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Alex Galchenyuk - Meet and Greets

hi! could you write an imagine about a montreal canadiens fan who finally meet her favorite player (alex galchenyuk) and from there, they kind of develop a feeling about each other and it keeps getting more and more intense?

It was going to be the best day of your life, you were sure. You were going to meet your favorite player, Alex Galchenuyk, today. Today! 

The whole day went on blur because you were so excited. You were making your way to the Centre Bell, but of course just today, the traffic was being terrible. You just and just made it on time for the Meet and Greet. 

Because you were there so late, the line wasn’t that long. You were just so happy you made it. Meeting him was great. He signed your jersey and the two of you had a really quick chat. 

You were one of the last people there, so it wasn’t that crowded when you left. Just as you were getting back to your car you heard somebody walk behind you. 

 "Hey Y/N, wasn’t that your name right?“ you hear a familiar voice say behind you. 

You turn around and there he is. Alex Galchenuyk, standing right next to you. 

"Umm hi what are you doing here?” you ask him. 

 "It’s just that you seemed really nice there, and uhh, would you like to get some coffee with me maybe some day?“ he mutters. Your heart almost comes out of your chest because you are so excited. 

 "Yeah, sure, do you want my number?" 

The two of you chat for a little while until he has to leave for practice. 

 It was the the first anniversary of you and Alex. He’s having a Meet and Greet today, just like the one where you met him. Of course, you’d have liked to have all to yourself for the whole day, but this gave you an opportunity to surprise him. 

You arrived to the Centre Bell just a few minutes before the Meet and Greet was ending, and settled to the back of the line. When the girl in front of you left after talking to Alex, you stepped right in front of him and covered his eyes. "Surprise!” you yelled at him while taking your hands off his eyes. He stood up and kissed you: “Happy anniversary Y/N”


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This is my little edit of me (top left) and my best friends who are coming to see taylorswift
a-pirates-love (top right)
beamar12 (bottom left)
sarahmccarrhy (bottom right)

I absolutely love this because even though we are all pretty different we are also the same and we see that pretty well in the pictures.
We get to see Tay on the 7th of July.

I cant wait, its my first time seeing Taylor live and knowing that ill be with my best friends in the world is the best feeling ever. We have our whole outfit planned out and when school ends we will make it !!!

Even though our chances are very slim i hope that we will one day get to meet our idol.

We love you Tay, and we can’t wait to see you slay 7.7.15 ❤️