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Tips on Meeting PTX!!

If you got VIP Meet & Greet tickets for #PTXWORLDTOUR and you’re nervous as fuck: Here’s a list of things that you should/shouldn’t do when you meet them!! (coming from someone that met them 4 times)

1. Don’t die

2. I know its hard but please keep in mind that they are regular, normal human beings (maybe except for Mitch) so please remember to treat them as such.

3. If you forget that they are human and you are reduced to a crying puddle: That’s okay too! Because they will most likely hug you more than once until you calm down! (When I met Scott for the first time, he probably hugged me 6 times because I was going thE FUCK THROUGH IT)

4. FUCK THE RULES AND HUG THEM AT THE PHOTO-OP. At least your favorite one. This is your chance & take advantage of it! You or your parents paid like $300+ to see them! You will probably get yelled at but hey - at least you got to say you hugged one of them.

5. Do not be afraid to ask to take more than one selfie if you didn’t like the first oneYou will forever regret that selfie you take with someone that literally looks good from every angle and you’re just there looking like a potato. You don’t want to look like a potato on your Instagram wall. 


7. Hairspray

8. Think of what you’re going to say before you meet them. And when you speak, say it LOUD & CLEAR. Confidently tell them how they’ve changed your life. If you forget, the simple “I love you so much” is good too! & they will say it back!

9. THEY LOVE GIFTS. No matter how big or small. Just don’t bring Scott/Mitch another Rilakkuma bear b/c they probably have 100 now thanks to you guys lmao

10. HAVE YOUR FRIEND RECORD IT. You don’t wanna forget this moment. Also do the same for her/him/they. (My friend recorded it and I listen to it every day)

11. Make sure you stand out from everyone else. They are really, really good with remembering unique faces so make sure you stand out. I asked Scott if he remembered me and he was like “Yeah! Fourth time right?” Kirstie said it was because of my hair. 

12. Don’t let anyone ruin your night, week, or year. You just met Pentatonix. Nothing else matters.