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Anyone ever think about what would happen if you became famous? What if you “met” your fav but you’ve been to a con before you were famous and did something really embarrassing. It’s super specific but I’m just thinking about meeting Chris and Sebastian and have to live with the knowledge that I once stanned them and asked Seb to my homecoming. AND WHAT IF ONE DAY YOURE ON THE TONIGHT SHOW OR SOMETHING AND JIMMY BRINGS IT UP OR SOMEONE FINDS OUT THAT YOU WERE ONCE A FAN AND YOU MADE EDITS & READ SMUT OF YOUR FRIENDS BEFORE YOU WERE FAMOUS im feeling second-hand embarrassment of something that I just thought of

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Is there a whole team of people that run The Tonight Show's social media? I'm just curious.

Hey, exploringthemedia

We’re the blog team that runs all of the social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (obvi.), Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, etc.) for the show! Meet us bloggers! 

We also film awesome web exclusives with the guests backstage! 

Like “Would You Rather” with gracehelbig

Or an acoustic version of “Tender” performed by Blur and Jimmy! 

Craig Robinson hung out with us to give us some advice on donuts! 

Then there are amazing performances, like Hozier’s acoustic version of “Take Me To Church”! 

Check out more awesome web exclusives and show moments on our YouTube Channel! 

It’s a pleasure to meet you, pal! 


I finally decided to share my complete Jimmy Fallon experience from back in April

STORY TIME (sorry it’s kinda long)

So basically what happens is I go to see the show which is the one with Madonna and the dude from game of thrones. It was such an amazing show. So afterwards my mom and I go backstage with our passes and the lady who escorts us just kinda tells us to wait in the hallway until I guess Jimmy gets settled, but then I realize that I don’t have my phone so I start freaking out, like “Now meeting Jimmy is gonna be delayed! He’s gonna think I’m an idiot!” So I tell one of the security people that I dropped my phone and they go look for it. In a mean time we are escorted to the green room where Jimmy will be walking in and I’m kinda freaking out. But I try to stay calm so I don’t puke from the anticipation. Then a couple minutes later I hear a familiar voice from the hallway say “Where is she?” And I’m just like “Oh shit oh shit oh shit!” And then there he is coming through the door greeting us and hugging us like we’ve known him for 10 years. After all that he asks me if I would like to try his ice cream which of course I accepted and we ate it together and we clicked spoons and I just couldn’t take it. Then he goes, “You like Mario kart?” And I’m just like “yes…” And he turns the wii u on and before you know it I’m freakin playing mario kart with freakin Jimmy Fallon. The whole game was extremely close he was winning for most of it and then at the end I was in first and I was like “Heck yeah!” Then at the last split second when I’m about to cross the finish line he throws a turtle shell at me and that was the end of that. So basically…he won. But I forgave him. Then we talked about the show for a few minutes, took some pics and said our goodbyes.

He is just such a nice guy, I feel like I’ve known him all my life. I honestly thought I would be completely star struck, but I wasn’t cuz I just felt like I was visiting a friend. So yeah that’s my crazy experience.

Oh and I got my phone back btw :)


Samuel L. Jackson performing a slam poem about Boy Meets World. It’s amazing.