meera shepard

There’s a file on his omni-tool marked Shepard. He’d locked it away years ago, walked away, decided to get on with his life. Stop chasing old ghosts. He never looked at it again after that. Until today, in a shitty pre-fab on a eerily quiet colony too far from home.

There were various videos and letters they had exchanged housed inside. But, there was one picture in particular that always caused a lurch in his heart, even now. 

It was the only time he had ever really seen Shepard laugh. It was nothing more than one of Garrus’ failed attempts at a joke, but she laughed and it struck him all over again just how stunning she was. Her head thrown back and a hand on her chest, she looked so happy. He’d starred, barely even heard what the joke was. Couldn’t remember it at all if you asked him today.

“Oh you’ve got it bad, LT.” Ashley had said with a laugh.

Yeah. She was right then. She was still right now.  


kaidan staring at shepard: a compilation