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I’m in love with stories in which Grantaire falls for Enjolras before meeting him in person, before even knowing what he looks like.

Enjolras may be that guy working at the helpful outline Grantaire keeps calling

Enjolras may run that very famous blog on tumblr Grantaire loves to get into arguments with, but whom he secretly admires

Enjolras may be that anonymous angel who calls and pays a cab every Tuesday night because Grantaire is too drunk to go home and doesn’t remember his guardian angel’s face

Enjolras may be that faceless neighbour Grantaire has never seen, but they keep passing each other passive-aggressive notes under the door and the notes turn into letters and whole conversations

Enjolras may be that guy who sent him a text by mistake once, and Grantaire responded and they kept the conversation going for months without sharing a picture

Because Enjolras is light through his words and passion, not solely his appearance. And though lbr his physique is the cherry on top, Grantaire falls in love with a lot more than that


Mini closet cosplay photo shoot for @mardisoir from their amazing fic One Thousand Nights

Jean: @petalprouvaire

Montparnasse: @montparnassee

We promise to do a better one soon and go out and buy/make outfits, but yet again this was done at 3am…. plus I want to get a wig so I can do Jean’s hair styles~

AU where Grantaire is a hugely famous and successful fashion designer aged thirty (like, Alexander McQueen famous), who owns this international multi-billion dollar fashion house, but is also hugely famous for the fact that he’s anonymous, like, only ten trusted people at the top know his real name (one of them is probably Eponine, no, its definitely Eponine, she is his PA), everyone else knows him just as R, most of the people working for him have never even seen him. Outside of his fashion house he lives with Joly, Bossuet and Musichetta (he also owns their building which is why the rent is so low but shush they don’t know), who just think he’s their little cynic artist, like, they have no clue what he does because he’s just so vague when asked, ‘sell art shit’ is his usual response. And they keep asking him to come to Les Amis meetings but he just refuses every time.

And so one day he’s working on this really big collection that’s based on the Greek Gods and Eponine rings him one day and is like ‘we’ve found Apollo’, and texts him pictures of Enjolras (whose parents cut him off as usually happens in fanfic, and who Courfeyrac pushed into modelling part time because ‘you are the most beautiful human to exist you’ll make enough doing a week to retire for life’) and Grantaire’s just like ‘Eponine how much photoshop was used no one is that beautiful’ ‘Well see if he lives up to the photos yourself he’s over to your office’ ‘I’m not even at my office’ ‘well get the fuck over there’. And of course Enjolras doesn’t really want to be there because, even though R’s house is really famously progressive and actually does plus-sized stuff it’s still the fashion industry, it’s still a steaming pile of elitist shit. So they get arguing and it gets incredibly heated and after half an hour of outright yelling Grantaire just plays a klaxon noise on his computer and shouts ‘you are hired’, pressing the intercom ‘Eponine I’ve hired the guy, go show him the ropes’.

So begins a month of sexual tension, incredibly argumentative flirting, or flirty arguing, clothes designing and angst. (Grantaire also just keeps gifting Enjolras clothes and Courfeyrac just whines that its not fair that Enjolras gets all that couture when he doesn’t even appreciate it ‘look at this leather jacket Enj, it is one of a kind, it has been perfectly tailored for you, this is the bespoke of bespoke, we do not leave it on the floor!’)

And finally one day after the Joly-Bossuet-Musichetta trio have wheedled and whined and poked and prodded Grantaire for a week he finally throws up his hands and says ‘if it’s at a bar and I can drink I will come to your stupid activist meeting’. So they head off and its all nice and the leader isn’t there yet so they introduce him to everyone and they all chat and make friends and Grantaire thinks ‘this isn’t bad, I may enjoy myself’. Then Courfeyrac looks towards the door and says brightly ‘ah here comes our fearless leader’. And Grantaire looks over as well and the fearless leader is, of course, Enjolras and Grantaire just thinks ‘of all the activist groups in France my friends frequent the same one that my crush and employee who I argue with on a daily basis runs, of course’. And Enjolras comes over and stops still, Combeferre starts to introduce him and Enjolras just stops him and is like ‘R what are you doing here!?’ and everyone’s like ‘you know each other?’ and Enjolras turns to Combeferre and Courfeyrac and says ‘this is my boss’.

Everything goes to shit for an hour.

The meeting never actually happens.

They’re too busy interrogating Grantaire.

‘You own R? You’re R! We’ve lived with you since college and you never told us!’

‘You’re R! Your clothes are works of art I am not worthy!’

‘How did you keep this secret for ten years!’

‘I am going to kill Eponine I can’t believe she never told us!’

*Courfeyrac is cannot evening*

‘Grantaire I am legitimately impressed by your ability to maintain a double life, have you ever considered fighting crime?’

‘How did you not know I ran this activist group! How!’

‘You own our fucking building! You give us rent money every month! You pay yourself to live in your own flat!’

Eventually things calm down. Eponine is not allowed to live down the fact that she knew everything and never told anyone.

Everyone begins operation ‘get E and R together’. Chaos ensues, Enjolras and Grantaire get together, life is good.

Courfeyrac always carries at least one book in his backpack he has with him 24/7 (because he needs a lot of stuff throughout the day) because he know his boyfriend’s silly habbit of underestimating how much he can read in one day. Whenever he sees Combeferre messing with the cover of a book or randomly flipping through the pages before a Les Amis meeting he just walks over and pulls it out of his bag and sets it on the table in front of him before walking away with a smile because he knows his nerdy boyfriend is gonna start reading what ever he put in front of him as soon as he can.

Okay, but please imagine Combeferre suggesting that they have a swear jar at Les Amis meetings.

Please imagine Combeferre clearing his throat and telling Enjolras to put money in the swear jaw every time he whispers to himself about “those fucking capitalist pigs.”

Please imagine Courfeyrac sighing deeply because he “accidentally” told someone to eat his entire ass

Please imagine Bahorel having to put money in the swear jaw at least four times during every meeting.

Please imagine Joly never having to put money in the swear jaw because all of his exclamations are creative and in no way vulgar (“I’d tell him to go get eaten by lions, but he’s too salty for the poor lions.”)

Please imagine Feuilly debating with the others about whether or not he needs to put money in there too, because he insists that he should but Enjolras strongly disagrees.

Please imagine Bossuet only having to put money in there once because he practically never swears.

Please imagine Jehan having to put money in there during every single meeting to everyone’s surprise, because they never actually noticed how foul mouthed Jehan could be.

Please imagine Grantaire not having to put money in there for several meetings, but having to put money in there nineteen times during one every once in a while, depending on what mood he’s in.

Now please imagine Combeferre being the one out of all of them to put the highest amount of money in the swear jar, because no one has ever noticed how causally profanity slips from his lips when he gets really passionate about something.

J’en suis

Ok, this is one of my favorite quotes from Les Mis, so headcanon time!!!

When Grantaire starts going to Les Amis meetings, he doesn’t exactly believe he is one of them–he always feels slightly like no one actually cares if he’s there or like he doesn’t actually fit in and belong, and it doesn’t help that he and Enjolras are always at each others throats, so at the end of one night when he’s had a little too much to drink, he starts softly venting all of this to Bossuet. Of course Bossuet listens to Grantaire and tries to comfort him, but Grantaire still can’t shake that feeling…

What Grantaire doesn’t know is that Enolras heard everything.  So, yes, Enjolras works on being nicer to Grantaire during meetings, but he also takes a green post-it note and writes on it in flawless calligraphy “J’en suis” and at the next meeting subtly slips it into R’s bag, who doesn’t notice it until he gets home, but smiles none the less and begins to think maybe he does  belong there after all.

From then on, Enjolras always carries that green post-it notepad in his bag, and whenever he can see that R is having a bad day, he manages to somehow write “J’en suis” on a post-it note in perfect calligraphy and slip it into Grantaire’s bag–all without anyone noticing.  Grantaire won’t tell anyone, but those post-it notes have helped him through some pretty tough times, and he keeps every single one he gets.

Courf drags Marius along to Les Amis one day, only to have Marius be dragged by Ferre’s “to be free” (you all know the scene), so at the end of the meeting Enj asks an angry, exasperated Marius to give their meetings one more chance, and at the next one is a purple post-it note waiting for him at the same empty table he had sat at last time. The note reads “J’en suis” in perfect calligraphy.

When Musichetta joins there’s an obnoxious neon green post-it note for her, while Eponine gets a soft teal, and Cossette gets a bright pink one. 

It slowly starts to spiral into something larger.

Whenever Joly has a panic attack or his leg is acting up, there’s a post-it note waiting for him, light blue with the phrase “J’en suis.”

Whenever Feuilly hasn’t been to a meeting in over a month due to his jobs, there’s “J’en suis” on an orange post-it note waiting for him.

When something goes wrong, which happens a lot with Bossuet’s luck, or when he gets mad at himself for screwing something up, there are post-it notes with lucky shamrock backgrounds and the famous “J’en suis.”

When Jehan comes out as non-binary, they get a purple one (their favorite color), with “J’en suis” written over a background of flowers.

Bahorel gets one when he finally decides stop following his parents’ dream that he would be a lawyer and starts to follow his own dream of opening a patiserie. 

Everyone else is weary when Jehan starts to bring Montparnasse along to meetings, and he almost decides he isn’t coming back, until he feels Enjolras slip something into his pocket (of course he knows it’s Enjolras, he is a master pick-pocket and Enjolras would have to be ten times better to fool him), and when Parnasse takes it out, there’s a black post-it note with “J’en suis” in red pen. He never tells anyone it’s Enjolras, but when he comes back to the next meeting he greats Enj with a rare smile, as an attempt to thank Enj for the note.

Speculations about the mysterious note-giver goes around, and when Enjolras is quickly ruled out–because there’s a reason Combeferre takes notes at meetings, and that reason is partially because no one can read Enjolras’s disastrous handwriting–Enj just smiles, knowing his secret is safe.

Only Combeferre and Courfeyrac know it’s Enjolras, and that’s only because they live with him and have to deal with the fact that their appartment has become over-run with pads of post-it notes. Plus Courfeyrac is the only person in the world Enjolras would go to for ideas on which post-it notes to order for each person.

After a particularly bad day, Enjolras silently sneaks out of a meeting early. When R finds him crying on the fire-escape, he doesn’t say anything, just slips a red post-it note into his hand as they continue to stare up at the stars in silence. When Enjolras finally dries his eyes enough to read it, he sees “J’en suis” scribbled across it in Grantaire’s chicken-scratch. That’s the moment Enjolras realizes he likes Grantaire. 

Fast forward a little, and still no one knows who the secret note-giver is, but that doesn’t matter anymore. What matters most is that these notes have helped everyone through some horrible times, so Grantaire has the idea to get a tattoo of the mysterious writing.  Bahorel, Jehan, Bossuet, Musichetta, Combeferre, Eponine, and Cossette–and Enjolras–all want to do the same thing, so they all go as a big group, but it’s only a week later when Grantaire realizes the tattoo Enjolras got wasn’t “J’en suis” in flawless calligraphy like everyone else’s tattoo–it was the same scribbled “J’en suis” from that night on the fire-escape.

Fast forward a little more, and after they have been dating for a few years, Enjolras gets down on one knee and proposes to R with a ring bearing the inscription “J’en suis.”

during red and black
  • Grantaire: Ladies and gentlemen, you coulda been anywhere in the world tonight, but you’re here with us in Paris. Are you ready for a Les Amis meeting??? The issue is on the table: will Marius stop being a lovestruck goof? Will Enjolras find a place for anything other than revolution in his heart? Stay tuned, it'll be better than an opera.
A Definitive List of Things That are Forever Banned from Meetings of Les Amis

- Heelies: a poorly executed dance routine to Kylie Minogue’s “Spinning Around” and a broken wheel ended up with one of the Corinthe windows being smashed and Courfeyrac wearing a leg cast for a month.

- “Do it for the Vine”: last time anyone said this, Bahorel’s beard was physically burnt off, 64 baby ducklings adopted Enjolras as their mother, and Feuilly ended up waking up on the night train to Amsterdam covered in glitter.

- Glitter: the Glitterbomb War of 2015 means that Combeferre is still finding sparkles in his underwear to this day.

- Sea monkeys: Joly brought them in to show everyone. Bossuet mistook the plastic tank for a beaker and drank them. This was also the closest they’d ever gotten to breaking up.

- Any and all musical instruments: after Grantaire started taking to playing the tuba whenever Enjolras tried to speak and Courfeyrac drunkenly dared himself to shove Jehan’s flute up his ass, Les Amis had to officially disband its orchestra.

- Skulls: Jehan would bring his pet skull Yorick in to meetings and just casually chat with it. Sometimes he’d cheerfully explain that Yorick had bad omens and it would always make Bossuet tear up slightly.

- Marius: whilst this was only a temporary ban and self-implemented, it was implemented after he got in a rather vigorous rap battle with Combeferre and was left in tears.

- Rap battles

Some disabled Amis headcanons:

-Joly with a prosthetic leg, who tends to keep it hidden because he was teased as a child and people give him funny looks and treat him differently - until he meets Les Amis, who treat him just the same as ever, with the occasional helping hands if he needs it.

-Blind Joly, who is constantly making jokes - “I think I see a problem here - well, I don’t, but you know what I mean.”. Bonus points for cute guide dog, extra bonus points for a little guide pony.

-Mute Marius, who in theory can talk but never does and never really has, who knows sign language in multiple languages as well as being able to read and write others.

-Deaf Courfeyrac, who has the most wonderful genuine laugh because he has no idea if it sounds weird or not, so he’s never wanted to change it, and has just a slight lisp to his speech when he talks which just serves to make him even more lovable.

-Bossuet who is in a wheelchair because of an accident but is still as bright as ever, always saying things like “Well, at least now I can’t be forced to participate in sport, I never did enjoy it.”

-Marius in a wheelchair because he was born paralyzed below the waist, who is glad to have people who finally don’t treat him like a delicate child or a horrible burden.

-Grantaire with congenital analgesia (pain insensitivity) who needs to have Joly look him over at the end of every day to make sure he hasn’t accidentally hurt himself without realising.

-Enjolras with hearing aids who sometimes makes a point of staring at Grantaire when he’s making unhelpful comments, and deliberately turning them off until he sees him stop talking.

All Things Will Come With a Little Time, Pt. 2/2

The continuation, for @jj91sCombeferre/Grantaire, developing relationship, Princess Diaries AU.

Read Part 1 here.

Combeferre and Grantaire walked slowly side by side towards school, purposefully taking their time – or at least, Combeferre was. Two weeks after showing up at school with a new haircut and new clothes, and still people were talking about it. “You’d think they’d have something better to talk about,” Combeferre grumbled as some skateboarded by and wolf-whistled.

Grantaire laughed. “Kids these days,” he said dismissively, giving Combeferre a sideways glance. “Sidebar, what are you doing this Saturday afternoon?”

“Whatever Enjolras has planned for Les Amis, I guess,” Combeferre said, though without much enthusiasm. Enjolras had gotten only slightly better after the limo incident, and instead of looking forward to Les Amis meetings, Combeferre found himself dreading them. “Unless I can find something better to do.”

Grantaire’s smile widened. “Well, in that case, I happen to have two tickets to the tattoo exhibit at the Field Museum, figured you might want to come.”

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I love artist!Grantaire in fic but like, even in modern AUs he’s usually written as a painter, which is fine and all, lots of people are painters, but I feel like we’re missing out on the beautiful possibilities of Grantaire as a modern day art student in a specialism other than fine art

like illustrator Grantaire who does lovely pictures for children’s books but won’t back down from a porn commission if he needs the money and also he and Jehan collaborate to make beautifully eerie illustrated books of poetry together

comic artist Grantaire who vents a lot of his frustrations and self-esteem issues by drawing passive aggressive autobio comics sarcastically portraying his perceived day to day failures but in a funny enough way that they’re really popular online

graphic designer Grantaire who just sort of pleadingly whispers ‘Helvetica’ every time Les Amis produce yet another leaflet in some indecipherable ugly font

animator Grantaire who shows up to Les Amis meetings looking like he’s stared directly into eternity and the others are like ‘???’ because their idea of art school is a bunch of people lying around smoking pot and occasionally throwing paint at a canvas and Grantaire is just like ‘I’ve been awake for 39 hours and in that time I have drawn over sixty very similar drawings of the same character and that amounts to approximately five seconds of footage and I regret everything’

Places where Grantaire has thrown up:
-a fake potted plant
-inside of his own shirt while he was wearing it
-during more than one les amis meeting
-eponines toilet
-jolys toilet
-courfeyracs toilet and on some of his floor
-a childrens park after 2am which he proceeded to cover up with woodchips
-enjolras’ boots

Okay but soulmark Courferre AU where Courfeyrac has “excuse me, are you Aaron Burr, sir?” wrapped around his ankle, and between the ages of 16 and 20 goes to every costume party as Aaron Burr on the off chance that his soulmate will recognize the outfit. And then Hamiltunes drops and he’s really confused because does this mean Lin-Manuel Miranda is his soulmate? 

And a year later he goes to a Les Amis meeting and there is sturdy, mostly silent Combeferre in a hipster sweater and an undercut and nerd glasses, and everything is going smoothly until Enj mentions that Combeferre does this thing where he will randomly start rapping as Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, and Ferre turns to Courf and rattles off the words wrapped around Courf’s ankle, and Courf just kind of gives Burr’s answering line in a daze, and Ferre says “oh thank God I was so concerned that it was going to be someone shady I mean really ‘depends, who’s asking?’ what was i supposed to think?

And then they live happily every after.

I have this headcanon that as soon as Enjolras and Grantaire start talking during a meeting, the rest of Les Amis just check out, because the argument is going to last at least ten minutes, fifteen if Grantaire has had a few drinks. They can time it perfectly by now. 

“You’ve got good points, Enjolras, but—”

Bahorel gets out his phone and starts playing Angry Birds.

Joly puts his headphones in.

Feuilly takes a well deserved nap.

Combeferre looks into the camera like he’s on the office. 

Real talk tho, when are people finally going to write all the fics about les amis meeting each other and becoming les amis? AKA the fics that this fandom needs and deserves, clearly?

And if not fics, I guess I’m all about hearing headcanons. Here, i’ll start: 

- Grantaire adopts Bossuet without meaning too, because Grantaire doesn’t believe in Friendship. Bossuet proves him wrong. Then Joly arrives, and there’s Drama because Bossuet and Grantaire are essentially two emotionally stunted men, and then everything is good, because Joly’s heart, smiles, and puns, are all that is pure in the world. 

- Everybody knows of Bahorel even before they actually met the man. Bahorel meets them, Bahorel who’s been moving from groups to groups without ever settling, and he takes a look at them and he’s like “here are my people at last”.

- Bossuet and Joly’s first meeting is a romcom meeting. It just is.

- Enjolras and Courfeyrac meet at law school, and destroy their first royalist verbally together. Courfeyrac’s all fire, and Enjolras’s all intensity. Together, they could make things burn, except Courfeyrac knows Jehan, and Jehan introduces them to Combeferre. The triumvirate is complete.

- Feuilly takes some convincing from Bahorel to give a chance to Les Amis. He’s the last one to arrive. It’s not that he doesn’t believe in the Republican fight, because he does - he just had already experiences with republican students, and bourgeois groups. In the end, though, he comes, and he never leaves; After the third meeting, he spends an entire night discussing with Enjolras, and he doesn’t even realize that he’s found his family yet.

- Jehan meets Combeferre in a bookshop. 

- Bahorel’s introduction to Combeferre is when Jehan invites him to a nocturnal visit to a cemetery. 

- Courfeyrac and Joly’s first meeting includes an almost one hour conversation on stylish canes, hats and proper hair care. 

- Grantaire and Enjolras meets at the gym. They fight together. Enjolras wins. 

Now c’mon you guys! Add to this post with your own headcanons on les amis’s first meetings? Canon-era or not. I just need more of them becoming friends. 

So Sara has an adorable nickname and it got me thinking.

One day during a meeting Les Amis are all doing their usually thing: Talking, chilling, revolution planning.

Enjolras is really relaxed with all his friends around him and while he’s talking he accidentally calls Grantaire “Taire-Bear.

Everybody just stops mid-conversation to stare at him.

Grantaire is like “What did you just call me…?”

And Enjolras has just gone absolutely beet red and even he looks shocked that he said it out loud.

Eventually he just awkwardly explains “You.. Umm. You look like you’d give really nice teddy bear hugs?”

And Grantaire just grins at him and says “Care to test that theory out?”

Les amis headcanons

just random headcanons (part 1/??) 

  • After Enjolras, Joly is the prettiest of the group
  • Caravaggio is Grantaire’s favourite painter
  • No one can say no to Cosette (and to Courfeyrac)
  • Bossuet never read Harry Potter. When Feuilly and Combeferre find it out, they buy him the seven books. Bossuet loves them and starts to read them everywhere, even at les amis’ meetings, making Enjolras mad (“France before wands, Bossuet”)
  • Jehan owns a little rabbit
  • Enjolras does not follow football (European football), but when there’s the world championship, he becomes the hugest fan, screaming at his tv about historical facts “Take that Germany, this is for that time you invaded France during the 2WW”
  • When he was six, Bahorel wanted to be a sailor, his idol was Popeye
  • Joly owns two lovebirds.
  • Coufeyrac serenaded to Jehan singing him “La vie en rose”
  • Courfeyrac and Gavroche meet once a week to play videogames (sometimes Bahorel joins)
  • Eponine has something like ten t-shirts of her favourite bands
  • Marius has Paris Saint Germain’s sheets
  • Grantaire keeps on his night table a pic of all his friends, taken the day they organized him a surprise birthday party. In his wallet, he keeps the only existent picture of him and Enjolras alone (Feuilly took it, and Enj believes he deleted it)
  • Eponine and Marius are the only two to know that Cosette has her belly pierced. (Eponine because she went with her when she did it, Marius because.. it’s quite obvious)
  • Eponine used to wear pink clothes when she was in middle school. No one knows it.
  • Joly only wears blue sweaters (with multicoloured shirts)

(My english is terrible sometimes, I know :’D, btw, hope you enjoy them)