Oops I did a thing

Stanford had you pinned up against the wall, the both of you covered in sweat and excitement. He couldn’t help but press his forehead against yours while his hands wandered down to your chest, groping and caressing your breasts. God, they did something to him that he never expected, but it was so hard for him to keep his hands off of you. Your skin, your eyes, that sweet smell of your shampoo was enough to drive him insane, and he embraced it. He devoured the sweet chaos that was his love for you, after being trapped in the portal for so long. Your heart was practically beating out of your chest, and you couldn’t take it anymore. You wrapped your arms around him, pulling him down into your lips as you excitedly began to attack his mouth with your tongue. He nipped at your bottom lip, his hands grasping either side of your face, before brushing through your hair and grabbing at it. You moaned softly into his kisses, and as his hands reached down and scooped up your ass, you lept into his arms and wrapped your legs around his waist.

Ford brought you over to the bed and dropped you down. The moment you touched the covers he was already straddling you and planting kisses all over your chest again. His hands were pulling your wrists up above your head while he began to turn those kisses into excited bites, and you couldn’t help but shiver and blush, trying not to pathetically moan under him. He was almost animalistic, and you were loving it. This man drank you up like the sweetest aphrodisiac, and there wasn’t a thing in the world that could stop him from savoring the sweet taste you left in his mouth. Slowly you felt him rubbing his erection against you, and you couldn’t help but wiggle a little under him, desperate for him to fill every crevice of your sex.

“This is what you want? Cause I don’t think I can hold back how much I want you.” He asked, making absolutely sure that you were consenting to this as much as he was. You smirked a little, and leaned up a little to give him another desperate kiss. “Just fuck me already.”


You reached out a hand to touch his furry arm, and he pulled away with a grimace. Stanford was overwhelmed in his thoughts, but one thing was for certain. His thoughts were on you. He turned his massive, fur laden body towards you, towering and looming with a beastly might. His bright amber eyes were very much alive and fixated on you, a fanged smirk appearing along his muzzle. Yes, he wanted one thing, and the vicious beating of your heart was a sign that you knew exactly what it was. Slowly he backed you up into a wall, laying a paw next to your head, as his other went to stroke at your cheek and jaw. His eyes never left yours, his body seeming to memorize everything about yours and he loved every minute of it. 

Your heart was practically beating out of your chest as you brought your hands up defensively, covering against anything he might do, but he gently took your wrists and held them over your head, leaning down to bite and nip excitedly at your neck. The moans you made rocked him to the core, and it took everything in him to try and keep calm. That was thrown out the window when you let out a particularly loud gasp at his mouth, and suddenly he was grinding against your body. His tail wagged ever so slightly, his member threatening to burst out of the already tight pants he tried to keep on. You were his favorite feast, his perfect little red riding hood, and he would gobble you up long before the night was over.