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DRUNK OBI AND SUZU DISCUSSION :3 (MODERN AU) PLEASEEE (and thank u so much u rock)

Obi’s just finished laying out their blanket, weighing down the corners with the biggest stones he can find – he suspects that these are really just smoothed out chunks of concrete, probably from when they jackhammered out the original path to put in more eco-friendly boardwalks – when Shidan’s undergrad whips open the cooler and shows just what sort of liquid refreshment he thinks is appropriate for a turtle watch.

Obi goggles. “Is that all beer?”

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                                “On Wednesday’s we wear pink.” 🌺

      Kidding! 😂 But the 7-OH-2 ladies and I decided that this year was our year to put in an application to represent Nevada in an annual event that allows one dance group per state to switch places with a dance group in another state at their studio for a week. The winner gets an all expense paid trip, opportunity to learn new styles from the studio they will be sent to and even paid to teach classes. 😱😱

      Literally, have envied all the groups who have won in the past and I’m hoping 7-OH-2 will be good enough! But it’s International Yoga day so I and the girls are about to meet up with some friends and start a yoga gathering. OH, and meet my crew lol. In order of the first pic it’s me, Rhea, Celine & Jemma.💜💜

it makes me sad to think that i probably won’t meet any of my favorite people on youtube. i can’t go to conventions or fan meet ups and that just makes me sad. maybe someday i could go to pax east but i doubt it. it’s a couple hours away. sorry for the rant. i was just thinking.


Meet my very melanated crew 

Happy #BlackOutDay !!!

“...Company Tonight.”

Requested by an anon. OML my headass got blinded by Minsik’s grill instead of the flashing light. Ion even know wtf is wrong with me.

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Lee Gwang Min, your older brother, your best friend, your partner in crime, your role model, your everything. You looked up to your brother for everything. You went to him for advice. You parents always saw your friendship with your brother as trouble, always! 

You only cared and listened to what he had to say. He’d give you his honest opinion on everything and you accepted that. And that’s one reason you loved him. He could never tell a lie, he was always so honest, even if it was hurtful he’d not give a fuck and tell you anyways. 

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Legacy- Jeffmads- Chapter one


James was a poet, now that didn’t mean every word he said rhymed, but every word that danced from his lips struck a chord. He was usually silent, but stealing his breath was quite hard to do. He had seen the showy performer on TV, never was quite impressed, I mean sure he had a fantastic voice and he could rap incredibly fast, but James was never into his genre, which was weird for the singer was known for switching genres. Maybe it was Thomas that the poet didn’t like? Unlikely. But as the man came out from the stage, his shirt, as usual, somehow missing, probably in the hands of a screaming fangirl, James felt all his breath leave his lungs. He let out an incoherent sound, the other male smirking. “You must be James Madison then?” He asked with a grin and 

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I….actually like that Reyes isn’t a squadmate? I like that he has his own thing going, his own agenda and ambitions. I love that on Kadara, his reputation overshadows yours for a change.

In the original trilogy, Shepard was the main focus. His squad had the second human spectre, archangel, Kasumi, subject zero and such. But no. Only Shepard matters. The shadowbroker got named on occasion, but never in relation.

Now, even with him stationed on Kadara there is still so much that can be done to improve his romance. After priority ops, when you get new conversations with your crew, you should be able to go and get new conversation with him as well. When you do things on Kadara, he should be able to comment. Like when you take out that architect.

More emails. He has contacts every where. Made it to Elaaden, email to tell you be careful and should you need help he has a contact named so and so that you can talk to.

Video calls! I don’t want to talk to Addison. Let me call Reyes. Let me invite him on the Tempest when we’re docked. He needs to formally meet my crew. I can show him my pets and ship collection.

And why can’t you ever email back? Would it really be so hard to make 3-4 responses to choose from, like in dialogue options?

((The Cool Kids plus shopping would be like

Jenny: Alright guys, here’s a list of things we need *proceeds to actually be productive and buy everything they need while tossing in a few snacks from time to time*

Sour Cream: *Keeps trying to sneak snacks into the cart only for Jenny or Buck to take them back out* But guys come on we need this jumbo sized snack cake!

Buck: *Keeps picking up really random stuff because it fits his “aesthetic” or he wants to use it for an art project* SC: “Buck why are you buying six things of dish washing soap?” Buck: “Aesthetic”

All of them: *Won’t stop goofing around and making bad puns and annoying other costumers. Almost gets kicked out of the store*

Bonus Kevin: *Is tired of all their shit but joins in on the puns because come on, it’s puns. Also keeps snapchatting their adventures to everyone*


                                                                         T H E W A R E H O U S E .

                                                                                       ain’t no rest for the wicked