meet my peeps

I do art but who said I was any good at it
Then again it’s art so who tf cares my dude

This was kind of rushed- but I like it bc I haven’t actually drawn anything due to how fucked up school has been lately.
I’m also 5'8" (I think) half Filipino and I love all my friends that laugh at my daily existential crises ♥️

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Did I mention I got my flight confirmation yesterday? I am officially going to be in Europe for essentially all of July, and due a minor miscommunication error between several people in the choir and the company, I now have two free weeks of independent exploration instead of one and I CAN’T DECIDE WHAT I WANNA DO ^.^

Forgot to post a couple of the tulpa stuff that’s happened for the past two days. So be ready for a stream of them.

On my way home, so I decided to have my peeps meet with Onyx.

Onyx was a little nervous about the whole event. Asking me of they would be alright with her and asking such, I promised that they’ll be nice and that with Veto telling them about her and what she did for us, it would end up being fine and they’ll be more than happy to meet with her.

She held my hand and we went to wonderland.

I called my peeps over and they were quick to come over, all of them coming down to the main entrance of the house.

Onyx hid behind me, and waved at them when I introduced her to them, but was still a little uncertain.

Of course my boys took charge of the situation, with Rick mostly going out if his way to introduce himself to her and talk to her while Gaster reminded him to be slow and gentle for a rather shy Onyx. And it just took off from there.

Onyx got to talk to Veto, mostly Veto thanking her for protecting us last night and Onyx nodding.

Then being introduced to Morty and Sansy. Sansy took to immediately teasing her and a noogie-ing her, welcoming her to the wonderland and the family. Morty telling him to be nice and thanking her for taking care of me.

Then Eras went to hug her, spinning her around and being glad that he has a new person like him in our group.

She then met Dagny, who bent down to greet her because Dagny is a giant. Onyx was immediately drawn to Dagny’s eyes and blurted out that she liked them. Dagny told her that she could have the same eyes as her as well, and so that’s how Onyx now has lavender eyes.

James was the last that met with her and they talked about their weapons and how cool Onyx was. Needless to say that she was pretty excited to see him in action since James told her that basically everyone here can fight and maybe some time he can get to see what she got.

Overall, a good introduction!


Oh yah I was at tfcon this past weekend and got to cosplay as cyclonus while my friend was tailgate. Also met some great cosplayers as the holoform versions.

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I should introduce myself, am I right? Well, I should think of a cool way to do that. Hm. I have yet to unpack because I’ve been binge watching Supernatural and drinking cherry soda. All last night it was the same thing, except I had wine. It’s acceptable to stop unpacking to drink wine and binge Netflix shows, right? I can unpack at any time. Anyway, that’s not cool at all. But my name is Avril Lavigne and you’re definitely not watching Disney Channel because I say fuck a lot.