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Using my experience from csssa last year, I thought making small tip doodles for packing would be funn! ( There captions under each pic )

Of course it’s always best to rely on your handbook for packing necessities but I thought these drawings could help out some people. 

Also, to everyone who got accepted, congratulations!!! I cant wait to meet everyone in the animation department

찬열이 한태...

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아이고ㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗ 나 맘이 아픈고 너 대문애 ㅠㅠㅠ 너무 귀여요서 ㅠㅠ


생일축하 우리 팍찬열이~~~~ 우리 요다~~ 우리 귀여운 래퍼~~~ 너무 너무 사랑해요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 정말요. 내가 너 얼마 사랑한지 말할수없어요. 엑소에 많이 사랑할개요. 몸조심하고 밥 많이먹으서요 알아지? 행복하서요~ (백현 같이에서 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) 한번도 말할게, 사랑해요~~ 찬열이 화이팅!!! >ㅅ<

Happy birthday my little ray of sun~ You deserve all the happiness, all the the fame and all that mushy stuff~

Stay happy and healthy ok? 

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  • last movie i watched: the perks of being a wallflower? idk i think that one
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1. ghost - halsey

my ghost
where’d you go?
what happened to the soul that you used to be?

2. crybaby - melanie martinez

your heart’s too big for your body
it’s why you won’t fit inside

3. not today - twenty one pilots

i look outside
and see a whole world better off
without me in it trying to transform it

4. lost boy - ruth b

he sprinkled me in pixie dust and told me to believe
believe in him and believe in me
together we will fly away in a cloud of green
to your beautiful destiny

5. don’t be so hard on yourself - jess glynne

let’s go back to simplicity
i feel like I’ve been missing me
was not who I’m supposed to be
i felt this darkness over me 

6. raging - kygo ft kodaline

call me anytime that you see the lightning
never feel alone, you can always find me
we’ve got our wild love raging, raging

7. how would you feel (paean) - ed sheeran

how would you feel, if I told you I loved you?
it’s just something that I want to do
i’ll be taking my time, spending my life
falling deeper in love with you

8. don’t panic - ellie goulding

why you wanna ruin a good thing
can’t we take it back to the start
when love’s not playing out like the movies
it doesn’t mean it’s falling apart

9. revival - selena gomez

i feel like I’ve awakened lately
the chains around me are finally breaking
i’ve been under self-restoration
i’ve become my own salvation

okay but i’d hand over my first born for a plot based off of two roommates who hate each other, but they can’t move out or whatever for one reason or another. they bicker over anything and everything, they purposely pick fights just because every little thing the other does annoys them. but somewhere in the middle of the bickering and stuff, they start to feel another sort of fire, hot passion in the pits of their stomachs. they slowly start to fall for each other, but neither will make a move. they continue to fight, they see other people, and they tell all their friends how much they can’t stand the other. but then, “oops, i have a significant other, this isn’t my room– this is your room? let’s forget this happened, give me the rent because it’s due friday, gtg, time to avoid you now because i’m supposed to hate you, but i’m still totally addicted to you and you’re actually a really good kisser.”