meet kye

anonymous asked:

what are you like in a relationship ?

Uhm. I’ll be completely honest here. I’ll admit I get whipped easily. sigh. I mean once I’m yours, I’m yours, no one else’s, I’ll always try to make you laugh and smile, I get really protective, so if anyone ever does hurt you or say shit..I feel sorry for that person that did.  I get attached easily, so expect clinginess, not over the top, but yeah expect random hugs,cuddling, kisses, hand holds,teasing, playing of the hair, random texts in the middle of the night, wanting the spend the day together, taking you places, doing random shit, stuff like that. For the things I don’t like uhm: At first I’ll be all dorkish and shy, I do tend to get jealous, moody, hard-headed, sometimes I’ll say mean shit when Im angry that I don’t even mean. but ultimately If you’re worth it you’d end up being treated the way a girlfriend deserves to be treated. I’d really try to do my best.