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Name: Anika

Single or Taken: Single lady

Crushes: Sebastian. Freaking. Stan. Chris Evans. Lee Pace. Eddie Cahill. Idris Alba. Milo Ventimiglia. Mark Paul Gosselaar. Charlie Hunnam. Yup.

Favorite Color: green

Married: Nope! Maybe some day.

Want Kids? Yeah.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Last Drink: Water

Glasses: Never needed them.

Makeup or no: Yeah. Eye makeup only.

Cats or Dogs: Both, but at the moment I have a cat.

Evil or Good: On the whole, I’d say good.

Fav Sports: Um. Watching? Nah. Playing? Roller Derby.

Fav Animal: Meerkat

Weird: Absolutely

Do you have any haters?: Not to my knowledge?

Funny or Nah: Sure?

Apple or Samsung: Apple

Smart: Once upon a time, but who knows anymore? ha. 

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