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I saw that post about the so called ‘canon trans girls in anime’ and I just…

I’m breaking this down because trans girls and crossdressing boys seem to get mixed up here

First image: Aoi Hyoudou from Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Nope! According to the wiki, he’s a professional crossdresser who happens to have androgynous features.

Second image: Fisheye from Sailor Moon

Nope! He usually wears feminine clothes and goes by female pronouns to attract the male Victims of the Week, but doesn’t really mind being called a guy or a girl either way.

Third image: Chihiro Fujisaki from Dangan Ronpa

Nope! He’s just a guy who only wears feminine clothing and lets others assume he’s a girl due to the bullying he endured because of his physical features not adhering to gender roles.

Fourth image: Grell Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Now that’s a canon trans girl for you there!

Fifth image: Hato Kenjirou from Genshiken

And nope! Just another crossdressing guy who uses the female persona to (according to the wiki) be able to attend otaku meetings or something of that sort.

Sixth image: Isabella Yamamoto from Paradise Kiss

Looked her up and she’s a canon one too.

Seventh image: Shuichi Nitori from Wandering Son


Eighth image: Peppo from Gankutsuou

Looked up her too and yep, canon too.

Ninth image: Ruka Urushibara from Steins;Gate

EDIT: People are saying that Ruka could definitely count as one too. From the info I’ve seen from them, I can definitely see this and I think Ruka can count as one too.

TL;DR If you’re gonna try to list canon trans girls, please make sure they’re actual canon trans girls and not just crossdressing boys there.


Koenji Shopping Guide & Japan Snow

In her new video, Harajuku street snap model Rikarin shows two cute shops in Koenji - KIKI2 (kawaii fairy kei style) and Wagado (Harajuku meets Japanese otaku style) - and then heads off to the mountains for snowboarding and onsen! See All “My Harajuku Life” Videos
When I hear there's (Kuroko no basuke Season 2)

My friends told me there’s season 2 

At first I didn’t believe them

they send me this link :

 Kuroko’s Basketball Anime Gets 2nd Season

then I was like 


External image


then 3 minutes l8er

I can’t believe it 

I say to Kuroko 

But when my Family see my Reactions

their reactions  Like 

then I say :

and “ that’s me ”

I really hope that Sasuke is gonna be the one who’ll give Madara a talking-no-jetsu because he is the only one who could understand his feelings .. Not Hashirama nor Naruto .. Sasuke has lost his brother Itachi .. So he understand what does it mean to lose your loved ones .. Izuna and Itachi sacrificed their lives for their beloved ones .. Itachi did everything just for Sasuke .. Izuna sacrificed his life by giving his eyes to Madara ..
Both of them share the same past .. They’ve lost their loved ones and I really hope Sasuke will start showing his feelings from now on .. Cuz obv..the manga is gonna end soon and I want to see him believing in someone at least for once .. Madara deserve to live .. I hope kishi won’t kill him or something ..

I love thinking about an AU where Onoda never gives up on forming an anime club, even after he joins the cycling team.

Like they’ll be talking during practice and he’ll just say “But soon I’ll find enough members to form anime club and then I’ll quit! I’ll miss you guys!”

and everyone just looks at him like “DON’T”

Kinjou is constantly trying to convince him to stay and Naruko and Imaizumi are always trying to throw gentle subliminal messages into their conversations

But mostly it’s fine and everyone has fun biking together until Onoda actually meets a fellow otaku at school and EVERYONE ON THE TEAM PANICS