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Koenji Shopping Guide & Japan Snow

In her new video, Harajuku street snap model Rikarin shows two cute shops in Koenji - KIKI2 (kawaii fairy kei style) and Wagado (Harajuku meets Japanese otaku style) - and then heads off to the mountains for snowboarding and onsen! See All “My Harajuku Life” Videos
When I hear there's (Kuroko no basuke Season 2)

My friends told me there’s season 2 

At first I didn’t believe them

they send me this link :

 Kuroko’s Basketball Anime Gets 2nd Season

then I was like 


External image


then 3 minutes l8er

I can’t believe it 

I say to Kuroko 

But when my Family see my Reactions

their reactions  Like 

then I say :

and “ that’s me ”

I really hope that Sasuke is gonna be the one who’ll give Madara a talking-no-jetsu because he is the only one who could understand his feelings .. Not Hashirama nor Naruto .. Sasuke has lost his brother Itachi .. So he understand what does it mean to lose your loved ones .. Izuna and Itachi sacrificed their lives for their beloved ones .. Itachi did everything just for Sasuke .. Izuna sacrificed his life by giving his eyes to Madara ..
Both of them share the same past .. They’ve lost their loved ones and I really hope Sasuke will start showing his feelings from now on .. Cuz obv..the manga is gonna end soon and I want to see him believing in someone at least for once .. Madara deserve to live .. I hope kishi won’t kill him or something ..