meet rara


If the superpowered wolves in GNG Manga and spinning dogs in Ginga series are not enough for weirdness, then meet Rara the mutant giant flying squirrel that eats puppies and beat up adult dogs from Shiroi Senshi Yamato manga. 

Rara’s appearance is so weird and scary that it even shocked Yamato. 

Oshima Ryoka and Goto Rara interaction on 755

Ryoka: Thank you for these two daysー!Thanks to the fans and 755, finally I could meet Rara-chanーー😉
She’s like a puppy、she’s really、cute。
I also gave her my Valentine’s Day (gift)❤︎❤︎
I hope I can have a nice long chat with her next time!!

Rara: I received sweets from Ryoka-san on Valentine’s Day💕 We also got a picture taken together!!
If I had brought my phone too、、、😢😢
I was so happy💕💕

Ryoka: So cute😭😭 Spent all night yesterday making sweets, it was totally worth it😭lol

Rara: I’m so happy〜〜😊😊💕💕
I want to talk much more with Ryoka-san😊💖
She started a conversation with me、she’s really kind、、、💓💓
The Valentine’s apple pies that I received from her were yummy💕
My genmates were all said “Looks yumm〜〜”
And I was like “I won’t give it to you〜〜"😋😋
I hope I can return a favor when next time I meet Ryoka-san💕