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So I'm a bi gal with a preference for girls but literally no experience with anything ever and I'm 24???? (Long teen drama story and since then I haven't met anyone I wanted to kiss/who wanted to kiss me) and basically I was wondering how I can actually go about meeting queer girls and how to approach them? I just want a gf but I have no experience and feel so behind everyone else

I get your fear. Putting yourself out there is scary, especially for the first time. But no matter who are what you are the first step is to just do it! The internet has made it infinitely easier to meet other bi/gay/queer girls. Download Her, Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, upload a cute picture, write a few sentences about what you like and who you are, and go get them! 

As to how to approach them: “Hii, I think you’re cute” is a good start. If a few girls don’t respond, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. I know I’m all grown now but when I was a baby dyke I experienced *so*much*hideous*rejection* or just like feeling invisible. It’s horrid but it’s part of life and if you don’t risk and experience rejection, you will never get the pay off. It’s worth it. 

Now, I get the sense you’re worried your lack of experience might not appeal to some girls. I’m going to be honest with you: it might not. Not because they don’t like you, but because some girls are fear a girl with no experience with women is a sexual tourist who wants to use them as an experiment. It’s not a great assumption, but as someone who has had that experience a couple times to devastating effects (and my first broken heart), I understand their fear and so should you. Just like they should have empathy for you and your experiences, you should have empathy for theirs. I would wait until you’re actually on a date with a girl and maybe even the second or third date (unless she specifically asks how many girls you’ve dated recently) before saying that you’ve never done anything with a girl before. Not because there’s anything to be ashamed of, but just because you want her to get to know you for you, not your past. Be honest about who you are, and by all means do not lie, but gear the conversation towards what you have in common, who you are, what you like, what she likes, etc, rather than teen drama. 

Bisexuality is beautiful and you are awesome. Put yourself out there, say hi, make the first move, and don’t let fear or lack of experience stop you from finding what you want! Also try to date a little before rushing into finding a girlfriend. It’s not finding a girlfriend that’s important, it’s finding THE RIGHT girlfriend that matters. 

Okay, so I would like to point something out.

Someone may have done this already, but oh well.

See those two pictures above?

Now. Notice that Maya wears something glittery in both scenes. The first is her shirt, the second her coat (or whatever it’s actually called.).

Also, in both pics/scenes/episodes, Riley is facing away from Lucas (whom I will get to after this), and is instead facing Maya.

Because Riley is focused on Maya, she does not notice what’s behind her - er, /who’s/ behind her.


If you pay close attention, you will now notice that Lucas has his attention on one of our precious girls. If you pay even closer attention, you will realize that Mrs. Lucas Friar has his eyes focused on Ms. Maya Hart.

Maya Hart.

Not Riley Matthews.

But Maya Hart.

I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but the glittery top Maya is wearing on both of these scenes may have been placed because in the second pic (I don’t remember which episode this was, sorry! maybe GM First Date?), Lucas may have spotted Maya in her glittery coat, and was reminded of the last time (and first time) he saw Maya wearing something like that.

And, from what I can infer, seeing Maya in the glittery coat also reminded Lucas of the time when he first caught sight of Maya and was… entranced (?) by her.

He may not fully realize it even now, but Lucas definitely feels something for Maya - and it ain’t friendship.

Being best friends with Wade and Weasel would include:

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  • Always being asked if ‘that girl/guy is hot.’
  • Being able to do more shots in a row than the pair of them.
  • Wade always checking if you’re okay and protecting you
  • Weasel letting you behind the bar.
  • Loads of pictures of the three of you behind the bar.
  • You and Weasel being slightly jealous of Wade when he meets Vanessa.
  • Fantasizing about what the three of you would do if you were rich.
  • Helping Wade out with stopping Stalkers and other bad people.
  • Starting fights in the bar.
  • Listening to music and singing at the top of your lungs.
  • Insults all the time.

#142 Shawn Mendes - Best form of apology*


You usually don’t get jealous of fans because they are fans and Shawn chose you to be his girlfriend. Taking pictures together is fine, talking is fine, hugging is fine but taking pictures where a girl kisses him on the cheek, or if she asks him questions about his type of girl when he already has a girlfriend, or hugging him for longer than one minutes isn’t fine at all.

You and Shawn just got back to your house after going out for lunch and meeting fans there. You are admittedly annoyed because the fans where clearly flirting with Shawn and Shawn just let them while you stood behind him and waited for him to finish. Usually the fans ask if you want to be in pictures as well, but those ones didn’t and just let you wait, hugged Shawn for longer than for it to just a friendly hug and asked him questions as if you weren’t even there.

You go to the bedroom and put your bag down, completely ignoring Shawn. He has noticed that you’re pissed at him and tries to talk to you but you don’t listen. “(Y/N)! Please talk to me. You know that I hate it when you don’t.” Shawn says and grabs your wrist. You try to shake him off but he doesn’t let you go and pulls you to him.

“I’m sorry alright? I’m sorry.” Shawn says and cups your cheeks. You take a step closer to him and shake your head.

“It’s not even your fault Shawn… It’s just…” You try to explain but you don’t know how.

“Let-let me show you how sorry I am.” He says and kisses you. You kiss him back and wrap your arms around him. You just can’t resist him. Shawn leads you over to the bed and pushes you down on it. You move up and he crawls over to you. Shawn sits down on your thighs and takes off your shirt. He moves down and takes your jeans off before taking off his. You sit up and pull Shawn’s shirt over his head. Shawn unclasps your bra and throws it onto the floor before pushing you down again. He kneels between your legs and spreads them apart before attached his tongue to your clit. He holds you down with his hands on your thighs as your body starts to heat up. Shawn licks your split up and down and side to side. You get wetter and wetter with every move he makes. Shawn pushes a finger into you and start to push it in and out as he licks your clit.

“Fuck Shawn!” You moan. “I need you Shawn… i need YOU!” You exclaim and he pulls his finger out only to push his hard cock into you a second later. He fills you out completely and starts off slow. Shawn hits you deeply and spreads your legs even further apart. He attaches his lips to yours and kisses you passionately. You hold onto his bicep and dig into his skin with one hand as your other hand is buried in his hair. You tug his hair, making him groan. Shawn speeds up and the sound of your moans and groans and skin slapping against skin is in the room.

“Shit you’re so tight.” Shawn groans. “Fuck (Y/N)! I’m going to cum in your tight cunt…. Shit.” He moans into your ear before connecting his lips back to yours. You start to make out again as he squeezes onto your waist. Shawn’s hand wander up to your boob and squeezes it softly. You moan every time Shawn pulls his lips away from you to moan himself.

“Fu-fuck.” You gasp and your heart skips a beat. “Sh-sh-Shaawn!” You exclaim when he hits your g-spot. Shawn starts to fuck you harder, hitting your g-spot every time he pushes in. Your walls tighten around his cock and you shut your eyes as the pleasure and your orgasms takes over your entire body. Shawn fucks you fast, literally shaking you and the whole bed. You moan his name over and over again until you feel him cum in you. “Shit!” You scream and are sure that that’s the best sex you ever had in your life.

“Fuck (Y/N).” shawn groans and collapses onto your body. You both are breathing heavily and don’t move. You just play with the short ends on the back of his head as you feel his breath on your skin.

“Best form of apology, isn’t it?"Shawn chuckles and kisses your skin before rolling down. "I love you.” He mumbles as you roll onto your stomach. You put your arm around him and kiss his chest.

“I love you too.” You smile at him before he pulls you up to kiss you.



Story Time!

So I met Dan and Phil at Playlist Live Orlando with @princessjgroff and @pirateprincess6 on Saturday. I moved across the country for college and left my best friend behind. I know that she loves these guys and she absolutely LOVES socks. So princessjgroff told me I should ask Phil if I could take a picture of his socks. We showed up late to the meet and greet and were within the last 50 or so people to meet them out of several hundred people.

The girl (a complete stranger) before me wanted me to take a group picture of her and her friend with Dan and Phil on her phone, so I did. She took her phone back from me and turned to leave, so I started walking up to meet Dan and Phil. Well she wanted another hug from the guys and totally ran up to hug them again as Dan and were getting ready to hug. It all of us in an awkward situation.

So I hugged them both and asked how they were doing. I didn’t have anything for them to sign so I started to tell them how my best friend couldn’t be there and how she loves socks. I asked Phil if I could take a picture of his socks and he fucking lifted of his pant legs for me to take a picture.

The best part of this was that Dan seemed slightly insulted that I didn’t want a picture of his socks. He told me that he was wearing minion socks and that I should get a picture of them too. So he bends down to untie his shoe and pulled his pant leg free of his shoe as I’m taking a picture of Phil’s socks. He lifted of his pant leg and was really confused as to why his sock was only black material until he realized the minion was on the toe of his sock. He actually contemplated taking off his fucking shoe to show me before he decided that it would be weird.

I talked quietly enough that nobody else knew what was happening. Only princessjgroff and pirateprincess6 knew what was happening. That just seemed to make everything funnier.

Credit to @pirateprincess6 for taking the pics of me with Dan and Phil

Imagine it’s finals week, and Riley’s at the library trying to study. After a while, a brown haired boy with glasses catches her eye. She stands up, pretending to get a book from the shelf right by his table. She *discreetly* opens a book and hides her phone behind it and takes a slightly blurry side picture of the boy. After she sent the photo to Maya, she starts walking back to her table, her eyes on her phone. Her mind was whirling with different ways she could get to know him and imaging different backstories for the cute library boy.

Then she bumps into the him. Startled, she looks up directly into his eyes. Three beats pass.

And she realizes. It’s Farkle, with glasses.

(I like to imagine this is the moment where she realizes she has a crush on Farkle.)

Pikachu (Youngjae)

Plot: inspired by the game they played at the fanmeets in America + Youngjae interacts with you during one of the fanmeet games and he can’t stop thinking about you so he does something outrageous to find out at the end of the fanmeet

Length: 694 words

Genre: Drabble/Fluff/Imagine

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Creepy Misa

Alright you guys, let me take you back to the far off year of 2009. My local anime con was coming up and after a few years of going and being blown away by some of the cosplayers, I decided to try it myself. My favourite anime at the time was Death Note so I decided I was going to cosplay Mello. I was really excited to go and meet other fans who liked the series and maybe take a few pictures with other cosplayers. Everything was going smoothly until I went in to the dealers room on Saturday morning.

I was looking at a booth of manga when I hear this loud gasp behind me. I turn towards it and see a girl dressed as Misa looking at me excitedly and waving her arms around. At first, I was happy to see someone so excited about my cosplay and started to go over to her. However, before I could talk to her she put up her finger like she was telling me to wait a second and she ran off. I just sort of shrugged it off and went back to looking at the manga.

A couple of minutes later, I’m just minding my own business when a Pocky box is shoved into my face. I look over, and Misa is smiling at me as she continues to shake this box in front of me. “These are for you, Mello-san” she says to me. I smile at her and take them, thanking her. She immediately sighs and crosses her arms. She tells me I was supposed to respond in character before she slumps off. I look down and notice this is chocolate Pocky and figure she wanted to to salivate over it or something. I just sort of shrug it off because hey, I just got free candy, and went about with my day.

A couple of hours later, I’m sitting with some friends in between panels when I hear the same gasp behind me. Before I can even react, she runs over and hugs me hard (yelling “GLOMP” as she does so, of course). She starts nuzzling my face like a cat or something and at this point I’m pretty freaking uncomfortable. I try to pull her off but she’s having none of it. She starts asking if I want to hang out with her even though I’m clearly with other people. Finally I manage to peel her off of me and tell her that I appreciate her enthusiasm but I’m with other people and can’t hang out. She smiles at me and says, “Okay. I’ll find you later, Mello-san.”

I should’ve known it would only get worse.

Throughout the day she kept finding me and asking me to hang out. At the time, I thought it had to do with how small this con was but upon thinking about it I’m pretty sure she was following me (she somehow always managed to find me when I was alone). 

Near the end of the day, there was this panel I really wanted to go to. I headed towards the panel room and could see a line forming, when I heard  someone yell out “Oh my god, it’s Mello!” I look over and there’s a group of cosplayers talking and filming each other. Misa is in the group. I say hi to them and start to leave when Misa gets up and nearly tackles me to the ground with how forceful she is. I try to walk away but she seriously won’t let me go. She keeps asking if she can come with me. I tell her which panel I’m going to and keep walking (at this point I feel kind of rude, but this girl is pretty much stalking me). She follows me but thankfully at this point the panel was so full we ended up having to sit in separate rows. I was able to sneak out at the end before she found me.

On Sunday I was honestly afraid to cosplay again because I thought she would find me, but my friends convinced me I would be fine (and really, except for this girl I was having a great time). For the most part I didn’t see her around and I figured she’d gotten bored with me and given up. That is, until the end of the con.

My group was about to leave but a few people had to go to bag check first. The rest of us were standing by the front door, waiting. This put us right in front of the escalators leading to the second floor of the building. Out of nowhere, I hear “MELLO-SAN” and I look up to see Misa standing at the top of the escalator. She starts full on sprinting down it towards me and I honestly have no idea what to do. Before I can truly evaluate the situation, she’s barrelling into me at full force. I nearly fell over and my eyes were watering from how much the arm she crashed into hurt. She nuzzles me again and yells “I’m gonna miss you” straight into my ear. After a minute she pulls herself off of me, throws me a peace sign and skips off. 

So ended the tale of the girl my friends have dubbed, “Creepy Misa”.

BONUS STORY: That group that was filming each other? Yeah, they put that video on YouTube for the world to see. Oh joy.

Rosianna took this picture during a “Tiger Group” meeting at the Zaatari refugee camp, in which women volunteers mentor girls to stay in school and accomplish their personal and educational goals. (From left to right: Mentors Manar and Nowwar; the children Aryam, Farah, and Doha, all 12 years old.)

Most of the refugees in Zaatari are children, and only about 60% of school-aged kids are in school every weekday. Those who are (including two members of this Tiger group) are sometimes behind because they lost years of schooling before escaping Syria.

When asked if they felt they were as capable of doing well in school as boys, Aryam answered, “No. We are better.”


Okay so Danny is so nice. I took some photos of my friends with him then sat back down (we were right on the couch behind him) because I felt awkward. After that he got swarmed a bit, then Barbara showed up and I went to get my picture with her. Danny, now not busy, tells my friends “I don’t get to meet the girl with the cool hair.” So my friend hollers at me, I stutter and he’s so nice about it, then this happens. We had a nice short conversation afterwards and I’m so honestly in awe of how sincere and nice Danny was and I feel like collapsing right now

So, I want to talk about this picture from GM Bay Window….Everyone’s been using this as a Markle picture, but the way I see it, Farkle doesn’t look like he’s completely looking at Maya. Maya’s head is a bit behind his, not directly beside his. If Farkle was looking at Maya directly, his head would be more turned, which leads me to draw the conclusion that he’s looking at Riley, or maybe both. This is just the riarkle in me talking… = =


Ewing had just finished his final lecture. He had called this lesson for the students to give them some sort of speech on graduation, however it was rather short, blunt, and cliche all rolled into one. The only true meaning behind this meeting was to see Sigge again, which he had the chance to do as the students filed out with their goodbyes. A few girls he had taught had come up to him asking for a picture for ‘memories sake’ though the roll of ihs eyes gave way to his knowing of the true reasons. So he did as he was asked, bending down a little before taking their phones and taking the photo himself given his height. Then there was a five minute long  conversation before the girls left and Ewings eyes scanned for Sigge. Once he was found, Ewing took a seat behind his desk and waited with a smile playing its way to his lips.

just picture lucas and maya studying for the SAT in high school. maya’s the easily distracted/’fuck it i’m just gonna wing it type’ while lucas is constantly studying in any free time he has, attempting to quiz maya in between classes. whenever she catches him in the halls with his head in a book, she’ll sneak up behind him and jump on his back piggy-back style, put her hands over his eyes, and exclaim ‘guess who!? and DON’T say a short stack of pancakes!’ while giggling the entire time. they’ll be hanging out after school in maya’s room with maya blaring the loudest music she can possibly find just to annoy her huckleberry. an exasperated lucas will finally broker a deal with her: for every question maya answers correctly, he will remove an item of clothing. of course, maya eagerly agrees grinning ear to ear commenting ‘never thought i’d see the day good ol’ hopalong let loose’ lucas, having underestimated her dedication to getting him naked, never thought he’d lose more than a few pieces of clothing but here he was a couple hours and many shots later in nothing but his boxers and a smug maya chortling ‘never underestimate the snarky blonde’

As we learned in GM the New Teacher (and many of us already knew), the pictures matter as much as the words in a visual medium. And this isn’t the first time they’ve used visuals to give things away before an “official” reveal.

Behind the Scenes note: they seriously spent like ten minutes dusting and arranging Barry before his close up. 😂

Wedding Series: Proposal

Luke Hemmings:

You and Luke had been together for close to 10 months but nobody could have guessed this because you two were so close, you were more like best friends that boyfriend and girlfriend. You bullied each other when you were out in public, you would call each other names and do stupidly outrageous impressions of each other but behind closed doors you were always cuddling and kissing.

Luke had known he wanted to marry you since the day he met you but he wanted to ask in the best way he possibly could but he only knew one way. Music. So that’s what he did he decided to record an entire song with help of his friends, tell you it was for the album and film a whole music video for it. The song was called Boy Meets Girl and throughout the video there were various cute and funny pictures of the two of you. Then at the end of the video Luke came up on the screen. “Hey, Y/N. I love you more than words can ever describe and I know I’m lame and stupid and way too tall but there’s a guy behind you who has a question.” Then when you turned around there was Luke. On the floor. On his knee with a ring in a box. “Y/N. Will you make me the happiest boy on the entire planet and be my wife?” By this point you were in tears – all you could do was nod.

Michael Clifford:

One night you and Michael were just enjoying a night in together, watching movies and eating all sorts of shit food like pizza and burgers. This was a normal thing for you two to do and you’d made it your weekly tradition when Michael was home to just put your phones away and enjoy each other’s company.

The two of you were watching 22 Jump Street when Michael got up. “Hey, I bought some ice cream, do you want a proper milk shake? I can make you a vanilla one?” He asked, smiling as you nodded. He walked into the kitchen then quickly made a detour upstairs to grab your engagement ring, he had no idea how he was going to do this but he knew he wanted to do it before he left for tour again. He needed to know that you were in it for the long run. He stuffed the ring in his pocket and brought the drink out for you. “Erm… I actually had another question for you…” He said, he was unbelievably scared. You looked at him, confused as you sat up. “Alright, well I just want you to know that I can’t even begin to describe how much you mean to me. You’re more beautiful and sexy than any girl I could ever imagine myself being with and you’re waaaay better than me at League which is insane. Like, who knew there were hot girl gamers out there, right? Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t ever want to lose you.” He slowly lowered to one knee. “So will you please marry me and never ever leave me?” You were in shock, scoffing as you tried to fathom what had just happened. “Well?…” Mikey asked, getting worried. “What do you mean ‘well’? Of course I will you stupid idiot!”

Ashton Irwin:

You and Ashton had been together for nearly 4 years and the two of you had been through a lot in that time, but now you were stronger than ever. You travelled with him when he was touring and supported him everything he did while he supported your university commitments which meant you had to take time away from him to do online schooling some days. But that didn’t bother him one bit.

The band had ended up in California and Ashton had been planning on proposing to you for a while now but he wanted to do in a very pretty and private way. To fulfil this he rented out a section of the beach and had a table and chairs put there under an arch of fairy lights. He planned to propose to you at a candle lit dinner. He told you that you were just going to go out and grab some food but it was a fancy place so you needed to dress up nice. “Not that you don’t look perfect whatever you’re wearing.” He winked as he told you, earning a giggle. He’d booked a nice Mercedes Benz with a driver to pick you up and drive you to your beachside destination. On the way you two chatted and laughed but deep down Ashton was extremely excited. Upon arrival Ashton got out of the car and helped you out. You looked at him confused at your surroundings. “Oh, I thought you deserved something special or I organised us a private little thing.” He smiled, leading you down the beach to where the table was situated, pulling your chair out for you. During your meal Ashton played a variety of different songs the two of you loved and you laughed together, talking about the songs and their stories.

At the end of the night you and Ashton were stuffed with beautiful food. “Ashton, that was amazing. You’re amazing.” You chuckled. “One last surprise before we go… Alright, I’ll keep it short.” He said as he stood up. You looked at him in anticipation as he dropped to one knee. “Oh my god.” You giggled. “I just wanted to know if you would do me the honour of becoming my beautiful bride.” He said as he presented the ring. “Oh my god I thought you would never ask!” You grinned. “Yes. One hundred million times yes.” You pulled his face up and kissed him passionately.

Calum Hood:

It was the boys last show of the Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour and, of course, you were there watching. You hadn’t missed a performance since you started dating Calum when you were both 14 years old. They played a few extra songs because it was the last night, to your confusion, they played a song that wasn’t theirs. It was “Your Song” by Elton John. You’d loved that song since you were a child and Calum would always sing it to you when you were upset or he’d had a bit too much to drink.

“I would actually like to ask someone really special to join me… Y/N can you come here please…” He asked, reaching his hand out for you. After being nudged by Liz you walked out and joined Calum. “Now, for those of you that don’t know, Y/N and I have been together for nearly six years. She’s the most supportive, loving, funny, outgoing and motivational people I know. Plus her burps are extraordinary. She’s the love of my life and she’s stuck by me even through the crap some of the less understanding fans give her. And I suppose I just wanted to show her and everyone else here how much I truly love and adore this girl so Y/N.” He said as he handed his bass to Luke. “Well you please do me the absolute pleasure…” He dropped down onto his knee and presented you a beautiful ring. “Of being my lady for the rest of time.” You giggled as tears poured down your tears before you nodded and held him in your arms, kissing him softly.

Stop flirting / d-luh

Fuck off. I miss my girl. Feel so frustrated now. Fuck. Like literally I want to take a flight up now to Cali and hit the fucking shit face of Jack. They are hanging out together and I don’t fucking like that. There’s lots of pictures of them on instagram, playing , eating, hugging each other, feel so mad.
I was on stage dancing and singing with Skate but I am fucking furious. Literally about to walk outta the stage. I said NO to the meet and greet. I am going home with my girl, I need her and she needs me.
Y/n told me that she was partying at Stass house. I was exhausted for the flight, kindda jet lag thing, but I needed to see my princess.
When I saw y/n , everything went outta control, Jack was hugging her from behind, I hit his face so hard , my baby was crying and screaming.
“Stop fucking flirting with my girl man! I told you, you fucking piece of shit”
“ Derek please stop!! Let’s get outta here please”
Y/n was so mad at me. She hit my shoulder and chest.
“Why Derek? I am so disappointed! You hit one of your friends! ”
“ I don’t fucking care! He wants you and you are mine! ”
“Thats not true he doesn’t like me in that way”
“It’s the way he looks at you y/n ! It is the same way I look at you! Could you please understand? He isn’t your friend! ”
“Do you think so? ” My girl was so sad, like a hurt puppy.
“Yes, mami. I love you princess, so sorry what happened tonight”
“No baby I am happy to see you! Please forgive me , I was so dumb I thought he was my friend”
“Only if you give me a kiss”
“ I’ll give you like a million kisses tonight ”
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By: @babekylie -M💎