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Big day everyone! I can finally reveal the cover of my new book! I am absolutely in love with this art. They did such a great job. It really captures the spirit of the book, playful but serious content. The book won’t be out until May but I can hardly wait! Tell me what you think of this cover!! I’ll be doing book events all over the country next summer and fall and I hope to finally meet some of my Tumblr peeps out there. Until then! 

Have you guys ever wondered if any other people like us live near you because I’m like do I know any of you guys irl like I’m not about to ask where anyone lives because that would be weird and I don’t readily give that information either but I think about this all the time dude

yells into the void HELLO FE FANDOM OMG I used to RP here with a nina blog! ( cambricleur if anyone remembers that 2016ish clUSTERFUCK LMAO ) but omg so excited to bring my ULTIMATE FAVE fe girl to life !!!! :D so yeah, standard promo here ! I’m Almond !! lovely to meet you all, and please do me a solid and LIKE / REBLOG if you’d be willing to RP with a CHERCHE FROM FIRE EMBLEM: AWAKENING !!!!

HI! I’m Buster, and I’m not your AVERAGE cat!

I was living the outdoor life, when I was attacked by a vicious beast and ended up at the Howard County Cat Club in Columbia, Maryland. And WOW, this place is sure swanky!

Since life is clearly on an upward swing for me, it’s obvious the next step is a loving home! I’m a great cat, and I give AWESOME hugs! I also really like my feather dancer toy, and would enjoy sharing my life with some cat buddies, or even a friendly dog!

I still like the great outdoors, so a home with some safe outdoor access would be amazing. (Three-story catio, anyone?)

If you’d like to know more, or set u a meeting, just holler up my peeps at 410-730-3679!

And if you can’t adopt me, you know what’s almost as amazing? REBLOGGING ME!

Can’t wait to love ya.


I’m back with another BOTM, so welcome everyone!! I’m so so excited about this because in October, as a lot of you know, two of my favorite shows, and probably yours too, will be returning! Riverdale and Stranger Things! I’m sosososo pumped about this! In my last BOTM (September) with @ghleam (shoutout to her x) we chose to pick 5 winners when we were posting but we were overwhelmed because SO many amazing blogs entered! SO this month I’m gonna choose more so y’all have a much bigger chance this month ;). Now I’m just rambling :p. Continue reading for more!

I will be choosing 10 winners!


  1. Must be following me, (please don’t lie, I’ll be checking and it’s only fair)
  2. Reblog this post
  3. Don’t delete the text


  • A follow from me
  • You’ll be featured on my BOTM page  here for a month
  • You’ll be featured in my awardatory here FOREVER ;)
  • Promos 2x per week upon request
  • Endless queues the whole month of October!

Higher Chances:

  • TALK TO ME (I love meeting new peeps)
  • Reblog my other awards here
  • Queue a lot from me so I’ll notice you more
  • Have a similar blog style and be active!


  • Closes September 30th. Winners will be announced between October 1st and 4th
  • Self-promoting will really lower your chances, but won’t disqualify you.
  • This amazing amazing banner was made by Callie (@pallacium)! Request one here
  • If you we’re a winner of my last BOTM, this will lower your odds of winning, because I should give other people a chance :)
  • If your blog is marked as sensitive, please message me. This will not lower your chances of getting picked, I’ll just need you to turn sensitive mode off for a minute as I check it out, otherwise, don’t bother to apply because I won’t even be able to check you out :(

if this flops, lets pretend it never existed

Good luck!


Oh yah I was at tfcon this past weekend and got to cosplay as cyclonus while my friend was tailgate. Also met some great cosplayers as the holoform versions.

Delilah was seated off to the side of the area with only a book, a notepad, and her delusions to accompany her. She was very much content with herself and was fairly focused until something caught her attention. Someone was more like it. The minute this person entered her space is when the voices in her head turned on. Delilah looked up and studied the person with a small smile, making absolutely no effort to conceal her obvious staring.