous*rejection* or just like feeling invisible. It’s horrid but it’s part of life and if you don’t risk and experience rejection, you will never get the pay off. It’s worth it. 

Now, I get the sense you’re worried your lack of experience might not appeal to some girls. I’m going to be honest with you: it might not. Not because they don’t like you, but because some girls are fear a girl with no experience with women is a sexual tourist who wants to use them as an experiment. It’s not a great assumption, but as someone who has had that experience a couple times to devastating effects (and my first broken heart), I understand their fear and so should you. Just like they should have empathy for you and your experiences, you should have empathy for theirs. I would wait until you’re actually on a date with a girl and maybe even the second or third date (unless she specifically asks how many girls you’ve dated recently) before saying that you’ve never done anything with a girl before. Not because there’s anything to be ashamed of, but just because you want her to get to know you for you, not your past. Be honest about who you are, and by all means do not lie, but gear the conversation towards what you have in common, who you are, what you like, what she likes, etc, rather than teen drama. 

Bisexuality is beautiful and you are awesome. Put yourself out there, say hi, make the first move, and don’t let fear or lack of experience stop you from finding what you want! Also try to date a little before rushing into finding a girlfriend. It’s not finding a girlfriend that’s important, it’s finding THE RIGHT girlfriend that matters. 

Irezumi no ren'ai (Tattoo Love Affair)

(NaLu Week Tattoo Prompt- 7/6/17)

When Natsu walked into The Dragon’s Den he was a bit nervous about getting his first tattoo.  His cousin Gajeel was one of the artists at the shop and would tease the young man that he couldn’t handle the pain, so to prove he could he agreed to let him put a small one on his bicep, an insignia from his favorite band.   As soon as you enter the place, drawings and photos of dragons cover the walls.  The owner, a man named Laxus Dreyar, had a fascination for the mythical creatures and it was Gajeel’s skill at creating beautiful renditions of these beasts in ink that landed him the job.

“Hey Levy.”  He leans over the reception counter smiling.

“Hi Natsu.  Are you here to see your cousin?”

“Yeah, he’s supposed to do a tattoo for me today.”

“Well, he should be just about done with his client.  Go on and head in the back, you know where his studio is.”

“Thanks Levy.”

As he reaches his cousins room he stops at the door when he realizes Gajeel is still working on someone.  He’s about to turn and leave when the client catches his full attention.  Lying on her stomach was a young topless, blonde female, with her head resting on her left arm, and her right one lying to her side.  Natsu blushes at the picturesque sight, the curve of her buxom mounds peeking out from under her body, the pale milky skin that looked so silky to the touch, the beautiful arch of her back down to a tiny waist… “Wow…” he whispers under his breath.  She’s only wearing short shorts and the lithe long toned legs, supple thighs, and voluptuous hips… A fire grows in his loins. 

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W.O.L.F - Sherlock x reader |Chapter Two|

Chapter list

Thank you guys so much for all the love on chapter one, you guys are awesome! stay sweet. 

Tuesday, 8:00 pm.

It’s been three days, and Sherlock was still puzzled over the letter on the wall and the reaction of Lestrade’s niece. He remained in his flat, pondering over things. The killer hasn’t showed, so so far, no new murders. He has his homeless network keeping an eye on Y/n’s whereabouts and who she’s come in contact with for the past few days. She’s connect to this, a big piece of the puzzle, but Sherlock just doesn’t know where she fits.
He was sitting in his arm chair, his phone in hand, waiting for a text. John was sitting in his chair with his laptop, trying to find details on Tyler Olson’s records.  So far what they know, He was American, and moved to England to attend Cambridge. And that’s mostly it, they’ve got in contact with his parents, and his ex wife to see if they knew anything about anyone who’d have the ambition to kill him, or a reason. But so far, dirt.
“Ah finally.” Sherlock says, looking to his phone as it buzzed.

Found her Mr. Holmes
She’s up in Lambeth

Sherlock jumps out of his chair with a new found excitement. Causing John to raise an eyebrow at him, “What?” he asks, watching his friend carefully, as he moves around the flat, a rare smile on his face. “Found something about the case?” Watson questions,  
“Yes,” Sherlock says absently, “I have someone to monitor, you stay here and find out what you can about Tyler.” Sherlock was already grabbing his coat and scarf saying this, nodding at John before slipping out of the flat. Hailing a cab once outside, he gets in and tells the cabbie address. It didn’t take long for Sherlock to reach his destination, he comes out the cab, immediately spotting the girl, in a restaurant on the street over.
She’s not dressed for a date, she was casually dressed. So, it’s quite possible she is meeting an old friend. Sherlock watches discreetly from the inside of a tea shop, as a woman approaches Lestrade’s niece. She had red hair, whom he has seen a few times on many crime scenes working with Sally, Sarah her name is.
Not much time later, the two exit the restaurant, and walks up the street. Sherlock following closely behind, managing to take a picture of them, and then his phone rings.
“Not now Lestrade. I’m busy.” he says, not taking his eyes of the girls. “We got another one.”


9:00 pm

“Who was she?” Sherlock asks, walking into the flat of the victim, John who he texted a while ago trailed behind him. “Name was Kate Francis according to her ID. She just started teaching up at Cambridge.” Lestrade says, Sherlock stoops down to where the dark haired woman laid, she died the exact same way that Olson did, and there’s the letter. A large F was sprayed on the wall over her head, with a red line through it. Whoever’s doing this, they’re crossing people out. That much is clear. But what’s the connection between this woman and Tyler Olson?
“What subject was she to teach?” Sherlock asks, looking up at Lestrade briefly, “Is that important?”
“Uh. The sciences I think.”
Sherlock hums thoughtfully, “Interesting.” he mutters.

When John and Sherlock get back to 221B, Sherlock immediately walks over to the wall where he had his leads pinned up. John looks at the pictures on the wall, “Is that Greg’s niece?” he asks, “Who?” Sherlock looks over his shoulder confused and John rolls his eyes, “Lestrade.”

“Oh.. yes." 

"You think she has something to do with the case. Is she the one you said you had to monitor?” Sherlock sighs, running a hand through his hair as he stares at her picture. He’s still trying to figure that part out, but even if he did. What’s the connection?
“Tyler Olson and Kate Francis both attended Cambridge. They both took the same science courses.”
“Yeah, so?” John questions from where he sat in his arm chair, looking at him quizzically. “There must be a connection.” the detective turns, and again heads out of the flat.

  “Do you know what this means?” Sarah asks, walking next to Y/n, stopping her with her hand. And Y/n sighs heavily, “Yes I know what this means.” she says, closing her eyes for a second. “I don’t think you do. Y/n, two of our friends are dead. That means, one of us could be next. You’re on suspension right? Dig around.” She was walking her home, making sure she gets there safely and unharmed. To anyone else, the two of them have never met, the didn’t know each other, had no background whatsoever. And they have their reasons, but they are very close friends, top close.
“If you’re suggesting that I go see Holmes.”
“I’m just trying to save both our asses here.” the red head argues rolling her green eyes. The two girls stop outside Sarah’s house, Y/n didn’t want to leave her alone, but the girl can handle herself just fine, she is on the force. “You call me when you get home okay?” Sarah says, pulling her into a hug, Y/n nods, muttering, “If I get home.”
“It’s not funny.” Sarah says sounding irritated that her friend would make a joke out of this serious situation. “Who’s laughing?” Y/n shrugs, smiling at Sarah, after she promises to call, and making sure that Sarah got inside, she walks back the way she came. Since it’s late, she’d have to walk a bit before she can hail a cab. She has no problem walking in the dark, it’s just a bit unnerving when someone’s out to kill you. She was about to cross the street when a voice stops her, “Spare some change miss?” she turns and sees someone sitting on the floor, a homeless man covered by a tattered cloth. “Uh, yeah. Sure, let me just get it yeah?” she reaches into her pocket and pulls out the spare change she had, reaching down to put it into the can the man was holding out to her, she drops the money in, but he grabs her hand. Startled she tries to pull away, and the man gets up, “Well well, Mr Holmes. If you wanted my number, you could’ve asked.” Y/n says, smirking as Sherlock removes the cloth from around him, dropping it on the ground, “What are you doing up here in Lambeth?”
“Getting spare change. Obviously.” He shakes the can in her face, the change he’d collected over the hour dancing around in it.
“Why are you following me? I can have you arrested for stalking.” she says, smirking still and Sherlock raises an eyebrow. “I need answers.” He says, and Y/n blinks, her smirk dropping ever so slightly, “I’m afraid I can’t give them to you.” She says, pulling her hand from his, and he furrows his eyebrows. “And why not? You know what’s going on, I know you do. What’s it going to take for you to tell me?”
“You’re asking questions for answers I don’t want to give. You’re Sherlock Holmes, just solve the case.”

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Words: 1.2K

Genera: Angst

It was another end of a long day after running around the streets of Seoul snapping pictures of your bias for that Monsta X updates’ account you were proudly a part of.

You huffed as you followed Minhyuk silently, smiling at the simplicity of his back. He was walking back home from a nearby studio he’s been working at and you decided to accompany him. Silently, of course.

The cold air blew around both of you, making you smile in satisfactory at your beloved idol that was walking right in front you. You felt so lucky to be able to see him everyday, making sure he goes home and rests, but still leaves to work here and there.

The street’s comfortable silence suddenly turned into a scary cloud of eeriness and darkness. It didn’t feel right and it made you anxious.

You looked at Minhyuk, whom was now faced with a girl and two guys on either sides of her. You frowned and hid behind a banner. You peeked from behind it and watched what was going on quietly.

“Hi” the girl waved and your heart stung. It didn’t feel right.

“Hey” Minhyuk smiled cheerfully at her like he always did to every single fan he meets.

“Can we take a picture with you? We’re huge fans of you and Monsta X!” She said excitedly and your heart eased up a bit, but not enough to stop you from watching.

“Sure! Yeah!” He replied as excited as she was.

“Can we head there? Because the lighting is a bit better” one of the guys suggested, pointing behind him.

Minhyuk smiled and nodded before following them to a better lit spot. All of a sudden, they disappeared into a turn and you quickly moved to where they headed. Your heart raced as you looked for them, unconsciously walking through the wet trash that cover the narrow, eerie alley. And then you heard something in the darkness. Something that made you go nuts, but you had to stay quite.

“You’re worthless. You’re nothing in that group. And do you think we were seriously asking for photos?! Pathetic!” The girl spat.

Minhyuk just stood there, his face unreadable. You couldn’t tell if he was offended, disappointed, or sad. You felt the heat radiate off your body from anger.

You remembered all the times he made you smile. The times he made you feel precious. The times he was the only one you felt was by your side. All those things and there were still people treating him in this childish matter. They might not perceive him from your point of view, but why make him feel so bad?

“Listen” one of the guys pushed him to the wall, tightening his grip on his neck. You gasped uncontrollably and ran to him.

“Let go!” You pulled the guy’s hand off but he pushed you to the floor.

“Great!” The girl huffed kneeling down to you.

“You like this trash? Don’t you think he’s ruining it for the others? My poor Wonho has to deal with him everyday” she looked back at him in disgust.

“D-don’t say that!” You warned her as you stood up. She laughed, standing up as well.

“Get off. We need to get our job done. Everyone thinks of him the same way” she told you casually and your jaw dropped.

“I don’t!” You protested and she just looked at the second guy that was with her.

“Please?” She looked at him while pointing at you. He smirked and walked to you, tightly holding your arms and covering your mouth. You tried kicking your legs, but it didn’t affect him. He was too strong.

“Leave. Get out. Monsta X aren’t doing that well because of you!” She yelled in his face and you just watched his heart tear apart through his eyes.

“That’s not true” he told her quietly, putting on a brave face. She slapped him. And you were ready to kill her.

“I’m suing you” he told her simply, walking over to you.

You shook your head slightly. You were relieved he was done with that wench and you just wanted him to go off safely.

“Let go of her” Minhyuk demanded the guy that was holding you. He just laughed.

He tried pulling the guy’s arm off of you, but got knocked to the floor when the other guy kicked him.

You screamed, but nothing came out. Your eyes welled up with tears. The three of them were having fun while you got torn apart at the sight of this random guy beating him and that girl saying harsh things to him.

You cried as you tried leaving that guy’s grip, but you were too weak. All you did was cry silently as you watched your most beloved person get knocked out on the floor.

“Well done boys” that girl smirked at Minhyuk’s beaten up, motionless body.

“What about her?!” The guy who was holding you asked.

“Throw her away!” The girl told him carelessly and he pushed you to the floor.

“Minhyuk? Minhyuk!” You called his name, holding his wounded face in your hands.

You pulled his head into your chest, hugging him protectively as that girl pointed a gun at his head.

“If a word gets out. He’s done for” the girl warned and you nodded, holding back your sobs.

“I-I didn’t see anything” you assured her. She glared at you before finally walking away with the two guys.

“Minhyuk can you hear me?!” You cried. No reply.

You quickly searched your pockets for your phone and called an ambulance. You couldn’t think straight. All you wanted in life was him being safe.

You sat next to him in the ambulance and then beside his bed in the emergency room. His wounds weren’t dangerous and were treated quickly thanks to you.

You sat next to his bed, staring at his beautiful face that you could stare at for hours.

“My son!” You heard a familiar voice cry. You quickly stood up and stepped back, making room for his sacred parents.

They checked on him and made sure he was okay and they didn’t notice you at all. You just did the thing you did best: watching him silently.

“Who are you?” His dad asked, finally noticing you.

“She’s probably one of those crazy fans! Go away!” His mom glared at you. You frowned.

“I actually…” you just walked off as her glare got worse.

“Mom…don’t say that” you heard his voice say quietly. You turned, getting closer and standing at the end of his bed.

“Minhyukah!” You cheered and he slightly smiled at you.

“How are you feeling?! Do you feel any pain?! Are you hungry?!” His mom folded him with questions and his dad chuckled. You smiled at them and felt the need to leave them alone.

“Monbebe!” You turned to look at him. Did he just call you?

“Don’t leave” you looked at him in confusion.

“But your fa-”

“I want you to stay, because you made me feel wanted”

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Klaine Summer Challenge Day 7- Summertime Blues

Word Count: 815 words

Kurt has a crush on the cute boy who works at the local ice-cream shop. (And Blaine has a crush on a certain customer.) AO3

Kurt genuinely considered running more and eating better until he stepped into Tommy’s Scoops, the ice cream shop in Westerville.

He didn’t realize that the shop had much to offer, hell he didn’t even expect much from the city, he and his Dad decided to stay in June- looking at the prospect of opening a new tire shop- the lot fell through but the area was too nice to leave for the rest of the summer.

Honestly he’s not even a big ice cream guy- he’d rather go for gelato or a nice pastry -but that all changed until he saw Blaine.

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June 8th, tuesday night, I went and experienced 30 Seconds To Mars in concert and all I can say is wow. It was such an amazing concert: high energy, intimate despite the size of the crowd, and in a way almost magical. The night started out with a meet and greet and pictures mid afternoon with Jared, Shannon, and Tomo being amazing despite an absolutely idiotic girl who tried to ruin it for everyone (I can honestly say I was happy when they kicked her out of the venue 🙌🏼) The guys were so friendly and smiley and I seriously melted seeing Jared’s eyes up close in person. Soon after it was show time and I ended up almost right behind the gate with the cat walk on my left with just two girls in front of and on side of me so I was in a prime spot for my first concert. I was surrounded by people who loved this band and their music and by four women who had amazing energy and passion. It was such an amazing experience. I left before Muse because I felt so full emotionally that there was no need to stay! I am certainly already looking forward to my next concert experience with Mars!