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guess who got m&g tickets for ari’s concert ?!?!?!?!??!?!? h*ck!!!!! 

also since the other ariana pic i drew went everywhere and literally got to ari (as in she liked it, but a reposted no cred version) i put a rlly ugly watermark there sorry woops


“Looking into the dark liquid clasped between my hands, my blurred reflection stares back at me. How had I gone on, completely blind. Lost to it for a moment the sting from the hot mug brings me back.”

“And this is our other crew member, Marina!”. Troy introduced the newly arrived Cadet Tracy to his team, with a wink to Phones!!
The kid was awestruck!
Quite rightly so as he’d been brought up believing merpeople were myths.
Phone’s chuckled softly at Troy’s mischief, “Guess you forgot to warn the kid that she’s a mermaid there Troy!”

Especially for @fishtoncha


wanted to try voicing this for some reason

enjoy my voice

undertale fluffyness coming up next



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Story time:

On September 4th, I had the lucky chance to be apart of a small group who got to watch Darren Criss and his band rehearse for Elsie Fest which is (today) September 5th.

For a good portion of my life I’ve been working festivals and working my butt off around the world to one day work towards working along side my idols or even to just cross paths with them. Yesterday, I got that opportunity with Darren. Not only did I get to meet him and talk with him and share my passion for hard work with him but I also during his rehearsal got to sing with him. (With two other lovely girls that I pulled up because when are you going to get that chance!?)

I will go into more detail about the meeting and what was said and the other opportunities I got out of yesterday but for now.

A very huge thank you to the team at Hyphenate Creative and Darren Criss, my fellow vagabond xx❤️


                                         ‘cause here we are all liars
                                           just hoping to get higher
                                           than everyone we meet

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((I was really glad you followed me-- I really get excited when Part 7 & 8 blogs like my stuff, even though I haven't gotten up to that part yet. I kind of like the idea of Joubin meeting Marina and saying, 'hey, she has the same hair as Mitsuba'.)) --regularlyscheduledjolynemom

!! oh my god they do have really similar designs ??? like….