meet my idol

When I got to PAX, it was 4pm on Friday. I missed your panel. When I saw you walk into Mark’s panel the next day, I was shaking and crying. Sunday rolls around and I walk in at 7 to find your line was already capped. I had given up hope, until I got lucky enough to meet my idol m. Thank you so much Sean! You’re the greatest! @therealjacksepticeye

I don’t even know where to begin, if you had said to me last month I was going to meet Taylor Swift in October I would of called you crazy 😂 I just can’t believe this photo actually exists, I’m so grateful to have been invited to the secret session it was seriously the best night of my life and I will always cherish it 💛 I finally got to meet my idol, the person I have looked up to since 2008, she was exactly as I knew she would be, kind, humble, funny, generous, gorgeous and so much more 💖. She was so kind to me and instantly recognised me as soon as I walked through the door “Morgennnn I’m so glad you could make it” I will never forget those words, I never thought she actually knew who Is was but Taylor proved me wrong ☺️. She also told me she always associates me with the flower crown filter which I died when she told me as all my friends of hers call me “flower king” because of that 😂 I fell in love with her in 2008 and met her in 2017. Last month I was in a dark place, I had my first heartbreak I felt so lost and depressed for a long time but as soon as I received that message from Taylor Nation everything changed. Someone once told me that with every low comes a high and this is definitely that because I have never felt this happy in my life and will never stop thinking about it😊

Taylor thank you so much for inviting me into your home( which is beautiful btw) to hangout with you for a night and listen to Reputation early, which I am gonna say again is the best album you have created you have put your heart and soul into this album and just looked so happy when listening to it with us and just throughout the whole night, I’m just so happy for you ♥️ I cannot wait for everyone to hear Reputation and also can’t wait for you to win album of the year for the third time when the Grammys come around 😌 it’s gonna happen and I am so ready for it! And finally thank you so much for the friendships I have made from the Secret Sessions, I finally got to meet @ethereal-swiftness and @taylorsparklingswift who i had been friends with before the event, it was such a great surprise to see them and to freak out together throughout the whole night with 😄 Also I’m sorry for kinda freezing like a statue when meeting I was so awkward and just overwhelmed that all the thing I wanted to say to you I forgot to speak to you about and I didn’t even ask for a picture with just me and you which I kinda best myself up about as they were personal things I wanted to thank you for but I’m gonna make a post with all those things so please if it made by the fine you read this look on my blog for it it would mean so much to me if you knew.

Thank you so much again Taylor for everything. I love you so much Taylor it was truly enchanting to meet you, the memories of October 13 will stay with me forever, see you on tour!

Love from your Scottish Swiftie

Morgen 😘🌷🌺

  • Yuri: Is this real life?
  • Viktor: Is this just fantasy?
  • Yuri: No. Listen okay, I dreamed of meeting my idol but apparently I already had. I supposedly stripped and had a pole dancing contest that ended in me grinding on said idol. Now we're married and I'm confused as to how it all worked out so well.


“For years, I felt miserable about being an outsider, but then I suddenly embraced it. I saw the value of being an outsider. It was liberating. You didn’t have to worry about trying to fit in or losing your insider status. It also encouraged you to challenge and provoke the status quo.”

Meeting Hiro Mashima

That….is me!!!! And Hiro Mashima!!! 
Wow!!! I just…am so speechless. But I’m going to try to form the words! This was the most amazing experience. And Mashima-sensei actually drew Natsu FOR ME. Wow! 
I wasn’t even supposed to meet him! But after his panel there was a trivia question, and out of EVERYONE in the room, I was chosen to answer! And I WON A CHANCE TO MEET HIM AND RECEIVE A DRAWING/AUTOGRAPH!!!

I was so nervous. I was literally shaking. I walked up and Mashima and his translator smiled because I was clearly shell shocked. I greeted him and said nice to meet you all in Japanese. He kind of chuckled and held out his hand to shake mine and he greeted me in English. Then proceeded to ask if I was nervous because my hands were shaking, haha. What a dork I am..oops.

Anywho, so then he asked which character I wanted drawn and he began. Seeing his draw in person was truly a gift…
But wait! There’s moreeee.

So…Hiro Mashima and his work really left a monumental impact on my life. His stories pulled me out of rut, and inspired me to draw again, rekindling a fire in my heart and a passion for art! So I told him exactly that! Because I wanted him to know how much it meant to me.

As soon as I said that he stopped in the middle of his drawing and looked up and said ‘do you have any with you?’ (Asking about my art)

And of course I carry my sketchbook everywhere! So I showed him some of my work.

This is him and his translator actually looking shocked…wow! The sounds of awe they made literally made my heart skip.

He was actually pointing out things, and touching my sketchbook. He genuinely took the time to appreciate certain parts in the middle of his autograph session…wow again!

And this is when he looked up at me and practiced his English, saying ‘this is very good! Good job!’ This is also when I started crying…yeah, I was a baby. But I was meeting my idol!! 😭 and to think he complimented my artwork! WOW!

He went back to drawing, asking little things while sketching Natsu, like why I liked him and if he was my favorite character. And when it was finished he posed for a picture with me that funimation actually took, and then they posted it to their twitter!! Ahh!

All in all…this has been an unforgettable experience that will leave me breathless for a long time to come. And I feel SO INSPIRED! The urge to draw has never been so strong!

Thank you, Mashima-sensei, for an irreplaceable memory!

I just woke up and I’m still wearing yesterday’s makeup and thinking about last night and how magical it was. I can’t believe I drove to Nashville with 3 days notice to meet my friend, my idol. Taylor gives the best hugs, it’s true what they say!! She’s a literal angel and this album is so honest and genuine and real. She’s so proud of it and I’m so proud of her for not holding back. This is TAYLOR’S NARRATIVE, and she’s taking it the fuck back.

I would give anything to

• meet my Broadway / theatre idols (Lin Manuel Miranda, Jonathan Groff, Ben Platt, Mike Faist, Will Roland, George Salazar, + so many more)

• be on Broadway (casted in a show/produce a show/direct a show/write a show)

• meet my media idols (Marliplier, Jacksepticeye, Crank Gameplays, MilesChronicles, Thomas Sanders, MacDoesIt, Social Repose, + a ton more)

• have a successful YouTube career

• have a pizza right now

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  • some fuckboy: so what's your biggest fantasy? ;);););))))
  • me, crying a little: sometimes i dream about meeting my long time idol billie joe armstrong and hugging him for like five minutes straight and him telling me things will get better

After being a Taylor Swift fan for 9 years (since I first heard Love Story while sick on the couch and spending the entire day flicking the channel to find it again and again) & and having a twitter fan account (taylorslegs13) for 6 years I finally got to meet not only my idol, but my best friend Taylor Swift. 

I still can’t believe that Taylor invited me to her house to listen to her new album Reputation a month early, hang out and eat cookies with her. It’s crazy to me that one of the world’s biggest superstars wanted to hang out with ME. While she could spend her time talking to the media and journalist she decides to spend time with fans and that is truly beautiful. 

While I’m not going to say ONE WORD about the album itself I will say something I observed: Taylor knows this album like the back of her hand. This her truly HER album top to bottom. She knows every lyric, melody, beat, vocal etc etc etc. Although I’ve always known this, it was astonishing to see, that she truly made this entire album top to bottom with the HELP of producers. She has a huge passion for every single song. It’s amazing to see in the world of ‘who can make the next hit single’ that she put blood and sweat into every single inch of this album, that is all. (also, it’s the best album ever made BYEEEE) 

Taylor is beyond nice, caring and loving. She truly cares about each and every one of us just as much as we care about her. She appreciates us all so much. When I talked to her she made direct eye contact. At one point she looked at me and was singling lyrics and MY SOUL LEFT MY BODY. 

Thank you so much Taylor and your entire team for welcoming me into your home and being so generous, truly an inspiration. You have such a beautiful soul and deserve ever bit of success that comes your way. I will never get this day as long as I live. Thank you thank thank you!!!!