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New Tales from the Old Forest

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 13

Character A’s little sibling/child wants to meet their favorite celebrity/writer/person for Christmas. Character B is said “Christmas present”.

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New Tales from the Old Forest; ~ 5, 500 words; FF.NET || AO3
(now with a shiny sequel - New Tales from the New Year)

At age 28 Emma Swan knows she hasn’t done many things right in her life but her son is definitely in the ‘knocked it out of the part’ category.

She is not sure how much credit she should be given though. She thinks she has raised Henry well, better than she expected, certainly better than she thought she would when she was doubting whether she should do it at all. But there’s only so much positivity and imagination Emma could install in someone. And her kid definitely surpassed her capacity for both.

And like the bright and joyful child that he is, Henry is absolutely obsessed with Christmas.

A part of Emma dreads every 1st of December just because she is sure one morning she’ll wake up and find herself on the North Pole. So far she simply finds herself in an apartment awash in the sounds of Christmas’s best hits. By the end of the first week of that long-awaited month she lives among dwarves of all materials and sizes, has gingerbread men and candy canes falling on her every time she reaches for the cinnamon and is constantly illuminated in some combination of red, green and gold.

How Henry developed such an affinity for the holiday with Emma’s not-quite-a-Grinch-but-definite-Scroogy-undertones attitude, she will never know. Mostly she likes to blame it on kindergarten and school teachers like Miss Blanchard and Miss French. If she didn’t know better, she’d think them related to Santa himself.

But Henry sweeps her along in his excitement like he always does and she has every bit of space on the surface of their fridge covered in drawings of the two of them building snowmen, hanging lights, reading by an imaginable fireplace that she has promised herself to look for when their lease is up, decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies and every other cliché in the holiday book.

All of that should explain why she is willing to do pretty much anything to make sure Henry has whatever his pure, believing little heart wants for Christmas.

Of course, there are some things her son has without a doubt inherited from her. Like the ability to make Emma’s life as difficult as possible.

While every kid and their awesome aunts and uncles are obsessed with superheroes and everything to do with them, racing each other to buy comics, rubber hammers and plastic light-sabers, ordering Marvel DVDs and booking tickets months in advance, Emma Swan is standing in front of a shelf with heavy, leather-bound, luxurious editions of New Tales From the Old Forest and hoping beyond hope that Killian fucking Jones gets a new book out before Christmas starts really breathing down her neck.

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Joker Imagine - Joker meets your family

Anonymous said:Hi! Could you do a joker X reader where the readers family is coming into town for Christmas and the reader has to get the jokers house perfect before her family arrives and jokers all excited to meet her family but the reader is worried. Then the story continues into the joker meeting her family and them opening Christmas presents. Thank you love your blog! <3

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Your P.O.V.

No no no no..

Everything was a big mess.My family was coming to Gotham city all the way from fucking (Your home town)! They wanted to meet my boyfriend that I had been with for a year now. Oh and they’re coming here today, on fucking Christmas eve! I was cleaning the penthouse so it would be in a perfect condition. Joker was still working so I had to break the news for him. My family didn’t really know that I was with Joker. I always called him J so they thought his name was Jay. They would kill me, but there’s no stopping my family.

Just as I finished emptying the dishwasher, the timer beeped, letting me know that the christmas ham was done. I grabbed the pot holders and then took it out of the oven. Tomorrow we’d only have to warm it up again because it was huge enough to feed 30 people. I put the ham aside to rest and just then Joker walked into the kitchen. ‘’Oh it smells delicious’’, he let me know and put his hands on my hips. I sighed and turned around so I was between the counter and him. ‘’We have a problem’’, I admitted nervously and looked into his icy blue eyes. His smile faded and he nodded, allowing me to continue.

‘’My family is coming here in less than an hour to spend the Christmas. I tried to make them stay away, but I couldn’t’’, I spoke quietly and then played with a strand of my hair. Instead of being yelled out, he chuckled. ‘’That’s great. I can’t wait to meet them’’, he purred and grabbed my jaw, making me look at him. ‘’But they don’t know who you are! They only know that you’re J or as they think you’re Jay. They’re going to kill me!’’ , I groaned and felt anxious. How could they accept me with fucking Joker?

‘’Don’t worry, I’ll be kind to them and maybe they’ll melt’’ ,He winked happily. It’s like it didn’t bother him at all.’’Well I can’t promise that they’ll be good’’ , I whispered and then looked at his chest. J was wearing a red button up shirt with a green tie and black pants, very Christmasy. I was wearing a red dress and black heels. ‘’Besides we don’t have to send their gifts through mail because they can get them here today’’ ,he added and tried to keep me happy.

‘’Yeah..’’ I mumbled but still felt anxious. ‘’Oh merry Christmas Y/N, it’s going to be alright’’ ,J giggled and pecked my cheek. Just then the doorbell rang and I knew they were here. Joker looked into my eyes and then grabbed my hand. ‘’Let’s meet your family’’, he declared warmly and we walked to the door. Oh no..They were one big loud mess and my siblings (let’s pretend you have if you don’t) would make him lose his temper. Here goes nothing.

I opened the door and saw them standing there with suitcases and then two henchmen behind them, pointing at them with guns. Oh great. ‘’Gentlemen, lower your guns. They are our guests’’ ,Joker told his henchmen who listened immediately. My family looked already traumatized. ‘’Hi mum, hi dad..hi rats’’ ,I looked at my family members. My dad looked both shocked and angry. ‘’Come inside’’, J stepped aside so they could walk inside. My siblings got in first, then dad and my mum who hugged me. 

‘’Is this a joke?’’ ,She whispered into my ear and pulled back. ‘’Nope’’, I admitted shortly and then walked next to Joker. I was so nervous. ‘’I’m Joker, but you can call me J like Y/N does’’ ,Joker broke the silence as he led us to the dining room. I had set the table for everyone and most of the food was already there. ‘’You can leave your suitcases there. I’ll show you the guest rooms later’’, I told them and pointed at the floor somewhere. My family introduced themselves and sounded nervous. Just as I thought they wouldn’t say anything stupid, my sister , a real pain in the ass spoke up. ‘’Y/N are you a criminal?’’, She asked me seriously and stepped right in front of me. Everyone turned to look at me, probably curious to find out. Joker was just smiling, obviously finding this amusing.

‘’Shut up Y/S/N’’ ,I spat and tried to walk past her. ‘’I’ll show you the table’, J offered and left me alone with my stupid sister. ‘’Why the hell are you together with Joker? Do you even realize how dangerous he is?’’ ,she whisper-yelled and held onto my arms. ‘’Oh calm down sis. He’s nice to me. Besides I can date whoever I want’’ ,I defended myself and got pissed that this was such a big deal.

‘’I don’t know much about Gotham, but pretty much the entire world knows about Joker and whoever this girl of his is. I had no idea that you were the damn jester’’, She admitted, sounding very lost. ‘’Well boo hoo. Merry Christmas’’ ,I giggled, trying to make her calm down. ‘’Let’s go’’ ,I told her and walked into the dining room. Everyone sat down around the table and there was a seat for me next to Joker and my dad. ‘As he saw me, he stood up. ‘’We’ll go and get the rest of the food’’, He said calmly and walked up to me. His hand touched my back and he led us to the kitchen, away from their eyes.

‘’They seem nice’’, was the first thing he said while grabbing the tray with the big ham. I grabbed the gravy and some vegetables. There was wine and soda and more food in the dining room so I think we had everything. ‘’It’s not really funny J, they’re going to be asking you the most idiotic things’’, I warned him before walking back. ‘’Well if they raised you, they can’t be that bad’’, He winked and spoke loud enough for them to hear. Oh great.

We joined them in the dining room again and everything was set. ‘’It’s a pleasure to have you here. Please dig in’’, J said and let them take food first. A few minutes passed as we all grabbed food and Joker was a gentleman and poured everyone something to drink. Most of us took wine, but my siblings got soda. Finally some food. At least I could ignore my family and eat the delicious Christmas food.

‘’How did you meet?’’ ,Dad asked us, causing me to nearly choke on my red wine. I glared at Joker and mentally asked him not to tell them every fucking detail. I didn’t want my family to lose respect of me, because little did they know I was an assassin. We met at a meeting where he was interviewing me. I needed a job so I was ready to be his henchman. Little did we know that we would make out already then and he hired me. I managed to work for him a few days until we realized we were literally made for each other. Ever since I have been his partner in crime.

‘’She was at my club asking for a-’’ ,he opened his big red mouth, making panic kick in. ‘’Asking for a drink and I happened to bump into him’’ ,I finished his sentence for him. He glared at me strangely until he understood. Thank god. My family shared strange looks, but didn’t say anything about it. ‘’Y/N has always been such a good girl. I never thought she’d be into so called bad guys’’ ,my brother teased me, making me angry. What a prick.

‘’Well she’s sure full of surprises. Talking about surprises..’’ ,J started and then cleared his throat. ‘’I’ve got one, but I’ll save it for later’’,he changed his mind in the middle of everything. Was he nervous because of my family too?

                      After eating a little too much food, we started talking a little more normally. My parents put the presents the had taken with them under the big Christmas tree that was in the living room. So did J and I. I showed them their rooms and an hour passed quickly. Before I knew it, we were sitting in the living room, talking and I made sure J wouldn’t spill my secret.

‘’Oh Puddin you’re so funny’’ ,I purred and poked his chest. I was partly sitting on his lap ,not thinking much about it because I always sat on his lap. I bet my family found it weird. His arm was around me safely and he was smiling. ‘’Oh..I know that we’re going to open the presents now because Christmas morning already passed, but there’s one thing I want to do first’’ ,Joker said and then stood up. Everyone was sitting and now looking at him. I just wished with all my heart he wouldn’t do anything bad now.

‘’I know that you might think of me as unfitting for Y/N, but she’s my world’’, He let them know and I knew he was trying to make them accept him. It was kinda sweet. ‘’But there’s something Y/N doesn’t know’’ ,J smiled and that made my blood freeze. I had no idea what he was doing anymore. What didn’t I know?’’I talked to your father and he seemed fine about this. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. I know I’m not good with words, but I’m dead serious when I say that I love you. You’re one of the few people I really care about and I don’t ever want to lose you..’’ ,He explained and turned to face me. My heart started hammering in my chest and I felt surprised.He wasn’t the tpe of guy the declare his love like this in front of everyone.

‘’Y/N will you marry me?’’ ,Joker asked me a little nervously and got down on one knee. He grabbed a black velvet box and opened it, revealing a beautiful golden ring with diamonds on it. I covered my mouth because I literally gasped. Was this even real anymore? Did the clown prince of crime, one of the most dangerous people on earth just propose to me? I felt lightheaded and super happy at the same time. Tears stung my eyes and suddenly I was smiling wildly. Joker seemed nervous so I decided to help him out of that situation. ‘’Yes..’’, I managed to push the word out of my mouth. He looked so relieved and let me jump into his arms and hug him.

‘’Yes..Yes yes J’’,I said over and over again and felt happy tears running down my face. His strong arms held me safely and I could tell that he was happy. My family awed and clapped ,but I only focused on J. I pulled back and he grabbed my hand. Then I watched as he put the ring around my finger. ‘’I love you’’, I said softly and then pressed my lips against his. J kissed me back and that’s when I knew my life was completed. J had me and now he was sure I wouldn’t go so easily.

Best Christmas ever.

Junjou romántica new chapter summary

Takahiro’s wife asks Misaki directly if he is going out with Usami-san. Of course, Misaki goes blank on such a question and ‘flees’ from that place. He talks to Usami-sensei about it and tells him that Takahiro would not be able to hate him for something like being with him in a relationship, in the end, they think it’s better to talk to his sister-in-law first than to tell Takahiro directly ….

Also it seems there is an extra …

Misaki is in search of Christmas presents where he meets Kisa and confuses him with a student but is surprised to know his age …
Holy holy with KISA!! 😱😱

The only thing I know about this episode, is that Lucas is for sure NOT in it. (Farkle most likely won’t be either but who knows) And as much as I wish we could see some cute Rucas Christmas stuff going on, I am still surprisingly really excited for this episode.

Guys.. It’s Maya’s first “perfect” Christmas.

She now has a full family. Her, Shawn, and Katy. She now has Josh. And she continues to have the Matthews.

Despite all the complaints about it being “another Maya centric episode” I still think this episode is gonna end up being so beautiful…

The Set-Up (Joe Sugg Christmas Imagine)

Christmas Imagine- Day 21

It was a few days until Christmas and you were meeting up with Tanya to exchange Christmas presents. You’d been waiting outside the restaurant you were meeting at for about five minutes before you spotted Joe turning the corner.

‘Joe what are you doing here?’ you asked surprised to be seeing one of your best friends.

'I’m meant to be meeting Jim here for food, I thought he’d be here by now actually’

'That’s odd I’m meant to be meeting Tanya and she’s late’ you explained.

'If I’d have known we were all meeting up I would’ve brought your Christmas present with me’

'Yeah me too, I wonder where they are’

At that moment both yours and Joe’s phones buzzed simultaneously and you pulled them out of your pockets.

'It’s Jim, he tells you’

'Mines from Tanya’

Joe started to read his text aloud.

'Hi guys you may be wondering why we’ve sent you both here, well the truth is we’re forcing you two together because you’re clearly unable to get together on your own’

You realised Jim and Tanya had sent you both the same text so you took over with the reading.

'We know you two are both in love with each other so here is our Christmas present to you both. Enjoy your meal and we’ve left tickets at the restaurant bar to go and see a show after. We’ll meet you there! Oh and don’t forget to look up’

You laughed nervously as you looked up and spotted mistletoe above you.

'Well if they’ve gone to all this effort I suppose it’s the least we can do’ Joe smirked at you leaning in to kiss you. You made a mental note to thank Jim and Tanya later.