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New Video! So excited to announce my very first Baking Line with @WiltonCakes  The full line comes out later this year. l’ll keep you updated!

Prepare yourselves because I’m about to write a novel about why Michael Rooker is actually the sweetest: So the photo op went pretty quickly as most of them do, but Michael nonetheless still hugged me and made sure that our photo came out looking as adorable as ever. During the autograph session is when I wanted to combust from happiness. I spent most of the line wait talking to this sweet lady in front of me when we saw a little girl dressed up as rocket raccoon, so naturally when it was our turn to get something signed we told Michael that he had a cute little fan coming up to see him. Instead of just leaving it at that he had to look at me and say “I also have a pretty cute one right here” causing me to be a blushing mess because literALLY MICHAEL FUCKING ROOKER JUST CALLED ME CUTE B Y E. So as he was signing my Merle photo, I was telling him about how I took my dad to see GOTG2 and that he absolutely loved Yondu and even teared up a bit at the scene between him and Peter. We talked more about that scene and stuff when he asked if I wanted him to sign a photo for my dad (usually one ticket means one photo/object gets signed). Of course I told him my dad would love that and he even wrote him a cute little message from “me” on the photo. He came around the table to hug me and kissed me on the cheek and I left almost in tears because no one has even been that nice. Today was literally one of the best fan experiences I have had in a while at a convention. so, long story short, I love Michael Rooker and he deserves the world. 


Liam has 4 confirmed meet and greets for this week! 🙏🙏🙏

Tue (05/09): B96 Chicago
Tue (05/09): Kiss FM Chicago
Wed (05/10): Power 96.1 Atlanta
Wed (05/10): Q100 Atlanta*

*The date has yet to be announced by Q100 Atlanta. But since he’s doing one in another Atlanta station on Wednesday it’s a pretty safe bet that theirs would happen on the same day as well.

This weekend I went to Chicago to see Hope Solo again and truly had the best time ever she is hands down the sweetest, most genuine and humble person in the world. My friends and I ended up getting vip and hung out beside her at her table while she signed for everyone in line and in between signing she turned to me with the biggest smile and said hi and of course I smiled and said hi back and I was so excited to finally talk to her once she finished. I turned away from her for a moment and didn’t realize she was done signing and next thing I know she’s coming up behind me pulling me into a hug and I was a damn mess because I was not expecting that but I turn to her and hug her and we stood there holding one another and hugging for a minute or so while we talked and even after she moved and put her arm around my shoulder and kept it there while we were talking until she started to sign our photos for us. Like not to be dramatic but she held me and it was the best few minutes of my life. She also brought the gift that my friends and I made her for her birthday and we didn’t know she was going to do that so it was the nicest surprise to see that she had it with her and she loved it so much and kept talking about how sweet it was and she even held it in our group photo that we took. She really is the nicest person and you can tell how much everyone’s love and support means to her and both times I met her she was just so humble and appreciative and she really takes her time with you and makes sure you know she loves you just the same. She loves and is grateful for those who love and care for her and definitely shows it but I’m glad she has so much support and so many people that have her back because if there’s anyone that deserves it, it’s Hope. I’ve never met anyone so kind and genuine and caring in my life. She deserves the whole entire world I love her so much ❤️❤️❤️


CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN IN CHICAGO! so I finally got to meet Van!!! The show in Chicago ended at 10:15 and my friend and I waited outside. We had to catch a train at 11:30 (and leave by 11) finally at 10:45 Van and the band came out!!! when it was my turn to meet him He looked right at Me and smiled and gave Me a huge hug!! After that I pulled away and started saying how amazing he was and talented and he laughed and said thanks so much! I was shaking so much and freaking out so he asked IF I was okay and rubbed my back (I died on the spot omg) then I asked him if we could get a selfie on my phone and he said of course! So then he put his arm around me again (HEAVEN) which was amazing. After the selfie I hugged him again and said goodbye!!! Van was so sweet and really paid attention and met everyone! I still can’t believe I got to meet him. Its unreal. After watching YouTube videos of them live and seeing photos of him nothing compares to hugging him and taking to him in person. It makes standing out in the cold for 4 hours and missing school so worth it. I’m so happy that they followed their dreams and are doing what they’re doing because it’s a blessing to hear the amazing music they make. LOVE YOU SO MUCH VAN YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!#

For Hope’s birthday me, @cluster—fuck, and @heatheroreilly made her a gift and sent it to her and she ended up bringing it with her to the Chicago meet and greet and we had no idea she was going to do so but it was the nicest surprise to find out that she had and she kept telling me how much she loved it and how sweet it was and that it meant a lot to her!! She’s truly the sweetest person and was so appreciative I love her so much 😊💜

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Favorite cute Hope moments pics or vids???

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