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Prompt: Animorphs AU where Tobias is raised by Loren, perhaps about how it'd change the nothlit thing or his interactions with Ax?

I spent several minutes considering whether this should be an AU where Loren has her memories of Elfangor or doesn’t. I went with yes because… why not?

I was sitting in front of the TV listening to the local news about the “fireworks” at the construction site when Tobias came in and said, “Hey, Mom. Jake invited me along to check out the Sharing meeting at the beach later. Can I go?”

Cold dread trickled into my veins. I had hoped the war would never touch us. It wasn’t our war to fight; we didn’t have the weapons. But finally, it had come to my doorstep. “No,” I said firmly. “I need you help to me clean the house this evening. You’re staying in.”

“What if we start now?” Tobias said. “We could finish early and then I could catch up with Jake?”

I hit mute on the TV. “Tobias. I know some of your classmates have gotten into the Sharing. But I’ve heard about this group through my church friends. They look harmless, but they’re a dangerous cult. Has anyone ever told you what you have to do to become a full member?”

A pause. “Jake’s brother Tom says there’s a minimum number of hours of service, and then you go to a couple of special meetings and you become a full member.”

“But did he tell you what the initiation is like?” I insisted. “The ‘initiation ceremony’ is full members only.”

“No,” Tobias said, a frown in his voice. “He said it was secret. He just said that it totally changed his life.”

“I don’t trust an organization like that and neither should you,” I said firmly. “I won’t allow you to go there. Stay home and help me clean.”

Then there was the news story about the man who found a piece of metal on the beach with strange writing on it. I asked my church friend Mary to describe it to me. It took a while for the image to form in my mind, but when it did, it was unmistakable. Andalite writing. Elfangor had taught it to me.

That night, I dreamed of a thought-speak voice calling to me from the sea. 

I woke up in a cold sweat. An Andalite ship had crashed somewhere off the coast of California. There was an Andalite trapped in there, using the ship to broadcast his thought-speech. And somehow, I’d heard his call. My heart ached. There was nothing I could do for him.

I got up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I found that Tobias was already there. “Tobias?” I said. “What are you doing up?”

“Bad dream,” he said.

Oh no. Had the message reached him too? Because of his heritage? Because Elfangor had touched both our lives? “What was it about?” I said, tentatively.

“There was a voice,” he said. “Calling to me from the ocean. It sounded scared. Desperate.”

Part of me wanted to tell him, after a lifetime of keeping the truth to myself. But what good could it possibly do? There was nothing he could do to help the doomed Andalite, either. So I said, “Hey. Why don’t you read to me from the book you’re reading?” It was an old ritual of ours. We went to his bedroom, and he read to me until he yawned between every word, and went back to sleep.

A month or so later, Tobias came to the house with a new friend in tow. “This is Philip, Mom. He’s here to borrow some books.”

“Yes, my name is Phil-up-puh,” the other boy said. “Puh. I am here to read book-suh.”

Playing with sounds. Just like Elfangor did in the first couple of weeks being human.

Then the boy added, stiffly, “I am sorry to intrude, intrud-ud-duh, on your solitude. Tude.”

“Come on, Philip,” Tobias said, and took him to his room.

I sat and frowned over that remark. It took me a minute to remember Elfangor’s distaste for the disabled that I’d had to train him out of, the way he insisted that they should be secluded from society. It probably didn’t mean anything. It was a coincidence. There were autistic humans who played with sound, and plenty of humans who acted weird around a blind woman. But there had to be a way to know. To be sure.

When Philip and Tobias came back out of his room, I was ready. If I was just being paranoid, I could say I’d gotten the phrase from a fantasy book. But if I wasn’t…

“Nice to meet you, Philip,” I said. “May your blade stay sharp, and the four moons guide our paths to cross again one day.”

Dead silence fell. Then I heard a sound I thought I’d never hear again – of bones grinding against each other, organs liquefying.

Philip,” Tobias said, a little hysterically, but not hysterical enough for the morph to be a surprise. “What are you doing?”

“He’s demorphing,” I said, sounding calmer than I felt. “Tobias, close the curtain on the window of the back door. Just in case.”


“Do it,” I said. “What if someone walks through the backyard and sees?”

I heard the whistle through the air, and the lightest press of the edge of a tail blade against my throat. «Demorph.»

“I can’t,” I said.  “I’m not an Andalite. But I had a child with one.”

I told them everything. I gave enough details that they even believed me. 

“You never told me,” Tobias whispered. “I met my dad, and I didn’t even know. I would have known if you’d told me.”

“And you’re fighting a war I swore to myself you’d never have to fight,” I whispered back. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too, Mom.”

Me, living life: people just don’t stay together when they meet in hs or college! I mean they can but the percentage is for real so low like it’s just unrealistic come on lower your expectations guys

Me, in fandoms: there is literally nothing that can break their love I don’t care that they met as sophomores they’re gonna be together forever and get married and have five dogs and a nice beach house and-

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do you know the fic where louis lives in the hamptons (or some similar beach town for rich people) and Harry is visiting there for the summer? Harry is a rich visitor and Louis is someone middle class who lives there?

Not sure about this one … Could it be

Summer Loving Happened So Fast  : I’m here until Wednesday and I’d love to see you again when you’re not waiting on me. Think we can make it work?
xx Harry P.S. You probably already know this, but you’re positively breathtaking.
— Or, the one where Harry is staying at his dad’s beach house for the week and meets Louis on the third day. Five days later, he thinks he might be way past the ‘summer fling’ stage. (16k)


Someone got something else ?

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Was on holiday down at the beach, summer campgrounds that really go nuts in summer in NZ. Single, and the bon fires at night was where everyone went to meet up. This one night I went down, got drunk, went back to this girls house and slayed her, she wanted me to stay the night I thought fuck no it's 1am. Went back to fire, pulled 2 cousins and fucked them in the dunes together. Went back to my tent with girl number 4 who just loved watching me fuck other girls ;) Also girl 1 was a virgin

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Lemonade 🍋 and Beaches 🌊

im in such a shitty mood ily dee thank u <3

lemonade: what is the sweetest thing anyone has every done for you?

okay so i love @cihttaphon sososo much she’s the apple of my eye and i’d do anything for her :))) we actually know each other irl? kind of? because she lives in canada and i live in india and a couple of months into our friendship, we discovered that my irl bff’s aunt actually lives in the same neighbourhood she does / they know of each other and it’s SO cool but moving on…almira actually gave me a handwritten letter for our one year anniversary and i was soooo touched bc omg i wasn’t expecting it? and it was the SWEETEST purest loveliest thing i looooove almira 

beaches: if you could go anywhere in the world, right this moment, where would you go?

i’d say latvia but @puppybrothers wouldn’t house me so im just gonna say thailand?? i mean i can meet qq there but also i reaaaally miss thailand and i wanna spend like…just an entire month there


“And you are?” he prompted.

[…] Which name should I use? The one on the driver’s license Miaka bought me online? The one I’d used to rent our current beach house? The one I’d used in the last town we’d stayed in? I had a hundred names to choose from. 

Perhaps foolishly, I gave him my real one.

“Kahlen?” he read off his skin.

I nodded.

“That’s pretty. Nice to meet you.” 

The Siren (2016) by Kiera Cass


Bechloe Fic-Rec

I actually have time :D

These are the Fictions I have read or will be reading or will be rereading :)

All these are Complete Multi-Chapters.

∙Be Still My Heart(Cause It’s Freaking Out) - Beca has a one-night stand with Chloe and is more than surprised when she learns that the redhead will be starting an internship at Barden Hospital where she is an attending.

∙I guess I do - Chloe’s cousin’s getting married and she’ll be damned if she has to endure another family gathering/speed dating weekend. Cue Beca to begrudgingly save the day.

∙Stay - Beca has had a tragic two years and has given up surfing because of it but while taking care of her sick aunt at the woman’s beach house, she meets Chloe, an outgoing surfer. Will she be able to let go of her personal demons, allowing herself to be loved and creating new friendships along the way?

∙Rebel with a Voice (Trilogy: If you could see me now, Against All Odds ) - Beca Mitchell is the epitome of a rebel being the master of expulsion since second grade. Then her mom and stepdad pass, and she’s to live with the father who had abandoned her long ago and his new family. She’s sent to Barden High, and she expects to just play football as always and lay low. Yeah, she should’ve told that to the hyperactive redhead that turns everything on its head.

∙Someone Like You - Chloe is tired of getting her heart broken and swears off relationships but what happens when Beca comes into her life?

This Time I’m Going After Love (Trilogy: Just Want Your Love, Everything has changed) - Beca’s not one for commitment and Chloe’s not one for games. So what happens when Beca becomes interested in Chloe and learns that she has a daughter? Will she run or see where things lead them?

∙Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes - Beca and Chloe met at summer camp and were the best of friends while there. They end up losing touch and meeting up again twelve years later when Beca, now a music producer, has to help Chloe, who is now a famous singer, work on her new album.

∙Blind Love - Chloe’s best friend Aubrey is marrying the guy of her dreams; she’s the maid of honor of course. Planning the wedding is going to be a lot of work, so when Jesse (Aubrey’s future husband) suggests that his best man/Best friend Beca Mitchell helps them, a lot can go wrong.

∙You Speak to My Soul Like You’ve Known It Before - Chloe’s a doctor and she meets Beca at the hospital when the brunette is hurt in an accident. The two get close but Beca has a secret that stops her from wanting to have a relationship with Chloe.

∙The Bella Auction - Luke gets Beca a date with Chloe

∙My Betrothed - Random moments leading up to Beca and Chloe’s wedding. (17th century)

∙You’re the Pulse that I’ve Always Needed - Beca gets assigned a project with the most popular girl in school, Chloe Beale, and is dreading it until she learns that there is more to the redhead than she had originally thought. Oh, and not to mention her parents are deadbeats so she’s being raised by her foul-mouthed half-sister, Alex, who keeps pushing her to be successful in life.

∙Since U Been Gone - Jesse breaks up with Beca - in a public performance. The Bellas are furious, the Trebles self-righteous, and two ex-Bellas have their own problems with this break-up.

∙Novacane - What happens when you mix a Berkeley dental student and a struggling DJ in the summer heat of Indio, California during the Coachella Music Festival? Based on the song “Novacane” by Frank Ocean

∙Battle of the DJs - DJ Mitchell and DJ Bella are two up and coming girls in the Los Angeles music scene, and they absolutely hate each other. However, when the two get close and personal to compete for a spot in the hottest club in LA, what may happen?

∙That Never Works - After suffering from another broken heart, Chloe decides that love simply isn’t worth the pain and, let’s face it, Beca never was one for love. After a drunken night of Bellas partying, the pair decide to make a pact: a purely physical relationship where they promise not to fall in love.

∙Capturing Moments - Beca confronts Chloe, who has been taking her picture from afar, and it leads to something interesting.

∙I’m Cheating on My Roomate - Aubrey moves to Boston over the summer to get settled before graduate school, leaving Chloe with rent to pay and no one to split it with. Beca moves in with Chloe, but it puts a strain on Chloe’s “relationship” with a very jealous Tom.

∙We Found Love Right Where We Are - Beca acts in a show called ‘Barden Bellas’ and when she finds out that she has a love scene with her co-star, Chloe, whom she also has a crush on, things get weird.

∙Your Plus One - Beca and Chloe had always been close, inseparable even. Until one day. Now Beca knows Chloe doesn’t love her. And she never will. Beca’s just happy to be Chloe’s occasional plus one.

∙Beauty and the Badass - Beca Mitchell is a badass LA music producer, working as a bartender by night. So what happens when an adorable redhead comes into her life?

∙Gotta Keep Your Head Up - Beca quickly develops a crush on Chloe but after stumbling upon something she wished she hadn’t Beca quickly realizes she’s become too attached and breaks away from both the ginger and the Bella’s.

There’s Something More Than This - They are friends. They are close. They have that special bond that no one can understand…people around them knows there’s someting more about them, but they’re just too oblivious to see it. They are confused about their feelings…is it worth taking a risk between friendship and love?

∙What Beca Wants - After the ICCAs Beca is confused about her feelings for Chloe. Chloe tries to help Beca accept her feelings, but Beca is in denial. Will she realize her feelings before it’s too late, or will she push Chloe away for good?

Runaway - Beca shuts everybody out - don’t take it personally - but is she about to shut out one too many? There’s one girl who will hold out for her, who loves her unconditionally - but has she made one too many mistakes?

Recommended writers
bechloehuh (eliseboobman)

All from Sorry it’s so long. Maybe you have already read some of them.

How about you? You have any recommendations for me :)

Good Vibes- A Jack Gilinsky Imagine (Requested)


“Y/N, we’re going to the beach! Once you’re ready meet us!” My boyfriend Jack called from the downstairs of our beach house we rented as a group for the week in Florida.

“I’ll be down soon!” I called back. I was so pumped to be in Florida and at the beach. Being from Omaha all I had experienced was lakes and rivers, nothing like the ocean. I was so excited to finally feel the salty ocean water on my skin.

As I put on my tiny black bikini that I rarely ever wore, a rush of excitement came over me. I put my hair into a messy bun and slid on flip flops. Luckily, the beach house we rented was only feet away from the beach.

Once I made it outside onto the beach, I immediately spotted my boyfriend Jack and his friends Jack J, Nate, Sammy, and Swazz.

“Hey guys!” I said as I approached the guys who were already drinking beers and trying to set up a game of Kan Jam.

Once seeing me, Sammy lifted up his shades clearly checking me out.

“Damn Y/N, who knew you had such a banging body.” Nate said, as Jack J whistled.

“Ha, ha very funny guys.” I said shaking my head, grabbing a beer from the cooler.

“Not cool guys.” Jack said as he wrapped his arms around me.

“You’re lucky man. If I knew that’s what Y/N was hiding under her clothes, I’d be in your position.” Swazz joked.

“Well you’re not and never will be.” Jack spat.

I could tell he was getting pissed at his friends. I knew they were joking around, but Jack took everything so seriously. He was legitimately freaked out I would leave him for his friends, but in reality that would never happen.

“Hey, I’m gonna go to the water!” I told Jack eagerly as I got out of his grip.

“I’ll come with!” Jack suggested.

“It’s fine, really.” I told him with a smile.

As I walked down to the water. I heard Jack yell at the other guys. “Stop staring at her, please!”

I smirked to myself as I kept walking.

Then I heard Sammy yell. “Do that Baywatch run!”

“When you get out of the water you better be soaking wet.” Jack J called.

“Enough!” Jack yelled as he came running after me.

I felt his hand grab me just as my foot reached the ocean, the cold water cooling me down instantly.

“Jack, come on. They’re trying to get a rise out of you.” I told him as we went into the ocean together.

“I don’t like it, you’re my girlfriend. I don’t like the way they check you out and make comments.” Jack said as he held me close.

“Jack, you get way too protective. I appreciate your concern but you don’t need to go with me everywhere I go from now on. They are your friends, it’s not like one of them is gonna do anything. They just like joking around, you need to not be so serious. I’m your girlfriend, I’m with you, I like you.” I told him as I poked his chest.

“I know, I know but I like protecting you. You’re mine, you deserve to be protected and kept safe.” Jack said.

I laughed. “Jack, I don’t need protection from your friends. They’re good guys, you need to relax. Enjoy this beautiful day. I know I am.” I told him as I laid on my back floating in the Atlantic for the first time.

“You’re right, I need to focus on the positive things.” Jack said.

“Exactly, let all the good vibes in.” I told him.

One & Only-jack johnson & Sam wilkinson


SUMMARY:dating Johnson and it’s getting serious so he takes you to meet his friends and then you realize you had a one night stand with Sammy.



I inhale the warm Cali weather and fix my shirt and adjust my shorts, while exiting my boyfriends car. 

Today is the first day I meet my boyfriend, Jack Johnson, friends. They invited us over to go swimming and have a few drinks. At this point nervous is an understatement.

J opens the trunk and we take out the beach bag with our towels and a fruit tray. I close the trunk and J and I walk towards the front door. he opens the door and walks in with me following close behind and I close the door behind me. We walk through the house, to he back. I can see a few boys and about three girls, that are really pretty. I inhale nervously and walk through the back sliding door that Jack opened. I put a smile on my face and walk over to introduce myself to the new people.

“Hi! I’m Y/n, Jack’s girlfriend” i say with a small wave 

“Hi I’m Madison, Jack G’s girlfriend. And this is Stassie and Emily!” she said pointing to the girls that were beside her

“Nice to meet you guys” i said 

I go over to Jack and introduce myself to his friends.

“Hi I’m Y/n” i say and wave to the guys

“Hi I’m Jack Gilinsky” one said

“Hi I’m Nate but you can call me Skate” another one said

“And I’m Sammy” the third said and I looked over and my smile dropped and I felt like I was going to throw up. It can’t possibly be…


When I realized who y/n was I stood still like a statue. Memories from just a few months ago flooded my mind. Yeah we were both a little tipsy but we still remembered what had happened that one night. 

“Uh I’m going to get a refill. Why don’t I take you inside to get you a drink” I said to y/n, hinting that I wanted to talk to her. I could tell that she got what I was hinting at and agreed.

“Yeah sure.” she said and followed me inside the house

Once in the house she closed the sliding door and locked the door. And turned around really fast, facing me.

“What is going on here? Since when were you friends with Jack?” she said in a panicked voice

“Since like forever. Why do you even care?” i asked

“Oh i don’t know it’s that we happen to be dating that’s all!” she said 

“Chill, it’s not like we were dating it was only twice that’s all.” i said trying to push a side my cot feelings for y/n

I know it looks so bad but i didn’t know that ‘my y/n’ is now ‘Johnson’s y/n’. 

“Glad that’s the way you look at it.” she said with a little bit of hurt in her face

“It’s the truth.” i said making her look like she was on the verge of tears

“This is why you will probably NEVER get a girlfriend!” she yelled

Ouch i gotta say that hurt a lot…

“What makes you say that? because I must have you know that I’m gladly taken.” i said and immediately regretting it.

“By who?” she fired back


“Stassie? Wow i thought you were different.” she said and took a water from the fridge and left through the sliding door

*Y/n Pov*

You know when you dated someone and just can’t seem to let go but you finally do and move on but then you see your last love and just catch feeling again? Yeah that’s one of these but i never dated Sam and i haven’t caught feelings for Sam. I care for Sammy but i don’t love him.

“Hey! You okay?” Johnson approached me and sat beside me on the lawn chair 

“Yeah I’m okay” I said and continued to sip on my water.

“No you’re not. I can see it” he said

There is really no point of lieing to him because he doesn’t deserve it and lieing only turns into something bad.

i inhaled and exhaled to calm my nerves down a bit and started to talk.

“Months before we even met there was this guy and we used to be sleep around together and that guy happens to be…….Sam. But promise there is no feelings whatsoever.” i said


“Yes, I would never lie to you” i said 

“Okay” he said and leaned in for a kiss that i gladly returned 

I think sometimes we may like someone but that is completely different from love. I realize that i liked Sam but i love Jack and i always will no matter what.

Jack will always be my one and only…


Hope you guys liked it!


Beach Skulls - Meet Me At The Beach House 

Beach Skulls live session for The Broadcast  which was recorded in December. 

You can get a free download of Meet Me At The Beach House here.



Meet Me At The Beach Skulls by Beach Skulls.

I only caught this video an hour or so, and it’s fucking slick as hell.

With the help of the talented Josh Patmore (brother of Charlotte Patmore, responsible for most of Beach Skulls’ photography). Get on it. Gave them their copies of the single (this one, in fact) and about 30 logo patches. If you get yourself down to a show in the near future, you’ll be able to get a copy of both for less than £4 combined.

Surf’s up.

The uber I was just in told me how his wife died last week and he drives for uber because he hates being at home alone. He told me he got married to her in 1969 when he was 18 years old and just graduated high school they had been together for 50 years and now he’s alone, he said he loves driving for uber because he gets to meet people and not sit in the house all day missing her. He told me “I see a lot of beautiful ladies while giving ubers to the beaches and such but nobody will compare to her” I gave him a $10 tip because my heart is fucking BROKEN

Confession time.

This 4th of July, I went to Watch Hill with my aunt. I was able to see Taylor’s house from where we were staying. I was able to hear laughing coming from her house when I was walking to the beach. I saw them outside playing with sparklers. The morning of the 4th, I was walking the beach with my aunt and about 500 feet in front of us, Taylor was walking with her friends.

I know Taylor likes meeting fans, but it felt so wrong for me to run up to her when she was having private time. I didn’t want to be that person to invade her privacy, so I just watched in awe from afar.

With all the Aussie press, I know I made the right decision. However, part of me thinks that was my one chance to give Taylor a hug. My one chance to tell her how much she means to me and how much I love her. Sometimes I wonder if I blew it.



Much love to my boys Ryan and Jordan in Beach Skulls for sending me their newest release Meet Me At The Beach House. Ordered one of each cover, and since they’re such class guys, they threw in a couple of stickers and patches and a little thank you card. Tape itself released on Cheesus Crust Records, and as always, IN CRUST WE TRUST.

The “beachy” sounds of Beach Skulls have previously graced the pages of this blog with Meet Me At The Beach House, Anti-Soul and Hicks McGrath, as well as the pair having a mention in issue 1 of our This One’s Different zine. However, we felt that this wasn’t enough, so to top this we did an interview with Beach Skulls AND as an extra treat they did some doodles for us. The interview and accompanying doodles will be featured in issue 2 of our zine. 

For those who don’t already know Beach Skulls, how would you describe your sound in 3 words?

Link Wray Surfing

How did you first meet and start working together?

We both share a hometown of Widnes, and went the same college in St. Helens. We lost touch for over a year after going to University (Ryan in Liverpool, Jordan in Manchester), but had a chance meeting one day at Widnes train station where we got talking about how awesome we thought 50’s & 60’s surf music was, and the band came from that.

Are your live and recording set-ups the same? Is it always just the two of you or do you draft other people in?

Both live and recording are just the two of us, but when recording we tend to go back over and add extra guitar and bass to fill the recordings out. On our first E.P. we wernt able to record drums properly and we used a drum machine, but since then we’ve recorded the drums live properly.

Being Liverpool based, what is the local music scene like for up and coming bands, as well as for those who love music and want to see bands live?

Liverpool has always had a massive music scene, and if you’ve got an act that people want to see, there will always be places and promoter’s who will give you a chance. there are loads of awesome venues at the moment like MelloMello, The Kazimier and The Shipping Forecast and good local music press like Bido Lito! magazine.

Cassettes seem to be making a little bit of a comeback in the last year or so. What was the reasoning behind Meet Me At The Beach House being released as a tape? Was this a conscious decision or more finance led? 

Well, our first two releases were out on cassette so we thought we’d keep that going. All of our releases have been with Cheesus Crust Records, who thus far make cassette only releases which we love. It was definitely a consciouse decision, it wasn’t finance led at all as at £2.50 the cassettes give little or no profit.

The first tape I (Lar) bought was We Will Rock You by Five and I thought I was super cool.  What was the first tape you bought? 

Ryan - I never really had them as a kid, I started buying them later on. First one I bought was an album called “Keep On Moving” by Bob Marley, still one of my all time favourites today.

Jordan - “Spice” and “Spiceworld” by the Spice Girls, and a Will Smith album.

As well as releasing cassettes you have Stoked released on CD. Do you have a particular favourite format to listen to music: vinyl, CD, cassette or digital?

It’s hard to choose between cassettes and vinyls, it depends on the situation. Cassettes are cheaper and more convenient but can be hard to come across. You can’t beat te crackle of an old 45 though. Recently we’ve been making mix tapes by recording onto cassettes from our vinyls collections, which is an awesome thing to do.

We are fans of your video for Meet Me At The Beach House. How did the idea for the video and your collaboration with Charlotte and Josh Patmore come about?

We worked with Charlotte on a photo shoot for Bido Lito! which lots of people seem to love, and Josh is her brother. He wrote the video, and when he laid it out to us we loved it, booked a practice room out in Liverpool and recorded it in a couple hours.

Your debut EP Beneath The Waves features a cover of Summertime by George Gershwin. If you had to do a Radio 1 esque live lounge, what track would you cover?

Andre Williams - “Let Me Put It In”

We love Andre.

There seems to be a beach/ waves theme throughout your releases and accompanying artwork. What is your fascination with the seaside and do you have a favourite beach?

With us being first and foremost a surf band, it seems pretty natural to have beachy artworks. We love that beachy chilled out vibe and try to get it across in our music and artwork, a lot of it is inspired by 60’s surf culture. Gonna have to go with Venice Beach in California.

Meet Me At The Beach House is a track that we have listened to a lot. Has there been any music that you have been listening to a lot of lately?

Jordan - Sin Alley which is a Rockabilly compilation, mixes by Kogan and the Swinging Ape, The Las vegas Grinder series, Surfadelic big waves and Kip Tyler.

Ryan - A mixtape we made this week, which contains people like Ritchie Valens, Dirty Beaches, Bobby Bland, Ornette Coleman, Dan Sartain, Flat Duo Jets, Holly Golightly, Slim Harpo, Dr John and Blondie.

We would like to see you at some festivals this year, are festivals part of your plan?

We would definitely love to play some festivals, but sadly no opportunites have arose for us to do so. One day hopefully though.

You can see more Beach Skulls doodles in issue 2 of the zine which is due to be ready and printed by April - we will keep you updated!