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1. I am currently drinking and writing spank fic
2. I didn’t drink for the first time until I was 26 because I was afraid of becoming an alcoholic like my dad
3. I have a college diploma for Law Clerk and I was going to go on to become a lawyer eventually but as it turns out I actually hate the legal field with a burning passion.
4. I began a university degree in Psych but ended up dropping out because school was too expensive.
5. I literally became a hair dresser on a whim. I was watching King of the Hill and Louanne was in hair school, and it seemed like a good idea, so I applied to hair school the next day
6. I’ve now been a licensed hair stylist for 8 years!
7. I got to meet my idol when I was in high school and it was every bit as amazing as I thought it would be (no one will likely know, but her name is Colleen Jones and she’s a curler, and also a news broadcaster, but it’s her curling that I admire her for)
8. I currently can’t feel my lips
9. Figuring out that I was gay was terrifying but it was also literally the best thing that ever happened to me because everything in my entire life made so much sense after that.
10. I’m having a hard time thinking of a number 10 tbh


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When I got to PAX, it was 4pm on Friday. I missed your panel. When I saw you walk into Mark’s panel the next day, I was shaking and crying. Sunday rolls around and I walk in at 7 to find your line was already capped. I had given up hope, until I got lucky enough to meet my idol m. Thank you so much Sean! You’re the greatest! @therealjacksepticeye

  • Yuri: Is this real life?
  • Viktor: Is this just fantasy?
  • Yuri: No. Listen okay, I dreamed of meeting my idol but apparently I already had. I supposedly stripped and had a pole dancing contest that ended in me grinding on said idol. Now we're married and I'm confused as to how it all worked out so well.


“For years, I felt miserable about being an outsider, but then I suddenly embraced it. I saw the value of being an outsider. It was liberating. You didn’t have to worry about trying to fit in or losing your insider status. It also encouraged you to challenge and provoke the status quo.”

  • Me before discovering Kpop: Carefree, innocent minded, has an acceptable amount of money in the bank, calm, nonchalent, happy with where I live, liked by others, has an actual chance of meeting my idols, organized lifestyle
  • Me after discovering Kpop: Paranoid, perverted, broke and far into debt, always screaming, emotional wreck, why can't I live in korea??, hated by every non-kpop fan, has an entire ocean (plus language) separating me and my idols, PFFT WHAT'S A LIFE

Throwback to February 27, 2016 - meeting my idol and hero Troy Baker. A few days before this I had tweeted him a picture of a tattoo I got of lyrics to his song Afterglow and he tweeted back saying how honored he was. When I showed him in person, he placed a hand over his heart and just leaned back in his chair like he was overcome by it. He stood and came around the table to talk to me and hug me then proceeded to look for his wife just so she could see my tattoo as well. 

It was and will always be one of the best days of my life. To have someone you look up to be so overwhelmed by something you’ve done is an incredible feeling.

I also took this gem of a picture: