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Fresh Eyes // 2:04 PM

Pairing: Reader x Tom

Featuring: Tom Holland

Warning: fluff

Request - could you do a tom imagine based on the song fresh eyes? Like tom invites her to a premiere or something and she gets dressed up really fancy and that’s the first time he sees her like that?


The premiere that your boyfriend had invited you to started in less than thirty minutes, and you were desperately trying to find your shoes. The ones you had decided to wear were tall heels, since you were a foot or two shorter than your boyfriend, you could actually get away with wearing heels without looking like a daddy-long-leg.

Your phone buzzed from inside your clutch. Opening it up to see that it was a message from your boyfriend. You both had agreed to meet each other there. Since he had to be there almost two hours sooner than you could get there. Your work had made you stay overtime, which was something you specifically asked to not have happen. But the odds were never in your favour.

‘T-minus fifteen minutes love’

Your eyes scanned the text over and over again. Only fifteen minutes? You thought your had thirty. Rushing around the vast condo, you quickly found the heels that were hidden under a pile of coats that were thrown on the floor. You got messy when you were rushing.

You slipped on your soft overcoat and put on the heels, reveling in the new height. The car was parked out front, waiting for you. You got down to the lobby in two minutes, the elevator didn’t need to stop.

“Miss (L/N).” Gregory, your chauffer greeted you with a smile as he held open the car door.

“Thank you,” you said as you slipped into the leather seat. Your dress flowing in after you.

You had chosen something elegant, but not to overbearing. It was a dress you had picked out over a year ago, but it sat lonely in your closet since you had no big events to ever wear it to. Though, your boyfriend had never seen the dress, you chose tonight to surprise him. It was spaghetti strap, sparkling, and long. There was an open back, and a slit that ran up the side of your leg, to mid-thigh. It was elegant, really. And it was perfect.

The car came to a stop just outside the theatre. Cars were parked all alongside the walkway and paparazzi surrounded everyone. People were everywhere, except along the clean, red carpet that identified where all the celebrities were meant to stand.

Your eyes scanned the sea of people, searching for your tall, handsome boyfriend. Catching his ruffle of smooth, caramel brown hair made your heart swell. He was dressed fittingly in a blue suit, his smile radiant as he greeted different people. Gregory opened the car door for you as you stepped out, your long dress following swiftly behind. Eyes turned to you, cameras started to flash.

People knew who you were. You were Tom Holland’s extravagantly beautiful girlfriend. Not to sound self-righteous. You had read that line in a magazine once. It made you feel weird, knowing that everyone knew your face. They knew your name, your last name, where you came from, and so on. But you didn’t mind that fact, because you got to go home to an incredible boyfriend.

Tom noticed you almost instantly, his eyes following the swarm of paparazzi as your appearance was welcomed. His features lit up in glee as he pushed his way over to you, leading you gently by the hand to the clear red carpet. Once you made it out of the swarm, Tom rested his hands lightly on your hips, his eyes scanning you up and down in a devouring way.

“You look absolutely ravishing.” Tom said, his eyes finally reaching your face after he took in the dress. Heat rose to your cheeks, knowing only he could make you feel so hot and bothered with only a few simple words.

“Thank you,” you breathed, trying to get accustomed to the mass of people around you. “You look rather dashing, yourself.” You added, bringing your hand up to move aside a stray hair that protruded from the rest.

“We’re the best looking out here tonight.” Tom smiled warmly at you, him still slightly taller than you even in your heels. He then led you further along the carpet. His hand stayed on the small of your back as the night progressed onward.

The night had continued on with cameras and people, you met multiple new actors and actresses that had come to the premiere, each one commenting on ‘Tom’s stunning girlfriend’.

Standing now, almost to the end of the evening, the premiere was just coming to an end, as you and Tom stood outside the theatre, his arm laced around your torso. Gregory was pulling the car around for your ride home. Tom leaned close to you, his lips just brushing your ear.

“You looked so incredible tonight, love. Your hair, your dress. You were completely jaw-dropping.” Tom whispered, sending shivers down your spine as his hot breath touched your skin.

“Thank you, Tom.” You said to him, turning just slightly to place a meaningful kiss on his soft lips. He kissed you back, pulling you tighter into him, your body feeling the fabric of his suit on the bare skin that your dress exposed.

“Now, I can’t wait to get home and take it off.” Tom then said after leaving your lips, whispering roughly in your ear, his accent becoming somewhat demanding, desperate. Your heart began to accelerate at his words, his hand playing idly with the fabric of your dress.

No words could be said, as he knew you were thinking the same thing. The both of you raced into the car as Gregory pulled up along side the walkway.

“Home! Gregory, home!” Tom nearly shouted, his bubbling laughter following the chime. You couldn’t contain your own laugher as Gregory easily pulled back onto the road, the both of you forgetful to put on your seat belts.

You fell clumsily into Tom’s lap, where he swiftly grabbed hold of you by the waist, not letting you get up, your eyes became level with his as you hovered above him.

“I love you, (F/N).” Tom hummed, he was breathless. His eyes searched your face, he took in every detail and every feature.

“I love you more, Holland.” Your own voice had escaped you as your hands found his jaw, pulling his face up to connect to your lips.

hope you like it beb - Xx

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I hoped you wouldn’t notice (how I hid my darkness from you)

aka First time avoiding each other

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Cassian x Reader

Words: 2078 

Series Summary: Cassian and Reader Firsts – from meeting each other to the first time, first kiss, first fight, first “I love you”, to their (first) last breaths (maybe…that might be too depressing)

Time Cassian and Reader have known each other: 9 ½ months

Chapter: 7/20

Prompt: Anonymous- “firsts” for cassian x reader please?!? (like first date, first kiss, first fight etc) :-))

Author’s notes: Sorry for killing all of you last chapter… I love the angst so much haha but no worries they will get together… eventually ;) seriously though it’s soon like really soon I’m an impatient person. Hope you enjoy this chapter! Also I am so proud that I got this up at a reasonable hour.

Ever since you and Cassian had kissed things had been weird. You both acted like you were fine. But you could tell something was off. Every time Cassian would go to touch you, you’d tense up. Every time you would turn away, Cassian’s face would fall. Your conversations weren’t full of laughter anymore and Cassian’s once bright eyes were dark. You wouldn’t sleep over in each other’s room after a long night of conversation anymore. And it even became awkward to sit in silence together.

Not truly having Cassian there hurt you. You began to feel alone again. Although he was physically there, it just wasn’t the same and it began to impact you. You would walk shoulders slumped through the halls. You’d ignore people who would try to talk to you. You would skip mission briefings because you couldn’t focus. And you began to have trouble sleeping.

You would lie awake at night staring at the ceiling just wondering where it all went wrong.

It wasn’t until a week after your kiss that you got called on another mission. With a quick message to Cassian, you were off. You couldn’t be happier to get off world. A mission would get your mind off things.

However, the mission didn’t go as planned.

The second you your ship landed, you were under fire. Your ship was blown up and you were stranded. By the time you found the rebel you were meant to rescue you had already been there for five days. And just as you were hijacking a ship to get off planet your rebel was shot down.

You barely escaped uninjured back to base. 

You wouldn’t speak for hours after you landed. All you were able to tell your supervisors was that the rebel was dead.

General Draven assured you that this wasn’t your fault and there wasn’t anything you could have done differently.

But you couldn’t help thinking that it was your fault. Everything recently had been your fault. This rebel’s death. Your relationship with Cassian. Everything.

Draven told you to take some time and that your next mission wouldn’t be for another few weeks.

The second you walked out of the room you saw Cassian leaning against the wall. Instead of going towards him like you usually would, you turned and walked away.

You did something that you hadn’t done in a while. Hadn’t done since you met Cassian.

You vanished.

You’d done this before, many times in fact. The last time it happened was right before you met Cassian. You had lost three rebels on a mission. And had vanished for 2 weeks.

People were used to it by now (people meaning your supervisors). They gladly left you alone as long as you were back in time for your next mission.

Usually you could camp out in your room or ship for the duration of the time, but you knew you couldn’t stay in any place that Cassian would be able to find you. In the past you didn’t have to avoid anyone, because no one was really checking up on you. But Cassian had changed that. You couldn’t face him right now, even though it was him that you were craving comfort from the most.

After searching the base, you ended up camped out in a spare workshop in the far corner of the base. You’d pace the room, break some spare bottles, and when you got to the point of exhaustion you would pass out underneath the workshop table.

You were surprised it took so long, but Cassian found you three days after you vanished.

Cassian had spent three days running around base looking for you. He knew that things had been weird since the kiss, but he didn’t know why you were avoiding him. Surely he hadn’t fucked up your relationship that much.

That kiss had been everything to him and when you had said that it didn’t mean anything it had broken him. He had tried to push away his feelings and just continue being friends, but after kissing you, it was almost impossible. All he could think about was how he wanted to hold you close and never let you go.

After yelling at Draven for three days straight he finally told Cassian where you were.

Outside the workshop door is where Cassian found himself early one morning. He found himself wondering if he should just leave you alone or knock.

However, when he heard a huge crash inside he decided that beating on the door was the best bet. He continued yelling for you for the next hour, but you didn’t respond.

Eventually he gave up sliding down to rest against the door. He was exhausted. He hadn’t been sleeping well. His nights were plagued with horrific nightmares of losing you. He knew he would only be able to sleep knowing you were okay. He figured this would be the closest he would get to you so he laid down and fell asleep right outside the door.

You sat in the corner of the dark room staring at the door. Cassian was begging you to let him in. And even though that was all you wanted you couldn’t find it in yourself to move. 

Hours passed and you figured he had given up but when you opened the door you found him asleep on the floor.

Your eyes welled up with love for him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to wake him. Instead you took off your jacket and gently covered him with it. You brushed his hair back from his face and he snuggled into your hand with a sigh. Before you convinced yourself to wake him up, you took off down the hall to find a new hideout.  

When Cassian woke up he felt something resting on top of him. Your jacket. Holding it tight he turned to look into the workshop. The door was open meaning that you must be gone. He slowly pushed it further open and stepped inside.

It was dark, musty, and covered in dust. He could see old half eaten food sitting on the table, broken bottles smashed on the ground, and a body shape in the dust marks on the ground.

His heart clenched.

If you had gone this far to get away from him then maybe he should just leave you alone. He would give you that space you clearly needed. He would stay away as long as you wanted. Even if it tore him apart.

After a week of hiding out you slowly made your comeback. You had read the mission report over and over and realized that there was nothing you could have done. You accepted that. And now you had to accept that you had to fix your relationship with Cassian.

You had to find him.

But he was nowhere to be found.

You knew he was on base, a few rebels you asked verified that.

When you finally caught sight of him a day later you breathed out his name. And as if he had heard you from across the room, he turned to face you. You smiled gently and started toward him, but once he caught sight of you, his eyes flashes and he quickly left the room.

You took off after him, but once you rounded the corner you found an empty hall. You stood there for a few minutes wondering what was going on.

Cassian was avoiding you.

Much like you had just avoided him. You couldn’t be mad for you had just done this to Cassian himself, but it didn’t make it hurt any less.

Every time Cassian would see you, he would immediately leave.

Overall, you and Cassian spent two whole weeks avoiding each other. It was the worst two weeks the rebel base had ever seen. No one was really sure what was going on. They had definitely seen you kiss in the hangar, but Beron, the mechanic had squashed any romantic connotation by spreading the true story. All they knew was that you and Cassian weren’t talking to each other. And it was affecting everyone.

Rumors were flowing. No one could focus on their work. Meetings were held at all different times because you and Cassian were always apart.

You both went on missions without saying goodbye. You didn’t eat together anymore and your table in the mess hall had been empty for weeks. You hadn’t spoken in weeks. You didn’t even acknowledge each other.

It was making you sick.

It wasn’t until Cassian got hurt on a mission that you finally broke your silence.

One morning, you received word from the med bay that Cassian was being treated, you hadn’t even know he was off on a mission.

You were still listed as his family.

When you arrived, you were told to stay in the waiting room. For an hour you paced back and forth.

No one would let you in to see him or even update you on his condition.

You were finally able to bulldoze yourself through a group of nurses to get into Cassian’s room.

You flew through his door gasping out his name.

Color you surprised when you saw a completely healthy looking Cassian sitting up in bed, “Y/N?’

You flushed, “I-…“

The nurse in the room cleared his throat, “I think I’ll give you two some space.”

Once he shut the door your head dropped.

Y/N, what’s going on? Why are you here? Are you alright?” Cassian said frantically looking you up and down.

“Do you even care?” You snapped regretfully.

What? How could you even ask me that?”

“You’ve been avoiding me.” You muttered.

You’re the one that started avoiding me remember? How do you think I felt? Every day trying to find you, to talk to you, only to have you ignore me.Cassian barked.

“I- I didn’t think. I couldn’t…” You winced shrinking back.

Cassian sighed, “Y/N what is going on? Why were you avoiding me? Is it about the rebel you lost? The kiss?”

You were silent. “Is it me?” His voice cracked, “Because if it is, we can talk about it. Just, please. I miss you.”

You choked back a sob, “No. I don’t know. I just- The kiss. The rebel. Everything has been going wrong and I didn’t know how to fix it. So I ran.”

Cassian stayed silent.

Please can we just be friends again.”

Cassian laughed lightly and you flinched back, “We will always be friends. I’m never going anywhere okay?”

“I’m so sorry.” Your voice cracked.

Cassian grabbed your hand, pulling you closer to him, “Y/N. Why didn’t you just talk to me? I could have helped you. You know you can tell me anything. Even if you just need some space. Tell me and I’ll give it to you.”

“I didn’t want space though. Not from you. I never want space from you.” You said tightening your hand in his.

Cassian looked confused, “But isn’t that what you wanted?”

No.” You cried, “I just want you.”

He smiled and held open his arms.

You ran into him burying your head in his chest. He groaned in pain, however when you tried to pull away he just pulled you closer and held you tighter.

You and Cassian talked for the next few hours. You caught each other up on everything you had missed out on.

You talked about how wrong the mission went and how it had felt to lose a fellow rebel. Cassian talked about how he hadn’t been sleeping, because he had been worried about you and how shitty he felt not being able to talk to you for weeks.

You went back and forth until you finally reached the kiss.

You both decided that it was just best to move on for now. Even though it sent a pang through both of your hearts, it was for the best. You were just getting back to being best friends again and you didn’t want anything to fuck that up.

With a promise to talk about it sometime in the future after you both figured out your feelings, you fell asleep.

Hours later the nurse would find the two of you tangled together fast asleep in his tiny twin bed.

You know I love you, right?

I love you too.

Even though you both knew that it meant something more, for now this was enough. You finally had your best friend back.

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Next up: never knew home had a scent (until I stole your sweater) aka First time moving in together

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For the platonic meme would you be willing to do a Ardien Nino - carrying while half asleep?

Pretty sure that’s a common scenario (and happens to with Alya and Marinette)

Reference from x

Platonic Touch meme

I’m not taking more request I’m finishing the ones I have


kimi no na wa!au with adrien and marinette. adrien lives in tokyo and marinette in itomori. she really wants to be a tokyo boy in her next life, and then, suddenly, she starts having dreams that she’s a boy living in tokyo, named adrien. both discover that isn’t just a dream, and they need to meet each other, for real.

i will post more fanarts of this au because i just love this movie with all my heart.


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No lyrics this time…just some tune and beat to get the mood HERE
Turn up the bass!

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how do the fellbros feel about the swap bros?

((Well, I mean, they’re sort of babies at this point so it’s not like the swapbros have much of a personality for Sans and Pap to base opinions on? Mostly it’s just like a mix of, “Aww, babies!!” and “Shit, we gotta keep them safe.”

But, this got me thinking about what it’d be like if they all met when they were older, so I made these silly little charts LOL

ENJOY~! :”D))


anon gave me a challenge; asked for a bit of Carl Barks with nice-guy-Gladstone but then I remember this part of A Christmas for Shacktown (W OS 367-02), which is a sweet holiday classic where the ducks are trying to raise twenty-five dollars to get the kids in the poor part of town a toy train!

So, I thought you guys should know, that a few of us from a Discord I’m a part of engaged in email correspondence with Jen Cohn, and through that correspondence, we found out that she ‘likes the idea’ of Pharmercy.

Add this in conjecture to the fact that Lucie Pohl has been giving us hints on the low (via her likes on Twitter) and has told Mike Foble that she’s ‘on-board’ for Pharmercy, and you have both VAs quite possibly being on-board for the ship.

(Not to mention the fact that Irene Koh is also open to the prospect of drawing them ‘officially’ for Blizzard as well, and has posted a lot of Pharmercy art to her Patreon.)

The point is, there’s a lot of support and momentum going for this ship, especially with the current resurgence of Pharmercy in the meta as well.

One wonders if Blizzard will ever build on the momentum of it. Because after all, any smart company would try to capitalize on something so popular, instead of blatantly just ignoring it in favor of something else.

Am I right?

consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other