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how often do you meet someone who loves bts irl? because honestly i keep finding ppl who love them out every where like from my sister to my best friends to my seniors. i like how people appreciate them more tho.

i was at animecon last week and there were some bts/k-pop fans walking around which i thought was pretty funny. i played some blackpink from my phone and some ppl were like “yeeeeaaaah”. asdfghj. but it’s pretty rare to see kpop fans here in my country (i live in europe) and most of them are much younger than me so i don’t have any irl friends who like kpop.

       (FLASHBACK~! 4 years ago…)

Chat:  We should just… hang out sometime!  Just… to bond, y'know? We should become better friends.

Ladybug (blushing intensifies): I’d like that… But… what do you want to do?

Chat:  I don’t know… what do you like to do with your friends?

Ladybug:  Well… I like video games!

Chat:  Me too!  But wait… I don’t think we can get away with sneaking a television out of our homes.  What else?

Ladybug:  Well, I like fashion too.  Sometimes my best friend and I give each other makeovers!

Chat:  Youuu… want to give me a makeover?

Ladybug (excitedly): Oh!!!  C-can I???

Chat (caving at the first puppy-dog eyed look from LB, chuckles): Knock yourself out, Little Lady.

Ladybug (stops breathing, gasps, squees dramatically, hugs him): Oh Chat, I can’t wait!!!

       (Later On…)

Ladybug: W-wow! Your hair is so soft! Are your parents like hairdressers or something?

Chat: Haha, nothing like that. I guess I’m just lucky?

Ladybug: Totally! I’d kill to have hair this soft!

Chat: I could buy you some of the conditioner I use.

Ladybug (whispers): I love you…

Chat: What?

Ladybug: What?

Have a little sneak peek at what’s coming up on the next part of our When Duty and Desire Meet collab for our Older!Chat AU: Ladybug and Chat Noir’s origin story!  This drabble was written by both @midnightstarlightwrites and myself! <3


request: Can you pretty please make lockscreens of Jungkook with glasses? THANK YOU! (Love your blog)


I happened to find a lot of pics of Jungkook with glasses. :) Oh, thank you sweetheart. ^//^