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Let it be known that I met one of the most genuine YouTubers out there 💙
His hair is blue, his heart is gold, and golly he’s a goober. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us and hug everyone you could, even if we were all frozen.
Thanks for being you @crankgameplays 💙 have a lovely evening

it makes me sad to think that i probably won’t meet any of my favorite people on youtube. i can’t go to conventions or fan meet ups and that just makes me sad. maybe someday i could go to pax east but i doubt it. it’s a couple hours away. sorry for the rant. i was just thinking.

image: me, looking up at something, probably a spider on the ceiling or nancy rappelling down the wall, idk

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Name: redacted. call me paria

Story behind your Nancy Drew url: jamila is my favorite character and jamila means beautiful in arabic and I like puns

How you were introduced to the games: I found TRT in the library when I was 8, I liked it but the cd was scratched up and the game couldn’t be played all the way through, so my father bought me the game for Eid.

Favorite game(s): TRT, FIN, DDI, TRN, VEN, SEA

Favorite food from the games: um. none of the food is particularly appetizing. maybe ice cream from ASH or the cookies from DAN

Favorite characters from the games: Jamila, Hotchkiss, Hilda Swenson, Dagny, Leena Patel, Eustacia Andropov, Jenna Deblin, a bunch more that I’m gonna remember the precise moment I post this,

Favorite fandom ships: none, romance is boring and I have actually unfollowed people in this fandom for posting too much about nancy x whoever the heck

Random facts about me: ummmmmmm I know Hindi and French, I eat too much ice cream, I can be bribed to do anything if you give me enough samosas, when I was a kid I made up my own Muslim version of ND and her name was Khadija 

Bonus q: How much do you love bucket: I wasn’t around for that meme but I have heard that Bucket is a decent dude

hi so i’m late and realized i didn’t do this so i took an average selfie at the library with my shitty webcam and no makeup

name: tessa (aka mrs. frank hardy thanks)

story behind your url: i wanted something creative so i slapped an ‘ly’ at the end of detective. good enough

how were you introduced to the games: i played trt when i was 8 and was like mom buy me these they’re cool and then this girl gave me all of hers bc she never played them and i was like omg this is my calling

favorite games: fin, ddi, trn, cre (bc frank hardy), cry, gth

favorite food from the games: idk eating at scoop in ash was like a life changing experience 

favorite character from the games: ok so i am ~mildly~ obsessed with frank hardy if you can’t tell but also kit foley and lou talbot protect them always

favorite fandom ships: i ship frank with myself but also kit/kyler, lou/bess, bess/joe, frank/nancy (come on), deirdre/ned, deirdre/george, etc etc u get it

random facts about me: i like to write a lot, my hips were displaced when i was born (boring!!! ugh idk), i text catherine aka @elizabethmarvin every day of my life bc she is my life at this point, i’m also a harry potter fanatic, i write fanfiction and turn 21 in 162 days 


Meet the clue crew!

(I did two pictures because I wear wigs a lot haha)

Name- Mason/katie

Story behind my url- I also love nancy drew books! Password to larkspur lane is my favorite.

Favorite game(s) - TRT, ASH, or TRN I can’t decide.

Favorite food from game- I really like the mint cookies in DAN. Only because I’ve tried the actual recipe and they’re really good!!!

Favorite character (s)- Bess, Joe, and Ryan!!!

Favorite ship- nancy x bucket and ned x happiness is my otp

Random fact about me- HeR has fucked me up so much that I’ve become real-life nancy drew

Bonus question, how much do you love bucket - Bucket!!!! Is!!!! Great!!!!

((The Cool Kids plus shopping would be like

Jenny: Alright guys, here’s a list of things we need *proceeds to actually be productive and buy everything they need while tossing in a few snacks from time to time*

Sour Cream: *Keeps trying to sneak snacks into the cart only for Jenny or Buck to take them back out* But guys come on we need this jumbo sized snack cake!

Buck: *Keeps picking up really random stuff because it fits his “aesthetic” or he wants to use it for an art project* SC: “Buck why are you buying six things of dish washing soap?” Buck: “Aesthetic”

All of them: *Won’t stop goofing around and making bad puns and annoying other costumers. Almost gets kicked out of the store*

Bonus Kevin: *Is tired of all their shit but joins in on the puns because come on, it’s puns. Also keeps snapchatting their adventures to everyone*

So I tried to post about it but the picture never went through, apparently, because tumblr mobile is garbage: I’m in the UK! Currently staying with some friends, soon to leave to meet a crew of my twitter Squad, then to my parents’ place for several days, then to Belfast and then Dublin with my parents. I’ll be home in April. Don’t expect me around until then. Take care, nerds.


favourite castle episodes the wild rover;  why don’t we meet my partner, huh? yo, javi, where you at? right here, bro. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. no, no, he is former special forces. you do not want to draw on him. want to meet the rest of my crew? hey, beckett! you called, ryan? don’t let the looks fool you, boys. you don’t want to mess with her, either. castle! seriously? I didn’t… I didn’t bring my vest.


Meet the crew of the Essex (3/?): Second Mate Matthew Joy

Matthew Joy, who as second mate was the lowest-ranking officer, was left without a single islander on his boat […]

Joy was no longer a Quaker, but on January 10, a hot, windless day in the Pacific, he demonstrated a Friend’s sense of duty and devotion. For the last two days his boat-crew had been left leaderless; he now asked to be returned to them. His loyalty to his crew was in the end greater than his need for comfort from his fellow Nantucketers.

Growing in Love

Meet Huzeid and Suleiman, the cutest almost-twins I know (and two overall really awesome little guys).  They’re a year apart and the definition of ‘two peas in a pod’.

Sulie and Huzeid are actually half-brothers, but seeing them play together today, you’d be surprised to hear they haven’t grown up together their whole lives.  Huzeid actually moved in with us, his Dad’s family, 5 weeks into my first 6 week stay with my Msambweni fam.  He came from a tough situation at his Mom’s house, and had a lot of hurt inside him when he arrived.  It’s been fascinating and amazing to watch him integrate into the family over the past year and a half and learn to treasure the massive overflowing of love he now gets from Suleiman, his dad, Mama Meggi (who treats all of Baba’s children like her own), and his other siblings.  It’s hard to reconcile that the shell of a child I was first introduced to is the same boy who radiates joy wherever he goes now.  Huzeid has taught me more about Blessedness than I ever thought I could learn from a 5 year old, and I feel so privileged to be a small part in his journey.

7 minutes (5/?)

“we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you”

Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch. 3, Ch

A/N - Time for Taco Tuesday and the salsa isn’t the only thing spicy in this chapter…

He really should be napping. With only an hour to get some shut-eye between shifts, he knows he will regret not taking advantage of the rest if he doesn’t. Alas, his mind is too busy trying to make sense of how he’s supposed to handle the altered version of his relationship with Emma. She didn’t run. If she had run, as he had expected, he’d know his next move without question. Give her space. This non-running version of Emma, however, has provided him with a quandary. He has no idea how to proceed.

Are they dating? Friends with feelings? Is he allowed to kiss her, hold her hand? Does he have to wait for her to make a move?

Pressing his fingers to his temple, he tries to massage away the headache that is forming in the jumbled mess that is his brain, and his heart. He takes a deep breath and tries to relax and let himself be happy with this new reality, one where he knows that he’s not alone in feeling the way that he does, that Emma cares for him as more than just a best friend. He groans at the sudden vibration in his pocket. An hour gone already?

The smile that curves his lips when he sees the alert is a text from Emma and not his alarm can only be described as goofy, making him glad he’s alone in the break room.

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Meet My Crew, Week 2

Only one week left: Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 begins on June 25th!!  For this week’s “Meet My Crew,” I asked you to guess at what the Line Producer and Script Supervisor both do.  Loved seeing your guesses!  Here we go.  They’ll tell you what they do. How accurate was your guess?


Kevin Cremin

A line producer functions as the key manager during the daily operations of episodic TV show. I'm accountable for humans – all kinds of problems that might occur during the making of an episode. They call us “line” producers because we're "on the line" on a day-to-day basis, and responsible for lining up the resources needed. We also keep track of budgets both “above” and “below” the line. Oh, and I manage day to day production, hire key members of the crew, and negotiate deals with vendors. 


Sharon Cingle

The script supervisor’s job is mainly continuity - making sure actors match their actions from different camera sizes and angles.  So for example, if an actress drinks a half-full wine glass, holding it in her right hand and brushing her hair back with her left in a wide shot, she must “match” that same action in the close up. It’s my job to make sure actors say the dialogue as it’s written in the script and keep track of “coverage,” which means “covering” every angle we need/have time to shoot so that the director – and ultimately the showrunner – has what he or she needs in the editing room (“Post”) to create a seamless scene.  

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