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Um, soooo?

I take a Kantian approach to morals. Kant said you should, “Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.”

I don’t have a problem with four people banditing a race. The problem is if everyone who didn’t qualify or who didn’t want to pay simply decided to run with their own bib. Then you wouldn’t be able to have an event like this because there would be too many people and too few fees paid.

People will say, but not everyone does bandit the race, so it’s not a problem. But why should the few people who ignore the rules benefit from the fact that the majority of people do follow the rules?

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What are those awesome black gap pants called that you've posted about a few time?

They are the 1969 Ponte legging jeans, which were impossible to find on the site until I searched for “ponte”.  Good work, Gap.  


Just a note, the 1969 collection is almost always exempt from Gap promo codes, which is a bummer.  But I think they’re well worth the price.


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love those glasses! where are they from?

Fun fact: they’re fakies! I got them during my day-trip to Boston, and picked them up at a kiosk in South Station for $10. I was super hungover & in need of hiding my face from judgment & also the sunshine was scorching my already throbbing brain.

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Is that a straw in your hot coffee?

It is a straw, yes, but this is a stealth iced coffee! Our coffee bar at work serves them in the same cup - and I have a thing about ice, so I need a straw when I’m drinking any kind of cold beverage. 

Today’s my extreme workout day because I do my long run and P90X. I only do a long run once a week. Normally I do P90X and a 5k or 10k run. But even still, I realize that this is extreme.

I’m working as a freelance writer right now. So I’m lucky to be able to make my own hours. But to be honest, my workouts sometimes cut into my working time to the point that I’m doing less work so it’s actually hurt me a bit in the pocketbook.

I plan to move into a more traditional job soon and I’m a bit worried about how I’ll fit my workouts in. I know I can’t maintain this pace forever but I’m going to do what I can to keep at it.


meeshofalltrades: Thanks! I love it too! Even thought it’s about 7 inches of sub (I measured it last night). It was delicious. The secret was all the lettuce.

tracemylife: I might buy the coat next week! I got a black pea coat instead which is slightly more versatile. I have a grey pea coat which is super great so a black one seemed like a good choice too.

mytwiglove: I really like the glasses too, I’ve wanted a pair of chunky frames for years and only took the plunge after I broke my last pair because I fell asleep on them.

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I’m going to have to disagree. Her alternatives on what you should say just sound so condescending. I mean, c’mon. “Is there less of you to love?” Just no. I think the only one that sounded OKAY was “You’re looking fit.” But then leave it at that.

I don’t love the suggestions, but I think they give people the general idea to focus on a person’s actions instead of weight. They’re a lot better than the most common things people say, which in my experience are:

  • “Wow you lost a lot of weight!”
  • “How much weight did you lose?”
  • “How did you lose so much weight?”
  • And my least favourites: “You’ve lost too much weight” or “Don’t lose anymore weight now.”

“You’re looking fit" is probably the best thing you can say, in my opinion.

Wedding Weekend Part 2 (a multi-part series)

Alright, folks, I know you’ve been waiting patiently, here are some more photos.

Okay, get your tissues ready because here is the First Look from our perspective (they did it outside while we could all see from inside)

Okay, just several more and then I’ll be done for now

(she liked grabbing those balls)

SHE suggested shots (if you know Meesh, this never happens)

It wouldn’t be a post if I didn’t include a photo of my face.

Don’t worry, we’ll end with some venue pics

That’s all for now. And no, I’m not going to put these long posts under a cut, deal with it. And yes, I know Meesh is going to have the 1.1 million amazing professional photos, but she is on her wedding detox so you’re stuck with this.

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And cat pee tho. It's like the evilest of evils. Was he so scarred by the car trip he peed his pants? Also, how'd he do at home?

He was fine in the car! On the way to QC he sat with me for half the ride and mostly meowed at the world or laid on my lap or chest. The second half of the ride he curled up on dad’s lap.

He was a good boy at my mom’s house. He had a little freak out right when we got there and we kept him in our room for the first day. When we did let him roam about, Tom was in my mom’s room sleeping most of the time and Ruth is blind so she didn’t pose a threat and Reagan is tiny and just kinda hides away. He was digging all the space. He finally settled in by Saturday night as you can see here, sleeping on the couch behind Tom, who he watched jump up there and lay down.

The trip home (aka after he peed on me) we were in the back seat and he just kinda chilled out next to me, or wherever he could curl up tiny like.

He was glad to be home last night, he was very happily curled up on the bed, he even had to reel in his own tail that was bouncing around because he wanted to relax.

Now I just wish he would eat more!