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There's a video on YouTube from a meet and greet where Abby asks Kalani and Maddie what they thought of the Kelly/Abby fight. Kalani basically said she was shocked by it. Then Maddie says she felt bad for KALANI because she was new. In no way does she mention the girls who she new for years. It really irritated me how she can just push aside Brooke and Paige for Kalani.

maddie is a nasty person who has always shown herself to really struggle with feeling empathy, it’s not a surprise 

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Hi, I was wondering, if you have time, if you could write a fic. What if Clarke was about to be killed, but her mom steps in the way or something and ends up dying instead. Clarke is stunned/in shock and wants to save her, but they need to leave or else they will die. If you could some how add in some bellarke or something that would be cool. Or just a fic similar to this. Thank you

May we meet again.

So, this is something new and something I was never asked to write… Interesting but so hard to write… #letclarkegriffinbehappy2k17 :(
Special thanks to my girl @asavelveteen for beta’ing my fic even tho she was sick. Thank you so much!

She doesn’t know what hurts more: her heart from running unstoppably for the last ten minutes, or her legs that take her painfully forward.

Abby is the one running first, Bellamy behind her, and Clarke last. Their goal is to reach the Grounder draining room where they can drop out of this damn mountain, like Clarke had done with Anya, and get back to Camp Jaha.

“Turn right!” Clarke yells, but they can’t go anywhere. Emerson emerges and stops them in the middle of the hallway, the barrel of a gun leveled directly at them.

“You’re not going anywhere.” the man growls.

Bellamy quickly steps to the side, raising his own gun to Emerson. “Let us through, Emerson. There are three of us, and only one of you. You don’t stand a chance.”

The mountain man laughs, smirking at Clarke instead. “We don’t need you alive.” he says, more to himself than to them. “And I really want to have the satisfaction of killing you myself, Clarke. After the mess you caused…”

“Walk away or I’ll put a bullet in you right now.” Bellamy warns him.

What happens next goes far too quickly. Emerson pulls the trigger at the same time Bellamy does, and the sound of the gunshots reach Clarke’s ears, making it feel like her heart had stopped completely. And then, it goes far too slowly. Clarke watches as her mother steps in front of her and takes Emerson’s bullet for her. She watches as her mother falls backwards and Clarke reaches for her, stopping her fall and sinking down with her.

“Mom?” she whispers, lowering her down and hovering over her. “No mom, what did you do?!” her hands fall to her mother’s chest, where the blood is leaking swiftly. “No, no, no nono.”

Abby lifts a shaking hand and cups Clarke’s face. “It’s okay.” She chokes out, and her hand falls down again.

Clarke shakes her head frantically. “We’ll get you out-”

“No.” Abby cuts her off. “You- you need- to go.”

Clarke shakes her head again. “No. I can’t leave you behind…” she whispers, putting more pressure on the wound even though the blood shows no signs of stopping.

Then Abby turns her head to Bellamy, who is standing on her other side silently. “Get her… out.”

Bellamy heart feels like it skips a beat, and he fights to keep his tears at bay. “I promise.” he whispers, and takes a step towards Clarke.

“No. I’m not going anywhere.” Clarke insists, eyes dropping to the wound.

The next thing she feels is a hand on her shoulder and she knows it’s Bellamy. She shakes him off.

“Come on, Clarke. We don’t have time. We need to find catch up with the others.” He says calmly, reaching for her again and this time she doesn’t pull away.

“Go.” Abby manages to whisper. “Please, baby. I love you.”

Clarke shakes with a sob, lifting her hands from her mother’s chest to her neck and leans down to her, kissing her forehead.

“May we meet again.” she whispers.

“May… we meet… again.” Abby repeats as Clarke stands up. The last thing Abby sees is Bellamy’s hand reaching for Clarke’s and holding it tight as he gently pulls her to run away with him.

Holtz having read Ghosts From Our Past several times since meeting Abby and having a purely scientific awe-based Massive Crush on Erin before ever meeting her. Holtz seeing her walk in to her lab one day, Erin Gilbert, in the flesh, and Gay Panicking, trying to strategically place herself in a calm and confident position while Erin yells at Abby. Holtz, heart racing, waiting for the perfect moment to introduce herself, willing herself to say something
“Come here often?”
And she’s trying so hard to stay cool but she can feel her body tensing and her stare getting intense and she’s second-guessing every move she makes because god she’s so much more incredible in person

whatever you do don’t think about abby with little clarke JUST DON’T


Doodles from that fairytale AU i was thinkin about, where Abby is a princess who helps a rabbit undo the curse that’s been cast on her, because Abby is an unconventional princess who sneaks off to go on adventures

Cree believes that the rabbit will become a prince when the curse is lifted, and she doesn’t want Abby to meet a prince, because then Abby will be one step closer than her to taking over the throne (haven’t worked out why it works like that, I just need Cree to have a motive). So, Cree sets out to sabotage Abby’s attempts at helping the rabbit

In the end, the curse is lifted, and the rabbit turns out to be Henrietta

Henrietta tells Abby that she was once supposed to be a prince, but ran away to escape that fate and live as the girl she really was instead. Her greed led to her being put under a curse that could only be broken by her doing something selfless (probably saving Abby or something idk)

how do deal with fuckboy? he still thinks that everything’s “all good” like how do deal with

i want to just tell him he creeps me out, therefore i don’t think the friendship will work, but I don’t know how he’ll react and frankly i’m terrified

I was thinking about this the other day, and you know what moment in the show always makes me smile and kind of tear up in a happy kind of way? that moment towards the end of 2x01 when they (Kane, Abby, Bellamy, Murphy, Raven, Finn, and some of the guards) arrive at the camp for the first time, and as they’re walking the song is saying ‘we are coming home’ and then right as the camera turns so that we aren’t looking at them, but the camp, seeing it for the first time along with them, the music gets louder “We are coming home” and just the way Kane lifts his hand up to his face and the smiles on his and Abby’s faces. The other sky people smiling, and Sinclair being the first to notice them as he goes to meet them and hug Abby. The other sky people starting to notice and pointing with smiles that more people have made it. That their friends and maybe even some family are there with them now. Jackson running to Abby and the way they embrace immediately. The smiles and handshakes between Kane and Sinclair before Kane notices the sign. Camp Jaha. Kane asking Sinclair if it was his idea, and the look in Sinclair’s eyes as he says “Yes sir.” A hint of sadness in his eyes cause he knows the sacrifice Jaha made for them to be there. Kane knowing this too. Then the little smirk as Sinclair calls Kane Mr. Chancellor as they continue into camp. 

This scene just encapsulates The 100 for me. Like not everything is good, Clarke and the delinquents are still missing, Raven is still severely injured, Bellamy and Murphy are under arrest, there are people hurt from the landing, not all of the stations/people are there, but still there’s this sense of hope. 

skyparents through the seasons:
  • Abby in S1: i have one kid, my only child, my precious baby's been in lockup for a year and now she's on the ground, i need to join her and keep her safe!
  • Abby in S2: ok now i have about 40 kids left and they are in mount weather, they are in danger and i need to get them out! don't try to stop me or meet my wrath!
  • Abby in S3: well they're not kids anymore... but i'm still their mother... and they sorta doubled overnight WTF, how am i gonna feed them all? i need to check they did their homework before bed, and did i do the laundry already??? *sweats*
  • ---
  • Kane in S1: so these kids are our labrats...
  • Kane in S2: ok, not labrats... but also not kids, we sorta got an army here now, cool
  • Kane in S3: I'M DAD NOW. my kids. yes, you too, and you, and also you. my precious rebel babies, all of them. MINE!

Abby Griffin in every episode | 2x8 Spacewalker

“You kill one of ours, we kill two of yours. That only helps the mountain men. There has to be away to end this without bloodshed.”