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I got to meet Krist Novoselic (bass player from Nirvana) before the concert in Rainier last night of his new band, Giants in the Trees. I knew he was tall but had no idea how tall he was!! He was very nice and signed my Nevermind CD.

☁ - find shelter from the weather…in the same place (w/ hybrid!namjoon)

With each crack and clap that comes from the sky, is another reminder in your face of how much you hate your brain for mistaking the folded, portable-sized umbrella for an oversized pencil case in the same cylinder form. That leaves you with no other choice than to settle down by a bench outside a cafe, with a shade generously stretched to prevent the wind and raindrops to gush your way.

It doesn’t take you long to realize that there had been company by your side the whole time you were in a little… self-reflection time in your mind. Turning your cheek to meet with this stranger’s eyes, you offer a smile. He incorporates with one in return, dimples showing, eyes crinkling to crescents that the moon is no match for the glow radiating from his face. You can’t help yourself but say: “What weather, huh?”

The words repeat themselves in your head and stupid, who the hell says that?

There’s not much time to wallow in idiocy when his voice manages to push the sound of the rain meeting the pavement. The bass in his syllables slipping into your ears, the timbre of his tone kissing your eardrums.

“I know. It’s so sudden,”

There’s a shared laugh before a pause of silence takes over. Before you let it die out of neither side daring to take the chance to create small talk, you extend your hand towards him, “I’m Y/N,”

You can tell he’s surprised, but he’s not thrown off by it. He leans in and places his hand against your palm. Fingers curling into yours halfway when you grip to give a light shake, he tells you his name and it’s - “Namjoon,”

Initially, you had intended to ask him why he’s out and about. You know, typical conversations because what else are you going to do to pass the time? However, when a protruding tail appears out of nowhere from what seems to be under Namjoon’s jacket, your question changes because - “Um… Namjoon?”


“I think… your tail is showing,”

Mortification fills his eyes the wider they become and for a second you think it’s cute because he’s blushing and he struggles to hide it despite doing so well earlier on. You watch as he uses his hands to keep his tail from sight, the same time his cap starts to move. He’s panicking, fearful when you shift closer but tries to relax when you’re keeping his hat in place so it doesn’t expose his - “You’re a hybrid,”

He chuckles, and you know the mere courtesy of him trying to play off his nervousness, “W-Well… if I said I wasn’t, would you believe me?”

From the tail, to his almost showing ears that wish to peek through from his cap, you let go and remain your distance (which Namjoon doesn’t know if he likes it or not), “If you wanted me to then I guess I could say I was just seeing things,”

He’s not used to this, unfamiliar with the way a person is genuinely talking to him after finding out what he truly is. As much as he’s surprised now, he thinks it’s too good to be true. Like everything else in life - when something appears to have all the benefits to reap, something must be wrong.

But for some odd reason… he can’t find one in you.

“You… you’re not going to call the pound on me?”

“…I don’t see why I should, no,”

“You still want to talk to me?”



“You are no less than anyone else just because you’re a hybrid,”



“…would it be too late to ask you how your day was?”

“Not at all, no.”

cuffing or simpin’ szn, it’s all the same one way or another. this is my latest mix, a bunch of songs you’ve probably screamed to the top of your lungs at a festival or in a car or wherever. these songs have struck cords in me in one time or another so i hope it’ll take you back to a certain time or place, or just be a good 37 minutes to listen too. 

TRACKLIST: soundcloud

the chainsmokers - inside out (armnhmr remix)
boombox cartel ft. ian everson - b2u
rl grime - aurora (nghtmre remix)
adam k & slander - breathe (myrne & armnhmr remix)
galantis - runaway (gioni remix)
porter robinson & nero - the thrill (maliboux heaven trap flip)
zara larsson - never forget you (price & takis remix)
kaskade - disarm you (armnhmr & dathan remix)
the chainsmokers - new york city (t-mass & lrzd remix)
seven lions x illenium x said the sky - rush over me (ft. haliene)
sweet supernatural (ju1ced boombox mashup)
lorde & flume vs. tommy trash, ingrosso - tennis court reload (henry fong mashup)
never reload ü (ju1ced trapup)
kaskade - a little more (zeelaa heaven trap edit)
illenium ft. skylr - without you
ta-ku & wafia - meet in the middle (email remix)
nikyee heaton - infinity (illenium remix)
coldplay vs. the chainsmokers - yellow vs. don’t let me down (mike destiny edit)

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coming with a year mix mid december

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one of these: drummers bang harder, singers do it louder, bassists do it deeper, guitarists finger faster. Punk!top!Phil being in a band and pastel!Dan thinks he's hot af and wears a baseball cap with one of those quotes on @ a m&g and looks bomb af

I know this is new in the inbox but LOOK AT IT I HAD TO

I changed it to a beanie and combined all because idk I’m pure sin I guess. Sorry about the song lines because I don’t know how to write that shit. It’s here anyways tho.

This got long AF and also, when Dan first meets the band at the m/g it’s not expressly shown that Dan’s consenting, so I made Phil a sweetheart who checks in a lot because guys CONSENT IS IMPORTANT

~Nothing was added because I felt it had to be~


- To say Dan’s excited is an understatement. By some miracle, he scored tickets to a concert for his favorite band, Shameless Color, and a pass for a meet and greet with the band! He’ll get to meet PJ (lead singer), Chris (bass guitar), Hazel (Electric Guitar), and Phil (drummer). Mostly, Dan is excited to meet Phil, whom he may or may not have a huge crush on. After hours of deliberation, he decides to wear his one pair of black skinny jeans, his pastel pink crop top and matching converse, and a beanie he got from the merch store, that’s also a soft shade of pink, and has in solid black text, the phrases “Singers do it louder, Drummers bang harder, Bassists get deeper, Guitarists finger faster” in four lines on it, carefully arranged so Dan’s curly fringe falls over his forehead.

- Dan gets to the concert and his seat without a problem, and loves every second of it. Towards the end, the band starts a tradition they’re famous for- each member of the band pulls someone up on stage for a song and dedicates it to them. Occasionally, they’ll let the person do something- try out the drums during a solo, strum some notes on the bass or guitar, sing the chorus… things like that. Dan has to admit he’s disappointed when Phil pulls up some screaming teenage girl and throws his arm around her, pressing a kiss to her cheek while she introduces herself. Hazel had told him to stop being a flirt, and then they played her a song.

- “Alright, so this is our last song,” PJ says to the crowd, laughing at the sounds of dissent his words are met with. “I know, I know. So, who’s the lucky one to join us on stage?” His green eyes  scan the front row, finally landing on Dan. “How about you, in the very sexy beanie from our store?” With wide eyes, Dan points to himself, mouthing ‘me?’ “Yes, you, don’t be shy. As Dan climbs up onto the stage, Hazel begins to play the opening chords of the band’s first ever recorded song, ‘With you.’ “What’s your name, pretty boy?”

- PJ passes the mic to Dan, who holds in in shaky hands. “Dan.”

- “Well, Dan, this song’s for you!” The song is loud and beautiful and soulful. Every now and then, Dan can’t help but shut his eyes and let the music surround him. Before Dan knows it, PJ is offering him the microphone again with a huge grin.. “Your time to shine, Dan.”

- “With you I see in color, I’m finally alive. If I ever could, I would be with you day and night. But most days the world spins on without us and you’re left behind. After all this time gone by- I still wanna be with you.”

- The stadium cheers, and Dan sheepishly hands the microphone back to PJ. “Stay here,” PJ whispers with a smirk, and finishes the song, thanking the crowd, finally bidding them goodnight and leading Dan backstage with the rest of the band. “Dan, let me tell you, your voice is fucking amazing. And Love-Eyes-Lester over there couldn’t stop staring at your ass. Are you coming to the meet and greet?” Slowly, Dan nods. “Great. See you there.” PJ winks and disappears, leaving Dan to be led back to the main area by a security guard.

-Dan can barely contain his excitement, but because of being backstage, is last in the M/G line. It doesn’t matter to him too much, band he passes the time tweeting and scrolling through tumblr. Eventually, Dan reaches the front, and is met with three beaming smiles and a raised eyebrow from Phil.

- “Dude, your singing is awesome,” Chris says, uncapping his silver sharpie and scribbling a signature on the folded edge of Dan’s beanie. 

- “Really, it was amazing!” Adds Hazel, taking Chris’ sharpie to put her signature on Dan’s hat as well. She then passes it to PJ, who adds his, winking at Dan, and the three of them walk away, leaving Phil, who signs Dan’s beanie last. 

- “You’ve got a nice voice,” Phil says, giving Dan an obvious once over. “It’s true, y’know.”

- “What is?” Dan asks, stumbling over his word in nerves.

- Phil smirks. “Drummers bang harder.”


- “You’re honestly too cute, and too fuckable in those jeans, pretty boy.”

-”Thanks?” Dan says softly, like it’s a question. Getting hit on by your celebrity crush is something that only happens in fanfictions.

“’sides, what’s a baby pink wearing twink like you doing at a rock concert?”

- “I like your music,” Dan defends, but instead of meeting Phil’s brilliant blue eyes, he’s staring at Phil’s lips and the moonlight glinting off of his snakebites. “What’s a hot punk drummer like you doing hitting on a fan?”

- “Touche,” Phil laughs. “Does that mean you won’t object if I invite you back to my hotel room to… spend the night?”

- “I think I’d be okay with that.”

- Phil offers his arm to Dan, and leads him to the waiting limousine, where Chris, PJ and Hazel are already waiting. “After you,” Phil says, opening the door for Dan.

- “Called it,” PJ laughs, and Hazel rolls her eyes before handing him a twenty. “Hey, Dan!”

- “Hi,” Dan says shyly, and Phil climbs into the limo as well, in what’s admittedly a tight squeeze. “Well, I guess I’ll have to sit in your lap,” Dan teases, which makes everyone laugh and- is Phil blushing?

- “C’mere,” Phil finally chuckles, pulling Dan into his lap and kissing Dan’s cheek, using it as a guise to whisper in Dan’s ear. “Can’t wait to get back to the hotel and make you fall apart beneath me, pretty boy.” Dan shivers, and Phil pauses. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If you get uncomfortable, you tell me, and we’ll just watch a movie, or I’ll make sure you get home safe, okay?”

- “Believe me, I want this,” Dan murmurs, and subtly grinds down onto Phil’s lap, earning him a quiet growl and two hands on his hips, Phil’s fingers warm on his bare skin. For a moment, Dan worries he’s gone a bit too far, but Phil leans in close and starts whispering into Dan’s ear.

- “Is this okay?” Dan whimpers and nods. “Can’t wait until we get back to the hotel, hmm? You’re just too desperate.” One of Phil’s hands slips into Dan’s skinny jeans and plays with the waistband of his boxers, making Dan’s breath hitch. The rest of the band either don’t notice or don’t care as Phil begins to trail kisses up and down Dan’s neck, dragging his lip piercings over the tender skin.

-After what feels like an eternity, the limo arrives at the hotel, and Phil literally sweeps Dan off his feet to carry him upstairs, followed by the wolf whistles from Chris, PJ, and Hazel. “Almost messed up during our last song because I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you, pretty boy,” he purrs, setting Dan down to unlock the door to his room, and immediately pulling Dan inside. “Can I kiss you?” He asks.

-”Fuck yeah,” Dan breathes, and then he’s being pressed up against the door, Phil’s mouth on his, hands on Dan’s waist, and hips firmly up against Dan’s. A little unsure, Dan reaches his hands up to tangle in Phil’s hair, pulling gently to keep him close. Suddenly brave, Dan grinds into Phil, which makes both of them moan at the friction. 

- “Can I take this off?” Phil mumbles, toying with the hem of Dan’s crop top.

- Giggling, Dan takes his hands from Phil’s hair and pulls away from the kiss. “Depends. Can this come off too?” Dan raises an eyebrow as he unbuttons the top button of Phil’s shirt. Phil nods, so Dan lets Phil take off his shirt and then focuses on undoing each button of Phil’s shirt, finally pushing it off his shoulders. “You have more tattoos than I thought,” Dan says, running his fingers over the colorful images.

- “Well, I don’t normally take off my shirt for just anyone,” Phil laughs, and kisses Dan again, more passionately this time. “This would be more comfortable on the bed, you know.”

- Dan doesn’t stop kissing Phil, just pushes him toward the bed and down onto the mattress, climbing onto his lap and straddling Phil. He slowly starts to properly grind against Phil. “Lube?”

-”And condoms. Nightstand.” Dan breaks the kiss to grab them, gasping when Phil chooses a place on Dan’s neck to suck a dark hickey. “Remember, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want. Even if we’re in the middle of fucking, say the word, and I’ll stop.”

- “You’re overly cautious,” Dan says.

- Phil laughs. “Better than not at all. Can I take off these skinny jeans, pretty boy?” Dan ignores the question and gets on the floor, working at the button of Phil’s instead. “That’s not what I- oh.” The rest of Phil’s sentence is cut off with a deep moan when Dan starts mouthing at Phil through his boxers, teasing him. “Fuck, Dan c’mon,” Phil pleads half-halfheartedly, but he smirks when Dan quickly strips out of his own skinny jeans, so that now they’re both in boxers. Phil pulls Dan down to the bed and flips them over, so that he’s on top of Dan. “This okay?”

- “Yeah, yeah, stop asking, dammit,” Dan rambles, working on taking Phil’s boxers off, which makes Phil laugh.

- “Alright, alright.” He strips away Dan’s boxers and grabs the lube, coating his fingers in it. “You ready?” Dan nods, so Phil rubs his finger against Dan’s hole until he relaxes enough to slip the first finger in. Painfully slowly, Phil thrusts the one finger in and out until Dan’s whimpering and holding onto Phil’s wrist to try and get more. “Patience, pretty boy,” Phil coos, but adds another finger, scissoring Dan open and searching for that spot. He knows he finds it when Dan arches off the bed and cries out Phil’s name. After that, Phil quickly works Dan up to four fingers, and pulls away to roll on the condom and lube himself up. 

- “You’re fucking huge,” Dan says suddenly, looking up at Phil. Before he has the chance to reply, Phil can’t help but notice how fucked out Dan already looks with his neck covered in bruises, his eyes glassy, lips red and swollen, and curly hair sticking to his forehead where the beanie that’s stayed on doesn’t cover it..

- “Hands and knees for me, love,” Phil says instead of really replying. “Are you sure you want this?”

- Dan moves on the bed until he’s comfortable, and smirks. “More than anything I’ve ever been in my life.”

- Without warning, Phil starts to push in, giving Dan time to adjust every inch or so until his hips are pressed against Dan’s bum and both of them are breathless, Phil from how tight Dan is, Dan from the stretch. “Tell me when I can move, pretty boy,” Phil whispers, peppering kisses over Dan’s back and shoulders.

- After a couple of minutes, Dan says he’s ready, and Phil starts with a slow pace, gently rolling his hips, until Dan’s begging for more, harder, faster, please, Phil! Before long, Phil’s fucking Dan so hard that the headboard bangs against the wall with each thrust, the space between the sounds filled with Dan moaning and letting out a litany of things like ‘yes,’ ‘there,’ and ‘oh god.’

-”Fuck, Phil, I’m gonna-” Dan cries, and Phil leans over Dan to bite at his neck.

- “Come for me, pretty boy. Come untouched, on my cock.”

-”Phil!” Dan screams as he comes, and Phil follows moments later with loud moan, nearly collapsing on top of Dan, before having the sense to pull out and tie off the condom, chucking it in a wastebasket.

-”You go clean off, I’ll change the sheets, okay?” Phil says softly, and Dan nods, standing up and wincing before sitting back down.

-”Not happening. Guess drummers really do bang harder.”


-Mae (JFC I don’t know how to end things I’m sorry this is so shit it’s one am)

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PLL makes me feel like a total Mum!

Bloggers who have followed the show since middle or high school. Well, I graduated in 2011. I started PLL my Freshman year of COLLEGE! MY late middle - early HIGH school “go to” was GG (before I made the transition from that to PLL, after Gossip Girl become literally so stupid I was laughing at it for its unwatchable'ness, not laughing anymore because of the whip smart dialogue, the original DEPTH of the show, especially Blair and Chuck’s nuanced characters…)

Anyway, as post re: PLL come up in my Dash, I feel like a Mum, at times. But then I just remind myself that these girls (and guys), be it that the show was set in HS for so long, are even older than I am.

I grew up with Miley/Hannah and the Harry Potter (then) kids. So even though my TV interests are all over the map, I don’t deserve to have been bullied by my stepfather for my occasional tendency to slip back into adolescence, on occasion.

I may no longer fit the demographic for Freeform shows…but God, they ARE truly trying to distance themselves (what PLL has turned into) from the “Family” channel they once were!

Girl Meets World/Gossip Girl AU:

Riley Matthews as Blair Waldorf

Maya Hart as Serena VanDer Woodsen

Lucas Friar as Nate Archibald

Farkle Minkus as Chuck Bass

Riley and Maya have been best friends for as long as they can remember. But when Lucas cheats on Riley with Maya, it sends these best friends on a journey through life, love and heartbreak. Riley finds solace in Farkle Minkus, the rich bad boy who seems to understand her better than Lucas ever could. Lucas and Maya find themselves stuck on an off again/on again relationship in which they both just want what is best for each other. Both Riley and Maya must first take on New York if they want to take on the world.

Bonus: Riley and Maya as Serena and Blair

So Boy Meets World is filming, we’re in our─must’ve been our sixth or seventh season, we’re older so I was probably eighteen or nineteen and, uh for some reason there was a relationship between our show and The Monkees, the band. (Oh, my God.)…By this time Mickey Dolenz decided he wanted to be a director, so Mickey Dolenz was directing an episode of Boy Meets World. While he’s there on set, at this time Danielle Fishel who played Topanga is dating Lance Bass from *NSYNC (Jesus! *laughter ensues*). He turned out to be gay and we, you know, so she’s coming to set and saying “You know, he doesn’t really want to makeout, it doesn’t make any sense.” Anyway, they’re still really good friends. (Did this really happen?!) Yes, it really happened. (*more laughter*) They’re still really good friends. And you know, obviously we didn’t say like “Oh, he’s so gay!” But it was like, “Eh, he must be really Christian!” (*laughter*) Anyway, so the members of *NSYNC are visiting our set while Mickey Dolenz is there. I am at craft-service having a conversation with Justin Timberlake, and we’re just talking about careers and life, and his career! And he says, “You know, they want us to do a TV show and I’m just like UGH WHY?!” and Mickey Dolenz is right behind him at that point, and he goes, “Why not? Why wouldn’t you want a TV show?” And I watched Justin Timberlake look at Mickey Dolenz, make the connection *Oh right, The Monkees were famous because they did a TV show.* He did this whole calculation, and then I watched him have to like “Well, it’s just not really MY thing. I’m just not─” (Oh God. *laughter*) try to watch Justin Timberlake pull himself out of the grass of having just insulted Mickey Dolenz’s entire career, I forget exactly what he said, but it was something to the effect of “I mean a boy band and a TV show, that would just be─” and there he is! It was the greatest collision. You know that Justin Timberlake is going, “What are the chances? I come to visit Boy Meets World and what─a Monkee happens to be here?!”
—  Rider Strong, a quirky on-set story from the Literary Disco podcast. (//50)
Enchanted // Cody Christian

Pairing: Cody Christian x Reader

Prompt: “I was enchanted to meet you”

Imagine bassed on “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift

Word count: 1131

A/N: English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude.

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I hate parties, and the more if they treat of those stupied parties in which you find only selfish people who worry of themselves anyway, and the last straw is, that I am at costume party, with a dress that weighs about twenty kilos and does not let me breathe, this cosert is killing me.

I got out of that packed place, I was already fed up of faking smiles, what  I do care about what they say, when it’s clear that it’s not true. My feet took me to the garden of Tyler’s house, I knew this place by heart like the palm of my hand.

Although today was hugely different… the garden was beautifully decorated.

I sat on a small rock, gazing at the lights that reflected on the pool, I carried up a bit of my dress, letting it come up to my knees, I saw my feet and it was necessary for me not to let out a laugh. My feet found themselves pampered in some worn out red Converse, my favorites.

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I’ve been quite the fan of Denver based (San Francisco native) producer ILLENIUM’s face melting future bass meets chill step productions for some time now, and it’s been obvious that this guy is going to be a huge electronic star. His latest track is an original named I’ll Be Your Reason, released on Next HQ, Skrillex’s talent showcasing platform. On I’ll Be Your Reason, ILLENIUM goes for a brooding, simmering atmosphere, paired with intensely heavy beats and thrilling bass. The track features Irish songwriter EDEN on mournful, somber vocals. Despite its beefy beats, I’ll Be Your Reason is a mellow, melting song full of poignant emotion and fluid texture. It haunts me more with every listen.

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Dean's Gay Thing

Sam was about to land a decent chunk of pocket money from his mark at the pool table. Cas had his own hustle with darts. He looked like a dorky desk jockey who was drinking his day away instead of going home to his wife. Dean stayed at their table to work his way through the piled high nachos.

“From the gentleman at the bar,” the waitress said as she slid some blue drink full of fruit in front of him. He smiled a thanks to her and tried to casually glance to see who sent it to him. He chuckled to himself and raised the glass.

“Aaron! Thought you were cruising raves in places I can’t pronounce.” Dean stood and gave him a hug when he made his way to the table.

“Dean, you killed Hitler. The least I could do was hop on a plane and buy you a drink.”

Dean gestured for him to sit and proceeded to tell him all about taking down one of the worst monsters mankind had ever seen. Aaron filled him in on his travels and research until Sam returned with his winnings.

Cas joined them a few moments later with his own haul in his trenchcoat pocket. He was confused at how friendly the brothers were being with this strange man in his seat and how comfortable he seemed to be around him. He stood next to Dean and waited to be noticed.

“Cas! Hey, I want you to meet Aaron Bass. Aaron, this is Castiel.”

Aaron extended a hand and Cas begrudgingly shook it. He had a thin smile. “How do you know Sam and Dean?” He asked with a slight edge.

“They helped me with a Nazi problem and how to use my golem. I helped them out with some info a few weeks ago. Had to come buy Dean a drink and thank him personally for killing Hitler.”

Ugh. All Dean has talked about is bagging his biggest trophy. And some stranger is buying him a drink. And sitting in his seat. Who the hell does he think he is? Cas stood with his arms crossed then let one drop to Dean’s shoulder.

“He was also Dean’s gay thing,” quipped Sam. The brightness left Cas’ eyes and turned dark and cold.

“Funny story. I’m going all over town looking for leads on this case and I keep seeing this guy everywhere I go. So I call him out on it and he starts flirting with me. I whipped out my FBI badge and he says…”

“…is that supposed to make you less interesting?” Aaron finished. The three men at the table laugh in unison but Cas is still maintaining his forced smile.

Cas looked at the blue cocktail and assumed it was the precedent to another flirtation. He was not pleased.

“Anyway, if it had been anyone else I would have politely declined the drink.” Dean reached and pulled Cas into his lap. “Seeing as I’m off the market.” He smiled at his angel. He knew Cas was getting tense so he decided to make a very public display of their relationship.

“Mazel Tov!” Aaron toasted them. Cas even tipped his half bottle of beer. Dean took one sip of the blue drink and made a horrible face. He handed it to Cas.

“Here. Too sweet for me. Have a Smurfarita.”

Cas accepted and didn’t mind the taste. He didn’t mind Aaron either. Dean proved he was totally committed to them, to their gay thing.