meet billie joe

  • Billie: I wasn't that drunk!
  • Mike: Dude! You crashed into our tour bus screaming "I wanna meet Green Day!!"

billiemania  asked:

Girl tell me EVERYTHING about meeting Billie Joe ‼️

I was guessing that they were staying at Grand Hotel because they have stayed there before when they’ve had shows in stockholm. So i went there after work and i was there around 5:30pm. I didn’t have any expectations whatsoever, i was just thinking it was worth a shot.

So i waited there for about half an hour/45 mins or so, while doing that i wrote a note to them, thanking them for a bunch of stuff that they’ve helped me through (also made a mini promo for my band lmao !!! And y'all you can go listen to our demo @ soundcloud dot com just search for “punkrockqueers” and the song “fuck white cis-boys” should come up). ANYWAY as i said i didn’t have any expectations, i stood there with my pen and writing book hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

I was about to turn around just to have a look around the corner of the hotel and out of the fucking blue there he was. He was walking towards the entrance, smiling and nodding his head at me.

I said “oh my god can i please have your autograph?” He said “yeah absolutely!” He was so kind and calm and it made me stay really calm through the whole thing.

I said that i had been a fan since American Idiot and he said “Thank you! I figured you were a fan because of your blue hair” (in my head i was like lol it’s green but w/e lmao).
He asked me what my name was and i said “Paulina” with a swedish accent lmao and he asked me to spell it for him lmaooo so i did and he went “OH Paulina!!” And he wrote “rage + love” and his signature.

I also asked him if i could have a picture with him and he said “yeah sure!” And as i was bringing out my phone i was shaking SO MUCH like i couldn’t even concentrate because HE WAS LOOKING AT MY DAMN PHONE idk it just freaked me out because i had a bunch of notifications on it LMAO and i tried to small talk away from it and said “i’m actually listening to you right now” and he said “oh do i sound any good?” And laughed and i said “UHM YES YOU SOUND AMAZING IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION????” And he laughed even more. He calmed me down so much.

We took the picture and i said thank you so much and i said “i’ll see u at the show tomorrow!” and he said “yeah! stay warm in the cold” and i said i will! And he went in.

It was so casual and calm even if i was freaking out and i can NOT get over this.

I started crying like a child and i called my best friend afterwords and she got so worried and was like “WHAT IS IT???? DID SOMEONE DIE???” And i said “NO I MET BILLIE JOE” lmao honestly i’m such a nerd but i’m so greatful and happy AAAHH ❤❤❤

I just saw this photo on Instagram and I thought to myself “ Photo from last night? Hum nop…At this point he must be looking older idk this looks like a photo from 2011 or idk nah this is not recent he looks way too young” then I looked to the description and the girl next to him said “Was amazing to meet Billie Joe again LAST NIGHT” YOU HEAR ME? LAST NIGHT! and now Im screaming cuz of his flawless Ok now stop reading this and take a look at his face come on Done? Now tell me HOW CAN HE BE SO FUCKING PRETTY? THIS IS AN ATTEMPET TO SOCIETY CAUSE IT BRINGS EVERYONE’S SELF ESTEEM DOWN. And I think Billie Joe should be arrested for excess of hotness Done