Cheetah Leans Against Fence so that Meerkats can Groom Him

In the wild, Cheetahs would view Meerkats as snack food. Here, they pet and groom him while he purrs.


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I love these little guys, would have one if I was able…

The ‌meerkat‌ or ‌suricate‌, ‌Suricata suricatta‌, is a small mammal belonging to the mongoose family. Meerkats live in all parts of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, in much of the Namib Desert in Namibia and southwestern Angola, and in South Africa. A group of meerkats is called a “mob”, “gang” or “clan”. A meerkat clan often contains about 20 meerkats, but some super-families have 50 or more members. In captivity, meerkats have an average life span of 12–14 years, and about half this in the wild.

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Name: Anika

Single or Taken: Single lady

Crushes: Sebastian. Freaking. Stan. Chris Evans. Lee Pace. Eddie Cahill. Idris Alba. Milo Ventimiglia. Mark Paul Gosselaar. Charlie Hunnam. Yup.

Favorite Color: green

Married: Nope! Maybe some day.

Want Kids? Yeah.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Last Drink: Water

Glasses: Never needed them.

Makeup or no: Yeah. Eye makeup only.

Cats or Dogs: Both, but at the moment I have a cat.

Evil or Good: On the whole, I’d say good.

Fav Sports: Um. Watching? Nah. Playing? Roller Derby.

Fav Animal: Meerkat

Weird: Absolutely

Do you have any haters?: Not to my knowledge?

Funny or Nah: Sure?

Apple or Samsung: Apple

Smart: Once upon a time, but who knows anymore? ha. 

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