meet and greet dc

Okay but you know that in DC Bombshells, Raven would show up on her mothers’ doorstep with a green puppy in tow like, “He followed me home, I swear! …Can we keep him? Please?”

And Harley thinks he’s weird looking because wtf is up with a green dog?! But Ivy thinks it’s sweet (she has a maternal instinct towards green creatures), and they both know how lonely Rae’s been, so they eventually let her keep him. 

When they later try to wash off the green from his fur, thinking it was just someone’s idea of a cruel joke (and at Harley’s insistence), the two of them freak out because he turns into a naked, green-skinned boy (just add water and suds?) in their bathtub, and suddenly Rae’s got a LOT of explaining to do. 


So I just left Heroes and Villains Fanfest in San Jose and I need to talk about it. It was my first convention so I didn’t really know what to expect. It was really well organised and everyone from the staff/volunteers/security/vendors were so nice! (Except the one security who was ready to fight me about gryffindor being better than Hufflepuff.) but I got to see three panels, the men of arrow with Manu, Rick, and Echo, then John Barrowman, and the Original Team Arrow. All of them were so amazing to see. I then got to meet Emily Bett and get her autograph. I expected it to be like a photo op and be rushed but I actually got a good 30 seconds with her and I wasn’t even rushed through after that. But, honestly, the best part of the weekend came after that. I had spent the last little bit of money I had on Emily, so when I left my mom was like “I got a surprise for you!” And pushed me to this worker girl who told me to go into Echo Kellum’s line where there was only one other person at. The main security guy looked at me funny and the girl who told me to go in said “This is my last one, I promised her mom she could meet him.” He was finishing up his autographs and my mom was talking to the girl working with him and she ended up getting me to meet him for free (which wasn’t supposed to happen, oops.) And I was the last person that got to meet him. I told him how the one person that I looked up to basically left my life and when that happened, arrow and Flash came and filled that void. He said “I’m so glad that you let us come into your life and you’re letting people like me influence you. I think that’s so amazing” and I told him I was a year clean of self harm and asked him if I could have a hug and he said “I’m so proud of you of course you can!” And he came and hugged me (HES SO TALL MAN). Like as soon as I went up to him he grabbed my hand and just held it in his and was so engaged in what I was saying and when he hugs you it’s so enthusiastic and tight. All in all Echo is so nice and his hugs are great how am I blessed to stan the most amazing people in the world.


Yesterday there was history made in Washington DC. The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire stopped in DC yesterday and I was fortunate enough to get a VIP ticket. Before I tell you my meet and greet experience I need to tell y’all something first. Having had a few VIPs before for concerts I have always been rushed and the people running the VIP didn’t seem to be organized. Honestly going to meet Dan and Phil I was more nervous about not getting fifteen seconds than me saying something stupid. With all that being said this VIP experience was the most organized and not rushed out of all the things I have experienced. Which is saying a lot since I loathe Ticketmaster/Live Nation. 

Standing in line was not bad since I was around the tenth person. Now since Dan and Phil come out to say hi before you get your photo it won’t be as nerve wrecking since you will have seen them in real life before your one on one. 

When I was next in line to meet Dan and Phil I was talking to the security guard for the theatre and he asked if they were Youtubers. I told him that they were and that they are really great guys. He told me that he would check them out when he got home tonight. I wonder if he actually did. So our conversation comes to an end because I’m told it’s my turn and I’m just thinking alright you got this. So of course Dan is first and he says Hi and gives me a hug and Phil does the same. (This was the first time where I met someone famous and they didn’t tell me their name. I really appreciate that. It’s as if they treated me like a long lost friend.) I was about to say that they smelled good because honestly they really did but then I realized that would sound really creepy. So after I hugged Phil I asked them to sign my book. Now the pages I have them sign are the two where Dan dropped out of college and Phil got his masters. Dan said wow great choice. For what page to sign!! Really I felt cool for two seconds. I told them that I’m in college and I don’t know which one I’m going to be yet. Then Dan followed up with a sarcastic comment saying to be like him and drop out. I told him I was thinking about it but not yet. So now it is time for the selfie and I don’t have any poses that I want them to do so when they asked I said let’s just be cute and smile. Before we even do that Phil takes the book to hold while Dan takes my phone to take the photos and I’m just thinking in my head both of them are so nice. Also I was going to put my hand on Phil’s back but Phil beat me to it and put his hand on my back. I see that people get more than one selfie and I really wanted two so I’m really glad Dan somehow gave me three. Probably felt bad that I had a galaxy. ;) After taking the selfies I turn to Phil and just go in for another hug. Seriously Phil hugs are amazing. Disagree or agree with me all you want I don’t care. He’s amazing for a lot of reasons. He hands me back my book and I get my phone from Dan and for the life of me I cannot remember if I got a second hug from Dan but that’s okay. After I get my stuff back they tell me to have a great show and I say I will. But I don’t leave quite yet because I tell them that explaining this show to my dad and sister was difficult to do but I made it!! Which made them both laugh. And that’s how my meet and greet went. :) 

Overall if anyone says anything about Dan and Phil in a negative way then just know that these two guys actually care about their subscribers. They care about their people. And honestly that to me means so much. Thank you for treating me like I wasn’t beneath you. 

Note: If you bring a bag to the Meet and Greet they will tell you to hold it when you meet Dan and Phil. They will NOT hold it for you. You will have to hold it yourself. Just wanted to prepare you all!! 

This 180 page book of Sam Winchester love and appreciation was given to Jared Padalecki at his Meet and Greet during the DC convention, April 3.  Over 100 people from the United States and around the world submitted their essays on Sam Winchester and why he is their hero and inspiration.

Jared took the book while I explained the book, he gave me a wonderful beautiful smile, thanked me, and gave me a high five.  I wasn’t expecting a high five so I just kind of tapped his palm with mine.  Jared’s high five put me in cloud nine for the rest of the day.

Thank you to all who sent in their wonderful letters and essays, I just know Jared will love your letters because he loves Sam Winchester as much as we do, probably more than all of us put together.