meet and greet one direction

So I got the chance to meet Liam Payne today!! And let me tell you: that !! shit !! was !! good !!

So basically what happened was we got there around 3, and they weren’t letting people in until about 3:30-3:40. We waited, talked to some cool people, then eventually there was check in. We got all settled in then about 10 minutes later they gave everyone their lanyards and let us into the room. There weren’t seats or anything, just a stage with a couch then an open floor where we could sit (my sister and I got to sit in the third row! And it was extremelyyyyyy close). Anyways, once everyone got into the room one of the radio hosts started asking questions to fans, like asking who was the biggest Liam fan. That went on for a bit before the radio host (Adam Bomb) came in and introduced Liam and LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. THAT MAN LOOKED GOOD AS HELL. As you see in the pic above (I’m in the blue btw!), he was wearing a red sweater and he looked so clean and fresh and just so GOOD. He did an interview, talked about Bear and how Cheryl is use to him being gone and how she said that she could do it on her own (in a good way!!). He answered some questions from the fans that had been sent in and for the life of me I can’t remember any of them except this one girl who asked if he likes unicorns??

Anyways, after the whole little interview (which included so many cute moments but I can’t think of them right now because I’m still in shock so maybe if I remember I’ll do another post) he played us his song and out of respect for him and the station, I’m not gonna give any spoilers on it. All I’m going to say is that it’s so much better than what you’re expecting. It’s such a bop and people are gonna love it!!

After that, they had everyone line up and my sister and I were first in line to meet him, but we didn’t want to be first so we went to the back and as we did that, Liam walked by me and looked me dead in the eye and I shit myself it was MAGICAL. We waited in line for about 10 minutes maybe? Probably less bc it went by so quick, but we finally got to the front of the line.

We walked up to him and my sister was first to meet him. She hugged him and he hugged her back (not one of those side hugs, a full blown hug!!) and then basically I did the same thing (also a full blown hug!!) I hugged him as tight as I could in the moment and actually tried so hard to cherish it. As we went to take the picture, he pulled me closer and I sorta fell into him a little bit. After the picture, he was like “I thought I’d go for a different hello there” bc he said it in a really weird way but it was so cute and funny!! After that, we hugged him again (more full blown hugs!!!) and when I hugged him, our cheeks were pressed together and he is sO SOFT GUYS. He smelt sooooooo fucking good. The last thing I said to him was “bye thank you!” And I can’t remember if he said anything back cause it’s sorta a blur :-(

Anyways, we walked away and once outside my sister broke down into sobs because she loves him so much and I was so happy for her omfg.
Basically it was the best day ever and I wish I could go back. I miss him so much and I really don’t wanna go back to reality, but this is definitely something I’m going to remember and cherish the rest of my life!!! :-)

And please ignore the fact that I look awful!! I was just really happy AHHHHH :-)
Ed è pazzesco, vero?
Quando le uniche persone che possono renderti felice non ci sono.
E forse, nemmeno le conoscerai mai.
Eppure, soltanto pensando a loro, sorridi, e ti senti come se tutto andasse a posto, anche solo per un secondo.
E va bene, la gente può pensare quello che vuole, può guardarti male, può pensare che sei terribilmente infantile, una bambina, una sciocca.
Ma tu fregatene, fregatene altamente.
Se ti fanno sorridere, tieniteli stretti.
Tieniteli strette, queste persone.
Perché ricorda, saranno le uniche che, a parte tutto, ci saranno sempre.
Saranno quelle a cui chiederai aiuto, quando la notte ti verrà da piangere e saranno quelle che con la voce ti calmeranno, e ti faranno sentire bella, anche se non ti senti tale, e saranno quelle per cui vorrai continuare a vivere, perché di andartene senza prima averle abbracciate una volta, proprio non ci penserai.
Saranno quel genere di persone speciali, che proprio non dimenticherai mai.
Quel genere di persone che ti mancheranno, ti mancheranno sempre.
Di cui sentirai una mancanza estrema, la cui assenza ti scaverà un vuoto così profondo, che a volte ti sembrerà di non riuscire a respirare.
Saranno quelle persone che ti faranno piangere come nessuno e ridere fino alle lacrime.
Quelle per cui non avrai paura di mostrare te stessa, saranno le persone per cui combatterai fino alla fine, che difenderai di fronte a tutto e a tutti, senza vergogna. Quelle che nessuno potrà permettersi di toccare, o insultare, perché per te saranno così importanti che ti sembrerà di conoscerle e che loro conoscano te.
Saranno quelle persone che la vita te la illuminano, e non è un eufemismo.
Che sono come un raggio di sole che spazza via il buio.
E se un giorno le incontrerai, dillo.
Dì loro quanto hanno contato.
Quanto ti hanno cambiata.
Dì loro che è stato difficile, ma grazie alla loro presenza è stato possibile.
E abbracciale, queste persone.
Abbracciali, questi ragazzi.
Mi raccomando, anche per me.
E dì loro che, dopotutto, sono stati anche la mia, di salvezza.
Dì loro che mi hanno salvata.

Let me tell you something about these girls. All that stuff you hear about them being rude, etc? Utter shit. When I was there I felt like i was surrounded by people who actually cared about me, who supported me for who I am and not for who they “thought” I was.
I remember when I was just about to take a picture with them… Normani looked me straight in the eyes and said “Hey,beautiful!” and that’s when I lost it. I ran straight up to Lauren and I told her how she’s my sunshine and she lit up and wiped my tears. We took the first picture. By the second picture , I was a bit calmer and I wanted them ALL to feel included so I asked Ally to stand in front of me and she gave me the biggest smile ever. Afterwards, I was telling them how I was 11 months clean and Lauren said “Yay! I’m so proud of you! Please keep being strong, I love you!” SHE LOOKED ME STRAIGHT IN THE EYES. I told them they helped me well you know… to my dad and they said “Yay!” and jumped up and down and hugged me. I started crying again and I hugged them each individually and Normani just hugged me, silence. She just held me tight and I have never gotten the best hug until then. Lauren? She hugged me to the point I couldn’t breathe. Camila hugged me tight, really tight for a while and her voice was so soothing. Dinah kept rubbing my back and saying “shh shh” and she feels like a pillow she’s so soft (THAT IS A GOOD THING IM NOT TRYING TO MAKE FUN OF HER) and Ally hugged me (I had to bend down a little) and kept making me smile and made silly faces to get me to not cry.. then it was all gone, Big Rob pulled me away and I’d do anything to get those few minutes back.
Big Rob is actually really nice and I gave him a hug and laughed when I said I was gonna start doing his part in Burnin Up!!
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