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timmy’s secret wish is the worst episode of fairly oddparents i have ever seen :’D - forget about chloe or sparky or season 10 - this is the one where it turns out that timmy is actually 60 years old and cheated his way into never having to let go of his fairies - which results in cosmo and wanda losing Poof.

Naturally, all of this ends with Timmy getting his fairies, Poof and his youth back, without any permanent consequences or punishment whatsoever.

i cannot believe this ;____;

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you are trying to hard to be funny.

I can’t believe we have to have this conversation

I’m exhausted. All day today I’ve just been in meetings for group work. I don’tlike group work.

  • person: here's one (1) drawing I made of Prominent Female Character in Male Dominated Show, I headcanon her as a hardcore independant lesbian so of course she's waving the lesbian pride flag and HATES gross dudes! #feminism! If you ship her with the dudes you're so boring and probably a lil homophobic.
  • same person: anyway that's all I have for Prominent Female Character, lets go back to blogging nonstop about all my Cinnamon Roll Boys and #Problematic Fave Guys!! I know I just posted fanart of Conventionally Attractive Slash Ship, but you know I gotta meet my quota of 50 posts about them per day because they're soooo gay!!

I only need 2 more followers to meet my 50 follower goal and become eligible for the Twitch Affiliate program WOOP! I won’t ask you to blind follow, if you have time to check out some of my VODs or want to tune in today when I go live at 1pm CST and see if I am someone you would like to support it would be greatly appreciated! I would love to have you on the stream regardless of if you follow or not so we can just hangout, chat, and play some games :) No pressure, and any support at all is deeply appreciated! 


Meet my 50 dollar horse, Loki. Apparently he was “Amish broke” this poor guy is so mistrustful of everything, and has no clue what affection is. I tried to love on him and he just looked at me with this confused expression. Broke my heart. He’s got a long way to go, but I can’t wait to see what he looks like in a few months. He’s only four and measures 17 hands high. He is gonna be a BIG BOY! I have no clue what breed he is though, I’m thinking saddlebred?

PLEASE PLEASE READ. It will mean the world to me if you do. Please also REBLOG if this post touches you. Takes you just a few seconds to help me spread this charity sale and I’d love it if this went like wildfire through the BJD community.

So some of you may know (but many probably do not) that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. This has been such a turbulent time for both of us and we’ve been able to hang on due to our positivity and perseverance, but also because of the countless generous strangers who have supplied my mom’s cancer center with their time, gifts and care packages.

Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to run a special sale of these shirts in order to raise a bit of money to make care packages for the cancer patients of the Hillman Cancer Center, the Magee Women’s Health Center in Pittsburgh, PA, and the Butler Health System Crossroads Building in Butler, PA.

This is NOT a support drive for me or my mother. I’m donating my time and materials and covering any processing fees to ensure that your $15 purchase will go directly to putting together one full care package of 10-15 organic, natural snacks and cancer essentials. I am losing money on every single purchase and I hope it wrecks me. I’m dedicated to giving back to the cancer community and I’d love to meet my initial goal of 50 sales even if that means I’ll have to make sacrifices in order to cover the costs. Your purchase will not only save a patient a trip to the store, but will empower them with the validation that they aren’t alone in their fight against cancer.

These special charity shirts are available in 5 styles and 3 sizes and made from high quality jersey knit fabric. You will also get a 1 inch button pin to show your support of breast cancer awareness everywhere you go.

1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. It’s estimated that nearly 250,000 people will be diagnosed in 2016 alone. In my mother’s case, she’s done everything right to keep herself healthy and fit for her entire life. Breast cancer is a disease that can strike without warning and there is no guarantee that living a healthy lifestyle will protect you from it. That is why it’s so important to raise awareness of breast cancer to remind women to invest in their health and do regular screenings so that the disease can be caught early, especially if breast cancer runs in your family.

The best way to overcome breast cancer is by early detection, fast treatment, and a wide support network including medical professionals, personal caregivers, and volunteers. Small tokens like care packages boost the strength and optimism of patients and validate that they are absolutely not alone in their fight. Your support of this charity drive means the world to me and will mean even more to the amazing individuals receiving treatment at the Hillman, Magee, and Butler Health System Centers. Thank you for your support and please share this message far and wide so that together we can make a huge difference!

Please share this direct link to anyone you think would be interested in this cause:

EDIT, Oct. 4th

I was informed that there’s a Andrew Lincoln appreciation week going on during the same time span and some fans want to create edits and gifs for both actors but don’t have time, so they asked me to postpone the SPFweek for a week. So now the SPFWEEK STARTS ON SEAN’S BIRTHDAY (OCT. 11TH)!

Hey you guys!

As some of you might know, it’s Sean’s 50th birthday next Sunday (Oct 11th). I’ve been seeing all sorts of appreciation weeks for bigger actors and stuff lately, and Sean certainly hardly ever gets enough love, so I decided to just start this little thing instead of just doing a Sean spam on his bday. So here it goes:

Day 1 (Oct. 11th): Happy Birthday, Sean! Appreciate him however you want, why we love him, whatever tickles your fancy!
Day 2 (Oct. 12th): Favourite movie role
Day 3 (Oct. 13th): Favourite pictures
Day 4 (Oct. 14th): Favourite tv show/tv movie/minor role
Day 5 (Oct. 15th): Favourite social media posts (tweets, instagram/twitter pics, blog entries..)
Day 6 (Oct. 16th): Favourite Outfit/style
Day 7 (Oct. 17th)Favourite Quote/story (inspirational stuff or funny stories like the horse story etc)

tag your stuff with spfweek so we can keep track of everything! Remember to use the tag within your first five tag slots while tagging or else it won’t show up in the search!

I have also set up a new blog called seanflanerysource, where I am going to collect the posts and that is going to be a Sean stuff only blog for us fans to enjoy. (it’s not finished yet but will be in time!)