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Marius and Courfeyrac met because Courf tried to say hi to Combeferre in passing one day, and Marius accidentally thought he was talking to him.

Marius stared at him for a couple of seconds trying to figure out who he was. Instead of shrugging it off or awkwardly waving, Marius grabbed his face and yelled “I don’t know you. I want to, but I don’t.”

Courfeyrac laughed so hard that he gave Marius his number anyway.

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“You can trust me.” jehanparnasse pleaseeeee

Running away from a protest wasn’t something Jehan was used to doing. They had seen the inside of a holding cell more often than most of rest of the ABC- Enjolras probably had a longer record, maybe Bahorel but for reasons other than disorderly conduct. But this time, they were running, far and fast, and they could still hear people behind them.

Every time their feet hit the pavement, their bruised (maybe broken) rib jarred in their side. Breathing hurt. They could feel themself slowing, which sparked a panic in their chest.

They’re going to catch me, what if they catch me?

An arm shot out from a doorway, and Jehan didn’t have time to dodge around before the hand grabbed hold of their jumper. They would have screamed except that hand’s twin clapped over their mouth the moment they were close enough. This stranger pulled them through the doorway and into the dark. They squeezed their eyes shut, their whole body tense, and waited for the pain to start.

Instead, whoever it was held them firmly for a long moment. No additional sign of aggression, no move to hurt them, just strong arms and steady breathing. Jehan dared to crack an eye open but could only see the shadowed walls of a room in an uninhabited building.

“If I let you go,” the stranger whispered, just above their ear, “you have to promise not to scream, alright?”

Jehan nodded, and the tight grip around them finally slacked. They wriggled away quickly- and that didn’t do their side any favors- and pressed their back against the wall to look this oddly helpful person over. He was intimidating, all dressed in black, tall and more than handsome. Not a face they would likely forget soon.

The silent scrutinizing evidently got to him after a long moment. “You can trust me,” he offered, though he sounded like he only half believed it himself.

“I don’t know you,” Jehan murmured, wary. “Why would you help me?”

The man shrugged. “You were running from the cops, right? Consider me a friend.”

“Are you the kind of friend I really want to have?”

“I’m the kind of friend you needed. Running isn’t good for that side you’re holding; believe me, I’ve done that with an actually broken rib. Not fun.”

Jehan slowly took their hand away from their side, frowning. He spoke well but vaguely. Odd. Paired with that beautiful face, it only added to the mystery.

“Can I get a name for you, or should I just call you my mysterious savior?”

“As long as you don’t go spreading it around that I helped you out.”

Jehan smiled a little. “Cross my heart.”


Jehan blinked, confused. “Are you sure?”

Montparnasse frowned, and he even managed to do that beautifully. “Of course I’m sure. Why, what have you heard?”

“N-not much, I just… From the rumors, I thought ‘Montparnasse’ would be… older.”

Les Mis Professor Enjolras AU

So a little while ago I came up with the idea of Enjolras being an English Professor and being one of those professors that are really passionate about what they teach, but also one of those professors that has a significant other that their class is familiar with (when I was in middle school one of the teacher’s husband use to come in and bring her something she needed every few weeks and he always wore glasses and a hat when dropping stuff off so everyone would joke that he was her “boyfriend” because of how the outfit made him look so different). This is the first part of a long long series of headcanons so just you wait. Here are the first few!

•Enjolras begins teaching college students and is one of those intensely passionate professor but is also the youngest professor.

  • He teaches English and is always trying to inspire his students to stand up for what they believe in.
  • Enjolras has all his students call him “Mr. E” or something of the sort, because being called by his last name with the prefixes “Mr” and “Professor” made him uncomfortable and reminded him of his father.
  • He’s also got quick responses to the kids who backtalk cause his boyfriend has given him plenty of practice

•His students end up meeting Grantaire early on because R constantly stops in to bring his boyfriend coffee and stuff and then makes jokes to the classes and E doesn’t approve

  • It gets to the point where every time Grantaire enters the room, the members of whatever class E is teaching stand up with finger guns and go “AYYYYYYY”. Enjolras is not a fan of this practice.

•At Halloween E and R dress in matching costumes but E’s students don’t understand the costume at all until R comes in with one of those pumpkin lattes for his bf (because Enjolras is a basic white girl) and everyone is like “ohhhh” (Idk what the costumes would be but I thought it was a cute idea so send me ideas in my inbox)

•At like the end of November Enjolras mentions at the end of his class that Grantaire is gonna have his work in an art gallery for a week and he wanted E to find out if any of the students wanted to go to the opening night

  • Almost everyone shows up and they all giggle because almost all of the art is of Enjolras (obviously)
  • Enjolras smacks Grantaire’s arm (playfully) and is like “why did you only put up the ones of me you jerk, you have plenty of paintings of landscapes” and R is like “cause my paintings of you are my best work” and all the students go “awwww" E is just like “omg I hate you so much you’re such a cruel boyfriend”

•At the end of the semester E makes cookies for everyone and gives the students that aren’t taking classes with him the next semester little poems and they have a little class party

•At the start of the new semester R gets a habit of showing up at the end of E’s morning classes with a coffee for him and a sandwich bag at lunchtime on the days he doesn’t have to work himself

  • The newer students really enjoy the idea of a cute little artist guy popping in at the end of classes to bring his boyfriend a coffee because they’re adorable

•Valentine’s Day involves an elaborate scheme

  • Grantaire gets a bunch of paper hearts and writes down every memory related to Enjolras like “going to the first Les Amis meeting and practically dying” “whining to Courf about feelings” “painting you for the first time” “getting drunk with Éponine because pining” “taking you on the tour of favorite sites for our first date” “kissing in front of the Louvre” “Courf and Ferre’s wedding” “Trip to America” “Start of your new job”
  • The students in Enjolras’s first morning class put them up all around the room and pester Grantaire like crazy because it’s cute
  • Grantaire also gets those students to all sit at their desks and hold up letters that spell out “I love you, Enjolras”
  • R also stands in the back of the room with a rose in hiding
  • Enjolras walks into his classroom that morning and almost bursts into tears
  • R steps down with the rose and gives his boyfriend a kiss and everyone applauds because they’re adorable

•In March, Grantaire gets a letter in the mail and instantly runs to Enjolras once he reads it

  • Unfortunately Enjolras is teaching a class and R doesn’t want to interrupt his bf so he just bounces up and down outside the door waiting for the class to finish up
  • After a while a student raises his hand and goes to Enjolras “Hey Mr.E? Grantaire has been bouncing up and down outside the classroom door for like the last 10 minutes, I think he needs to talk to you”
  • Enjolras goes out of the room to his excited boyfriend and is shown a letter, reading that Grantaire got into a serious artist program that takes place in July and could be a big boost for him
  • E and R celebrate almost all night with Courf and Ferre and E definitely regrets it the next morning when he’s teaching an 8 am class with a hangover (He promises himself that he will never do that ever again)

•In April, Enjolras and his class study the Hunchback of Notre Dame (1. Because Victor Hugo and 2. Because Enjolras would love that book tbh) and so the class goes on a field trip to Notre Dame (since it’s only about a 20 minute walk from the school)

  • Grantaire goes with them because he knows Paris better than anyone and he’s spent lots of time at Notre Dame for inspiration
  • The kids are convinced it’s because Enjolras just wants an excuse to hang out with his boyfriend
  • Grantaire thinks it is too but doesn’t mention it
  • Enjolras wanted to see his boyfriend but also loves the fact that his boyfriend knew so much and loves watching him when he goes on about the stuff so he hopes his students enjoy it

•In May, before the end of the semester the college throws a big party/fair for all the students and also to raise funds for classes

  • R sets up a little station where he draws portraits of students while E sets up a table with buttons and pins you can buy
  • A couple students come up to them and ask them to tell the story of how they met. After 7 times, Enjolras puts out a sign saying their Love Story costs 5 bucks to listen to it

•While packing up his classroom some students stick around and chat with Enjolras

  • The students get all nosy and ask about E’s summer plans
  • “Since Grantaire got accepted to his program and will be gone for most of July, we’re planning on doing a lot of fun things together in June, also because it’s a big month for us because of our anniversary and my birthday”

•Once all the students leave Enjolras finishes his packing and waits for his boyfriend to come pick him up

  • Enjolras and Grantaire take the boxes out to the car and E ends up wrapping his arms around his boyfriend who says to him “I’m so glad you took this job, you’ve been really happy since”

EDIT: Originally I used Enjolras more as a first name than last name. I’ve since changed that after finding a first name that fits him well so “Enjolras has all his students call him […] ‘Professor Enjolras’ […] because being called by his last name made him uncomfortable” has been changed to fit the storyline better.

I’m in love with stories in which Grantaire falls for Enjolras before meeting him in person, before even knowing what he looks like.

Enjolras may be that guy working at the helpful outline Grantaire keeps calling

Enjolras may run that very famous blog on tumblr Grantaire loves to get into arguments with, but whom he secretly admires

Enjolras may be that anonymous angel who calls and pays a cab every Tuesday night because Grantaire is too drunk to go home and doesn’t remember his guardian angel’s face

Enjolras may be that faceless neighbour Grantaire has never seen, but they keep passing each other passive-aggressive notes under the door and the notes turn into letters and whole conversations

Enjolras may be that guy who sent him a text by mistake once, and Grantaire responded and they kept the conversation going for months without sharing a picture

Because Enjolras is light through his words and passion, not solely his appearance. And though lbr his physique is the cherry on top, Grantaire falls in love with a lot more than that

Enjoltaire night shift headcanons

For @revenjolras

-Grantaire works the night shift at the university library 

-He honestly hates it, but there is one good thing about the night shift: the cute blond guy who’s in some of his classes that always comes in to work on homework until ungodly hours of the morning

-Grantaire might have a slight crush on the blond dude with messy curly hair and bright fiery blue eyes with bags under them from lack of sleep

-He soon learns that the guy’s name is Enjolras and Enj has probably checked out every book on the French Revolution in the entire library at some point or another

-Grantaire totally starts debates with Enjolras over everything (it’s the best part of his shift, watching Enjolras fired up, because he’s learned that it takes a decent amount to get Enj started, but once he starts you can’t get him to shut up and R just loves watching Enj go on long rants)

-Enjolras keeps trying to get him to come to his activist group meetings

-One night Grantaire and Enj are having a debate, and R can see that Enjolras doesn’t look that great, but brushes it aside because surely Enj is smart enough to take care of himself…

-Enjolras is not.

-Next thing R knows, Enjolras is holding onto him whispering “help, I think the room’s spinning”

-When R figures out this is because Enj had the brilliant idea to not sleep for three days straight, he gets someone to cover the rest of his shift and walks Enjolras home

-R makes a deal with Enjolras: he’ll go to Les Amis meetings if Enjolras promises to get some sleep

-R always checks out new books on the French Revolution the second they show up at the library because he knows it will get Enjolras so excited he won’t stop talking for at least an hour

-Enjolras checks out books on Greek mythology because he knows they are R’s favorite, and when the library isn’t busy, he’ll read the out loud to Grantaire

-I’m not saying Grantaire asked Enjolras out in puns and mythology/French Rev references, but he totally asked Enj out with puns and mythology/French Rev references 

-on weekends Grantaire forces Enjolras to rest and take a break from everything, so they have days where they just stay in and watch movies together or lie on the couch together reading

-they both struggle getting to sleep early (Grantaire because his body is used to night shifts, and Enjolras because his first instinct is to work through the tired until he literally almost passes out), so when Enjolras has been working himself too hard and Grantaire isn’t on night shift, Grantaire forces Enjolras to sleep over at his place because he knows all he has to do to get Enj to sleep is lie in bed and cuddle with him and bam sleeping Enj

-whenever Grantaire gets back from the night shift, there’s usually a hot chocolate waiting for him, and when he gets up the next morning (or, well, later that morning?) there’s a coffee waiting for him along with a quick note from Enjolras. Sometimes the note is a quote, a reference, a badly draw doodle, or just some words of encouragement to get Grantaire through the day

Courfeyrac always carries at least one book in his backpack he has with him 24/7 (because he needs a lot of stuff throughout the day) because he know his boyfriend’s silly habbit of underestimating how much he can read in one day. Whenever he sees Combeferre messing with the cover of a book or randomly flipping through the pages before a Les Amis meeting he just walks over and pulls it out of his bag and sets it on the table in front of him before walking away with a smile because he knows his nerdy boyfriend is gonna start reading what ever he put in front of him as soon as he can.


Mini closet cosplay photo shoot for @mardisoir from their amazing fic One Thousand Nights

Jean: @petalprouvaire

Montparnasse: @montparnassee

We promise to do a better one soon and go out and buy/make outfits, but yet again this was done at 3am…. plus I want to get a wig so I can do Jean’s hair styles~

Something to make you guys feel better this barricade day ;)))

Wait okay you guys know in the movie when the national guard are all like who goes there and enjolras is all like FRENCH REVOLTION? Yeah imagine this:
- It starts off at a party
- The Amis are all there and an undoubtedly hammered Courf would dare a stonefaced brokdy Enj to tell a joke and like it essentially goes like “knock knock” “who’s there” and Enj deadpanning “French Revolution”
- The second time he does this is when he finally gets drunk thanks to the combined efforts of Courfeyrac, Bahorel, and Grantaire.
- He then proceeds to walk (stumble) around the club asking people the fucking joke (punctuated by tons of hiccups)
- “Enjolras, let’s go. I don’t think he wants to hear the joke.”
Enj’s bottom lip begins to puff out just slightly, and his eyes grow wide and begin to water. If there’s one thing he’s better at than speeches, it’s puppy eyes
“But everyone likes the joke ! (everyone’s really done with the joke) Please, R, last one ?????”
And he is undoubtedly way too sober for this as he rubs a rough hand across his face, wearily mumbling his agreement
- Hint: the guy isn’t the last one
- He tells the joke to anyone in his sight and fuck why did R think this was a good idea?
- They get kicked out bc Enj got into a fistfight (really he was sort of waving his arms around talking about robespierre and the bourgeoisie????) when he slurred his joke into a girls ear while falling all on top of her and her boyfriend notices and confronts him and Enj just sort of launches himself at him accusing him of being bourgeoisie scum?????
- The next time it happens is during a les amis meeting
- Because unfortunately when Grantaire said he found someone new who wanted to attend a les amis meeting he failed to mention it was someone who was hot and funny and very good at flirting with grantaire and very good at keeping him and courf distracted with his face!!! And he’s totally mildly, keep in mind MILDLY pissed because the cause!!!! Courf and Grantaire need to pay attention!!! And damn straight Enjolras can be funny too! He can make Grantaire laugh too!!!
- And so that’s how in the middle of a meeting he shoves Combeferre to their music stand podium and shoves fifty people and their beers out of his way as he makes his way through a cramped room to slam his hand down on Grantaire’s table, and say with a straight face, “knock knock who’s there? French Revolution!!!!”
- (Grantaire was too shocked by the whole situation to say the “who” in response.)
- (Grantaire also laughed like never before at all the disgruntled patrons rubbing their bruised arms and picking up their spilled drinks death-glaring at Enjolras, looking more intense than ever, scaring everyone in the Musain. Enjolras takes this as a win and if he can’t stop smiling as soon as he gets home because of Grantaire’s fucking laugh, that’s no one’s problem but his)
- The fourth time, as everyone has expected, Enjolras has overworked himself to the point of passing out and is sulking™. Les Amis had a huge role in organizing this pride march in Paris and he was going to give this super cool speech he spent a month toiling over but guess what his body cannot handle sixteen hours without water so of course, he passed the fuck out and passes the time watching pride on the tv in his hospital room
- He watches Combeferre give his speech and sees all the Amis (save Grantaire, which he finds weird because Grantaire loves going to pride a lot???) crowded at the front of the impromptu stage, cheering, decked out in glitter and rainbows and Jehan with their they/them sweater they spent two months knitting and Enjolras is very very jealous and sulking very very much
- And then, a knock sounds
- Grantaire pokes his head in, smiling sheepishly, hands full with flowers (all in pride colors, of course), and a rainbow teddy bear signed by the amis, and he’s decked out in daisy chains and decked out with flower crowns courtesy of Bahorel, Feuilly, Courf, and Jehan’s combined efforts
- “Knock knock” “who’s there” “French Revolution! Coincidentally, also what I’ve named this teddy bear. His middle name is Voltaire.”
- Enjolras is very very happy and can’t stop smiling and after a bit of arguing he manages to persuade Grantaire to climb into his hospital bed with him. He falls asleep to Grantaire taking off some of the flower crowns on his curls and placing them atop Enj’s head.
- (He wakes up to the Amis giggling about just how proud they are of having their two gays finally making moves on each other)

Modern AU in which everyone thinks that Montparnasse is a drug dealer because whenever someone is desperate about something, his name always comes up.

“I know this guy…Montparnasse… He has…you know…methods…He can make the pain go away…Trust me…”

So when Jehan begins to go out with him and to show up at Les Amis’ meetings seemingly high on something, their friends don’t know what to do. Ok, they’re a grown up person, they can make their choices…But what if they somehow lose control?? No one know what it can be. Just pot? Cocaine?? Crack??? Who can trust the mysterious Montparnasse?

They decide to talk to Jehan, but before they have the chance to do it Feuilly and Bahorel stumble across them while they’re goig to their rendezvous with Montparnasse. They can’t help themselves and decide to tail their friend up to a convenience store.

They find Jehan and Montparnasse chugging slushies and mindlessly laughing at their ice-cream headache.
“You were right ‘Parnasse, it truly freezes your brain”

Enjolras, who develops feelings for Grantaire but is convinced he’s not wild enough for him.

Who tries to remedy this by drinking heavily at the next Les Amis meeting.

Enjolras, who CANNOT handle his drink, gets super emotional about his friends, and starts to cry when Jehan reads them a poem he wrote about France.

Who gets escorted home by a concerned Grantaire, offering him his sweater and promising to show up to the next meeting sober if Enj does the same.

Enjolras, who curls up on his sofa and closes his eyes, feeling a gentle kiss on his hair before Grantaire leaves the apartment.

Who smiles contentedly and falls asleep, snuggled up in Taire’s green, chunky-knit sweater.

Ya'll liked Ravenclaw!Grantaire?

Prepare for SLYTHERJAS.

-Baby Enjolras who hears that Slytherin is evil and is SUPER UPSET that he was sorted into Slytherin.

-Enjolras who spends all of his time with the Alphabet Soup Boiz™ so people forget what house he’s in

-Enjolras who grows up ashamed of his house because of all the snobbery

-Enjolras who realizes /he can change that/

-Enjolras who runs a campaign about how Slytherin’s really aren’t bad people

-For weeks Enjolras is standing outside of the great hall before dinner yelling about prejudice

-Grantaire snorts and tells him there’s no use

-Insert snarky response.

-Enjolras who fits the look of a Slytherin if he keeps his hair short, he keeps it grown long.


-grantaire likes it long.

-Enjolras who spends the last three years of Hogwarts getting 1st year Slytherins comfortable with their house.

-Enjolras who is really good friends with Dumbledoor just because he has a smartmouth

-Enjolras who is hated by Snape because he is way too idealistic.


-Enjorlas who starts the Dumbledoor’s Army club.

-Enjorlas who is finally becoming Prefect (somehow) and now ALL LES AMIS MEETINGS ARE SCOTT FREE


-Enjorlas who has Grantaire sneak into the Slytherin common room because he knows the password and riddles are HARD.

-Enjolras and Grantaire who sneak to Hogsmeade all the time for……….. politics reasons

-Enjolras and Grantaire, the couple to make out under the wheeping willow.

-The room of requirement never knows whether to have a bed or a full on war zone when those two stop by

-one time it had both.

Joly: Oh, man. Here we go.

Bossuet: Lay off! It was an accident.

Joly: Of course, I’d never imply that you broke Chetta’s arm on purpose. It’s just funny given…your luck.

Bossuet: Of course I didn’t mean to!

Joly: Wanna explain then?

Bossuet: Yeah, I-I just. Chetta and I were fucking around on Jehan and R’s skateboards outside of the Musain right before a meeting about two years ago. Musichetta and I had started dating maybe six months prior to that.

Bossuet: Anyway, I wanted her to watch this sick kick flip I could do…and I fell on her and broke her arm.

Joly: That’s when I came in. It was my first meeting with Les Amis, and I walk up to the building and see these two breathtakingly gorgeous people. But, Chetta’s arm was bent really weirdly and Bossuet was crying and flipping out. So naturally, I try to play it cool. I walked over and was like “please stay calm, I’m a doctor”-

Bossuet: Bullshit! You started flapping your arms like a scared bird and squeaked out “hey wait, I’m in med school, I can help!”

Joly: …I feel called out.

Bossuet: You are. Anyway, Joly got all three of us to the hospital and gave us his number for updates. Musichetta always knew she was poly so she asked be about “maybe kidnapping the baby bird as our own”, and…well, I realized I was pretty taken with him too.

Joly: So after a few weeks of Musain meetings, they asked me out by holding up a cute sign with a scared bird on it. How could I say no?

Les Amis as radical left movements in modern France

Enjolras: marxist, closer to materialism than to queer theories. angrily opposed to an individualizing view of oppressions and to their liberal exploitation

Jehan: queer revolutionnary, leading towards personal fulfillement through queer identity. Surprisingly marxist

Courfeyrac: he seems very depoliticized, but don’t trust that impression. Very very anti liberal and anti pink capitalism. Big on anticapitalism and ecology

Combeferre: pretty much the sames ideas as Enjolras, but even though he’s more peaceful he’s no less passionate. doesn’t think reformists should be hated. Theorician of the group

Bahorel: he’s an anarchist, close to the “black blocks” and autonomous movements. always in the cortège de tête of protests. Has hurt and has been hurt more often than not. trans rights activism

Feuilly: unionist in a radical left union, he’s the link of the Amis with the workers. His specialty is internationalism and he has a lot of connections in that regard. Into race and class issues

Bossuet: always follows Bahorel at the violent head of the protest, which always ends badly for him. on a protest day, has at the very least 3 phone numbers of lawyers written on his arms because he always ends up at the precinct

Joly: decided to join the Street Medics, who care for the protesters in case of police violence, to help Bossuet. More of a radical queer than a materialist, but agrees with its political necessity

Grantaire: nihilist, kinda close to éponine’s ideas. anti organization, but since he’s here, he’s the one who paints all the banners. Doesn’t believe in the revolution for the least. why the fuck is he still here. idk, enjolras, why do you think?

Bonus :

Musichetta: sex workers rights, and campaigns in an afrofeminism group.

Eponine: one of the autonomous part of the protests, pretty much the head of the parisian black block. anti assimilation, pretty much pro-crime, not as much as montparnasse though

Montparnasse: pro crime, anti assimilation queer, anti organization. joins occasionnally the parisian black block when he wants to hit something. really doesn’t believe in whatever the amis are doing these days, and really doesn’t care

Gavroche: tiny autonomous. he’s scarier than he’s cute

 Marius: that one pro-macron reformist who makes meetings awkward

My Favorite Enjoltaire Fics

okay so here is a list of some of the best exr fics ive read recently, i couldnt find one of the other ones that i read and really liked, but luckily i downloaded it so ive just copied and pasted it after the links.

@cronch-onbathbombs this is for you i hope this will keep you busy for a while


it won’t end the same

It starts the way it always does.

Enjolras likes to credit himself on his ability to remain calm in the face of resistance. His friends will tell you that his pride and temper make him lack such ability at all. He doesn’t quite understand where they’re coming from.

Unless it’s got to do with Grantaire.

Grantaire, the sarcastic and impatient member of their crew, who is the only person who can easily draw out the brash, impulsive, angry side of Enjolras.

He does this every meeting.

Objectively, Enjolras knows that Grantaire argues with him because someone has got to. He knows Grantaire brings up points that force him to better his argument. Objectively, Grantaire is the perfect addition to les Amis. But Enjolras hates the objective.

He supposes it would be easier to ignore Grantaire if it weren’t for the fact Enjolras is nearly positive he’s never seen a more beautiful soul. He’s heard people refer to Grantaire as ‘unconventionally attractive, so to say’. He’s never understood that. The more accurate description would be infuriatingly attractive. And he acts as though he doesn’t know it, which is perhaps the worst part.

To summarize, Enjolras wants to despise Grantaire. He wants to ask him why he even bothers coming to the meetings if he’s got nothing to support. He wants to hate the cynic; how frightened he is at the notion that he might actually be starting to fall for him instead.

It had been a typical meeting for les Amis. The only difference was the Enjolras came in, already high strung from every other inconvenience that had happened that day—his bus broke down, his coffee got spilled, inconsiderate assholes made him late for his own meeting. He was already tense, which didn’t make anything else easier.

“So, our proud leader finally decided to show up?” retorts Grantaire. He’s got a wicked glint in his eye, one only his friends are able to identify as teasing. To anyone else, it would look like scorn. Enjolras recognizes the jesting lilt in his tone and still, still it cuts too close. He turns on his heel instantly.

“And what’s it to you?” Enjolras snaps back. “As if you’d actually care if I didn’t make it. You’d be glad for the night off, I’m sure!”

Grantaire raises an eyebrow. “A night off from what, exactly, Apollo?”

The nickname brings about a flare of white-hot anger than Enjolras can’t justify. It’s not the first time Grantaire has used it on him; hell, Grantaire isn’t even the first person to draw similarities. It never ceases to frustrate Enjolras, regardless of who says it.

Even if he has a slightly obnoxious crush on the person throwing about the nickname.

His own feelings for Grantaire just seem to make him tenser. Nothing makes sense, and he comes to this meeting already on edge only to be taunted by the one person who never ceases to confuse the hell out of him. Seems entirely too plausible.

“Arguing with every damn phrase out of my mouth, for one,” Enjolras finally responds, scathing. He can tell it strikes a chord with everyone in the room; all of his friends shift uncomfortably as their eyes shift between Grantaire and Enjolras. “Since apparently nothing I say merits your approval.”

Grantaire scowls and turns his gaze downwards. “You’re right. I would like a night off from arguing with you,” Grantaire says after a beat. “By all means, continue your meeting. I’ll mind my own business here in the back, same as always, but I’ll be sure to keep my mouth shut this time.”

Something in the way he says it makes Enjolras tense up. It affects him for the rest of the meeting. True to his word, Grantaire sits in the back and sourly drinks out of his glass and doesn’t look at Enjolras. It’s unsettling, and Enjolras is frustrated. The last thing he’d needed was to have the time reserved to be spent with his friends engaged in an argument. Yet, for the entire meeting, all he wants is one scathing remark even just to feel normal again. Damn Grantaire, and damn his ability to constantly through Enjolras off track.

Enjolras thought he’d understood confusion when he’d first realized he had feelings for Grantaire. How constantly frustrated he is that he keeps running into more things to confound him.

Courfeyrac seems to pick up on his tense mood, if the way he slowly starts to take over the meeting is any indication. Enjolras must be doing worse than he’d thought, too; everyone else seems to relax a fraction when Enjolras finally takes a seat. Jehan reassuringly reaches out and twines their fingers through Enjolras’s. It helps, a bit.

He’s still frustrated.

Eventually Courfeyrac can’t even continue to keep the group entertained any longer, so he loudly announces that they’ll be moving the meeting to his flat where copious amounts of alcohol can be consumed. Everybody cheers at that and begins collecting their things to leave—Enjolras stays in his seat.

Courfeyrac comes by and squeezes Enjolras’s shoulder, drawing his attention away from his thoughts. “Whatever’s on your mind, you’ve got to let it go,” Courfeyrac advises quietly. “For what it’s worth, this isn’t doing either of you any good.”

Enjolras stiffens. “I don’t know what you mean,” he mutters. Courfeyrac gives him an unamused look and glances dramatically at Grantaire who—to Enjolras’s surprise—also hasn’t moved from his seat. Enjolras sulks. “I’ve just had a long day, Courf, I’ll be fine.”

Courfeyrac kisses his forehead. “You’re lying through your teeth but because we’re best friends, I’ll let it go,” he sings. “Text me if you’re coming tonight.”

Enjolras watches silently as Courfeyrac leaves. He’s among the last to shuffle out, alongside Joly who’d stayed to chat amicably with Grantaire. Enjolras closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“You’re not going to Courfeyrac’s?” asks Grantaire. Enjolras peers at him with one eye opened.

A muscle in his jaw twitches. “I haven’t decided yet,” Enjolras finally says. Grantaire looks away, retreats back into his glass. Another rush of anger curls up in Enjolras’s belly. “Why do you even come?”

Grantaire’s brows raise dramatically, nearly disappearing underneath tendrils of curls on his forehead. “Excuse me?”

Enjolras gestures broadly. “The meetings,” he says sharply. “Why do you even bother coming? You never seem to enjoy yourself. Courfeyrac almost always invites people over to his flat afterwards, and everyone knows you’d rather spend your entire evening there than here. So why do you even bother coming to these meetings?”

Grantaire’s lips form a thin line. “I know where my alliances lie,” he replies, after a beat. “You may not see them, but I do.”

“Do you even support these causes?” Enjolras asks. His voice is starting to raise, frustration nearly bleeding out of every pore. “Do the things we fight for here even mean anything to you? Or are you just doing it because your friends do? What do you even stand for?”

Grantaire’s sharp intake of breath is enough to make Enjolras falter. Grantaire has risen from his chair, now; he stares angrily at Enjolras with his hands clenched into fists. “What do I stand for?” he says. “Why, for you, o’ great Apollo.”

Enjolras flinches. “Stop calling me that,” he snaps.

“Why?” The glint in Grantaire’s eyes is malicious, teasing, angry—complex and unfairly beautiful. Enjolras bites down another sharp remark. “What complaint could you possibly have about being compared to a god of sun?”

Enjolras doesn’t get a chance to reply.

“Then again, anything I say or do, you’d manage to find a complaint about,” Grantaire mutters. Enjolras rises then, too. His hands grip the back of their chair he’d been sitting in, too tight.

“Is that all you think I do?” Enjolras retorts. “Find ways to argue with you? Spend my days making lists of every scathing remark I’ve ever wanted to say? Do you think I spend my hours preparing to argue with you? That’s all I’m good for, I’m sure.”

Grantaire snorts. “You don’t need preparation,” he bites back. “That’s why we argue. We’re both too quick-witted for our own good. Besides the point, even if that isn’t how you spend your time, you sure do spend the majority of our time together fighting me every damn chance you get.”

“And whose fault is that?” Enjolras demands. “You’re the one who comes in here time after time with countless rebuttals to my claims.”

Grantaire’s nostrils flare. They both know Enjolras is stretching the truth—as if there isn’t a single person who doesn’t know why Grantaire pushes them the way he does. He’s helping, even if Enjolras is too proud and angry to admit it.

“If I don’t, who will?” Grantaire argues. “If I don’t come to the meetings and demand better, stronger answers from you, who will?”

“Do you even like coming to the meetings?” Enjolras throws back. “You always sit in the back, you join your friends occasionally. Do you even like being here?”

“Honestly?” Grantaire laughs. He sounds far too amused, a forced kind of laughter peeling through the air. He doesn’t follow with another response, and it just frustrates Enjolras more. Instead he just gestures at large to the room.

“This isn’t the only place to spend time with your friends!” Enjolras tells him. “Again, Courfeyrac always invites people over after these meetings are done! I’m sure you spend time with them outside of this meeting. Better to spend your nights away from here when you don’t care at all about the ideals we’re presenting.”

“It’s not the ideals I care about, it’s the company,” Grantaire shoots back. “You think I come because your little gang is trying to make a change? You aren’t the only group out there, pal. The world is a shitshow that isn’t going to change, but god forbid I spend time with my friends in a place we all enjoy. I don’t come for your ideals, Apollo.”

“Why bother coming, then?” Enjolras shouts. “Why waste your time at meetings when you believe in nothing?”

“As if you don’t know,” Grantaire spits back. With a joly, Enjolras realizes Grantaire’s eyes are wide, terrified—a sharp contrast to the sharp bite of his tongue. “As if you’re really that blind.”

Enjolras recoils, stunned. “Excuse me?”

Grantaire scoffs. “Don’t act like you don’t know,” he sneers. “It’s obvious, isn’t it? My god, everyone else has been able to piece it together. Don’t tell me you’ve been blinded by your own brightness, Apollo. How can you not see? You, the radiant sun; and I, poor Icarus.”

“Stop saying that,” Enjolras snaps. “I’m not a sun!”

“And you still don’t get it!” Grantaire roars back. “I wear my heart on my sleeve and you’re a damn fool who is too selfish to see it! You’re my goddamn sun, don’t you understand that? You’re so far gone on fighting the fight and winning your own battles that you’ve neglected to notice that I’m the damn fool who’d follow you into any battle—”

Enjolras surges forward. He’s overestimated the distance between them and he slams into Grantaire harder than he’d meant to. “Don’t tell me where my alliances lie!” he shouts. “You haven’t any clue. You think you know me but you don’t!”

Grantaire shoves at his chest. “That’s the point,” he sneers. “How foolish of me, to be willing to follow you wherever you may go when I know that I’ve got no true idea which direction your heart is pointing.”

“Why do you care about my heart?”

“You goddamn idiot,” Grantaire hisses. He reaches out and grabs onto Enjolras’s shirt, tugging him closer. “Do I have to spell it out for you?”

Enjolras doesn’t give him the chance.

Messily, he kisses Grantaire. His hands move of their own accord, finding their way into Grantaire’s hair and twining in the curls. Grantaire gasps, beautifully, deliciously—his own hands move from grasping Enjolras’s shirt to tugging on his hips. Enjolras bites at Grantaire’s bottom lip at the same time that Grantaire grinds up, and they both let out a sharp breath at the sensation.

Grantaire kisses like he argues, teasing and forceful and with purpose. Enjolras cannot get enough, can’t pull Grantaire any closer though he tries, tugging on Grantaire’s hair. Brashly, Grantaire runs his tongue along Enjolras’s lip, and in a particularly tactful move deepens the kiss when Enjolras gasps again. His hands have moved from Enjolras’s hips to his ass, to his thighs—he surprises Enjolras when he moves to lift Enjolras up, wrapping his legs around Grantaire’s waist. They’re too far, too far it seems as Grantaire moves them, but eventually in between kisses Enjolras feels the table behind him. He barely has time to prepare himself before Grantaire is laying him down on it and moving to hover above him.

The warm weight of Grantaire, the feeling of his soft hair in Enjolras’s fingers, the persistent hardness pressing against Enjolras’s thigh; it’s almost too much, unreal. Grantaire is still making quick work of tearing Enjolras apart with his lips and tongue, and Enjolras can’t really complain. They’ve grown accustom to ripping into each other with their words. Enjolras quite likes this turn of events.

“You goddamn idiot,” Grantaire repeats, panting, as he trails kisses along Enjolras’s collarbone. Enjolras hisses when Grantaire latches onto a particularly tender spot, and his hips buck up against Grantaire on their own accord. “It took a fucking fight for you to finally realize?”

“You can’t stop arguing with me, fuck,” Enjolras whines, “for—oh, god—one goddamn second, can you? I guess—jesus christ—I should have—”

“Shut up,” Grantaire growls. The noise vibrates straight through Enjolras, and he shivers. “Do you ever shut up?”

“Make me,” Enjolras challenges. Grantaire complies without further instruction. Enjolras shifts so that Grantaire is settled in between his legs, Enjolras’s knees bracketed on either side of his hips. He finds purchase grabbing onto Grantaire’s shirt. It doesn’t take him long to realize that whatever way he tugs, Grantaire follows easily enough. Grantaire kisses him desperately; their lips and tongues move against each other in the most beautiful of dances. It’s a bit messy, teeth knocking together and both men being a bit too overeager from time to time. But they find their rhythm—Grantaire takes control of the kisses, heated and languid and everything in between, and Enjolras uses everything else in his disposal to drive Grantaire insane. He moves his hips against Grantaire, both groaning at the friction. He trails his hands up Grantaire’s sides, scratches across his back, drags the blunt edges of his nails across Grantaire’s chest. Every move he makes causes Grantaire to gasp a little heavier. Every trick Enjolras pulls, Grantaire matches—he kisses deep, he sucks and nips at a spot on Enjolras’s neck, he tugs on the loose curls at the nape of Enjolras’s neck.

Even in kissing, they find themselves fighting, matching each other’s dirty tricks with tricks of their own. It’s a different kind of arguing, one that Enjolras hadn’t expected but is desperately hoping to continue. So long of fighting with Grantaire when they could have been doing this. He almost laughs at the thought.

“If this,” he pants, “is how we are going to argue from now on…”

Grantaire slides Enjolras’s shirt up languidly and traces his tongue across his nipple. Enjolras gasps, forgets what he meant to say. “Don’t tell me you’ve found another thing to complain about,” he says wickedly. His breath is hot where it dances along Enjolras’s chest.

“Shut up,” Enjolras gasps out.

Grantaire does just that.


Courfeyrac frowns at his phone in dismay. It’s been over an hour and he still hasn’t heard from Enjolras. Something was wrong, at the Musain today. It didn’t take a genius to figure out, even if Courfeyrac did consider himself a genius when it came to all things Enjolras. They’d been best friends for as long as he can remember; he definitely earned his title of expert.

To: enj

[9:02] if you’re not coming its rly not a big deal but ?? lmk?? like i just need to know you’re okay………

When he doesn’t get an immediate response, he stands dramatically. Well, he sways as he stands, a little bit tipsy from the alcohol he’s already had. Combeferre reaches out to steady him and looks up at him through heavy, lidded eyes. “Where’re you going,” he mutters, and he’s a bit more drunk than Courfeyrac.

“Something’s wrong,” Courfeyrac insists. “I can feel it in my best-friend-senses. Enj had a bad day and he hasn’t texted me. What if he’s moping somewhere and I’m just letting him while I’m off getting drunk? I’m a horrible best friend.”

“You’re a paranoid drunk,” Combeferre says easily. “Enjolras is fine, I’m sure. Sit back down, enjoy yourself.”

“Will you come with me to the Musain?” Courfeyrac begs. “Please, what if he’s still there, all mopey and sad because his two best friends didn’t come rescue him? He stays there so late, all the time, because he’s weird. I bet he’s still there. We have to rescue him.”

Combeferre sighs. “You’re lucky you’re cute when you’re drunk,” he says, and Courfeyrac happily takes his hands to help him stand.

“And you’re getting lucky tonight,” he says decidedly. Combeferre grins and smacks Courfeyrac’s ass as he starts to walk away.

They take a cab to the Musain, despite the fact that it isn’t that far of a walk. Courfeyrac knows he’s probably too far drunk to handle a walk, especially when most people have retreated to their beds. He’s a loud drunk after all. Combeferre holds his hand in the cab and Courfeyrac’s thoughts keep turning back to things he’d like to do to Combeferre right now. He has to snap himself out of it at least seven times on the five minute drive.

Courfeyrac keeps their hands intertwined when they finally reach the Musain, and he’s barreling into the door with Combeferre trailing behind him without a second thought. For a moment, they hesitate on the first floor. Above, they can hear faint voices.

“He’s not alone?” Courfeyrac says, confused. “Oh my god, Grantaire wasn’t at my flat either. They probably got in another fight, they’re fighting up there!”

Combeferre is staring thoughtfully at the ceiling. Courfeyrac has the fleeting thought that maybe they were too drunk to come at all. He regrets thinking he was only tipsy moments ago. “I…don’t think they’re fighting,” Combeferre solemnly replies. The corner of his mouth is twitching upwards.

Courfeyrac frowns at him. “You don’t think—”

He’s cut off by the distinctive sounds of a crash from upstairs, glass shattering and loud curses muffled by the floor in between them. “Or maybe they were fighting,” Combeferre groans, swearing under his breath. Courfeyrac grabs his hand again and drags him up the stairs hurriedly. He doesn’t even hesitate before barging through the door.

“Enjolras!” he’s already saying. The rest of his sentence dies in his throat when he takes in the scene before him. “Oh. Not fighting. We’re—going to go. Um.”

Combeferre is cackling as Courfeyrac yet again drags him, this time away from the room. Courfeyrac might accidentally slam the door behind him; he can’t quite tell over Combeferre’s guffaws. “Definitely not fighting,” he snickers.

Courfeyrac, usually charmed by his boyfriend’s behavior when drunk, shakes his head and joins in with giggles of his own. “Since they were both half-dressed and wrecked-looking, I’m going to have to agree with you,” he laughs. Combeferre nearly falls over in his laughter.

“And you thought something was wrong!” he cackles.

Some ExR (and Les Amis) Headcanons for this Barricade Day

-After the whole dying and holding hands thing, E and R are reincarnated about 180 years in the future.

-They meet in a coffee shop, not realizing who the other one is, until they brush hands when they reach to grab their coffees.

-This leads to a teary reunion inside the coffee shop (at this point they’ve stopped caring what the other customers think).

-They’re afraid to leave each other again (because you know, the last time they were forced apart it was because they both died) so the only obvious solution is for them to move in together.

-They eventually find the other members of the Les Amis. Courf was the first one they found. He was definitely covered in glitter (and so were E and R shortly after because we all know Courf definitely hugged them).

- Les Amis meetings become a regular thing (and you know they’re being held in the coffee shop E and R reunited in).

-Les Amis sleepovers

-E and R cuddling on the couch when either one of them gets too stressed (or in general, these two dorks cuddle so much it’s almost disgusting)

-Whoever wakes up first (it differs depending on the day) kisses the other on the forehead then goes and makes a pot of coffee because neither of them can function without it.

-R tells E he loves him first (he’d been wanting since before they died). It happened accidentally when they were arguing over something, but E made sure to immediately reassure R that he felt the same way. Let’s just say they didn’t finish arguing.

-They both had elaborate plans to propose to each other and Jehan gets so excited about it that he accidentally tells them…in front of everyone. They ask each other in front of all of their friends and it’ s so much better than anything they had planned.

-Everyone cries at the ExR wedding. Everyone.

-They end up adopting two children and approximately five dogs and those kids and dogs have the best parents and aunts and uncles that anyone could ever ask for and they all live happily ever after.

en-jol-rasss  asked:

Your E/R headcanons... Ugh, I'm WEAK. Please more ❤️

aaaaaaaah this makes so happy THANK YOU 💜
okay, so:

• Grantaire is actually allergic to cats but he won’t tell E because he doesn’t want to offend him (or his cat, which R thinks is just as cute as the owner). so when they first start dating Enjolras thinks there’s something wrong because his boyfriend doesn’t want to see his house and he’s being consumed by self-doubt. R is eventually forced to tell the truth when E brings his cat to a les amis meeting (after a vet appointment) and Grantaire can’t stop sneezing.
they end up moving together by the end of the year; the cat now lives happily with Marius and Cosette.

• Enjolras’ first pride is with R (of course). Grantaire is easily distracted, though, and loses E in the crowd. he finds him ten minutes later, giving a heated speech about equality, surrounded by dozens and dozens of people. R is officially in love.

• R has written a song for E and has the brilliant idea to sing it at the ABC cafe in front of the others. Enjolras’ face now matches his red coat. he can’t even give his usual speech. Grantaire pours him some wine to make him relax a bit, which only makes things worse. Enj is now arguing with Gavroche about pineapple pizza.

I’m no writer so I’m sorry if these suck lol

@ everyone: feel free to use/add more ❤️

Eponine lives in a small town, it might be just outside of Paris but it’s still a small town and people in small towns aren’t always the most accepting. Most of them aren’t outright homophobic, they wouldn’t exactly say anything but the disdainful looks and the mantra of ‘hate the sin, love the sinner’ are enough. Eponine quickly learns to hide who she is, she hates it but she does it because it keeps her safe. She hides behind black clothes and eyeliner and keeps her eyes on the ground.

But when she leaves her small town life to go to university in Paris. And Paris is a completely different world. Paris is full of colour and people that love each other regardless of what society thinks.

The first time Eponine sees two girls holding hands walking down the street, she doesn’t know where to look. Is she allowed to look? she thinks, or is she supposed to look away pointedly?

She finds herself staring, unable to take her eyes off of them. And they stare back, she smiles softly to try to show them that she knows and that she gets it.

Eponine meets Les Amis, a group of people so free and happy in their sexuality and gender identity. And for the first time ever she doesn’t have to hide. She can be free and open and can easily talk about how beautiful girls are without worrying about who’s around.

And then she meets Cosette…

I have many different headcanons about Feuilly’s coworkers at the fan maker’s atelier, though. Well, many headcanons about his job, point. Like one of which is how he worked as an errand boy/unofficial apprentice and lived there until he was old enough and the fan maker more or less kicked him out, by offering him a position as a painter, which he took;

Most - well, all - of the other painters are women, and they are almost all older than him, working to support their families. Feuilly learned a lot about politics and his dedication to practical issues comes from them and from listening to then during their work day. He does a lot of little things for them when they need it, helping move or a family member find a job or look after their kids sometimes. also I bet there’s more than a couple of them who totally adopted him, because he was always such a polite and helpful kid! and they still treat him as such, bringing him pastries from time to time when he looks like he’s feeling down.

(Feuilly took the habit of doing the same with them when they’s having a hard time too. Flowers as well, other little gifts. And then when he starts meeting with Les Amis, well, that habit crosses over too.)

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Eposette headcanons but it's before they became a thing and Éponine has Marius introduce her to Cosette, if that's possible?

Anything is possible my friend.
So Marius and Cosette dated in high school but eventually went on a break. Marius wanted to figure out his bisexuality and just basically find himself a bit more. They remain incredible friends honestly. They always had been.
Eventually Marius takes Cosette along to a les amis meeting.

· Eponine is gone on her the minute she walks through the door. The first thing she hears is her laugh.
· Marius introduces them and Eponine doesn’t actually know what to say so she just smiles. Cosette just accepts it and sits next to her.
· half way through Cosette ends up contributing some points about feminism and Eponine joins in and basically they just end up chatting really animatedly to each other whilst Enj and Marius glow with pride.
· At the end of the meeting Cosette asks Eponine out for drinks and carrying on their discussion.
· They have a good chill night out but Ep is convinced they are “”“"just friend drinks”“”“
· When Eponine doesn’t make a move on their date Cosette assumes she’s not interested so she drops it.
· They become super close friends. They are actually inseparable.
· Cosette was there holding Eponine’s hand when she came out to her parents. Eponine was there holding Cosette’s hand when she went for the job interview she was scared for.
· In general a LOT of ”“”“"platonic”“”“” hand holding.
· Eventually Eponine snaps and asks Cosette out.
· Cosette is completely stunned cause she was so certain she had no chance she just leaps into Eponine’s arms.

little marius things to love:

• weak in the knees around girls
• will cry at their wedding
• will cry at their friends’ weddings
• loves to translate languages
• is somehow more confident when speaking other languages
• canNOT speak their native language to save their life (basically a bumbling blathering fool at times)
• undeniably loyal to their friends
• most of the times is a softé soul but WILL f*ck you up if you dare to hurt one of their friends
• is quite smart but has moments where their friends wonder how they make it through the day (*breaks something in the apartment* “really marius i have no idea how you managed that one” *pronounces something completely wrong but in a cute funny way* “and here i thought YOU were the language expert”)
• considers courf their soulmate and they do almost everything together, even when courf starts to date combeferre they all hang out and become a wholesome trio that rivals the triumvirate (enjolras tags along sometimes even tho he and marius’ politics differ….greatly)
• understands the inconsistencies in some of their politics when they meet les amis and they do extensive research into what they really believe in (enj sees them struggling and points out some good reading materials that suit their interests)
• is a bit timid to share their thoughts on lgbtq+ politics at the first meeting regarding gender neutral bathrooms, but ends up coming out to courf as nonbinary that night and speaks their mind at every meeting with lgbtq+ topics after being reassured by courf that a) no one would look at them funny for having any kind of opinion and b) “none of us are straight or cis anyways marius so you’re in good company”
• leads the next meeting about gender neutral bathrooms and enj tries not to shed a tear (“enj are you crying” “no i just… the lights in here… i’m allergic”)
• basically marius is an adorable ball of clumsiness and timidity but when it comes down to it, they will do everything in their power to do what’s right by their friends and the people