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Name: Kelsea
Nicknames: Kels, Kelso, and Bob
Star sign: Gemini
Gender: Female
Height: 5′7″
Favorite color: Blue, like every shade.
Time right now: 12:29
Average hours of sleep: Roughly 8.
Last thing I Googled: routes on bus
Number of blankets: One
Favorite fictional character: Don’t make me choose. However, I will tell you my ultimate bae, Roronoa Zoro.
Favorite books: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Favorite musical artists/bands: Fall Out Boy, P!ATD, and Falling in Reverse
Dream job: A travel magazine writer or a published author
What I am wearing right now: Black Dress Pant and A black long sleeved shirt. (I’m at work lol)
When did you create your blog: I think around June of 2012
Current number of followers: 1,707 :D
What do you mainly post about: Mostly fictional hotties, Marvel, and One piece. 
Do you have any other blogs: Nope. I don’t feel like I’d have the time to properly work on another one.
When your blog hit its peak: When I post my Hottest Anime Men/Ladies XD
Who is your most active follower: It’s currently @a-lore-sinome
Why did you join Tumblr: Well my friend @loveherorleaveher introduced me to this place, and at first I tried mimicking her. Then soon after that my geeky/nerdy self took over and it’s all gone to hell.  
Do you get asks daily: No, but no hate. I understand how it can feel to talk to someone you follow. SO it’s cool. (Hey guys if you want you can totally talk to me about anything…….ANYTHING)
Why did you choose your URL: Because it’s Batman.

I tag: Anyone who wants to do this and @a-lore-sinome @imclearlytooinsaneforyou @cod-3-meister @kettelino @gorillabutts @r0flitskabeebo @thedaronator @rhinoguardian

giulioswife  asked:

Tell six random facts about yourself and pass it on to ten of your favourite followers!

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I’m one of your favorites? AHHHHHHH!!!!

Okay so 6 random facts

  1. I currently work at “The Happiest Place on Earth” Walt Disney World, and I fucking hate it. It’s mostly due to the management, and some times the guest. But I will say one thing I love most of my co-workers.
  2. I love making OC’s but I never use them, like at all. I have a folder of over 200 OC’s and I’ve never used them.
  3. I’m the biggest scaredy cat when it comes to horror genre, though I do love horror movies/games when it involves a monster like: werewolves, vampires, zombies, etc.
  4. I’m allergic to Nickel (metal), so I can’t wear any jewelry that has it in it. Which sucks cause most pure metal jewelry is expensive.
  5. I have the worst case of wanderlust, and I’m starting my traveling bucket list by going to Ireland in October.
  6. I have recently been introduced to tons of Sports Anime(*cough*guilioswife*cough*) and now I’m obsessed with sports in both the real world and fiction.