meet me at the alter

Imagine attending a wedding with Chris.

“I can’t believe you’re attending my wedding with Captain America.” Luca, your best friend giggled excitedly as you helped her with her makeup. You smiled and shook your head, mostly because you couldn’t believe it either. “I take things are going well then?”

“We’re attending a wedding together,” you said and you realized it was the first time you’d actually admitted it to yourself. “It’s going amazing,” you told her then smiled. “I don’t think I’ve been so happy in a long time. Chris is…He’s kind of the perfect man.”

“He will be perfect if he quits smoking,” Luca murmured under her breath and you rolled your eyes. “I’m sorry but it’s true,” she held her hands up in surrender. “You’re only turning a blind eye to that bad habit because he’s Chris Evans, any other guy would’ve been kicked out to the curb already.”

“For your information, he quit the day after our first date.” You defended your boyfriend of almost a year now. “I just didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be jealous of my now perfect relationship with the perfect man.”

“Oh haha,” she bit sarcastically but she couldn’t help her smile. “Can we be serious here for a second?” She asked, pushing your hand away from her face. “I’m really happy for you, babe,” she said and you smiled. “You deserve to be with the perfect man after your string of imperfect ones. I cannot wait for the day I get to do all this crazy maid of honor stuff for you while you sit and wait to meet Chris at the alter.”

“Me neither,” you smiled then said, “but today is not that day. Today is your day and I’m your maid of honor so stop talking and let me finish your makeup,” you scolded playfully and she laughed, closing her eyes so you could finish applying her eyeshadow.

“Hey Y/N.” Olivia, Luca’s cousin and another one of her bridesmaids poked her head into the room and your hand lowered as you looked up; Luca turned to the door as well. “Chris just arrived, do you want me to finish up so you can go see him?”

“No, it’s okay. I’m almost don-” you were cut off by Luca.

“Go see him, you doofus.” She instructed as she yanked the makeup brush from your hand. “You’ve done enough for me and this wedding, it’s time you go and enjoy it. I’ll see you when it’s time to walk down the aisle, that one I’m going to need you there for.”

“I love you,” you hugged her.

“Save those three words for Chris,” she hugged you back.

Olivia took over for you and you left the bride’s prep room and headed out into the reception hall. You found Chris by the bar with Kai, the best man and one of your oldest friends, chatting and drinking beer. The guys heard your heels coming their way and they glanced in your direction, talking and laughing amongst themselves as they turned away. You counted to three in your head and silence fell among them as you saw both men by the bar dart their gazes back onto you, letting it wash over you from head to toe. Chris choked on his beer when you smiled and gave him a flirty little wave of your fingers, and you silently thanked God that your best friend wasn’t one of those girls who wanted her bridesmaids’ dresses to be uglier than hers.

“Maid of honor,” Kai nodded at you.

“Best man,” you nodded back.

“You look beautiful,” Kai complimented.

“I think that’s my line, man,” Chris chuckled.

“And I think that’s my cue,” Kai chuckled then left.

“Well, what do you think?” You held your arms open and gracefully shimmied, showing off your dress to Chris who laughed and nodded his head in approval. “And you look very handsome also.” You grabbed him by his tie and drew yourself closer towards him until your body was flushed against his.

“Hi beautiful.” He smiled down at you because even at 5'7’’ with 4’’ heels you were still slightly shorter than him; you loved that because what girl in her right mind didn’t want a gorgeous guy towering over them?

“Hey Captain,” you smiled then kissed him tenderly as he placed his hands on your waist. “Thank you for coming,” you told him when you broke the kiss. “I know you like to shy away from the limelight but I really appreciate you being here with me.”

“I would go to Times Square on New Years Eve if it meant spending time with you.” He chuckled then kissed your hair and you felt yourself blush. “So how’s Bridezilla doing?” He joked and you laughed. “I’m surprised she’s letting you out here to see me considering the wedding’s about to start.”

“She’s surprisingly a lot calmer on her wedding day,” you told him with a light chuckle.

“That’s ‘cause you’re a wonderful friend who’s made sure everything’s gone to plan,” he poked your side and you giggled. “Seriously, Y/N, you look absolutely breathtaking. I can’t even-” he shook his head, pretending to be at a loss for words. “Forget the bride, all eyes will be on you.”

“Don’t let her hear you say that,” you warned him playfully.

“Right,” he chuckled and pretended to zip his lips.
• • • • • • • •
After the wedding ceremony- which was everything Luca had wanted since the two of you were kids- the reception began. You followed Luca around for a bit, helping her with her dress as she made her way around the reception hall greeting friends and family. It was only after she noticed Chris being crowded by a group of very single and slightly drunk ladies that she called Olivia to take over, sending you back to him to enjoy the rest of the wedding as a couple.

“Clear out, ladies.” You instructed as you pushed through them to get to Chris; you saw him let out a breath of relief. “He’s taken,” you wrapped an arm around his waist and he did the same to you. “So move it or lose it. You told them and they groaned but did as you said because they were all well aware of how catty you could be if you wanted to.

“Thank God,” he rested his head against yours. “I was so close to hiding in the bathroom until you were done with your maid of honor duties.” He admitted and you pouted, giving him sympathetic eyes. “No, I’m so glad I’m here though because this is a huge step in the right direction for our relationship. I’m really proud to be here as your boyfriend, Y/N. And if being here with you means having to deal with them- then bring them back because I can do it all day,” he quote a famous line from his Captain America movies and winked.

“I love you,” you told him with a light chuckle.

“Not as much as I love you,” he told you then smiled.

You kissed him just as the band started to play Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’. He broke the kiss with a wide smile on his face and beckoned his head towards the dance floor. You chuckled and nodded, letting him led you out there with the rest of the couples including the new bride and groom. Luca caught your eye as Chris pulled you into a slow dance position and you saw her wink, you bit back your smile as winked back.

When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

“Hey,” Chris began as the two of you swayed on the dance floor. “Do you remember the first time we met at that coffee shop and this song was playing in the background?” You nodded, smiling. “That was the first time I truly believed in love at first sight,” he said and you laughed. “Don’t laugh at me,” he chuckled. “I’m being serious.”

“I know you are,” you smiled. “And trust me, when I saw you it was love at first sight too 'cause you looked smoking as Captain America,” you teased him and he laughed. “I even liked you when you were the scrawny kid from Brooklyn, I have a weakness for blue eyes.”

“Oh, I know you do.” He grinned then spun you out then pulled you back in, causing you to giggle and causing every other girl in the room- except the bride- to envy your very situation with the most handsome man they’d ever laid eyes on.

And, darling, I will be loving you 'til we’re 70
And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am.

So, honey, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are

“What do you think about this wedding?” You asked Chris. “It’s nice, isn’t it?” He nodded in agreement, scanning the room like you were. “It’s big but not so big that you don’t know everyone by name. I think I want something simple and sweet like this one day.”

“Are you trying to tell me something, sweetheart?” He asked with a cheeky grin on his face. “'Cause you know I’m crazy about you and that I will propose the second I feel like you’re ready for more. So don’t say anything you don’t mean,” he warned playfully.

“I won’t,” you chuckled. “But I can see this for us, can’t you?” You asked and he nodded with a sweet, adoring smile. “I know things are still a little early in our relationship to take that step but- it’s nice to think about.”

“No, I don’t think we’re that far off,” he disagreed. “Time is a concept, Y/N, so it doesn’t matter if we’ve only been dating for eleven months. If we know we love each other and we can see the rest of our lives together, are we really going to let time stop us from taking that leap?”

“You’re very wise for someone who’s only been alive for thirty-five years,” you said and he chuckled. “I know you’re right and it’s not the time that’s bothering me. There’s just a lot we haven’t talked about yet and we don’t even live together. What if when we move in you realize I’m an annoying person to live with and you fall out of love with me and want to break up?”

“That’s not possible.” He shook his head and you smiled which quickly turned into a fake scowl when he added. “You practically already live with me and I already know how annoying you can be to live with and I still love you.”

“You’re a jerk,” you pulled your hand out of his and playfully slapped his chest.

When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades
And the crowds don’t remember my name
When my hands don’t play the strings the same way (mmm…)
I know you will still love me the same

'Cause, honey, your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen
And, baby, your smile’s forever in my mind and memory
I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe it’s all part of a plan
Well, I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes
Hoping that you’ll understand

“Tell me something.” He said when he stopped laughing, taking your hand back into his. “Something you’ve never told me or anyone- and by anyone, I mean Luca as well- before. Anything, even a weird thought you were afraid people might judge you for.”

“Why?” You giggled.

“Think of it as a bonding exercise.”

“Fine,” you huffed then thought about something you’d never told anyone before. “Well- I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since I was six and it’s-” You saw him roll his eyes because you’d told him this before. “No,” you chuckled, “I didn’t tell you the full story. You just know that I wanted to, you don’t know why I wanted to.”

“Yes I do,” he nodded. “You write because it’s fun and you make people feel with your words. There’s nothing better than seeing someone cry or laugh because of what you’d written on the page, you told me that on our first date.”

“Yes, but I started writing for myself,” you told him. “I didn’t have a great time growing up, up until my twenties- I was the girl people turned to as an option. Other than Luca, I didn’t have many real friends and I sure as hell didn’t have any good boyfriends. Writing was an escape for me, a place where I could be someone other than myself and experience life and love the way I used to watch in movies. I figured if I could do it for myself, why couldn’t I do it for other people? Give the somewhere to run to, someone to be with in their darkest hours.”

That, baby, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
Thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are (oh, oh)

“Whoever treated you as an option must have been out of their fucking minds because you’re amazing and everything you do is amazing,” he said and you smiled. “Screw those past people, especially those past boyfriends. Luca and I lucked out with you in our lives and you will always be our first choice, come hell or high water.”

“You’re amazing, you know that?” You asked Chris rhetorically and he shrugged nonchalantly. “I think I’m the one who lucked out in this relationship. You are the best guy I’ve dated and- I don’t think I want to spend the rest of my life without you,” you admitted.

“The feeling is mutual, Y/N,” he smiled. “Because when I look at you, I finally see where the rest of my life is.” He dipped his head and met your lips for a tender kiss. “Just give me the word and I’ll give you the world,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against yours.

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, lo-ud

So, baby, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Oh, darling, place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
But maybe we found love right where we are
Oh, baby, we found love right where we are
And we found love right where we are

“I’m ready whenever you are,” you whispered back.

“Good,” he smiled and drew back slightly, “because the ring was starting to burn a hole in my pocket.” Your lips fell apart and you stared at him in awe and disbelief. “Don’t worry,” he chuckled. “I wasn’t going to propose at your best friend’s wedding, I was going to wait till the hotel even though she was begging me to, said it’d make a great story.”

“Luca knew about this?” Your gaze darted to your best friend who was far too busy with her new husband to look your way.

“Who do you think went ring shopping with me?”

“Oh my God.” You chuckled, feeling your eyes well with tears of joy.

“Think you can keep it together until we get back to the hotel?” He teased.

“I will if you will,” you smiled and kissed him once more.

As a little girl, I spent hours imagining my dream wedding. Wondering what I would wear, who would come, where it would take place.
After I came out, it became a little more apparent that certain bits of my wedding day will change. Like the march down the isle. This is for the bride. Her moment. Her absolute moment of pure impeccable happiness, excitement and nerve. She walks toward her forever after.
I decided that when I marry, my wife will walk toward me. I will meet her at the alter. It is my one last moment to see the faces of all those she loves, marvel in her utter beauty, all the while she stares intently at me, her smile growing bigger, her eyes filling with tears, a small laugh may escape.
This is the moment I will live for. This is the moment I am most excited for. To watch you walk toward me, in total awe of who is standing waiting for you as your whole world stares in your direction. I am the only one you will see.
—  To my bride to be. 
Night Before the Wedding


You sighed as you sat in bed, mindlessly flicking through the channels on the hotel TV. You were getting married in thirteen hours, and you’d never been so bored in your life, not to mention the fact you couldn’t sleep.

A knock on your door causes your head to dart up, and your eyebrows furrow in confusion as you gently pad across the floor. As you go to pull the door open however, a voice causes you to jump.

“Are you alone?” Ashton hisses, a smile tugging at your lips.

“Yeah.” You reply, grabbing your handbag and using it to prop the door open, sitting down as you leant against it. You felt Ashton do the same before he responded.

“No Wedding Police?” He asks, smile evident in his own voice.

“No Wedding Police.” You confirm, unable to restrain the grin on your face. “Although technically, you’re not breaking any rules. We haven’t seen each other.”

“Yes however the Wedding Police probably would not approve of us talking through the door.”

“By Wedding Police, I assume you mean your sister.” You chuckle, Ashton’s own laugh joining it.

“Lauren would kill me.” He confirms. “Not you. You can do no wrong in her eyes.”

“I’m clearly the favourite.” You joke, causing Ashton to snort. “Must run in the family.”

“Apparently so.” He replies, voice considerably softer. He sighs, and you can picture him running a hand through his hair. “We get married tomorrow.”

“I know.” You whisper back. “Now when Calum calls me Mrs Irwin, it’ll actually be true.”

“Last chance if you don’t really love me.” He jokes, and you both laugh softly.

“Ashton Fletcher Irwin, I am completely, madly, truly, deeply in love with you.” You reply, eyes on the engagement ring settled on your finger.

“Good to know.” He murmurs back, the two of you falling into silence. His hand reaches through the open part of the door, and you lace your fingers with his, smiling at the way he automatically begins to drag his thumb in small circles. He hums softly as you sit there, the two of you content with each others presence.

“Oh shit.” He murmurs causing your eyebrows to furrow, until you hear another voice.

“Ashton what are you doing?” Lauren asks, and you cringe at how annoyed she sounds.

“That’s my cue to leave.” He laughs, tugging your hand to press a chaste kiss to it. “See you at the alter Baby.”


You couldn’t help but laugh at Michael’s attempts to see you.

He was currently standing outside of your room, arguing in vain with Lucy, your Maid of Honour, as to why he should be allowed in. Each argument he had come up with she’d shot him down, repeating to him that it was bad luck and under no circumstance were you to see each other. Each time he let out a frustrated groan, and you and the rest of your bridesmaids couldn’t help but giggle each time.

“They’ll be there all night.” Your friend Jade chuckles, shaking her head at the idea. You all nodded in agreement, your laughter cut off by Michael’s shout.

“I need answers dammit!” He almost yells, his words causing your eyebrows to furrow.

“Fine!” Lucy shouts back, hissing at him to stay still before she storms into the room. “I need something to use as a blindfold.”

Snickering, Jade hands her a pair of tights from her bag, watching as Lucy nods approvingly and storms off again. Seconds later, she returns, Mihcael trailing behind her, the tights wrapped around his head.

“Promise you can’t see?” She asks sceptically, Michael noddingg earnestly.

“Not a thing.” He nods, reaching out. “Y/N?”

“Yeah Mike?” You laugh, standing up and taking his hand in yours. He smiles slightly, squeezing your fingers. “What’s up?”

“I have a question or two.” He states, a smirk tugging at your lips.

“Go on.”

“You do plan on meeting me at the alter tomorrow right? You aren’t going to do a runner on me?”

“No Michael.” You laugh, as do your bridesmaids. “I fully intend on marrying you tomorrow.”

“Okay good.” He nods, grinning. “Next question, will you think I’m any less manly if I cry before, during or after the ceremony?”

“No, your manliness will not go down.” You smile, Michael’s own smile growing even more.

“Okay final one.” He smirks, tugging you even closer to him, reaching out to hold your waist. “Are you sure I have to wear a tie? Like, you’re one hundred percent positive?”

“Yes!” Lucy hisses, and you can tell Michael would have rolled his eyes from the way his face falls. You smile softly, leaning up to press a gentle kiss to his lips.

“If you forget it, it won’t be the worst thing.” You mumble quietly, causing Michael to smirk again, kissing you once more.

This is why I’m marrying you.” He mutters against your lips. “Love you Princess.”

“Love you too.”


Your phone ringing caused you to almost break your neck running to answer it from the shower. Grabbing it off your bedside table, you grinned at the photo of Luke before holding it to your ear.

“Hey you.” You chirp, dropping down to perch on the end of your bed, which you knew would feel far too big.

“Did you know that this time tomorrow, we’ll be husband and wife?” Luke responds, and you can hear the smirk in his voice. “And you’ll officially be mine forever?”

“Oh the wedding’s tomorrow? It had slipped my mind.” You teased, causing Luke to scoff. Your smile grows, imagining the way he was rolling his eyes. “Are you going to cry when you see me walking down the aisle?”

“Depends on how good you look.” He muses, this time it being your turn to guffaw. “Joking Pretty Girl.”

“Better be.” You mumble, adjusting your towel as you move to lie back on the bed. “Why did you call anyway?”

“To remind you that in less than twenty four hours you’ll be Mrs Luke Hemmings.” He replies smugly, and you roll your eyes at his tone. “And to tell you that I don’t like the tradition of not seeing each other the night before.”

“So it wasn’t to tell me you’re getting cold feet and planning on running away with one of my bridesmaids?”

“Funnily enough no.” He chuckles.

“Although you’re more likely to run away with one of your best men.” You smirk, Luke letting a small groan fall from his lips. “If you had to chose would you run off with Ash, Mike or Cal?”

“We are not having this conversation the night before our wedding.” He grunts, a giggle falling from your lips. “Or ever for that matter.”

You fall into a silence, and you chew on your bottom lip as you listen to Luke’s breathing. He lets out a content sigh, and a small smile breaks out onto your features.

“Forever starts tomorrow Lu.” You mumble, and you can picture the smile that tugs at his lips.

“Forever started a long time ago Pretty Girl. We just get official proof tomorrow.” He replies softly. “ I love you you know.”

“I had a funny feeling.” You chuckle. “I love you too, more than anything.”

“So I’ll see you at the church?”

“I’ll be the one in white.”


A knock on your hotel door captures your attention from the book you’d been reading, and you slowly make your way over to unlock it. Pulling it open, you’re greeted with Ashton’s smiling face, wafting an envelope in his hand.

“This is for you.” He grins, holding it out to you. You arch an eyebrow at your best friend as you take it, turning it over to find your name scrawled in Claum’s hand writing. “I don’t know what it says, he just told me to bring it here and tell you he misses you. I offered to also give you a kiss from him but he wasn’t so fond of that idea.”

“Thanks Ash.” You roll your eyes, sending him a fond smile. He giggles, leaning on the door frame as you watch him cautiously. “What? You have to watch ime read it too?”

“Nah, I’m going back to Cal in a minute, just had a question first.” He smirks, causing you to lift your eyebrows again. “You happy bub?”

“Yeah.” You smile softly, the old nickname Ashton had given you as kids relaxing you. “Yeah I am.”

“Good.” He nods, pushing off the frame to stand up straight. “Means I won’t have to beat Cal up.”

“Thanks Ash.” You smile, leaningup to press a kiss to his cheek.

“Anytime.” He shrugs, waving before heading back to the elavator. You shut the door, moving back to your bed before opening the envelope, pulling out a folded piece of paper. Opening it, you smile at the page covered in Calum’s handwriting.


I could write you a million songs about how much I love you, and how I always will. And tomorrow, when I have to stand in front of everyone and make that speech, I’m not going to have nearly as much time as I need to properly show my gratitude for having you in my life for the rest of it. 

So this is just a note to say I love you. I love you in the morning when your hair’s a mess and I love you in the evening when you use me as a way to warm your feet in bed. I love you when your smile lights up a room and I love you when  your anger tears it down. I love you when it rains and I love you in the sun. I love you on this planet, on the moon, outer space and every galaxy there is. I love you, always, and I’ll show you every day from now until my last breath.

I love you.

Your Rockstar,

Cal x

Wiping the stray tear that has escaped your eyes, you grab your phone, quickly calling calum. He answers on the first ring, his quick hello alerting you he’d been expecting your call.

“I love you too.” You mumble, and you hear his sigh in relief. “So much.”

“Eighteen hours and counting.” He smiles back, and you grin to yourself. “Then it’s us against the world forever.”

“I can’t wait.”

I got this interview from the Attack on Titan Junior High.
Hajime Isayama and Saki Nakagawa.

Tell us how you two met.

Isayama: Actually, we both went to the same design graduate school in Kyushu.
Nakagawa: He graduated before I did.
I: I went to visit my old alma mater at one point, and that’s where I first met Nakagawa.
N: I remember that I also had an editor from weekly shonen magazine, (F-Kawa-San), and we talked about our editors.
I: I had also met F-Kawa-San, and what I remember most is Nakagawa-San saying how there was a big difference between F-Kawa-San on the phone and F-Kawa-San in person.
N: D-did I really say something like that? (laughs)

How did “Titan Junior High” get started?

I: One of the editors asked the Bessatsu Shonen magazine editor if there could be a spin-off manga. A four-panel strip was a possibility.
N: F-Kawa-San said that I should enter into an “Attack on Titan” Spin off competition.
I: I hear they chose Nakagawa-San from a bunch of different entries.
N: I was pretty unsure when I was selected. I was like, “Are you sure?”
I: is that right?
N: Still I was an “Attack on Titan ” fan myself, so I went into it with a lot of respect.
I: It’s true that after the manga artist was selected, I suggested that we do something like “Blame Academy.”
N: Right! And I went out and bought it! I remember thinking, so Isayama-Sensei is a “Blame” fan too!
I: I know we’re off topic, but yeah. I’m a huge Nihei-Sensei fan!

Tell us about the first “Jr. High” chapter.

I: If I remember, at our first meeting. Nakagawa-San had a chart of characters and what kind of patterns they would follow, right?
N: I charted out three patterns, each with different head-to-body ratios. I was really into drawing them because I knew Isayama-sensei was going to see them! Then what happened next…
I: Huh? What happened?
N: You got up and left halfway through the meeting!
I: …Oh, that’s right! My tooth was aching like crazy, and I had to get to a dentist quick!
N: Here I was so nervous about it, and suddenly, “Huh? He’s leaving in the middle?” (Laughs)
I: When I got to the dentist, he said that all but two teeth had cavities…
N: “It’s hard doing a regular comic, huh?” I remember thinking that at the time.

Give us your thoughts on the spin-off.

I: It’s a wierd feeling to have a different Eren in the same magazine, but not in “Attack on Titan.” How do you feel, Nakagawa-San?
N: Up to this point, I was just a reader loving how cool “Attack on Titan” is!  But now, reading Attack on Titan" was a little bit of a scary experience.
I: Huh?
N: I’m assuming a lot about the characters when I read “Attack on Titan,” and if I’m wrong about them, I feel that’s a failure on my part.
I: You don’t have to worry about that! I was there while they were making some of the anime version of “Attack on Titan,” and I finally realized that these characters can be diffdrent from the characters I have in my head.
N: What do you mean?
I: These characters aren’t just mine. Everybody brings their own experiences to them, and that’s what gives them their charm! At least, that’s what I think!
N: I’m so happy you said that!
I: In Attack on Titan: JR. High, when Eren and the group all snuck into the titans’ classroom, I realized it was something I would never have come up with.
N: That’s deeply emotional chapter for me. I took the story to my meeting with my editor, and he give me an, “Okay,” without hardly any alterations!
I: Also the scene where Eren was sucked on by a titan then spit out left a big impression on me.
N: That was taken from your suggestion when you said, “Eren is taken into a titan’s mouth and by the time he comes out, his cell phone is waterclogged and broken.”
I: But since that joke turned into a chinese food joke, I have to say that I haven’t been much help to you, huh? (Laughs)

What comes after this?

I: This may sound a little weird, but I want Nakagawa-San to use “Titan Junior High” as a stepping stone. I know it came out really weird, so I want some original Nakagawa-San work to come out.
N: But more than that, I want to keep doing “Titan Junior High” as long as possible. Actually, I’ve learned a secret about Isayama-San, so after a long time working on this, I want to have a meeting where I reveal it all!
I: Wh-what does that mean? Now I’m all nervous… But however it goes, I’m looking forward to the next volume and the volumes following that!
N: Please support me, everyone!

Threads II

Part I

“You’re not gonna believe anything I say.”

They’re making their way back to Stiles’ jeep. Derek had tried, at first, to move on his own. Flinching from Stiles’ too gentle touch, averting his gaze from those soft brown eyes, too full of feeling. He’d barely made it two steps before stumbling straight into a tree, vision going black, Stiles’ surprised shout muffled and distant in his ears.

He’d agreed to lean on Stiles after that, still not looking at him, not focusing on his scent or the nervous flutter of his heart or the way Stiles would sigh every dozen steps like he was fighting for words and coming up blank. Until now.

Derek turns his face away, focuses on keeping his legs under him.

“She was messing with you though, Derek.”

There’s a tang of blood in his throat.

“So she didn’t make you…” He can’t even say the words.

“She didn’t make me love you,” Stiles confirms.

The jeep’s in sight, in the distance. The words ache in a way Derek convinces himself is relief.

Until Stiles’ thumb smooths down his side and he adds, softly, “I loved you before that. I have for a long time.”

He wrenches out of Stiles’ grip. Nearly hits the ground, hears Stiles yelp in surprise, annoyance. But he can’t… he can’t right now.

He can stand on his own feet, if only barely. He focuses on the movements of his legs, doesn’t lift his eyes to Stiles once. Doesn’t let himself look throughout the drive home either, flinches over Stiles’ shuddered breaths: barely caught sobs over fabricated feelings. Squeezes his eyes shut, trying to block out the few aborted attempts of “I mean it,” and “it’s real, ok, she didn’t…” and the three increasingly frustrated “I love yous.”

As though Stiles hadn’t been there in that clearing, hadn’t heard everything that Derek had. Hadn’t felt the fae crafting her spell as she whispered lies in Stiles’ ear, forcing him to believe them.

When they reach the loft, Stiles makes a movement like he wants to follow Derek out of the car. It makes him finally look up, meet Stiles’ eyes. He ignores the expression there, the one that seems to be pleading him for an understanding he can’t provide. Ignores the way Stiles’ whole body seems to be calling to him, like a pathway that had been shut before finally standing open.

He could have Stiles. He could have him, and Stiles would want it.

He shudders, breaking the gaze too fast.

“We’ll fix this,” he says, and pushes away from the car.

Ignores the sound of Stiles palm slamming into the dash. Ignores the frustrated mutter of “there’s nothing to fix.”

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Something sweet.
—  So you find someone strange, someone new. Someone that you don’t know. Someone that you will know. Someone that you might love. Someone that you’re still figuring out. Someone that you’ll spend time with. Someone who gives you the kind of attention that a florist gives to flowers. Someone with eyes just like yours, they don’t have to be blue to drown people. Someone with hair just like yours, you were blessed with the moon’s sincerest letters– daylight, won’t you return to me? Someone you’re ready to meet. Someone that’s going to alter you. Someone that’s going to destroy those scars, someone that’s going to create art into your emptiness– this someone? They’ll call your loneliness at 4 am just to say hello, I’ve missed you. Someone like you.

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Mine - The sequel to 'You Are In Love' - Chapter 1

“Adam, where the fuck are you? And where’s Taylor? Your wedding is in a few hours!” Karlie yelled into the phone. “Please tell me you’re not with her right now.” She groaned and I looked at Taylor my eyes widening as she put on a shirt.

“What? No! I am not with Taylor and we I mean I will be in my room getting in my tux and my future wife will be getting ready for the wedding in like five minutes.” I told Karlie, as I reached for my boxers and Taylor winked at me.

“How do you know Taylor is going to be here in five minutes? You’re totally with her aren’t you?” I could mentally picture Karlie rolling her eyes at me. It was impossible to lie to that woman, I swear.

“I have to go. Bye.” I hung up the phone as Taylor laughed at me. “Come on! We have our wedding to attend.” I grinned at her. She stepped closer to me, wrapping her arms around my neck, as mine went around her waist, pulling closer to me. “We just had sex in a closet five hours before our wedding.” I laughed, kissing her lips.

“And it was mind blowing.” She smirked, tapping her fingers against my chest before pecking lips and turning around. “I’ll meet you at the alter.” She told me, winking before opening the closet door carefully so no one would see us. Our friends had prohibited us of seeing each other the night and during these few hours until the wedding so we had sneaked out and found ourselves in this closet where I smiled to myself thinking of my best friend.

I would be marrying her today. The woman I have been loving since I was sixteen, I was marrying her. After all we had been through, we were finally getting married. It felt like a dream and it was. I was living what I had dreamed for years.

I proposed a year after we got back together and now six months later, the day had finally arrived. I loved her so much, with everything that came with it. I had been stupid enough to have given up on us after her career took off but that night at the Brits, I knew I had to have her back. I waited long enough to have her all to myself. Now that woman was my fiancé and in five hours she would be my wife, it was crazy to think about it. My best friend since I was sixteen, the most amazing girl I had ever met, the girl I fell in love with. I couldn’t ask for more.

I snapped out of my thoughts and got out of the closet, walking to the room where I was getting ready. I looked out the window, facing the ocean. We were getting married on an island, away from the prying eyes of cameras and away from all the stress in New York City and Los Angeles. It was peaceful here and it was also beautiful. We flew our families and our closest friends here.

Our life hasn’t been easy up until the wedding. Taylor was right, the attention she had, media wise was worse but this time I could take it. Everyone speculated about everything and anything we did, they created rumors and it could get annoying but we ignored it all. We were in our own world most of the time but everyone wanted a piece of us, wanted to know more about our relationship although we had remained relatively private about it. Only posting pictures once in a while. I had become quite successful in the EDM world and on the charts too. A lot of people considered me to be the king of EDM and Taylor was on top of the music game. I loved watching her work and play sold out shows to fifty thousand people. We were considered a power couple, winning all the awards and having millions of fans, especially Taylor.

“Adam? You ready, mate?” Charlie knocked on the door, walking into my room as i stood in front of the mirror in my suit, fixing my tie.

“Yeah. Is it time?” Charlie nodded and I grinned, taking a deep breath and walking with him out of the door. We went outside, where everyone was. I stood on the alter waiting for my love. My heart was beating so fast. I wanted to see her already. She hadn’t let me see the dress, so I was excited because I knew she would be beautiful, she’ll probably look like a goddess and my knees felt weak just thinking about it.

My breath was caught in my throat when the music started playing. Then she came into view, that beautiful angel appeared in front of me. Our eyes locked and tears started streaming down my cheeks. She looked so beautiful, so perfect. I couldn’t believe that I would get to call her my wife. Taylor’s uncle was the one walking her down the aisle since Taylor’s parents didn’t speak to her. I knew that hurt her but seeing the smile on her face as she stepped closer to me, my worry vanished. I took her hand, grinning as she stopped in front of me and the minister began the ceremony.

When it the time came to say my vows, the ones I had written myself, I stared deep into her eyes and everyone else around me disappeared.

“Taylor,” I began. “When I first met you, I was fifteen. It’s been more than ten years since that. We’ve been through a lot together and I’ve always loved you through all of it, even if I hadn’t told you. I know everything about you, I lived with you for seven years and you discover a lot about someone when you spend so much time with them. You’re my everything and I mean that. It took too much time to get here, to our wedding day but I just want you to know that as I stand here today in front of our friends and family, I’ve never been more grateful. I could give you a million reasons why I love you and it wouldn’t be enough. I promise to be by your side and to love and cherish you for the rest of my life. You’re my best friend. The one who I’ve had countless adventures with and I know that we’ll have many more. I love you so much more than you could ever imagine.” I smiled and she sniffled, gripping my hand, a huge smile on her face.

“You always make me cry when you say stuff like that.” She wiped her tears, giggling to herself lightly. “You know I love you. And I know that there’s no one else in this world for me than my goofy and idiot of a best friend. There’s no one else I’d rather spend my life with. I want to have everything with you. I know you better than anyone and I love everything that I know. I guess I kind of knew all along, that I was in love you with you. And I really am. I’ve never experienced something as intense as what I feel for you and I don’t think I ever will. I promise that whenever you need me, I will support you. I will love you and I’ll never take you for granted. You’re my world, Adam and I hope that as we go through this life we have the happiest life we could have.” She smiled me and I started letting the tears fall out.

“Will you, Adam, keep Taylor as your favorite person — to laugh with her, go on adventures with her, support her through life’s tough moments, be proud of her, grow old with her, and find new reasons to love her every day?” The priest said, glancing at me.

“I will.” I replied not taking my eyes off of Taylor. He asked Taylor the same questioned and my knees felt like jelly as she responded, her simple ‘I will’ sounded like the Angels had gathered around to sing the beautiful melody ever produced. We exchanged rings. I placed the ring on her finger and it was all official. Taylor Alison Swift was my wife. Taylor Alison Swift -Wiles.

My lips pressed against hers and everyone cheered but I didn’t hear a thing because I knew that we were forever. She my wife. My fucking wife and that was all I ever wanted.


credits: one / two / three / four / five / six 

all the eyeshadows you see in the photo are by makeupgeek, I want every single one of them. The essie color at the very end is Meet Me At The Alter (not sheer, you only need two coats) and the only reason I showed the last picture of “End of The Year Favorites” video is because he entire look is so cute! The outfit, necklace, messy bun and makeup. 


Meet Me at the Alter - Jagged Edge

(Part four of my AU.  Part one.  Part two. Part three.)

When Sheldon and Amy’s wedding day arrived, he didn’t feel the least bit nervous.  He was frustrated with himself because he didn’t get a good night’s sleep in Howard and Bernadette’s guest room.  He still wasn’t quite sure why he had to spend the night away from Amy.  They didn’t share a room in their apartment, but he still followed the tradition. Instead, here he was getting dressed in his suit alone when the door opened, and Amy rushed inside.

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the-savior-and-the-pirate  asked:

Congrats! If you're up to it... Setting: General/Non Magic, trope: accidental marriage and secret relationship. All rest is up to you!

Title: Marriage, Mistakes, and Maybe Fate
Wordcount: ~3,100
Disclaimer: Some inspiration for this came from Vic and Val from What I Like About You, because I can’t write about accidental weddings without thinking of them haha.
A/N: Thank you for the prompt, I hope you like it!

“Three months,” Killian said trying desperately to keep his voice even. “Just give it until Dave’s wedding and if you still want an annulment, I won’t argue.”

Emma stopped pacing the room and glanced at him. “Three months?” she asked, voice unreadable.

“Aye love,” Killian nodded, standing up from the hotel mattress before cautiously approaching Emma as though she were a spooked animal. “The best -” his voice cut out on him and he cleared his throat, “The best feeling I’ve ever had in my life, is this pervasive sense of utter calm, the feeling of coming back somewhere you belong and just knowing that you’re home. I’ve only felt that twice, two times in my entire life. The first was when I stepped aboard the Jolly, and the second time,” Killian stepped forward again and was bolstered when Emma didn’t take a step back, “the second time was when I met you.”

Emma inhaled sharply and Killian froze.

“If you’re willing,” he said quietly, “I think we owe it to ourselves to see where this leads. Please Emma, give us a chance.”

“Just three months?” she clarified, gaze meeting his once more.
Killian nodded.

“Okay,” Emma said, and Killian couldn’t help the smile overtaking his face, even as Emma held up a hand and continued to speak. “On one condition…”

Anything,” Killian said, and god he meant it. He would do anything for this woman - for his wife - even if their matrimony had been an accident.

You can’t tell anyone.”

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ask-the-zac  asked:

Let's see... big, purple, kinda looks like a mantis... Yeah. You must be Kha'Zix. I've heard of you. Nice to meet someone else who can alter their shape.

“You’ve heard of me have you Zac? I hope you don’t believe those fear mongering rumours the summoners spread about me. You would belittle yourself if you did.”