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Ehm someone referenced in an ask Niall living hand holding? Is there a interview with him saying this? If so can you link me to my death??? I appreciate you

Link you to your death 😂😂😂😂😂

Um it was at one of the meet and greets on the east coast. Washington DC maybe??

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Can you pleeeeeeaaaaase do a meet and greet when you're in D.C? P.S. The Nerdfighters of the Greater DC Area are having our annual Yule Ball that Saturday, if you want to come. *hint hint*

:-( - I’ll only be in DC for about 12 hours and I’ll be sleeping for most of that. Sorry!

This 180 page book of Sam Winchester love and appreciation was given to Jared Padalecki at his Meet and Greet during the DC convention, April 3.  Over 100 people from the United States and around the world submitted their essays on Sam Winchester and why he is their hero and inspiration.

Jared took the book while I explained the book, he gave me a wonderful beautiful smile, thanked me, and gave me a high five.  I wasn’t expecting a high five so I just kind of tapped his palm with mine.  Jared’s high five put me in cloud nine for the rest of the day.

Thank you to all who sent in their wonderful letters and essays, I just know Jared will love your letters because he loves Sam Winchester as much as we do, probably more than all of us put together.

Jared Padalecki DC CON Meet and Greet Tidbits

Okay so Jared is legitimately just a giant ray of sunshine and there’s no way to ever look at him and NOT be smiling.There’s just no way. So while we were all smiling stupidly at said giant ray of sunshine, here’s some overviews of the things he told us. I’ll post some of the more personal bits about Kiki and I and Jared at the meet and greet later. 

  • Genevieve and the kids were in DC with him and they went to the zoo. He talked a lot about the kids in the beginning and the things that Thomas was doing that was uber adorable for a child his age including refusing to believe that a Woolly Mammoth wasn’t just an “elephant”. Shepherd eats like Jared already and is growing up body wise to be his twin. 
  • After we talked about the kids for a little bit, Jared got asked about the New York Times article and said that he hoped everyone realized he and Jensen were kidding when they were joking around about the show being all about the hair and “400 pounds of dude” because he realized some people might not get it. We all laughed hard at that because who WOULDN’T get it?
  • He said he used to want to have a big movie career but now he’s older and says he would be proud to say that Supernatural was his last acting job if he never worked another day once SPN ends because this is his and Jensen’s legacy. And they’re proud of it. We talked about how it’s the fans that make the show. 
  • We talked about Gil Mckinney for a minute really randomly I’m not entirely sure how we got on that conversation but I told Jared he was Prince Eric in Once Upon a Time and all the ladies were like “he’s a legitimate Disney prince!” and Jared had no idea and now says it all makes sense xD
  • I asked him about horrible audition stories and he gave me three that stood out. It seemed like he’d had many of them but there wasn’t one person in that room that wasn’t cracking up at this horrible actor misfortune. Poor babe
  • He said there is no storyline that he would want for Sam at this point because he’s done so much, but that ultimately the most important thing in the show is the brothers and their relationship so he hopes that they get on the same page and make up soon.
  • We all talked so much with him on just a few questions that after all of that, it was time to say goodbye. He left on the note that we should all be very excited about what’s to come on Supernatural. 
  • And much like any angel, he blew us kisses on the way out.