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Little snippet of my early #burlesque show props: the powder compact, the moon and my big filigree heart. The heart is being revived in #artoftheteese by @gingerleevalentine and we’re headed to #SanAntonio #Miami #Atlanta #Charlotte #Toronto #Montreal #NewJersey #Philadelphia very soon!
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This is my little edit of me (top left) and my best friends who are coming to see taylorswift
a-pirates-love (top right)
beamar12 (bottom left)
sarahmccarrhy (bottom right)

I absolutely love this because even though we are all pretty different we are also the same and we see that pretty well in the pictures.
We get to see Tay on the 7th of July.

I cant wait, its my first time seeing Taylor live and knowing that ill be with my best friends in the world is the best feeling ever. We have our whole outfit planned out and when school ends we will make it !!!

Even though our chances are very slim i hope that we will one day get to meet our idol.

We love you Tay, and we can’t wait to see you slay 7.7.15 ❤️


Found this video @catherinedlish made of me learning to spin my #rhinestonecowgirl guns. I think we were in Antwerp, one of the first places we debuted this #burlesque act when I was @maccosmetics #vivaglam spokesperson. I’m standing on the bed because I’d drop the guns on the floor and break them. At one point I also had a trick roper giving me lessons because I thought it would be fun to spin a lasso too. I imagined jumping in and out if it topless, but alas, it’s hard enough as it is to boot-scoot in @swarovski crystallized @louboutinworld boots with big janglin’ star spurs. This act in its new incarnation is part of The Art of the Teese, and the show with its all-star cast is headed to #SanAntonio #Miami #Atlanta #Charlotte #Toronto #Montreal #NewJersey #Philadelphia in just two weeks.
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quick links plus meet & greet aftershow information 💋

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Just some random JJ headcanons

  • He grew up practically on the ice. From the moment he could walk he was on skates
    • He first learned on the frozen lake at his grandparents’s chalet
    • He loved when his parents would each grab one of his hands and pull him real fast across the ice
    • He also loved when his dad would pick him up and twirl and flip him like he’d do with his mom
  • Being ice dancers his parents always hoped JJ would go into figure skating but they never pressured him
    • For a while he actually showed more interest in hockey and played in the little leagues for a few years before deciding it wasn’t for him and requesting figure skating lessons
  • He’s always been a performer, even from the time he was a toddler. He thrives in the spotlight
    • He used to put on shows at family gatherings, singing or telling wild stories and infecting everyone with his enthusiasm
    • ((This is partly why he didn’t stay in hockey; no opportunities to perform))
  • He had a massive slump and went through a period of intense self-doubt toward the end of high school and nearly gave up on skating cause nothing was working for him 
    • This is when his King JJ act was born; it started as a coping mechanism, a fake-it-till-you-make-it thing
    • He worked extremely hard to overcome his mental blocks, and his Theme of King JJ is a testament to how far he’s come
  • His younger brother is 17 and a pairs skater in the junior division; his younger sister is 14 and a singles skater in the junior division
    • His dad often jokes about how all 4 of the skating disciplines are represented in the family
    • As the eldest JJ is very protective of his younger siblings, especially his sister
    • He gets really intense watching their competitions, to the point of being a little embarrassing
    • He tries to give them advice to improve their skating; they usually tell him to shut up in true sibling fashion ((but they still listen and sometimes apply what he says))
  • His paternal grandmother is Métis
  • He first met Isabella when she approached him about doing a meet and greet with the Montreal JJ Girls
    • He later found out they were coincidentally both studying fashion at Collège LaSalle; him specializing in sportswear and she in formal and semi-formal wear
    • Through working on projects and such they grew close and eventually started dating
    • They launched their brands at the same time
    • She’s the one who outfits him for all the banquets and formal events
    • He calls her Isa
    • She’s currently studying at the École supérieure de mode de Montréal 
  • The year the Grand Prix Final was held in Québec City he insisted on dragging all the other skaters out for poutine afterwards
    • About half of them loved it and the other half got sick
  • In the off season he volunteers his time teaching kids to skate and is an Athlete Ambassador for Right to Play Canada
  • Through his contacts in the music scene he organizes an annual charity concert
  • His best selling piece of merch is his charity pinup calendar