meet new people today

things to NEVER say/do to someone who stutters

• ask them stuff like “can you stop stuttering?” “speak clearer” “why are you stuttering?”
• point it out
• laugh at them when they’re speaking/doing a presentation in class (this one especially because we’re already anxious enough doing oral presentations and your bullfuckery is not needed)
• imitating them
• and writers; please keep the stutter consistent but DONT OVERDO IT. most stutterers stutter on the same few syllables/sounds, and those can change over time
• also from what ive experienced i stutter more around people that im not comfortable with/don’t know very well, or when im unsure. i also stutter around my grandma for some reason but idk why lmao

basically, just don’t be rude. you don’t like your flaws being pointed out so don’t point out mine (especially since the only real way to hide a stutter is to not speak)


The young Zora shifted a little as she watched over the domain. She should be studying more, Muzu had told her how important it was that she keep up on her studies, but she just needed a break, a moment to enjoy the sun and air. 

Head popped up she spotted the figures approaching across the bridge. Mipha quickly adjusted her jewelry before making her way down the stairs. Feet slowed as her golden eyes spotted the Hylian walking alongside the Zora. Hands were clasped in front of herself shyly, uncertain if she was ready to meet new people today. 

You brought a friend…? Pardon my rude entrance. ”

hi there everyone!

in gratitude and celebration of reaching 4,000 followers (and because i haven’t celebrated a milestone since 1.2k), i’m doing my first tumblr awards!

i also feel like there are a lot of newer d/r and dt bloggers out there that i should be following but haven’t discovered yet and i want some new folks on my dash. this is your chance to introduce yourself! :]

all you have to do is:

  1. follow me if you aren’t already
  2. regularly post rtd who and/or doctor/rose and/or david tennant stuff
  3. reblog this post by january 10

and you’re entered! i will check out every person who reblogs this, and everyone will have an equal chance, i.e. i won’t give preference to mutuals OR conversely to people i don’t know

the categories are:

  • the tardis award: best theme
  • the rose tyler award: best graphics
  • the ninth doctor award: best url
  • the shakespeare award: best author
  • the bad wolf award: best gifs
  • the david tennant award: sweetest blogger
  • the leslie knope award: best tagging system
  • the peter carlisle award: best david tennant source
  • the hand to hold award: best doctor/rose source
  • the rembrandt award: best artist
  • the demetri martin award: funniest blogger
  • the tenth doctor award: britt’s overall fave

winners will get:

  • a follow from me, if not already
  • collectively announced/promo’d
  • a gifset or ficlet request OR an additional promo (up to you)

if you want to nominate yourself for a specific category, feel free! just put it in the tags. and have an easy way for me to find/see your original work on your blog’s main page, if applicable.

good luck, and i look forward to meeting those of you that i don’t know!

Why do you all have to discredit Kris? If everyone can acknowledge EXO’s achievements without KrisHan, why not acknowledge that Kris had the chance to attend a huge event and mingle with some A-listers of Hollywood?

Kris had the amazing opportunity to walk the red carpet today, meet new people, associate himself and recognize the atmosphere of a Hollywood event all while representing his homeland. If you can recognize EXO’s latest slayage(? is that a word), you can definitely recognize and appreciate this great opportunity for Kris.

i want to meet new people today i want to be embarrassed because i think someone is cute i want to roll around in the grass i want to hear a new song and like it i want to get my white shoes dirty

I have to meet a ton of new people today and make them all like me since I’ll basically be living with them for the next six months and then I have to unload all of my belongings from my car at some point so I can move in to a place I don’t necessarily want to be and then I get to start a new, high-pressure job tomorrow.

Lololololololololololol anxiety.

I hate this.

Today was my area’s first day of school and idk when all of you start school but if today’s your first day, have a great day at school today! Meet new people, play nicely with your peers, make a good first impression with your teachers, and have fun! Trust me, when HS is over you’ll be wondering where it went. It goes by in the blink of an eye.

If you don’t hear this at home (or even if you do w/e), I’m proud of you and I know you try your hardest, just give it everything you’ve got because you have so much potential that you don’t want to go to waste! If you need anyone for support or to rant about dumb stuff that happened at school whenever, you can message me. Think of me as your “cool aunt” who wants to hear you gossip about what kinda drama bs is going down in your school now.

If today isn’t your first day, well, then just read this again on your first day. Lol.

hello!!! my name is Gavin and that is my puppy, Penny! this is my first TST. I’m sick today but still in the mood for selfies. I’m 14 year old trans guy (he/him/his) andmy url is glorifiedguitarist, come message me! i may seem really anxious, but i’d love to meet some new people! everyone looks very lovely today btw!