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Title: Protect Me (Part 8.)

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Samantha (fictional/original character).
Summary: Jason and Samantha go out for drinks and a bit of dancing, but little do they know… Someone is watching. 

Word Count: 2,931
Author’s Note: This part definitely has tons of sexual tension between the two! But stay tuned! Things are going to get heavy in the upcoming chapters! Also, this GIF fucks me up every time because JDM sure can pull off a damn turtleneck. Like my gahhhd
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Sam had finished getting ready, looking herself over through the mirror in her bathroom. She bit her lower lip at the sound of a doorbell, making sure that her red lipstick was still intact. Deep down, she wanted to show Jason that there was more to her than the usual knit sweaters and jeans.

“Be there in a sec!” She said loud enough for him to hear.

Sam was wearing a sleeveless, thin spaghetti strapped dress with a low v-cut that tightened around her curves. It stopped at her calves, revealing the slit along her upper thigh and downwards. She finished her outfit with black heels and the only color that she was wearing was the red lipstick.

Oh, she was determined to make Jason squirm.

Walking to the door, she slowly opened it. Sam thought she was able to maintain her composure, but Jason was just as breathtaking. He was wearing a black turtleneck with specks of white scattered on the fabric, a black leather jacket over it and his usual black jeans and boots. His hair was slightly slicked back and he was sporting his black framed glasses.

Sam wanted nothing more than to just throw all her morals out the window and pull him into her apartment for a night filled with good sex.

“Hi…” She said, staring up at him.

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