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The King (King George x Reader) Part One

Prompt: So like,, do you do King George III x Female!Reader smut? If so, can you do like a soulmate AU where the reader is Hamilton’s sister but somehow manages to be able to go see KG3 and they talk and then later since they’re soulmates, they have sex and then somehow hamilton finds out and is like “HOW DID MY SISTER FUCK THE KING OF ASSHOLES” and make it something funny and smutty lol anyway thank you! Love your blog!!

Thank you for the ask, anon!!! I had a ton of fun writing this (partially because I have a huge crush on our resident drama king myself). Ahhh I’m sorry there’s no smut in this one but there will be in the next chapter! Warnings: a bit of swearing, embarrassment, hate kisses, and Alexander being…well, Alexander. Enjoy! 

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It’s Summer Solstice everyone! I was going to draw a little full body chibi but instead it turned into this. So here is Cernunnos, Lord of the Beasts and King of the Forest, as I see him. Well, he’s giving me the dubious sarcastic eyebrows, probably because of the fluffy deer ears. That was totally just my addition, and not really how I usually see him. He’s always the Green Man when I meet him, but more human looking than usual depictions of the Green Man.

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Hello to my fave blog!!! I'm looking for the fic where liam meets zayn in a park spray painting. It is a 2000's fic cause i remember liam and zayn talked via email or myspace??? Anyway liam is rich and has a party on his mansion. But when zayn comes he takes him to his room and Z is virgin too i believe. God sorry if i confused you but i remember that it had two chapters. Thank you!!!

maybe be this one?

Boys of Summer (Solstice)

let me know!

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Hello again, I am curious about something you have in you description. It's says Druid. Have you been trained? If so what was that like? (If you don't mind me asking)

Hello! I do like curious people, they give me a chance to waffle about my life – which is the long way of saying no, I don’t mind you asking!

I have indeed been trained, or rather I’ve trained myself, using the Bardic Course supplied by the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD), which a UK based Druidic Order. As you might guess, the Order has three grades; Bard, Ovate and Druid. You work through the Bardic material first and then, once that is complete you can choose to move on to working through the course for Ovates and then look to become a Druid, which is the highest grade. I have not gone any further than the Bardic training as at the time I completed the course I had limited finances and was starting another round of professional qualifications at work (which I’m still working on, although the two exams I’m taking in April will be the last) so I had to stop and take stock. I’m intending to pursue Ovate grade once I’m not working/studying for a minimum of fourteen hours a day.

The Bardic Course is delivered over the period of a year (although you do not have to complete it in that time, you can take as long as you like) and is designed to be worked through alone with assistance of the OBOD forum, a tutor and the option, if you wish to, of attending Grove/Seed group meetings, OBOD ceremonies and face to face courses that they offer. I was not near enough to a Grove or Seed Group to join one and only managed to attend one ceremony (Summer Solstice at Glastonbury and Avebury) during the year I was studying but I don’t feel that hampered me in any way. I always intended to be a mainly solitary Druid and the course material is so in depth and well written I didn’t feel lost at any time.

This is a picture of all the course materials I received over the year:

The first course pack contained the three books in the middle (Bardic Companion, Book of Ritual, Wild Wisdom) along with the first of the eight Druid Ceremony books (Alban Arthan – since I started the course in November) and the first four Gwersi. Gwers is the Welsh for lesson or section of learning or teaching and so each Gwers (there are 48 main lessons and 4 supplementary ones) covers a difference topic, building upon each other until you have a full understanding of what it means to be an OBOD bard. You can choose to receive the Gwersi in text form, audio form, or have both. I chose both so that I could use the time I spent driving to and from work each day going through the material for the first time, and then picking up the text for additional work at the weekends.

For a bit of a closer insight into the material, here are some pictures of the first pages of:

The Bardic Companion

Book of Ritual

Wild Wisdom 

and the Introductory Gwers.

Here are the eight books of ritual, set out as they fall around the wheel of the year:

And finally these are the twelve OBOD journals that I received during the period of my training. I keep them with my Bardic training materials, rather than with the journals I’ve continued to receive since because the material in them informed my training:

I’m not going to talk in any more detail about what the training actually entails because it’s copyright material. What I will say that for me it was hard work but it was good work; an extremely fulfilling  course that helped me regain a sense of self and a sense of my place in the world that I had been missing for many years.

I’m also going to link to another ask I’ve answered about Druidry because at the end I’ve transcribed the poem I received from OBOD when I first enquired about Bardic training and I think encapsulates best what Druidry is to me.

I hope that goes some way to assuaging your curiosity and I’m also going to tag @druidofgreen (who I know is working through the Bardic course at the moment so will be able to say if anything has changed since I completed it) and also @nettle-druid @thebasildruid and @herban-druid who are (I think) also members of OBOD and will, I’m sure, have other useful and insightful comments to add.  

I should also add that OBOD is not the only Druidic Order out there, and neither do you have to join an Order to be a Druid. There are many Druidic paths, all are as valid as each other, this happens to be mine.

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do the single-dads au fic rec

here hello (theres like one fic which isnt single dad bt its like uncle harry and midwife louis and its important to me)

summer solstice by teapotpourri (7k)

After a tragic accident, twenty-two year old indie popstar, Harry Styles, is left to take care of his niece Lydia. When yet another nanny quits on him, Harry is desperate - desperate enough to hire Zayn’s best mate, Louis. Surprisingly, Louis turns out to be quite the miracle worker - for Lydia, and for Harry himself.

package deal by just_in_cases (5k)

Harry’s given up on dating to focus all of his attention on his five year old daughter. That is, until he meets Louis.

nothing else but us right here by supernope (35k)

Louis sighs and gives himself a mental pep talk as he smooths his jumper down over his hips. He can do this. He can resist the draw of Harry Styles, because he is a responsible, mature adult, and as much as he wants to tangle his fingers in that mess of hair and map those ridiculous tattoos with his tongue, he does not want to get his daughter’s favorite teacher fired.

even as young as you are by ologist (12k)

Harry’s sister has a baby. When he goes to meet her, he finds more than one new love of his life at the hospital.

i could take you anywhere by nouiszouis, strong (2k)

louis takes his daughter to build a bear and harry tries hard to make his experience incredible

we’ll take the trail marked on your father’s map by cleverfics (21k)

louis is a single father and harry just wants to be part of the family

we’re almost home tonight by underwaternow (6k)

Harry brings Ella home two weeks after the funeral, finally, once the solicitors have finished going through the papers and the social worker has deemed his house acceptable for a child. He straps her into the baby pack on his chest and makes four trips from the car to the house, bringing in her things, and then drops onto the sofa and sits her on his lap. She looks at him solemnly for thirty seconds, blinks once, and begins to cry.


you got time by bandshirtedboybanders (61k)

The thing is, Louis wasn’t meant to exist without Aaron. They’d grown up together and into each other. Forged together by pain and trials they were too young to deal with. Forged by love too of course, an absolute fuckton of the stuff. Melded together until they were two halves of a whole. Now, Louis just feels like half a person.

Or, the one where Louis’ pretty sure he’s already loved and lost his soulmate, and then he meets Harry.

speak now (or forever hold your peace) by 1dinourbed (12k)

Louis is one of the best wedding planners in London. But his new client might just give him a run for his money. He can’t get too close to this adonis like man because 1. He’s getting married and 2. He has a four year old daughter who gets attached to people way too quickly. Louis might just have his match made with this man.