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Jungkook seems to be so obsessed with Jimin’s waist lately and it’s just so…soft…. and then he goes full one-eighty and slaps his ass into another dimension like this is getting of of hand 2013 Jungkook couldn’t even look him in the eyes without stuttering I feel so alive

Jungkook’s been obseesed with Jimin’s ass throughout all eras do I really have to prove it? dO I REALLY?? Ok here I go

First of all this picture

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Unexpected Double Date

Based off of this prompt: siennese said:Prompt idea: Corpanga and Rucas double date. Could be Rucas getting engaged or just newly married.

Cory Matthews opened the door to reveal his daughter’s boyfriend, Lucas Friar.

“You,” he said in a semi-jokingly manner.

“Me,” Lucas smiled back at him. He knew Riley’s father liked him, but he also knew how protective he was over her. “How are you this evening, Mr. Matthews?”

“I’m doing all right,” Cory said, inviting the boy in. “The girls are still getting ready, so go ahead and have a seat.”

“Thank you, sir,” Lucas said, sitting on the couch. Cory sat on the chair facing him.

“So you and Mrs. Matthews are going out tonight as well?”

“It’s Valentine’s Day,” Cory said. Lucas nodded in understanding.

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日本ファンミーティング全ての公演が終了しました! 一緒に幸せな時間を過ごして下さったSTARLIGHTの皆さま、本当にありがとうございました。 雨も降っていますが、気をつけてお帰りくださいね。 またすぐお会いしましょう! #VIXX #STARLIGHT_FanMeeting

The Japan fan meetings have all ended! Thank you so much to the Starlights who spent the happy time with us. It’s raining, so be careful going home. Let’s meet again soon!  #VIXX #STARLIGHT_FanMeeting

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damn clarkes ovaries must be dying when lexa's meets fan's babies and takes cute pics with them

Lexa’s like “Clarke look!” And kisses a little baby’s head and Clarke’s legs go weak and their security probably have to steady her


And bromance of the year goes to… 


나는 로빅이다. 170305 <VIXX Leader N’s First Sweet Fan Meeting “N with You” in Taipei> 공연을 마친 #엔 요원의 모습이다. 따뜻한 응원을 보내준 별빛요원들 모두 고맙습니다!

I am Rovix. This is Agent #N after the 170305 <VIXX Leader N’s First Sweet Fan Meeting “N with You” in Taipei>. Thank you to all the Starlight agents for sending warm support!


Hey @writegowrite… I did it again! Please accept my interpretation of the boys’ meet-cute from Chapter 1 of Coda. I totally envisioned Ben with full-on anime blush face~

Also, I say this every time, but if you haven’t read Coda yet, what the jeff are you doing with your life?! Go!!